Best Canary Cage: Top 10 for 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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For those who would rather have a bird for a pet, one of the great options is a canary. They do look quite delicate, and you will need to be cautious when leaving them to tend to themselves. As they have frail, small, and delicate features, they can easily be harmed. One of the things that can keep them well and away from dangers is providing them with the best canary cage.

A Canary for a Pet

Perhaps the distinctive melodies that these birds make is one of the things that lure bird lovers to them. And if you are considering of sharing your own with a canary, that may have been your insatiable desire to hear it sing. A canary may not just be a singing box, but you would have to know much to make sure that you can keep one alive and healthy for as long as it is under your care.

A canary requires much care. It will be so dependent on you for its basic need, one of which is a safe place to stay in. There are those who are drawn to these birds because of their interesting feathers. Others might have been fascinated by its small and frail features – quite harmless. And there are those who are attracted to the pleasant sound that they make.

Choosing the Best Canary Cage

A good thing about having a canary for a pet is that you know that it may hover around the house but it won’t fly away far from where it should be. That doesn’t mean that you can just leave it loose, especially if you need to go to the office or you would be gone for some time.

An all-purpose type of cage will also not be the best thing that you will need to buy to keep your canary safe. Generic cages are usually made with bars much wider than what will be able to keep your canary from slipping out of the cage. That means, you will need one that is intended to hold particularly smaller kinds of birds, such as a canary.

As a canary is a good flyer and would need a good amount of space to feel unrestricted when flying around, you will need one that provides plenty of space to roam around. If not, your bird will just feel as restless as you are and stress may just cause it to fall ill later on.

You will also need to consider the material used for the cage. One that can easily be cleaned and durable is a preferable option. Remember that you have a tiny bird who loves to fly about and have tiny feet that can easily be cut. A cage with thin wires will definitely be not a great alternative. Find one that can also be cleaned easily. It should be something that your bird will want to be kept while you are out doing your business.

The 10 Best Canary Cage

There are many options when it comes to the best cages for canaries that are available in local pet stores and online. But as you cannot be assured of the quality of all the cages that you may find, it will take some time for you decide which cage to go with. It helps a lot when you are already familiar with the options that you have, though. This is where we come in.We provide you with a list of great alternatives, so all that you have to do is to limit your choices further and, later, be able to pick the best cage for your bird.

Cages listed here have received some good ratings and reviews from previous customers. As they are available on Amazon, you are also assured that the sellers of these cages offer money back guarantee for every purchase. You can also verify the claims of the sellers with the reviews and images posted by satisfied clients.

Let’s get on with the list:

SUPER DEAL 53”/59.3”/63.5” Rolling Bird Cage Large Wrought Iron Cage

This large, rolling cage offers a safe and durable home for your pet canary. It is made of wrought iron, which makes it highly durable for a cage. It is also powder coated with non-toxic and lead free paint, making it a lot more attractive and perfect as a decorative piece for your house.

The spacious design of the cage offers more room for your bird to fly around. The cage is designed with two perches where the canary may perch on or play. It comes with a flat top with strong enough grills that can keep your bird safe inside. It also comes with four food cups for feeding. Cleaning any mess will also be quite easy as the cage comes with a removable pull-out tray.

This cage is also portable as it is designed with rolling wheels. It has four feeder doors with locks to provide feeding with ease. Its stand is designed with four wheels, which makes it quite easy to transfer wherever you might need it transferred.

This bird cage is ideal for any small to medium sized birds. It is durable enough to withstand bird bites and harsh weather conditions. It is definitely a super deal for your canary, good enough to last for years.

Yaheetech 52-inch Wrought Iron Large Flight Bird Cage

From a well-known bird-cage maker, comes this highly durable pet bird cage. It is made out of premium metal covered with non-toxic hammer tone paint. Its frame is welded well and features excellent rust and water resistance overall make.

With its front doors that are secured with latches, you can be assured that your birds will be kept in total safety if ever you’d need to do your business away from your canary.

The cage also comes with three polished wooden perches, which is enough to keep your bird feeling safe and satisfied while inside its framed home. You will also be able to provide its feel without a challenge as it comes with the appropriate feeder that can easily be removed when it needs to be cleaned.

It may be large (its a 52-inch cage made of durable metal), but as it comes with a stand that sits on four heavy duty rolling casters, it can still be moved around easily.

Yaheetech 55-inch Triple Roof Top Medium Cage for Mid-Sized Birds

Here is another great option when it comes to a large bird cage. This cage measures 30″Wide x 18″Deep x 55″ Tall, just a perfect alternative cage for flight birds like canaries. It is designed with narrow-spaced bars (about 3/8″ in between each bar), you can be assured that your bird will be kept safe in it. The cage is painted with a non-toxic epoxy, which is safe enough for your pet. This also makes it a great decoration for the space where you plan to keep it.

Finally, this cage is designed with three large access pull up front doors that has the following dimensions 10″ x 10.5″H. It has 10 feeder doors, which make it easy to provide the bird’s or birds’ feed. It is big enough to house more than one canary and other small birds.

Mcage 55″ Extra Large Flight Bird Cage

This cage needs to be assembled, but as it comes with an easy to follow illustrated instruction manual, it can be done easily.

If you are looking for a bird cage with a unique design, this can be a good option. It comes with a triple roof design that not only offers you a beautiful and sweet home for your birds, but it can also be an elegant accent piece for your home.

When it is time to clean or if the cage needs to be transferred or moved elsewhere, it can be done without sweat as the cage comes with a detachable mobile stand. This bird cage sits on four 360° swivel smooth rolling casters (two of which are with brakes).

Its slide-out tray can be taken out and cleaned with water when needed, making cleaning quite easy. It is also designed with a grate between birds and the tray to keep the birds from walking directly on their wastes, which can really help a lot in keeping the birds and its cage a bit tidy.

This heavy duty bird cage by Yaheetech offers a safe and sturdy habitation for your canaries and will probably last for years to come.

Yaheetech 63-Inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Bird Cage

This cage is a super strong and extra large alternative for a canary bird cage. It is made of premium metal that has been covered with non-toxic hammertone paint. Its well-welded frame and excellent rust and water resistant features make this bird cage a strong, yet safe pet cage for your canary.

There are times when you need to move or transfer the cage to have it clean for whatever reason. It may be a huge and seemingly heavy to move around. As the cage is designed to sit on four 360° swivel smooth rolling casters, it won’t be a problem moving it around. You can even install the cage on itself, without the stand.

This cage is designed with a small entry built within the large front door, but is convenient for birds in different sizes to use. Its six more small doors are used to supply and replace feeds.

A slide-out tray covered with waterproof paint is also available with the cage. It can be removed and cleaned with water easily. A grate between birds and the tray can avoid your pets walking directly on their droppings, which ensures both your pets’ hygiene and the tidiness of the cage.

This cage also comes with an extra storage shelf on the stand that can be used to hold your pets’ accessories and feed. The feeder doors also make it easy to offer food without having to open the main door. There are also two solid wood perches ready that the bird can use to rest on.

Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Bird Cage

Here is another bird cage from Yaheetech. It is an extra large bird cage that comes with a bungee rope made of metal wire and polyester. It’s durable enough to withstand the bites from birds. It also has a ring bell, which makes the overall design of the cage a little more interesting.

The cage measures W30.3 x D18.1 x H51.2,’’ which can provide enough space for more than one canary. It features three tiers connected with ladders. This expands the usable area vertically and provides more spaces for the bird to explore.

This Yaheetech cage is made of high-quality metal covered with non-toxic hammertone painting. This rust and water resistant surface makes it a strong and safe enough for your pet canary.

It is designed with two 21.1 x 9.8’’ front doors that are secured with crescent locks. These can prevent your smart birdies from opening the doors and keep them safe inside the cage when necessary. There are special arc-shaped wires on each small door that serve as their locks. The bars are spaced 0.4,’’which is just perfect to keep pets in different sizes.

Yaheetech 39-inch Roof Top Large Flight Bird Cage

This flight bird cage comes with four feeders, three wooden perches, two toys, a ladder, and a swing. It’s more than just a home for your canary; it could be your bird’s recreation center.

With such a design and features, your next bird cage could also be part of your home decoration. It can be moved or transferred to any location, so it will just be perfect whether indoor or in open spaces.

It is a safe place where your canary can relax. You will also have that peace of mind whenever you would need to leave your pet to go about your business outside of the house since it the bars making up the cage is properly welded at 0.4’’ spacing. Its two side-opening composite doors are made to be convenient enough for small birds to use. It is also designed with seven other small doors (three on the side and four on the front) are prepared for assembling feeders that are also included in the package, breeding box, and bird bath. The last two items are not included in the package, however.

The doors installed in this cage are made with arc-shaped wires that serve as their locks. This fully painted cage could just be the perfect home for your canary.

Prevue Pet Products Charleston Bird Cage 110B

This bird cage by Prevue comes completely assembled with all-welded, unibody cage construction and a baked enamel finish. All that you will need is the right place to install it. It is an appropriately sized cage fit for small to medium sized birds.

The package includes two three cups, two perches and a swing. Its removable grille and tray make cleaning a breeze. The cage measures 22″ long, 15″ wide and 23″ high, and is designed with 5/8″ wire spacing.

Mcage 55″ X-Large Multiple Flight Bird Breeding Cage

This is another extra large (32″Wide x 19″Deep x 55″ Tall) cage that can fit several flight birds, including canaries.

It is designed with an arrow 3/8″ bar spacing. Its non-toxic Epoxy coated finish and slide-out bottom tray make cleaning quite easy.

This cage is made with three large access pull up front doors 10″ x 10.5″H), ten feeder doors, wood perches and clear transparent plastic feeder cups. This flight bird breeding cage by Mcage is also another option that you should also consider.

Yaheetech 62-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Bird Cage

This durable bird cage comes a bungee rope made of metal wire and polyester. It is durable enough to withstand the bites from your bird. It also comes with a ring bell, which can make it more enticing for your bird.

The cage measures approximately 25.2 x 25.2 x 61.8″ (L x W x H), including the stand. It is made of premium iron frame with non-toxic powder coated finish, which makes it durable, yet safe enough to keep your canary.  Its button lock installed on the cage entrance can be easily locked or unlocked. A hook locks on the feeding doors a convenient feed placement and cleaning. The cage is fully painted with a non-toxic powder, which leaves a glossy surface, polished wooden perches, and stainless steel feeders, which offers a safe and lovely home for your bird.

Finally, these cages come with a play top installed with a ladder and a wooden perch that offers better interaction with the bird. Two feeding bowls and a slide-out tray make it easy to feed as well as clean the feeding area of the cage.


That’s it, your options for the best canary cage. If you finally find the one that best suits your requirements, we would appreciate it if you come back to fill us in with the details of the purchase. Perhaps, provide the first-hand review of the product yourself.