Best Cage for Finches: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Being used to living in the wild, caging a finch needs careful consideration. One of the main requirements for it is the space. The cage must have enough space for them to flap their wings freely and to perform their aerial antics with ease and comfort. It must also have the accessories necessary for them to have a convenient living. Those include feeders, perches, toys and more. The safety of it must also be taken into consideration. Surely, finding the best cage for finches could take much of your time, but the reward you’ll get from choosing the most suitable one for your pet birds is priceless.

Factors to Consider in Caging Finches

Finches are suitable for caging as they are not comfortable with physical interaction except for their kind. Their maintenance is also not much of a problem, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need much care. There are actually a few things that you need to consider to help them live a happy life.

The Right Size of Cage for your Finches

Mainly, the size of your bird cage must depend on the number. Ideally, 1 finch should be put in a cage that measures 40cm x 20cm x 20cm with 2 perches on both ends. This allows the finch to fly around without a problem. The size of the cage must be increased as the number of finches do. In addition, the wire spacing must also be considered. For small types of birds like finches, choose a cage which bar spacing is not more than 0.7 inches. This is to avoid the birds from sticking their heads out and be in danger.

The Type of Cage

Same as the size, the type of cage must also be considered. Whether you are planning to home a pair of finches or you plan on multiplying their number, there is a suitable cage for it. There are also cages that provide more entertainment than the usual ones. You might be interested in them as well.

Caging Multiple Finches

This is something that needs further knowledge and professional advice. Experts suggest that finches should be housed with other finches excepts parrots. But before doing so, you should take note of this. Caging finches of the same sex depends on the species and season. In this case, you may consult a professional avian. The same thing goes when breeding finches. Some male and female finches might be aggressive towards one another especially during the breeding season.

Toys and Accessories

Finches cages’ must be equipped with the necessary toys and accessories. Perches for example will keep them entertained as they love hopping from one perch to another. Other accessories serve the same purpose as well. In addition, they stimulate their physical being. When getting these for your finches, make sure they promote safety as well. Perches for example must be smoothly finished to avoid their feet from getting hurt.

Cage Maintenance

The health of your finches doesn’t only depend on their food, activities and homing, cleanliness also contributes to them. Proper maintenance of the cage means that it has to be cleaned regularly. Litter from your pets must be removed often and the cage must be washed using soap without harsh ingredients.

Top 15 Best Cages for Finches

Having acquired the necessary information to succeed in caging lovely finches, it is easier to select the right cages for them. There are certain features that each cage has. To help you out, here’s a list of best cages for finches and what they have got for you.

ZENY Bird Cage with Stand

Being economical with the quality it can provide is what makes this bird cage from ZENY one of the bestsellers in the market.The wrought iron used to make this cage is sturdy and durable so it will surely last for quite some time. It has a total height of 57” including the stand and 16.5” x 24” wide, the size ideal for multiple birds. The wires have a half inch distances, suitable for small birds like finches.

This cage includes 2 perches inside and 4 plastic feeding cups for your birds. The grate can be remove by sliding so it is easy to clean. With the stands’ swivel casters, you can easily move it around.

Yaheetech Hanging Bird Cage

Safety and security is what this cage especially gives importance to. The two-side opening composite doors have arc-shaped wires for easily locking. You can make sure to prevent your pet bird from opening them and escaping. The doors’ size is also enough for small birds to go in and out. The whole cage is painted and with smooth surface. With its polished wooden perches and environment friendly feeders, your finches’ safety is guaranteed.

As for durability, it is also ensured. It is made of premium metal built in solid structure. It’s rust resistant and added with special device for steadiness. It measures 92cm x 46cm x 35.3 cm, suitable for multiple finches. The top has a handle for carrying and hanging.

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

This flight cage from Prevue Hendryx is another spacious home for multiple finches and other small birds. It stands 53” high, 31” long and 20.5” wide with half an inch wire spacing. Surely, your pets will have enough room to flap their wings. It highlights its 2 large front doors and six small side nest doors. The doors make an easy access for your lovely finches.

The cage includes 4 plastic double cups and 3 wooden perches for your finches to enjoy eating and playing together. The bottom grille and drawer are also easy to clean. Plus, it is made of durable wrought iron and is easy to assemble. It is available in brown, blue, and green.

SUPER DEAL 63.5” Rolling Bird Cage

Indeed, SUPER DEAL Large Rolling Bird Cage is the real deal. Other than the spacious cage, it features premium quality and safety. It is made of metal with the highest quality, carved according to detail and polished with non-toxic paint that is fade and odor resistant. These allow you to utilize this cage for the longest time.

Other than that, it has a uniquely designed dome top which can be opened and placed with a perch for your birds’ exercise and training. It also has a detachable stand with a space at the bottom for storage purposes. The whole package includes 2 stainless steel feeder cups, 2 detachable perches, removable seed catcher, a slide-out tray and swivel casters.

Midwest Homes for Pets Nina Bird Cage

You will definitely love this bird cage for its attractive and durable glossy powder coat finish in pearl white color. It measures 26.75” x 28.75” x 59.5” and includes 3 stainless steel feeding cups, 1 perch, removable seed skirts, and slide out floor grates. It also has a unique removable play top with toy hooks and ladders which you can put anywhere for your finches to enjoy.

The door latches are easy to lock and is bird-resistant. The bar spacing is only half-inch which is ideal for small birds like finches. Refilling food/water cups and breeder box is easy thanks to the access door provided. There is also a bottom shelf spacious enough for your finch supplies. This Nina Bird Cage is also available platinum gray. Both colors will surely fit your home’s interior.

Vision Bird Cage Model M02

This medium sized bird cage has vertical and horizontal wires with spacing enough to keep your small birds in place without any threats. The measurement of 34.3” x 24.5” x 15.6” makes it ideal for multiple birds. It comes with 2 waste shields, 2 cups and 4 perches with multi-grip design to allow them to move freely without causing any foot problems.

With its no-drawer design, it makes it unique among other cages with the same type. Instead of it, the part of the cage that catches all mess can be detached from the cage for easy cleaning. This detachable based has enough space to collect all litter and its raised ridges allow air circulation to keep it from mildew. Other than this size, they also offer other sizes depending on your needs.

VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage for Small Birds

Made of first-rate steel that is rust-proof, waterproof and low in carbon, this cage ensures quality and durability. It also guarantees safety as it is covered with non-toxic paint and is designed with firm and safe door latch. This 53” cage has enough space for 2 to 3 small birds. Other than the plastic food boxes and wooden sticks that come with it, it also has hanging accessories to keep your pets entertained inside it.

It features easy cleaning with its slide-out bottom tray and detachable shelving. The top of this shelf was made flat to give you space for your finches’ toys and the like. Its stand has swivel casters for smooth transfer around the house. The stand also provides you with a space for other storage purposes.

Prevue Stainless Steel Bird Cage

Without a doubt, we always want the best for our pets, even luxury. Thus, this stainless steel bird cage is here to help with that. Just looking at the exterior, you can already notice how fancy it is. It is made of premium quality steel built carefully to result in a smooth finished dome type bird cage. The detail of the hook of its top and the meticulous design at the bottom will surely fit your taste.

It measures 15.5” in diameter and 21” in height with 0.5” bar spacing. More than its luxurious appearance, it also includes 2 porcelain food and water cups decorated elegantly and a carved perch that is foot friendly. Cleaning it is also not a problem. You can just snap off the base and remove the mess.

VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage

If you want to keep your finches engage in physical activities and social interaction, this Large Bird Cage is ideal for you. It is a play top cage made of high-quality steel welded and completed with metallic finish making it durable and resistant even to harsh weather of bird bites. The spacious feature allows your pets to move around freely and the detachable ladder play area will make them engaged.

This cage has slide-out trays at the top and bottom, plus a removable grill to make cleaning easy. The four panels also work well to catch any food waste and mess. In addition, it is equipped with 4 stainless steel bowls, 3 wooden perches and extra hook on top. Although its big, moving it around was made easy thanks to the swivel casters attached to its stand.

Mcage Breeding Bird Flight Cage

In case of breeding finches come to your mind, consider this breeding cage offered by Mcage. It gives you 6 flight cages which measure 24” x 16” x 16” each. It is built with epoxy coated finish to make sure it doesn’t bring your finches any harm.  The bar spacing of 3/8” adds up to the overall safety of this cage. You will not have to worry about your finches stacking their heads between them.

Each cage has 1 lift up door which is big enough for your finches plus an additional small door inside. To clean the cages up easily, you can just slide-out the trays situated at the bottom of each cage. For feeding, there are doors provided. Also, each cage has feeder cups and perches. The box design allows you to stack them individually or pile them up.

Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Cage

Without a doubt, Prevue has a lot to offer. This cage was made unique with its triple roof design which doesn’t only make it look pleasing but also provides additional space for perches. Although it is lightweight, it has the thickness ideal for 2 small birds and the wire spacing is just right, too.

Inside it, there are 2 perches positioned horizontally, plus two small perches placed under the roof design and 2 plastic feeders. The door opens up and down and can be secured using a clip to leave it open. At the bottom, there is a grille and pull-out tray so you can clean it with ease. It also has durable hooks for easy transporting or hanging.

Nova Microdermabrasion Large Playtop Bird Cage

This cage provides wide space and entertainment for your finches. This simple yet stylish cage can home multiple finches without a problem. Constructed with fine metal that ensures durability, this cage can surely last some time. The frame is coated with anti-rust in a smooth finish to make sure your pets don’t get hurt.

The overall design makes it a good ornament as well. It also offers pyramid top play area with ladder – a great space for your birds to exercise and have fun. The top and bottom trays make cleaning stress-free and they prevent the mess from scattering on the floor. It also has feeding doors for convenient replenishing of food and water. When bought, expect 5 stainless steel cups, a hardwood dowel perch for standing and interior wooden perch for more activities.

Yaheetech 69-inch Playtop Bird Cage

Yaheetech Large Playtop Bird Cage is another deal if you’re looking for an ideal cage for your multiple finches. It stands 69”, complete with all the necessary things your pet birds need – 2 wooden perches, 5 stainless steel feeders and a bungee rope. It also features a play top area where 1 perch and 2 feeders are situated. This is to encourage social interaction between you and your birds and to help them with their exercise.

The bottom part of the cage has a safe metal grill to keep birds from walking on the dropping. It also has heavy duty slide-out trays with handle design both on top and bottom. There is also a seed guard to avoid litter. Assembling it is easy as the tools needed as well as detailed step-by-step instructions are already provided.

Flyline Stackable Breeding Cage with Nest Pan

You have got another great choice to keep your finches for breeding. This Flyline cage comes in 3 and each can be fully customized. You can choose to stack them separately or combine them to make 1 big cage. Each side has a pull-out design and every cage is equipped with 2 food and water cups, 2 perches and 1 nest pan. Every cage also has a bottom tray which collects bird’s mess and it can be slid-out easy for cleaning.

These cages are made of plastic and metal wires with gloss powder coating finish making it look clean and hygienic. The nesting door and front door are separated to make it convenient for the birds. Each cage is 18.5” x 14” x 15” and the bar spacing is safe for all types of small birds.

Mcage Portable Double Roof Top Hanging Flight Bird Cage

Looking at it cage, you can already understand that it is not just your usual flight cage. It promotes fun and style as you can see from the beautifully designed double rooftop and attractive long playing ladder plus two colorful toys that birds can’t resist. It also comes with 4 see-through cups and a hanging swing.

The two front doors can be locked with a pin. There are six feeder doors so you can 2 more feeding cups if needed. These doors also make food refilling easy. The metal grille and tray can be removed easily for cleaning. This cage is also foldable. In case you’ll need it for traveling, you can simply fold it based on instructions.


With all the proper care, food, housing and maintenance, your finches will surely get nothing but the best from you. When you decide to become a pet parent, you need not be anxious. It’s ok if you don’t know anything about these at first. So long as you have the passion and are very willing to put effort on it, learning about the other things will eventually come your way. You may be a beginner at pet parenting at the moment, but soon enough you will be more than capable of breeding not only finches but even other species of birds.