Best Calming Supplement for Horses: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Calming supplements are designed to help moody horses and prevent accidents. They help horses focus and calm down so that they can perform and keep their riders safe. In fact, the best calming supplement for Horses even promises to increase productivity and last days.

Anxious horses can be a nightmare to deal with without the right care and supplements. They will often underperform and can even lash out at strangers and their trainers and injure them. They are a danger to themselves and others, but they don’t have to be.

In this post, we look at some of the best calming supplements on the market. We discuss their qualities and what other features you should look out for when purchasing your very own calming supplement.

Note to You Before Choosing a Products

Calming supplements work by providing more nutrients that are absent from an edgy, anxious, and reactive horse’s diet. The supplements help level their emotions and behaviors and help their nervous system run more smoothly.

Types of Calming Supplements

There are two primary types of calming supplements available for horses.

  • Nutrient-based supplements
  • Herbal-based supplements

Both types of supplements do the same things more or less; they just go about it in very different ways. Where the nutrient-based supplements shore up on missing nutrients in a horse’s diet, herbal supplements use herbs to soothe the horse and treat the various problems using herbs.

Most calming supplements are a subtle mix of both. They rely on the core nutrients and use that as a base for their supplement. Then they add herbal ingredients to boost the products even more.

Magnesium: It is a macromineral responsible for the activation of hundreds of enzymes and muscle contraction. It is important for maintaining balance in the nervous system. A deficiency of it is characterized by nervousness, jitteriness, etc. About 80-80000mg for an 1100lb horse is standard.

Vitamin B1: Also known as thiamine, B1 is vital for the normal transmission of impulses through the nerves. Supplementing with vitamins will solve this issue. You should typically find between 200-2000mg of vitamin B1 in most supplements.

Inositol: Inositol is present in every cell in the body, and it helps greatly with nerve transmission. By supplementing with about 1000-2000mg of Inositol, it could greatly improve your horse’s overall mood.

Tryptophan: Tryptophan is an essential amino acid critical in a horse’s diet. It is converted to serotonin by their bodies, and it helps soothe the mind and brain. The average supplement should contain about 500- 2500 mg.

These are a few of the herbal ingredients you should keep an eye out for:

Valerian: Helps with muscle cramps, tightness, and balance out the nervous system.

Chamomile: Alleviate anxiety by soothing the nervous system and gut.

Hops: Used to alleviate feelings of anxiety, nervousness, etc.

Vervain: May help balance out the nervous system of the horse and disperse excess energy.

Passionflower: Helps maintain a relaxed disposition. Synergizes well with Chamomile hops or vervain.

Top 15 Best Calming Supplement for Horses

Reviewed below are fifteen of the best calming supplement for equine on the market.

Vita Flex Vision Focusing and Supplement for Horses

The Vita Flex vision supplement is a pellet-based supplement with unique ingredients and effects. It calms down horses so that they can better perform at activities and competitions. It also helps them trailer and race better.

It contains powerful ingredients like L-tryptophan, Thiamine, Inositol, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Valerian root extract. The tub is about 1.25 pounds and contains hundreds of pellets.

Farnam Quietex II Focusing and Calming Paste for Horses

The Farnam Quietex Focusing and Calming syringe for horses is a unique supplement that calms equine and improves their focus during competition, training, and even trailering. It is the ideal supplement for sensitive horses, and it works up to two hours after it has been administered.

It comes in economical syringes you can inject directly into the animal’s mouth. This amazing supplement is also available in pellet format.  It contains tested ingredients like L-tryptophan, Thiamine, Vitamin B6, and Valerian Root extract.

Perfect Prep Training Horse Calming Supplement

Perfect Prep horse calming supplement is an award-winning equine supplement that calms horses so that they can train and perform better. It is incredibly potent and has a slow-building effect that spans several days after administration.

It contains no prohibited substances, so you could potentially use them in any competition without any problems. It shows the best result when combined with the meals of the horse. Its active ingredients contain Taurine, Thiamine, Inositol, Vitamin B, and Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin.

Perfect Prep EQ Training Day+ Pellet Show Safe Calming Supplement

This is a variation of the popular Perfect Prep calming supplement. This supplement builds on the strong points of the popular supplement and introduces new features that further enhance the product. It comes in a great-tasting pellet format that is suitable for even the pickiest horses. It also increases focus, stabilizes a horses mood contain amino acids, vitamin, and minerals, and work over the course of 3-5 days.

It contains no illegal substances, so you could potentially use them in all types of competition, training, and practice for your horse. This version of the supplement comes in large bags: the 3lb bag and the 10lb bag.

Perfect Prep Supreme Horse Calming Paste

This is another potent supplement from the Prep Perfect line, except this one is geared specifically for competition and targeted training. It is that special syringe you turn to if the usual pellet supplement isn’t quite enough.

The syringe contains about 80cc of calming paste, and it induces a calm and focused state on the horse it’s used on. It lasts about 1- 6 hours usually, and it contains no illegal substances. Its main ingredients are Magnesium, Inositol, L-tryptophan, and Vitamin BeHave,

Quiessence Foxden Equine Banana Flavored Magnesium Pellet

Quiessence Foxden Calming Equine supplement is a banana flavored calming supplement that improves a horse’s mood, performance, behavior, and focus. It is perfect for hot-headed, tense, nervous, sore, or tight-muscled horses.

It is made with hallmark ingredients like magnesium oxide, magnesium proteinate, and chromium picolinate. It is safe to use in competition and training scenarios and completely legal. The Quiessence is made the United States.

Durvet AspirEze Aspirin Gel Horse Calming Supplement

Durvet Aspire Animal gel is a powerful performance and calming supplement for horses. It comes in a gel format, and it’s easy enough to apply. It typically lasts 1-4 hours after administration, and your horse should experience an improvement in mood, focus, clarity, and performance during that period.

It has a surprisingly delectable taste and contains numerous beneficial ingredients that will improve the overall health of your equine. The syringe is not illegal to use in competition in the United States.

Majesty Kalm Wafers

Majesty Kalm Wafers is a calming supplement with a unique ingredient list and effects. It comes in large bags and works best when added to the meals of the horses. It has a delectable taste, is easy to handle, and comes in various sizes for different horse breeds.

It contains hallmark calming ingredients like Tryptophan, Vitamin B-1, Inositol, and other great ingredients. It is NASC certified and is safe to use on tracks and train with.

Ortho Equine Immediate Response Supplement

The Ortho Equine Immediate Response supplement is unlike your traditional calming supplement or paste. It calms the horse down by treating gut-related symptoms, which are often in the form of gut ache, diarrhea, trauma, etc. These kinds of symptoms can affect the overall behavior of your horse and its performance if left untreated.

The Ortho Equine rapidly improves animal digestive health by restoring their digestive balance. It is suitable for all ages of horses and is recommended by veterinarians. 10cc of the supplement is enough for 1000lbs of bodyweight.

Via-Calm 5 Pail Supplement

Via Calm by Animed is a potent horse relaxation and calming paste that improves performance and improves a horse’s nerves. It is especially good for horses that are prone to irritation, fits of rage, and stubbornness.

The Animed Calm allows them to relax and focus on practice, trailering, performance, and so much more. It contains powerful active ingredients like L-tryptophan, Thiamine, Calcium, and Magnesium. It is safe for use in all sorts of competition, and it comes from the United States of America. It comes in numerous sizes, the most popular ones being the 5 and 2lb options.

Ramard Total Calm and Focus

The Ramard Total Calm and Focus supplement is a powerful calming supplement that helps nervous and aggressive horses remain calm and perform better. It lowers their stress levels without making them drowsy, and it keeps their mind sharp and focused so that they can perform in competitions and events.

It contains safe and legal active ingredients, and you can use it at most leagues and events all over the country.

Sand Clear Farnam Aid for Horses

This is another great supplement that cares for your horse, improves its mood, and productivity through very indirect ways. It improves the overall gut health of your horse and anxiety. It has a great palatable taste and is fast-acting.

It also mixes well with general feed, and just 1 or 2 scoops of this product per week for a whole month could potentially get rid of your horse’s problems. It should be easier to mount, ride, trailer, practice, and perform notably better.

AniMed with Hemp

AniMed with Hemp Via calm is a top-shelf calming supplement that improves the overall performance of your horse while also calming them. It is different from every other calming supplement on the market because of its special ingredient, ‘Hemp.’

It is AniMed secret to ensuring their horses are relaxed without being drowsy. The Animed improves the horses, mood and, by extension, its productivity. It is safe for consumption for most horses and is made with legal ingredients, hemp included.

Mare Magic

Mare Magic is a remarkable horse calming formula that improves the performance and mood of your horses. It is perfect for jittery or nervous horses or stubborn ones too. It makes trailering and training easy and hassle-free. Even performance on a central stage should not spook your animals.

Mare Magic supplement is made with dried Raspberry leaves and is highly palatable. It can easily integrate into your horse’s meals. It comes in a variety of package options. The 8 oz bag is a bit on the smaller side, while the 32-ounce bag and should last you close to an entire year.

Mare Moods

Mare Moods is a top-of-the-line mood and hormone balance supplement for mares. It works wonders for mares with hard and painful cycles and improves their overall temperament, making them better behaved during their time of the month.

Mare Moods helps maintain the harmonious heat deposition cycle whether it’s the season for it or not. It also supports the natural production of Testosterone and Progesterone. It contains a proprietary blend of top-notch herbs and ingredients like Eleuthero, Sarsparilla, Damiana, Kelp, Red Raspberry, Slippery Elm, Uva Ursi, Valerian Dandelion, and various other ingredients. It comes from the United States, and it safe for use on all mares.

NupaFeed Magnesium Daily Supplement for Horses

The NupaFeed Magnesium Daily Supplement is a powerful calming supplement for nervous horses. Once administered, it should help decrease nervousness, control erratic behavior, relieve tense muscles, and improve overall performance.

It’s perfect for use, especially before a big training, trailering, or performance. It produces amazing results and should be mixed in with other meals when served to the horse. It contains crude protein, magnesium, fat, and other important contents.


It can be difficult to search for the best calming supplement for horses. With all the great options currently available on the market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, we gathered and reviewed the best calming supplements and saved you the time and headache of going through them all yourself.

If you still find that you are unsure about what supplement you like best, go through our guide again, and let that guide your search. You should prioritize taste, effectiveness, quantity over every other perk. Regardless of whatever you pick, you are guaranteed to find something you like. The products on our list are some of the best available on the market.