Best Bearded Dragon Hammock: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Like any other pets, a bearded dragon also needs to explore different new things. If you own one, you’re aware that it is a quite chilled reptile. But it is also important for this reptile to have some activity. The best bearded dragon hammock will give your pet an opportunity to bask and climb around. And in fact, if you’re lucky enough, you may even see your bearded hammock jumping on the hammock.

If you are planning to get a hammock for your bearded dragon and want to ensure that you end up with the best option, read on. In today’s post, we’ve compiled the best hammocks for bearded dragons in 2021 where you can choose from.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Bearded Dragon Hammock

When looking for the best bearded dragon hammock, here are some of the most important factors that you need to consider.

Ease of Cleaning

When it comes to the health of your bearded dragon, cleanliness is very important. It means you will need to clean the tank carefully using a detergent in order to get rid of the dangerous pests and pathogens.

The same thing goes when cleaning your pet’s hammock. With that in mind, you will need to consider the ease of cleaning when buying. Some bearded dragons can be simply cleaned using a washing machine, whereas others need hand cleaning. So, choose which you think is the easiest method for you.

Suction Cups

Did you know that the suction cup is the weakest part of hammocks for bearded dragons? That is why you need to pay attention to this feature in order to make sure that the hooks or suction cups that come with the product can handle the weight of an adult bearded dragon that can be about 50 grams or heavier.

Heat Resistance

Another important factor that you need to take into account when choosing the best bearded dragon hammock heat resistance. If you want to position the hammock in the basking place, you will need to make sure that you can place the material in a heated place for a long time. Thus, make a decision with extra care.

Size of the Hammock and Your Bearded Dragon’s Tank

Before making a purchase, you need to measure the dimensions of the cage to make sure that the hammock will fit without consuming the majority of space. This is very important if you have a small tank. The majority of sizes of hammocks in the market perform well unless you have cramped enclosures which are not recommended.

But as you take into account the dimensions of the cage, you will also need to make sure that your chosen hammock is big enough to offer your bearded dragon somewhere to snooze comfortably, lounge, or bask.


We know that you want to save some money on your purchases. But make sure not to allow this want to come at the expense of purchasing something inferior or unsafe. Rather, compare the costs of the products you come across and pick the one that has the best deal.

Ease of Installation

Keep in mind that a hammock is not permanent as you might need to change its position and remove it as you clean the cage or enclosure. With that in mind, it is a good idea to choose an item that is easy to remove and at the same install.

Mesh vs. Non-Mesh

Hammocks for bearded dragons are made with different options and materials like a mesh and non-mesh design. Often, a mesh hammock is made of seagrass that will make it a natural choice to include your cage or enclosure.

If you want to make a more natural enclosure for your bearded dragon, opt for a mesh option that will lead to the ideal finish to your design. The benefit of this hammock is that it can offer a welcome place for your pet to rub on when it is shedding. It also helps in relieving the itchiness and with the shedding process. But a mesh hammock comes with a few drawbacks that you will need to consider. For instance, the risk of your pet’s claws and feet getting stuck in the mesh is quite high.

Top 12 Best Bearded Dragon Hammocks in the Market

Here are the best bearded dragon hammocks along with their features and advantages.

Zoo Med Repti Hammock

The Zoo Med Repti Hammock is a product made of nylon mesh. It is best suited for unused spaces in the terrarium of your bearded dragon.

This hammock also comes with suction cups that you can use to stick it to acrylic, glass, and plastic. However, you will need to spray a liquid on the cups once a month to ensure they stay secure as heat will cause them to dry.

The Zoo Med Repti Hammock is 17.5-inch in length, but there is also a smaller version which is 14.5-inch. Though it is a decent size for an adult bearded dragon, it may not hold all weights, so make sure to check it before buying.

On the other hand, this best hammock for bearded dragons won’t retain heat. Thus, you do not need to worry about any harm.

Penn Pax Lizard Lounger

This best bearded hammock is made of 100 percent natural seagrass. It is also handwoven and has a thickness of 0.6.  The actual size of this product is 10-inch by 12 inches, making it ideal for bearded dragons with a small enclosure.

The Penn Pax Lizard Loungers come with three extra-strength suction cups that have leather straps that you can use to connect the cups to the hammock.

When you invest in this hammock, your bearded dragon can relax while being entertained. Nevertheless, the seagrass can offer a natural look for its tank.

Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock

Similar to the previous product, the Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock is handwoven too. But it uses seaweed fibers which makes it soft yet extremely strong. This product comes with a natural and mild grassy odor that will provide your bearded dragon’s tank a forest or jungle theme.

Featuring a rough texture, this hammock from Niteangel will be an excellent medium for your beardie to rub its body especially when shedding. Moreover, it also comes with solid suction cups and leather strings that let you fix the product to the tank of your reptile. This, in turn, will offer an elevated and comfy vantage point for your bearded dragon to hang out.

Another good thing about this best hammock for a bearded dragon is that it is very easy to clean. You can even disinfect it with a soft brush without ruining its material.

Zoo Med Repti Giant Hammock

This hammock is relatively bigger compared to the previous Zoo Med hammock we’ve mentioned a while ago. The Zoo Med Repti Giant Hammock is around 28-inch by 20-inch, making it a great option for 40-gallon tanks.

This product is actually softer compared to seagrass or seaweed hammocks, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use such materials. The good thing about this hammock is that you can simply use soapy water when cleaning. Also, its dark green color perfectly complements the tank’s setting.

This large hammock for the bearded dragon has been crafted with improved quality. There are metal perforations around where you can attach the suction cups so that the material will not stretch and break under the weight.

Petuol Bearded Dragon Hammock Set

If you wish to maximize the climbing space of your bearded dragon, then the Petuol hammock set is perfect for you. With this set, you will get vines and faux leaves and branches that will surely give you a lot of room.

Everything looks durable. The hammock is quite large and at the same time flexible to offer you more options for positioning. However, this product is quite expensive. But if you want your bearded dragon to have a comfortable and safe place then it is a worthy investment.

Hamiledyi Bearded Dragon Hammock

The Hamiledyi Bearded Dragon Hammock is a decent place for your beardie to hang out and climb around. 100 percent handwoven, this best bearded dragon hammock is made with soft but durable material. This makes it a comfortable as well as a climbable lounge for your pet.

In fact, your beardie will surely enjoy rubbing itself on the hammock particularly when it starts shedding its skin. You can also attach it to a glass or acrylic terrarium wall firmly through the suction cups that come with the product. Take note, the suction cups can make a durable and strong bond.

The Hamiledyi Bearded Dragon Hammock is also easy to move around in the tank of your pet. It can also offer a raised vantage point that your bearded dragon will enjoy.

This product is also easy to wash, non-toxic, harmless, and can’t be deformed easily. It even sports a beautiful design that makes it a realistic and vivid accessory for your pet’s habitat.

Carolina Designer Dragons Hammock

If you are looking for a stylish bearded dragon hammock, then the Carolina Designer Dragons hammock is for you. Aside from having an elevated and comfortable vantage design, its design can also add style to the terrarium of your bearded dragon.

This hammock measures 16 by 16 by 22 inches and is hand-sewn in the United States. It is also machine washable. Its sewn-in batting can offer a soft and comfortable feel for your bearded dragon. As a matter of fact, even after washing, it won’t get lumpy.

The Carolina Designer Dragons hammock has three suction cup hooks that are extremely durable. They will also keep your pet’s hammock in place within the terrarium.

Wuhostam Reptile Hammock Lounger

The Wuhostam Reptile Hammock Lounger is made of 100 percent natural seagrass fiber. Since it is handwoven as well as made of soft seagrass fiber material, it will make a comfy environment that your bearded dragon can enjoy.

With this hammock, you can freely switch positions easily. Simply mount the hook on the walls of the terrarium. You can utilize a small rope that is attached to the reptile lounger and the hook. On the other hand, it also features a raised vantage point your beardie will surely enjoy.

However, if your pet loves to perch up or climb high you can utilize the hook to make a multi-level jungle gym to add more climbing space. Aside from bearded dragons, Wuhostam Reptile Hammock Lounger is also suitable for geckos, iguanas, anoles, and hermit crabs.

PIVBY Bearded Dragon Accessories Lizard Habitat Hammock

As mentioned, a bearded dragon loves to climb and bask on branches. Fortunately, PIVBY Bearded Dragon Accessories Habitat Hammock aims to offer that kind of atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxed.

When you attached it to the walls from the corner, the triangle shape of the hammock will sink and create a comfortable and safe position where your bearded dragon can sleep comfortably while basking. Much like the other hammocks in this list, this one also utilizes suction cups in order to make the installation much stronger. Last but not least, it is also easy to clean thanks to its natural seagrass material.

SunGrow Bearded Dragon Hammock

The SunGrow Bearded Dragon Hammock offers a green new place through the usage of a breathable and safe mesh hosted between 3 points on the wall.  To anchor the hammock on the walls squarely and safely without sagging, you can use the suction cups that come with this product.

What’s more, its perforated mesh helps with breathing as well as air circulation while your bearded dragon rests or plays. It will even improve safety through a careful and close interlacing of the nylon strings.

MBVBN Reptile Hammock

The MBVBN Hammock will surely create a robust and comfortable resting area for your bearded dragon as it strongly clasps the wall without using additional ropes.

To keep it firm and at the same time safe, you can directly attach the hammock to the wall using the suction cups and rings. In fact, the two pieces will help you in building a multiple-layer hammock for additional space and more fun. Using nylon as the main material will make sure its strength and durability.

KUDES Bearded Dragon Hammock

This hammock for bearded dragons has a total dimension of 13-inch by 13-inch by 19-inch. Its green color will perfectly match the decoration of your reptile tank especially if your bearded dragon has a green habitat.

With this product, you will be able to build a multiple-level jungle gym for your pet. And in fact, the higher part will encourage your bearded dragon to exercise more often, keeping them active.

KUDES bearded dragon hammock is also made with durable nylon construction and breathable mesh. It comes with three firm suction cups and metal rings that you can use to attach the hammock to the tank.


All the hammocks listed above are durable, safe, and offer a raised hangout area your bearded dragon can surely enjoy. Nevertheless, whatever product you pick, make sure to consider the factors we have mentioned above to ensure that you end up with the best bearded dragon hammock.