Best Budgie Food: Top 12 for 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Being one of the inexpensive pets and easy to take care of, budgerigars, also known as “budgie”, is one of the most popular pet birds. On top of that is its being cute, affectionate and witty. Budgie is one of the smartest of the parrot species. If you want to own a bird pet which is great at talking, budgie is a great choice. Their ability to catch human words and phrases is better than any other birds of their kind, given that they are provided with proper training. Budgies can live between 7 to 15 years, provided that is it given all the necessary care it needs. Regarding this, you can always look up the best budgie food for them.

Things to Consider for your Budgies

Without a doubt, budgies can make a great pet. They are playful, loving, active, and overly smart. They are also very sociable birds. Their popularity as pets continues increasing due to the fact that it won’t cost you as much as any other pets. However, we should bear in mind that these witty birds have needs that should be provided.


before bringing home a budgie, make sure that you have prepared its residence. It is recommended that budgies are kept in a cage until it gets accustomed to its new environment. The cage must have a wide space as budgie needs this space for their random flights. You should also make sure that the bars are close enough to avoid the bird from sticking its head and getting strangled. Most importantly, make sure that all the objects inside the cage is safe.

Cage Accessories

As much as the condition of the cage is good, it is also important that the cage has all the basic things a budgie needs: food bowl, water (drinking and bath), perches, bell, mirror, swing, mineral block, and toys. The toys should be changed from time to time to keep the birds entertained and alert. It is suggested that you give them something to chew like balsa wood. Make sure that the wood you give is chosen carefully as there are some kinds which can be toxic for them.


Clean water must always be made available for your budgies. As water can be contaminated easily, it is important that you replace it as often as needed. You should also take note that their drinking water and bathing water must be prepared separately.

Budgie Food & Diet

Budgies, like any other kinds of birds, get attracted by seeds easily. But budgies are especially easy to get enticed by any kinds of bird food. It is also one of the reasons why they are easy to raise. Though, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to be mindful of what we feed them anymore. For their health, it is recommended that we give them a diet that consists of seeds, grains or pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables including the leafy ones. This will enable them to get all the nutrients they need.


As budgies are known to be sociable animals, keeping them in a cage together would not be much of a problem. Although, there are a few things that must be considered. First is the cage size. If you plan to keep a flock together in one cage, make sure that there is enough space. You should also consider putting the new bird under a period of quarantine to ensure that there are no health issues. This is also to give them time to adapt to each other. A span of four weeks should be enough to get used to each other’s presence.


Another important matter that you have to know is their natural behavior. Budgies are diurnal which is why they are very active at daytime. In their natural habitat, they spend most of their time foraging together with their flock. It is also usual for them to sing and preen as the sun rises. This is to prepare to set off to feed.

Top 12 Best Budgie Food

One of the most essential things when keeping a bird as a pet is to consider its food carefully. Make sure that is not only appetizing but also nutritious enough to provide your pets with all the nutrients they need. Here are some of our best picks for you.

Harvey’s Our Best Parakeet Food

For your budgies, this is one of the bird food recommended by holistic veterinarians. Dr. Harvey’s is a family owned business which has been in the industry since 1986. They have since earned their reputation in providing high quality bird food. This parakeet food is made to nourish your budgies with all the protein, vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy every day. It also increases their endurance and promotes vibrant plumage.

The mixture contains 13 variants of seed and millet, 9 kinds of nuts and 12 types of fruits and vegetables. It was made free of coloring agents, salt and sugar or any synthetic ingredients to ensure that your pets get only the essential nutrients.

KayteeForti Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food

KayteeForti Diet Pro Health was made out of avian nutritional experts’ 150 years of experience and knowledge about parakeets. This ensures that your pet birds get the nutrients this food is loaded with. It is packed with prebiotics and probiotics to support the budgies’ digestive health.

It also contains natural antioxidants to make their immune system better and for their overall health. Moreover, it has DHA Omega 3 to keep your pet birds’ heart and brain in good shape as well as to maintain their nice and healthy skin and feathers.To ensure its freshness, this bird food was naturally preserved and the ingredients were chosen carefully.

Living World Premium Parakeet/Budgie Food

With its tropican egg granules supplements and fresh ingredients, this budgie food can surely provide your pet birds daily nutritional needs. The ingredients include nuts, vegetables, fruits and seeds which air-cleaned and refined to ensure that it is dust free yet full of nutritional value. This healthy mix made by Living World aims to support your budgies’ to have stronger bones and to maintain their feathers’ vibrancy and the tropican content helps in enhancing their complete diet.

This bird food is especially recommended to birds of many types. The ingredients were carefully selected based on their high nutrition and palatability. This is to make sure that your birds don’t only benefit from the nutrients but also enjoy the food.

Hagen Parakeet/Budgie Staple Vme Seed

White millet, canary grass seed, oat groats, red millet, and canola oil are only some of this budgie food nutritious ingredients. Along with these are seeds that were considered to have the highest quality and tastiness especially made to meet the daily health needs of your budgies and parakeets. It contains vitamins and minerals, enriched with added iodine to ensure budgies healthy growth.

The seeds used to complete this mixture were air-cleaned and polished to make sure that it is dust-free. As seeds are usually appetizing for birds, this seed blend will surely attract your budgie’s craving while providing the supplements it needs to keep healthy.

Zupreem Sensible Seed

This bird food is a great choice to nourish your budgies with energy while keeping them entertained. With the variety of high quality seeds carefully chosen and cleaned, you pet bird’s palate will surely be enticed. Some of its ingredients include canary grass seeds, dried grapes and apples and canola with 10% sunflower seeds which size is right for small to medium sized birds like budgies. This budgie food is recommended to be 30% of your pet’s weekly diet.

The size of each seed was considered to make sure that feeding will be efficient and to avoid wastes and mess. With its full consumption, it ensures a happy, energetic and engaged budgies. It also promotes good feather condition.

Volkman Avian Science Parakeet/Budgie Food

As per reviews, this bird food has been proven to entice even the pickiestbirds. The combination of tasty morsels like spinach flakes, sunflower chips, carrots, Nyjer seed, cracked corn and millet make this food enticing. It was made more appetizing and nutritious by making the seeds super clean. Other than that, the nourishment promises to provide your pets all the nutrition they need for a prolonged and healthy life.

Every product of Avian is added with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for birds’ health. Their products are also naturally-made without any artificial additives. This food is ideal for small birds like parakeets, parrotlets and budgies.

M Brown’s Tropical Carnival Zoo-Vital Parakeet and Budgie Pellet

If you are after a great quality, consider treating your budgies with this food. Locally grown ingredients were used to complete this food blend. It a rice-based food made with all natural and real fruits and vegetables to ensure that your pets get only the supplement they need to be active and healthy. Also, the rice helps in absorbing all the nutrients and is known to promote digestion.

Some of the fruits are pineapple, papaya, and strawberries. This food doesn’t contain corn soy nor wheat. It is rich in fiber and calcium, plus vitamins for your pets’ overall health.

Higgins Vita Seed Parakeet Food

Are you worried that your budgies might get bored of their food? Try offering this Vita Seed Parakeet Food by Higgins. The variation of dried fruits and vegetables will surely eliminate boredom and increase their foraging instinct. White millet, canary seeds, ground corn, soybean, papaya, ground wheat and carrots are just some of its enticing ingredients. It was also ensured that no artificial colors or flavors were added in the blend.

This seed mix is enriched with DHA Omega-3 and probiotics for your budgies digestive health. The natural fruits and vegetables also improve your budgies’ health with the vitamins and minerals they contain.

ZuPreem Natural Bird Food

ZuPreem natural bird food is one of the nugget types. Each piece was made easy to eat and digest for optimum health consumption. In these nuggets, the budgies can get the essential nutrients which are usually found in seeds, nuts, grasses, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Also, this bird food provides amino acids for a balanced daily diet.

Same as most bird food which was naturally made and preserved, these nuggets are free of any artificial additives making sure that your pets only get the nutrients they need. With this food, you will not need to worry about your pet’s digestive health.

Harrison’s High Potency Super Fine Bird Food

This superfine high potency bird food from Harrison’s is one of the most recommended foods for small birds like budgies. It a daily food formula that aims to provide your pet with the maximum nutritional formula that they need to maintain their health and energy. This bird food is particularly recommended to birds which are molting, overweight, underweight or when are suffering and recovering from certain illnesses.

One thing that it boasts is it all natural ingredients. It is 100% organic and is free from any artificial additives. The ingredients contain whole grains that birds will surely love.

Wild Harvest Advance Nutrition Diet Parakeet Food

Parakeets, parrot and budgies definitely need a food formula that will help them consume the nutrition they need to stay healthy and active at all times. And this food from Wild Harvest can surely deliver them that. The seeds, fruit and vegetables it contains will provide them with well-rounded diet to support their longer and healthier life.

The variation of seeds, fruits and vegetables doesn’t only look appetizing but also appealing to their taste so you won’t have to worry about them not eating it. Although, budgies might leave some hulls which can be a mess.

Lafeber’sNutri Berries Parakeet Food

This bird food from Lafeber’s was formulated with the help of top avian veterinarians and nutritionists so you can guarantee that your pet bird will get nothing but the best. It is complete with essential nutrients to maintain bird’s health and to keep their feather, skin and immune system healthy.

It also helps the bird develop their foraging instinct and appetite. The ingredients don’t have any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives so you’ll surely be satisfied with how it will work on your beloved pets.


Keeping a budgie at home takes a lot of responsibility and effort. Although, the joy it gives will surely worth all of it. To be successful in keeping a budgie as a pet, don’t forget these simple tips. First, make sure to get budgies only from a trustworthy breeder. A budgie should not be less than 8 weeks old upon taking it away from its mother. Second, if you plan to train a budgie to talk, choose a male one as they can learn more easily than females. Also, it should not be more than 6 months old. Lastly, always make sure it gets all the best budgie food the things it needs to stay healthy.