Best Cage for Cockatiel: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Many fall in love with these very interesting bird Cockatiel , and that is for some good reasons. These birds, that originated from the semi-arid regions of Australia, are very talented whistlers, have frail, yet interesting features that make it look quite similar to parrots, but have a more subdued shade. Perhaps this is nature’s way to camouflage their delicate bodies from predators in the wild. An elegant looking bird like this deserves only the best cage for cockatiel, so that this flight bird will remain healthy, happy, and satisfied while under your care. 

Cockatiel as Pets

In America, these exotic birds are considered a favorite bird next to the parakeets.They come in various combinations of colors (yellow, gray, cinnamon, and white). These birds usually build their nests in hollows of trees that are usually found from about six feet above the ground. For many who have considered these interesting birds for a pet, understand that these birds are known for the following traits:

  • Cockatiels are quite easy to breed. This makes them a little less costly than parrots and, perhaps, also one of the reasons that many would rather have it as a pet. Its cuddly and bubbly personality is just the right thing that you would want to experience if you would be looking for a pet buddy to be around you whenever necessary. 
  • This bird is a light sleeper and may get startled a lot easier, so you need to have a space where it could spend the whole time (awake or otherwise) comfortably. Eliminate as much stressors that may be present near its cage to ensure that your cockatiel will live healthy and well for as much as you can. 
  • Cockatiels are very sociable creatures. They do travel in pairs and thrive well in groups.They are very entertaining and very friendly creatures. When they are not foraging for food or are busy seranading their favorite object with their distinctive whistles, they are usually found perched on their on the shoulder of a favored person. 
  • Although their bodies may seem fragile, these flight birds have a life expectancy from about 15 to 20 years. If you are planning to keep or breed birds of this specie, you need to make sure that you can provide everything that they need that will keep them healthy and satisfied. That includes providing them with the best cage for cockatiel.

Choosing the Best Cage for Cockatiel

As always, options for the best cage for your flight bird are available either online from marketplaces like and also within local pet stores. However, you will need to be very careful in handling them to ensure their safety. You can start by providing it with the best cage for cockatiel. 

For some of the best options for a flight bird cage, you may want to check out the list provided for you below.

SUNCOO 53 Inch Wrought Iron Heavy Duty Large Flight Bird Cage

This is a highly durable iron-made bird cage. It comes with four high-quality plastic feeding cups, a steady frame, and finished with non-toxic powder-coated. Its four swivel caster wheels make it easy to move or transfer the cage whenever necessary. To allow easy access inside the cage, the cage is designed with two feeder doors with locks as well.

There is also enough room for the cockatiel to have fun and do what it is designed to do inside this cage. The cage likewise features three interior long wooden perches in the cage that are just perfect resting spots for more birds.

The current design of this bird cage makes it a perfect home for a variety of birds, including your cockatiels other and same sized birds. It has an overall dimension of 31.5”L*20.5 ”W*53.2 ”H, and bar spacing that is about 0.78.”

Homey Large Bird Cage (L24 xW22 xH61 )

This large bird cage by homey is designed with the following dimensions: L24″x W22″x H61.” It also comes with an open top design. It has a total height of 63.8.” Its interior height measures 44,” and has a bar spacing of 0.77.”

Homey designed this large bird cage to have an easy pull out metal tray for easy cleaning. It also has a great anti-rust ability and a non-toxic epoxy finish. There are three feeding bowls that also come with each purchase of this bird cage. Feeding doors are conveniently installed for easy access and replacement of the bird’s feed. Finally, this cage has a closeable play top, which adds to the cage’s overall appeal and functionality.

Go2buy Large Bird Cage (18x14x3”)

This is another large bird cage, which could offer more wing space for your cockatiel. It is made from premium quality steel iron wire frame that was coated with solid spraying powder paint surface, making it rust and aging resistant. Its bars are welded a cm apart, which is just right to keep the bird or birds from getting stuck or caught in between those bars. This cage also features two large front doors, each with  two small doors for easy access into the inner cage, and four side doors that can hold plastic feeders. It is also designed with a floor grid that your bird can stand on while its cage is being cleaned. 

It’s a design that has been thoughtfully planned as this cage also features a portable handle on its top, which makes it easy to transport the cage when needed. It can be knocked down and assembled easily as well. The package also includes three wooden timber perches that with a length of 18.1’’ each. Its overall measurements are as follows: 18.1 x 14.2 x 36.2’’ (LxWxH). This cage is available in either black and white.

Prevue Pet Products Park Plaza Large Bird Cage

 Here is another bird cage that is ideal for small to medium birds like parakeets, canaries and cockatiels. It is made from high-quality metals that has a non-toxic powder coated finish, hence offers a safe cafe that is of great quality at an affordable price. It comes with two stainless steel cups, a hardwood perch, and an easy rolling stand with casters. 

The cage measures 24″long, 20″ wide and 52 3/4″high and with ½” wire spacing. Its pull out grilles and debris tray make cleaning a breeze, while the rounded corner seed guards and solid-panel cup doors keep debris outside the cage.The cage measures 24″long, 20″wide and 52 3/4″high and with ½” wire spacing.

Mcage Round Bird Cage

This unique bird cage is well suited for small birds, such as finches, canary, parakeets, and cockatiels. It comes with an interesting round design, with bars welded 3/8″ apart. The package includes wooden perches, one swing, feeder dishes, an easy pull out bottom grate and trays for convenient feeding and cleaning. 

If you are looking for a bird cage that will stand out, this round bird cage by Mcage may just be the best option that you should be looking at. Its unique round design makes it a perfect accent piece wherever it is placed. And because of its smaller size, it will be easier to carry whenever you feel like bringing it for an out of town business. 

PawHut 63″ Bird Cage (White)

Pawhut offers an ideal, roomy bird cage for birds like yout cockatiel, and other similarly sized birds. This bird cage offers a peaceful, yet interesting space for small birds that your cockatiel may just adore. It offers more than just a home. It stimulates activity, yet offers a serene space where your cockatiel may have fun and relax. 

Here are the features of this bird cage that may just interest you:

  • Steel wire frame that have powder-coated finish
  • Rolling stand for portability
  • Two front oversized doors 
  • Each purchase includes the following accessories: four wooden perches and plastic food containers. 
  • Removable main body designed with a convenient handle at the top for easy transport
  • A convenient storage basket installed on its stand.
  • Multiple access points (access. The welded frame has bars set at 0.5” apart. The front slide-out tray located at the bottom of the cage is designed to catch bird seed. It slides out for easy clean up.

Mcage 60” Rolling Standing Bird Cage

This is another rolling bird cage from Mcage. It measures 18″Length x 14″ Depth x 35″ Height. The overall height of the cage and its stand is 60″. Its fully welded bars are set to be 3/8″ apart. It comes with a large swing door and two small lift up doors. The package also comes with feeder cups, feeder doors, wood Perches, and removable bottom metal grate and easy to pull out plastic tray. This cage is a suitable space for small birds like canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, and other similar-sized birds.

The Mcage 60″ Rolling Standing Bird Cage is an intelligently designed bird cage that can also complement your house design. It’s more than just a cage. It will be a perfect home for your cockatiels.  

Yaheetech 61-inch Rolling Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage

Yaheetech offers this large bird cage that is made of high quality and durable metal that have powder-coated finish, which makes this cage not only durable but also safe for your pet bird. 

It is not just a space where your cockatiel may rest and be filled. It also offers a lot of activity and play time as it comes with a parrot bungee rope made of metal wire and polyester. Its ring bell offers more fun for your bird, and can help develop your birds’ coordination and balancing skills.

This cage has bars set to be 0.6’’ apart. It also offers a lot of wing space, an 8.5 x 18.4’’ door that gives easy access to the cage, a ladder and a wooden perch at its play top, two feeding bowls for easy feeding and an easy pull out tray for a convenient feeding time with your bird, as well as a more hygienic space for it to stay. 

A&E CAGE CO 32-Inch by 21-Inch Flight Cage

Here is another highly durable option for a cockatiel cage. This cage comes with a removable stand, two perches, two food bowls, an easy pull out tray and grate, as well as four heavy duty screw in casters. It is everything that your cockatiel will need to stay safe and secure whenever you would need to go out to do your business. 

This cage has a durable powder-coating finish and comes with six months manufacturer’s warranty. That means you can always contact the source of the cage if ever you find any problem with the packaging or the cage that you would have purchased. There are also several reviews down the page, which will help you verify the claims of the seller in case you decide to purchase through that link. 

VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage

 Our list of the best cage for cockatiels is not done just yet. This cage by Vivo Home also offers interesting features that make it a great option for a bird cage. 

One interesting feature is the materials from which this cage is made of. This cage is crafted with premium welded steel which has a sleek black hammertone metallic finish. Such a solid structure ensures that this cage can last for years. 

If you are looking for a stylish, yet sturdy cage that offers more room for your bird, this cage may just be a great alternative. Following are some of the features that make this bird cage stand out: 

  • Heavy duty sliding window latch that can keep your bird securely inside its cage;
  • Four 360° rotating swivel casters for easy mobility;
  • Bottom mesh grille to store bird food, toys or bird care products;
  • Easy pull-out trays that are durable and corrosion resistant;
  • Four removable stainless-steel bowls ;
  • Three solid wood perches;
  • Detachable ladder play area;
  • An extra hook on top for hanging food, home décor, or toys to play with your birds;
  • A lot of room to explore with its total measurement as follows: 25.8” (L) x 25.8” (W) x 74.8” (H). 

Yescom Large Mobile Bird Cage

Here’s another uniquely designed bird cage that you may want to consider. This large bird cage by Yescom comes with a dome-shaped top that can also be used as a play area for your parrot. The metals of which this cage is made of are powder-coated wire finished with non-toxic Epoxy. 

It comes with three locking feeder doors, four swivel casters, three stainless feeding bowls, three solid perches, a removable grate, a metal tray and an instructions manual. 

Its overall measurements are as follows: 31-8/9″W x 30-1/3″D x 63-1/5″H. The cage measures, 31-8/9″W x 30-1/3″D x 55″H, while the cart stand is about 10-3/5.” Its front door has the following measurements: 8-7/10″W x 18-1/10″H. So, if you are looking for a bigger cage for your birds, this could just be a perfect choice. 

Prevue Pet Products Travel Carrier for Birds, Black

There are times when you feel like having your pet bird with you while on the go. If that is the case, you will definitely need this cage to keep your bird safe. This bird cage by Prevue is just the right choice for short term use. Whenever you are travelling or in emergency situations when you will need to transport your bird, you can use travel carrier to keep your birds. 

It is a sturdy yet light, making it just right for short travels. It comes with a welded bracket seat belt collar that can secure the cage inside your car when necessary. This cage also comes with solid cup doors that could prevent spilling, and lock-in-place cups that will help secure your bird in place. The cage measures 18 3/4’’Long, 14 7/8’’ Wide and 18’’ High (25” High to top of play top) with 1/2” wire spacing.


You might already have picked one for your pet cockatiel from the list. How was the experience? Which features did you like most? Share your thoughts with others, so they may also find it encouraging to have one for their pet bird.