Best Bedding For Baby Chicks: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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To choose the best bedding for baby chicks is a challenging part for beginning poultry keepers. Here is a post to help you out picking the right bedding to fill your brooder!

The market offers several bedding options for chickens. Each is made of different materials that might work on your feathered pets or not. Thus, considering the bedding material will prevent you from choosing the wrong item.

Keep on reading and have an opportunity to see our list of recommended products.

Top 15 Bedding for Baby Chicks

Each product has to offer great comfort for your baby chicks while in the brooder. We assure you a list of beddings that won’t harm your feathered pets. Scroll down to see the recommended beddings for baby chicks!

Small Pet Select Pine Shavings

The first chicken bedding on the list is the Small Pet Select Pine Shavings. It is 99% dust-free and you will get 141-liters of beddings at an affordable price. Your baby chicks will feel comfortable and safer with this bedding.

Those pine shavings are sourced in the US. They are all-natural and biodegradable, thus safe for baby chicks.

It will expand more than twice its original size on which can cover the entire brooder. The color of the shavings is brown that makes chicken waste more visible during cleaning.

Small Pet Select offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the buyers. It ensures safer purchases, especially for first-time poultry owners.

RentACoop Store Hemp Bedding

Hemp bedding benefits various small pets, including chickens. RentACoop has to offer a 12-liter and 300-liter pack of bedding for the buyers. The 300-liter pack can cover a mid-size coop approximately 50-square feet.

Most poultry keepers have claimed that hemp bedding smells better than pine shavings. It also absorbs a higher amount of moisture inside the coop.

The hemp has grown without any pesticides or other chemicals. Thus, keeping your baby chicks in a coop filled with hemp bedding is advisable.

In addition to that, hemp is organic waste. You may use hemp as fertilizer especially its residual parts.

Kaytee All-Natural Aspen Bedding

Another bedding type for baby chicks is aspen bedding. It is all-natural and very affordable compared to other bedding options.

Kaytee has four available package options. Better choose according to your poultry needs. For example, if you own multiple baby chicks, go for the larger option.

Aspen bedding is a hardwood material and yet recommended for small pets. It demands extra supervision then.

The bedding is suitable for cages and other types of enclosures. It has no aromatic oil and fragrance which can irritate chickens. This guarantees the odor control and safety of your pet. Plus, there are no added artificial colors and other additives.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Pet Bedding

Here is another Kaytee product that offers different features. The company meets FDA standards on the materials used. With an affordable price, you will get quality bedding suitable for baby chicks and other small pets.

It absorbs liquid six times than its weight which is twice better than the other wood shavings. The cozy bedding shall expand three times its size when place in the coop.

Clean & Cozy Bedding is also dust-free. It also features odor control ability to keep the enclosure smell fresh at all times.

It supports burrowing with its soft and fluffy texture. The bedding’s color is white and so easier to spot clean.

Living World Pine Shavings

Another pine shaving option is produced by the Living World. This option is a bit costly compared to the previous items. It is perfect for small animals who like to burrow.

Kiln-dried natural pine is the main material of this bedding. It has the power to eliminate bacteria and many more harmful substances.

Living World ensures great absorption properties with their all-purpose bedding. The naturally scented pine shavings are highly absorbent and may expand up to 4-cubic inches. It works well as a nesting and burrowing material for chickens.

The soft and fluffy shavings have no aromatic oils, as well as dust and wood debris, thus keeps baby chicks safer.

Standlee Hay Company Flock Fresh Poultry Bedding

Hay is another ultimate bedding for poultries. Flock Fresh contains three all-natural bedding components. It includes chopped straw, alfalfa forage, and zeolite granules. That being said, it will obviously cost higher than the others.

The combined elements are great for chicken coops. They are scientifically formulated and are odor-free. Each component locks in ammonia resulting in a cleaner and safer roosting area.

They absorb moisture with the help of the zeolite granules. It also encourages foraging behavior with its sun-cured alfalfa component. The chopped straw makes the bedding easier to clean with its biodegradable feature.

Overall, Flock Fresh is ideal for composting to release more of its nutrients for other uses.

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Paper bedding seems affordable but a bit more expensive than other wood shavings. It is 100% natural with no prints added. Small animals are better off with the comfort paper bedding provides.

Get 56-liters of paper bedding that could cover medium size coops. It will expand three times from its packed size. Additionally, paper bedding is highly absorbent when placed in a coop.

The texture is extra soft and very comfortable for small pets. Natural paper is a safe bedding material you can trust. It is made in the USA to guarantee quality performance.

Small Pet Select has got your back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee once you experience any issue after the purchase.

Kaytee Pine Bedding

This is a pine bedding produced by Kaytee you may consider. Softwood bedding is necessary to keep small feet safer from getting hurt. That is what Kaytee aims for in adding the pine bedding on their list.

It can go with open enclosures, as well as ventilated cages for baby chicks. A total of 8.2-liters bedding can expand up to 1200 cubic inches inside the cage.

Like the other Kaytee small pet beddings, it is all-natural and eco-friendly. Though it is made of pine wood still it is dust-free to prevent irritations toward the chicks.

The safety of your pet is what matters most and so additives are not found in the bedding formula. Also, an odor control feature is a plus.

Kaytee Red Cedar Bedding

Another type of wood used for small pet bedding is red cedar. It differs from the other woods with a natural odor. Cedarwood has a different natural aroma that controls odor inside a coop.

This Kaytee product is less costly yet offers the same quality as the other small pet beddings. It comes in a larger size which can still expand up to 3200 cubic inches.

Red cedar bedding also works as litter inside your pet home. It filters waste to keep the coop cleaner and more hygienic.

The wood undergoes in a natural process to remove wood debris that may result in the dust. It also helps to control odor in a coop.

Kaytee Scented Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding

Scented beddings help to eliminate unwanted odors in a cage. Clean & Cozy bedding is available in different scents, as well as colors and sizes. The scent used is safe for the pets but if problems occur, better switch on other beddings.

It is composed of fiber strands that are long and highly absorbent. They keep away small animals from respiratory issues.

They are super soft with a lavender scent that guarantees odor control. It can absorb liquid two times than its weight. The expansion would be thrice its size that can cover a habitat floor up to 3-inches in depth.

With its fluffy texture, baby chicks are encouraged to burrow in the bedding.

AA Plus Shop All-Natural Wheat Straw Grass

The most traditional bedding for poultry-keeping is a wheat straw grass. It has versatile uses aside from being pet bedding. Some used straw grass as decoration and animal farm housing.

A single purchase will provide a slab of wheat straw, either 4 or 8-pounds. The straw grass is 100% natural with no chemicals added. They came from freshly plucked wheat seeds on the farm.

Each slab of wheat straw is easy to handle and place into the coop. It will be less messy thus easier to clean off by just pulling off the bedding.

This straw hay is an amazon-endorsed product. It charges a higher cost than the previous products but worth the money.

Pestell Pet Products Easy Clean Pine Bedding

Between poultry beddings, pine-made products are the most popular. They promote safety for baby chicks apart from being affordable.

Poultry keeping demands a natural home setup. And, pine bedding is the best choice for a dry and clean home for small animals such as chicken.

Its compressed size is 500 cubic inches that can expand up to 1220 cubic inches. The pets shall enjoy a maximum absorbency level resulting in a dry environment.

It is out of softwood material that won’t hurt small animals. Cleaning the cage will be easier with this all-natural bedding.

SunGrow Coconut Fiber Bedding

Coconut fibers are edible and safe to use as bedding for small pets. It is completely dust-free, unlike wood shavings. SunGrow develops small pet bedding suitable for nest building.

The coco fibers attract feathered pets the easy way. It offers a cozy place for baby chicks to rest on and grow healthier. It is sterilized to achieve a hygienic home for your pet.

The cozy nest won’t hold water unlike the other poultry beddings on the list. Make sure to change the bedding when necessary to avoid building bad odor in a cage.

The raw materials used to produce no mess over time. No small particles are left behind when cleaning the cage.

Vitakraft Fresh World Crumble Bedding

Among the ultimate choices of chick, beddings are the Fresh World Crumble Bedding. It is made up of 100% recycled paper from an organization supporting schools and communities. The product is used as bedding and litter for small animals.

It is possible to attain an odor-free cage for 14-days with this bedding. The formula is baking-soda free which locks in moisture that is known as the primary source of bad odor. It is also unbleached to keep safety in mind.

The recycled paper bedding can absorb moisture three times its weight. It preserves comfort in a coop for a long time.

You can spread up to 3-inches of Fresh World Crumble Bedding on the cage’s floor to provide better comfort. Have a regular spot cleaning to keep the cage hygienic.

Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

Paper-based bedding is great for various small pets, including poultry keeping. This is different from the Small Pet Select’s natural paper bedding in many ways.

It does not come from recycled printed papers but unbleached fibers. They are leftovers of food-grade material and are toxic-free to keep small pets safe.

This paper bedding is light-colored thus easy to spot clean. It has a snowy white appearance and a fluffy texture that baby chicks be keen on.

A high volume of product is filled in a compact bag that will eventually expand thrice its original volume once opened.

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a buyer’s guide for you to know the best beddings for chicks. We will discuss the various types of beddings safe for chickens. Let’s get started!

Pine Shavings

Of all the possible choices of chicken beddings, pine shavings are the best. The absorbent level of pine woods is high, as well as its odor control. Pinewood comes naturally without any chemicals added. It also grows in size to cover up the entire flooring of the cage.

They are softwood which reduces dust, unlike those hardwoods that may contain fungi and molds. Be mindful of other wood types like timber with dust problems.

Straw Hay

This alternative is advisable for nest boxes more than bedding. It is not as absorbent as wood shavings thus require changing regularly. Hay is cheaper but high maintenance kind of bedding. It may cause fungal problems on the chicks when it gets damp.

The advantage would be, it is easy to decompose and can be used in various applications.

Shredded Paper

The shredded paper could be an option as bedding but not highly recommended. It is because of its low absorbent ability that demands frequent changes. A major advantage is that shredded paper easily compacts when place in a coop.

Coconut Fiber

We mentioned one coconut fiber bedding above that offers unique features. It is fit for consumption for small pets. The only issue is it cannot hold liquid substances for a long time. There are only a few companies that are selling coconut fiber bedding in the market.


In conclusion, bedding plays an important role in poultry keeping. The first thing to consider is how much comfort the bedding will provide for the pets. The bedding material speaks a lot for the safety of your baby chicks, so better check them out!