Best Budgie Toy: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Budgies love colorful things. To keep your feathered friend entertained, better give him something to do. The best budgie toy is a great option to satisfy your pet’s joy. You can find a quite number of toys for budgie in the market. To make it easier to pick the right one, we reviewed products that top the customer’s choice.

Budgie Toy Classified

Many options are sold in the market, but they only fall into four categories: swing, climbing, chewing, and exploring toys.

Budgie Swing

It can be a rope, store-bought swing, or even suspended toys turn into a swing. You can add other toys on the swing for the birds to play.

Climbing Toys

Budgies love to climb. There are lots of safe climbing toys in the market, including ropes and other plastic-made toys. Make sure they are non-toxic for budgies.

Chewing Toys

This feathered pet has the habit of chewing like rodents. It could be a balsa wood without a toxic finish. Most chewing toys are edible for birds.

Exploring Toys

This bird also loves to explore things to develop their other skills. It is a kind of toy help to boost the pet’s stimulation.

Top 15 Best Budgie Toy in the Market

Here are the top 15 budgie toys you could buy online. Let’s take a look at their best features that will suit your pet’s needs!

dcDalton Birdcage 5-Inch OctagonMirror

Budgies of all shapes and sizes are to whom this birdcage mirror is made. It becomes a perfect companion to your pet, especially when he/she is alone in the cage. This product is assembled in the USA that assures high-quality and is very affordable.

This octagon-shaped mirror has beveled edges. It is different from ordinary mirrors with a more attractive look.

It has metal hooks at the back for extra support during installation in any bird cages. The mirror is durable against tumbles and falls. Some buyers complain about its clamps not being sturdy.

However, it does not offer physical entertainment for birds.

Bird Perch, Rope Bungee Bird Toy

Your pet has to develop its balancing skills with this rope toy. It won’t hurt budgies, so no worries.

The rope toy promotes hours of entertainment for budgies and also develops so much of their skills. It is made of pure cotton material thus provides a soft surface for a bird to sit on. It comes with a bell to add amusement towards the birds.

This 43-inches bungee cord is created for twisting and spinning action. It has been wrapped with a colorful wire to be more pleasing on birds. You may re-shape its diameter and length to suit your pet’s needs.

Wash the rope and sun-dry before use to remove dirt caused by long-term transportation.

KinTor Big Triangle Rope Swing Bird Toy

Among the rope toys on the list are KINTOR’s. This is longer than the previous rope toy by Petsvvabout 97-inches long. It keeps the budgie pets physically active the whole time. So, it is perfect for larger budgie species.

The toy is built with a comfortable design from soft cotton material. They are durable enough to keep the budgie safe while enjoying the moment. It is colored and yet no toxic food dyes are added.

This spiral designed rope can be placed either outside or inside the cage. It has a clip-on its ends for easy attachment.

There is an added bell for entertainment, plus the spiral rope can be twisted for the more exciting climbing experience.

GU Angqi Spiral Ladder Bird Toy

This toy is suitable for older budgies as younger ones may have difficulty to climb over it. It is made of beaded wood unlike the rope toy previously. In some cases, budgies try to crack the beads with their beak.

The ladder is in a spiral construction that measures about 41-inches in length. The beads are colorful and very eye-pleasing on birds. It can be customized by bending the rope to perfectly fit on most cages.

You may place the toy material in a vertical or horizontal position, or even in a curve position. Removing the toy from the cage is so easy through its ends.

Follow the manual instruction to set up the ladder toy at its best form.

Kaytee Avian Forage-N-Play Ladder

This is a great toy for budgie to challenge their balancing skills. It is best for inside cage use with its solid wood construction. You can choose between small to the large size of this ladder toy at an affordable price.

It is a three-section ladder composed of sisal, loofah, shredding paper, and rope attachments. It can fit on any cage type. Every edge of the stepladder has colorful wood balls for added amusement.

Its complex design keeps the birds physically active and yet safe at all times. The material has quick-hook links to keep it in place. It can be removed quickly as well.

Avian Forage-N-Play Ladder looks like a human ladder with added entertainment value.

Living World Double-Sided Mirror

A budgie can have its companion with this second mirror on the list created by the Living World. This one is a double-sided mirror which is the best place at the center of the cage. The pet can see itself on both sides of the mirror.

It is easy to install with a built-in metal hook. Just hang the mirror anywhere inside the cage and your pet can finally enjoy itself. Some buyers suggest a sturdier metal hook next time.

The mirror toy helps to stimulate your pet mentally and in visuals. It is available in various colors to attract birds easily.

It becomes more appealing with the added bell that produces enticing sound. Your budgies will find their cage more interesting and fun to live on.

Colorful Bird Perch Stand Platform Natural Wood Playground

Sometimes your budges just want to relax on a flat surface or play over it. This bird perch is different from the other wood perches. It has a rough surface due to natural quartz sand and other natural wood material.

They are coated with food-grade colors which makes it a great place to play. The installation will be simple with the use of stainless steel gasket. The company includes a sturdy fastener to deliver a secure hold on the perch.

Aside from being sturdy, it also keeps budgies busy chewing the wood perch. It won’t harm birds of any kind.

This is a very versatile toy choice on the list. It may serve as a dwelling place and a playground for birds.

JW Comfy Bird Perch

It is a similar rope compared to the ones previously listed. This is available in three various sizes, depending on your bird’s size. It feels good on bird’s feet for longer play duration.

Its strong construction is caused by the tough materials used. The perch offers a comfortable grip for birds at the highest level.

You may read lots of positive reviews about this product online. These may convince you to purchase one for your bird pet.

It is easy to twist in fun shapes to entertain the pet. The added colors encourage birds to play on the porch. There are plastic attachments to help you set the perch inside the cage in different positions.

OnePlus Bird Ladder

A bird ladder is best for rest and playtime. On the list is a colorful and fun bird ladder on where birds can swing around. It can accommodate small to medium-sized birds.

Washing the ladder in water will not fade its color due to the special material used. The ladder toy is made durable against all conditions and so keeps the budgie safe. Its colorful design does a great job of attracting budgies to play.

The wood is natural and is safe for chewing. Hanging it in a bridge form is a popular way of setting up the ladder. Your feathered pet can just cross its cage easily. Steel hooks will keep the toy material in place.

Polly’s Tooty Fruity Pollen Bird Perch

As one category of budgie toys are suitable for chewing, you may avail of this edible perch. It will not only entertain your pet but will provide nutrients as well.

It looks like an edible cactus wood. You can select between three flavors, including kiwi lime, grape, and watermelon. This kind of perch can be added to your pet’s dietary supplement at an affordable price.

This is made of real bee pollen that contains 22 basic elements needed by most birds. It is calcium-enriched chewing toy and highly delicious.

It offers many benefits for most birds, including a healing power. The reason could be an excellent source of calcium.

BWOGUE Bird Perch

Natural woods vary in forms and sizes. BWOGUE did not promise to offer the same sizes of perches but more on the quality. This is a natural wood perch that can be added to your budgie’s toy collection in the cage.

The vine has an uneven surface to challenge bird pet exercise their feet and legs. Install more than one perch in the cage to allow hours of fun to play and relax.

This product is perfect for small budgies. They can chew on the wood with non-toxic materials. It helps to keep the bird’s beak in shape.

It does not look plain like the other perches with the added rope design on its sides. On the other hand, it is not appropriate for them to hang on its rope design.

AnnaEye Cage Hammock and Swing Toy

AnnaEye offers a set of budgie toy at a single price. It includes two wooden swing sets together with four metal clasps and an acrylic pendant necklace. Setting up the hammock is so easy with the said tackles.

The hammock is designed similar to swings with no harmful gels added. Its added hooks can secure the swing in place while a bird is playing on it.

The swing toy is made of wood finished with edible colorful dye painting. It is composed of five pieces of a wood ladder in different colors, while the hammock has 12 blocks of wood. They are both colorfully designed.

The budgie can stay on the pendant necklace on top of the swing toy for a couple of minutes to rest.

MAIYUAN Natural Wood Block Chew Toys

This chewing toy will not fit on small cages thus requires larger ones. It differs from the other toys on the list in terms of how it looks and works. This parakeet toy can boost your pet’s physical and intellectual abilities.

They are colorful rattan ball loofah sponge which is edible with food-grade pigments. It is safe for chipping birds. Some birds think of it as a food source.

MAIYUAN used environment-friendly materials in making the chew toy. It boosts the bird’s muscles as it promotes exercise towards the pet.

Secure the toy in a cage through quick links on which budgies cannot tear down easily. Some bird species might tear the woodblocks in mere hours if not properly monitored.

Yoyoung Stainless Steel Bell Toy

Most budgie keepers would like to keep the cage clean at all times. This is a mess-free toy option that will keep bird pets busy for hours. It could be the simplest toy choice for budgies on the list.

It is a stainless steel bell perfect for birds who love hearing non-extremely loud noises. The bell toy can also serve as a foraging rod to put on treats for birds. This material is away from breaking even with wild bird species.

Set up the bell toy through its built-in bolt and metal wing nut. No extra equipment needed. You may fill it with toy parts for additional amusement.

It is washable and won’t rust for longer use.

JW Pet Bell Bird Toy

The last product we would like to introduce is the bellbird toy. It is far from your average belly in mind due to its shining design. It will be great for smaller bird species like budgies.

Your budgie friend will enjoy its jingling musical sound by ringing the bell. The keeper can also enjoy watching the birds playing this toy. It affects both your pet’s physical and mental health.

It features a pull chain with two shiny bells made of acrylic material. The price is affordable for most budgie keepers.

The bellbird toy is easy to attach to most cages. It will not rip into pieces when rang by birds.


The best budgie toy is composed of four categories, including swing, climbing, chewing, and exploring. Those toys benefit budgie birds in many ways. It boosts the bird’s physical strength and other abilities intellectually. Budgie toys do not only entertain but do value the holistic health of our feathered friend.

In choosing the right toy for budgies, consider food-grade materials as these birds have chewing problems most of the time. Most of the products above are safe for ingestion because of the non-toxic materials used in production. Wood-made budgie toys are often the best choice by many bird keepers to pair with the bird’s natural habitat. Some are metal-made to maintain cleanliness inside the cage.

So, check out which toy will make your budgie friend joyful!