Best Budgie Cages: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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As pet-parenting on avian animals like budgies becomes a trend, more and more people are involved in search for their basic necessities. Budgies are especially ideal pets because of their size. Not to mention their lovely characteristics and colors. These birds are meant to be kept in a cage, if not in their natural habitat, to keep them safe. And so, people look for the best budgie cages that can fit their avian pet’s needs.

Budgie cages come in different sizes, colors, features and materials making it difficult for pet parents, especially for beginners, to choose. Luckily, the information we need is just around the corner. If you don’t have the chance to ask an avian pet about these, you can always look up information on the web or books and decide for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Cages for your Budgies?

Selecting a cages for your budgie is like choosing a home for your family. You should make sure that it is something safe, comfortable, conducive for your pet’s growth and wide enough especially if you have more than one budgie. To help you decide, here are some factors you have to bear in mind.

Check the Cage Materials

The materials used in making budgie cages differ. Stainless steel, wrought iron, plastic and metal and wood are some of these materials. Each material has a different characteristic that you have to care about in order to select the cages for your budgie. For example, if you are looking for a cage which is easy to clean and you want to avoid chipping paint, go for a cage made of stainless steel.

Choose the Right Size

Basically, the size of the cage must be considered based on the size of the bird and the number of birds you will keep in it. The budgie cages must be large enough for the birds to walk around. They should also be able to flap their wings without any restrictions. For small birds like budgies, avian vets recommend that the cage is big horizontally rather than vertically. Also, you have to put into consideration the perches, food bowls and toys that you will put in the cage. It means, there should be a spare space for these, in addition to the space intended for your bird pet.

The Overall Design

Not all cages were built with safety being considered. This is due the varied needs and preferences of avian pet-parents and animals. Thus, the choice is based on your conviction. For the overall design of the cage, think about the following:

Bar Spacing

The spaces between the bars of the cage mainly depend on the size of the bird. Speaking of safety, the spaces should be small so that your budgie will not be able to get his head stuck in between or even its body as this may lead to serious injury or suffocation.

Cage Shape

Probably, it is not common to consider the cage size as they were already made as it is. However, it is suggested to use angled cages rather than the round ones as they can be dangerous. Also, some birds like sleeping in corners of cages, and a round one isn’t ideal for it.

The Welds

If you plan to get a cage made of metal or steel, make sure that the welds are polished and smooth. Mainly, it is for safety purposes. In addition, make sure that it is sturdy so birds can’t easily break it.

The Doors

One thing you should consider is how the door opens. Budgies are one of the smart birds, so better avoid “guillotine” style doors as they may open it and get their head stuck in it or escape. Also, the door opening should be wide enough to easily take your pet in and out of the budgie cages.

Ease of Cleaning

Cages must be cleaned on a regular basis for your pet’s health. Choose a cage that has an easy-to-remove base and perches so you can easily scrub and clean them anytime you need. The bars should also be made of materials that are easy to wipe and clean.

Top 12 Best Budgie Cages

Now that you have equipped yourself with the information you need in order to provide your pet bird with the best cage, it is time that you go through some of the recommended cages that will suit your preferences and your bird’s needs. Check them out.

ZENY 59.3” Bird Cage with Rolling Stand

Zeny’s bird cage is one of the best sellers in the market these days. This 53-inches cage is ideal for small to medium sized birds like budgies, finches and cockatiels. It is made of wrought iron with an overall size of 13.9”x18.1”x59.3” including the rolling stand. The stand has swivel casters that are easy to glide so you can easily move the cage around.

The cage features a durable metal frame coated with non-toxic finish. Surely, you’ll get a solid yet safe cage for your budgies. It also has 2 composite doors which opens sideways and arc-shaped wires for locking. Other than these, the cage has smooth wooden perches and removable sliding grate making it easy to clean.

Standing Yaheetech 59.3-inch Parrot, Budgies Bird Cages

Yaheetech is one of the leading brands known in the market. Thus, you can be confident about the quality of their products. They offer cages of different sizes and features. This 59.3inches cage is equipped with a rolling stand that makes it easy to move and position. It comes with 4 feeders, 3 perches made of wood, 2 plastic cups and 1 swing for your budgie’s entertainment.

With the slide-out trays and detachable mesh panel under, it is easy to clean and maintain. The bar spacing is 0.39” in between, so you can say it’s ideal for small birds like budgies. The whole cage is fully painted smoothly and the rolling stand has a storage shelf to keep feeders and toys organized.

Vision budgie Cages Model M02 – Medium

Vision bird cage comes in various sizes and the M02-Medium is suitable for small to medium birds such as budgies. It measures 24.6” x 15.6” x 34.3”. The cage features a snap-fit assembly, so it can be assembled and disassembled easily. It also has 4 multi-grip perches that helps prevent foot problems among your pets and the door opens on both directions.

Other than that, it includes 2 waste shields, and 2 cups with double compartments, so it possible to offer a variety of food at once. And it has 2 waste shields to keep the food and water avoiding waste and mess. Moreover, the base is detachable for easy cleaning.

Yaheetech 36” Portable Hanging Bird Cage

If you need a cage that can be used both indoors and outdoors, you may try the portable hanging bird cage by Yaheetech. It is made with premium metal and built-in solid structure ensuring quality and durability. The top has a handle for convenient carrying and the bottom has 2 hooks that secure the bottom.

It has an upper and lower composite doorwith arc designs to prevent the birds from opening them. There are also 4 separate doors to replenish the foods in the feeders easily. The slide-out tray underneath gathers the wastes to avoid mess. There is also a mesh panel in between to keep your birds from walking on the wastes.

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

To give your budgies enough space to flap their wings and fly, you can also try this flight cage from Prevue. This black and brown designed cage is large enough for two budgies. It measures 26” x 14” x 36” with half inch bar spacing that can prevent your pets from sticking their heads. It is bought with four wooden perches and two hooded plastic cups.

With its reasonable price, you can get a cage with two large doors and a tray at the bottom that collect debris from food and other wastes. The tray is also removable and easy to clean.

Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Cage

Another variation of bird cage from Prevue is the Triple Roof Cage which features its unique design. This cage is available in teal and white, and blue and white colors. Other than the roof design, it has two perches that are extended to both sides of the cage and additional two perches placed just below the roof designs on each side of the cage.

Same as other Prevue bird cages, it has a removable grille and slide-out tray that will help you in your regular cleaning. Moreover, the colors and design will surely fit your taste.

Mcage Large Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand

Considered an ideal home for avian friends like budgies, canaries, and finches, it has been named one of the best flight cages in 2018. It is made of wrought iron frame which ensures durability. It also has a large front door for ease of use and access, and two separated breeding doors to avoid causing stress to your birds when refilling food and water.

The overall size of this cage is 32” x 19” x 64” including the removable stand. It comes with wooden perches, metal shelves and ladders, and plastic feeders. The stand has a storage where you can keep bird foods, toys or treats.

Prevue Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage with Stand

This divided cage is ideal if you plan to keep multiple budgies in your home. Not only it is spacious enough for a number of budgies, but also features a divider that can make the cage a multi-functional unit. You can choose whether to have one big cage or 2 smaller ones.

The cage has two front doors with reliable locks, slide-out trays for easy cleaning, grilles with wind-bell lock, and side nesting doors. There are also four wooden perches and four plastic cups included in the cage. The swivel casters enable you to move it around smoothly.

Yaheetech 61-inches Rolling Play Top Cage with Stand

Other than its generous size, this budgie cages prides its play top placed on the top of the cage. It consists of a ladder and a wooden perch. This promotes social interaction between you and your avian pet. Inside the cage, there is a bungee rope made of metal wire and polyester. This will not only keep your birds entertained but also help in developing their coordination and balance skills. Not to mention the ring bell and hook which you place anywhere inside the cage.

The whole cage is painted with glossy surface and the perches are smoothly polished. The feeders are made of stainless steel to ensure health and safety. Moreover, it has an easy to remove tray making it easy to clean.

You & Me Parakeet Ranch House

In case you are in need of a lightweight plastic based bird cage, it is one of the best options. Other than the said feature, it also has a reasonable price. It only weighs 8.82 pounds and measures 16.5” x 11.8” x 22”, but it can surely provide a safe and comfortable small for your bird. In addition, hanging it is easy as it is lightweight.

This ranch house includes three doors for ease of access when feeding, two smoothly finished perches and two covered dishes. Also, cleaning is not a problem because of its slide-out trays and removable grate.

SUNCOO Large Flight Cage with Detachable Stand

This large cage for small to medium sized birds is made of heavy duty wrought iron beautifully designed to provide avian animals with comfort and style. It also comes with a detachable stand with 4 swivel casters for stability and easy moving. With it overall dimension, multiple birds can flap their wings even at the same time.

Inside the cage, there are 2 log wooden perches and 4 plastic feeding bowls. It also has a tray at the bottom for gathering wastes and droppings. The bar spacing measures 0.5 inches so birds surely can’t stick their heads out of it.

Prevue Stainless Steel Bird Cage

Elegance and comfort is what this bird cage promotes. It is made with stainless steel designed with unique foot friendly carved perch. It comes with a decorated porcelain food and water cups that complement the elegant exterior. The size is ideal for taming or carrying your avian pet around.

For easy cleaning, the grille is removable and the base can be snapped off easily. As it is elegant, it can also be used as a decoration to your garden or houses.

Final Say

It really does take a lot of effort and time to be a pet parent, but simply thinking of the joy it will bring is already enough for those to be compensated. As we want the best budgie cages for our pets, it is necessary that we become meticulous and careful with what we provide them especially with their shelter as it will serve as their safe haven. For both of you to benefit from your choices, take into considerations your budgie needs as well as your preferences and surely, both of you will live in peace and comfort