Best Canary Food: Top 20 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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As a bird lover, feeding and caring for your canary is on the top of your list of responsibilities. And, feeding your bird is never a problem when you know what to feed it. In the wild, canaries have a diet that consists of many things including fruits and even calcium-rich foods. It’s only important for you to feed your canary a diet that contains many of these same nutrients. Luckily, the best canary food has already been put into vacuum-sealed bags and are being sold in stores. You just need to identify the ones that are best for your birds and buy them. This article contains tips that can help you do that.

Guide for Picking the Best Food for Canary

Picking the best food for canaries is quite easy. They have a wide range of nutritional requirements. But, these requirements are also very easy to come by. In the wild, they can get by through simple foraging. Canaries are granivorous animals, so they mostly feed on grains and seeds.

The best grains and seeds for them includes canary grass, lettuce seeds, Niger seed, radish seeds and oats. As we already discussed, you don’t need to try looking for all these by yourself. You can simply buy bird food that contains all these ingredients. Alternatively, you can scout for all these ingredients and create your own bird feed mix. However, this seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

Instead, we’re going to review 15 great food for canaries and you can simply pick one of those for your bird.

Top 20 of the Best Canary Food

Sweet Harvest Canary Seed Alpiste Bird Food

Alpiste, also known as canary seeds is one of the ultimate favorites of not only canaries but also other birds. It is a good source of carbohydrates and is ideal to feed especially to molting or breeding birds. It is also good to combine with other bird food, fruits and vegetables.

This alpiste bird food by Sweet Harvest is made from 99% pure canary seeds which were cleaned thoroughly resulting to a dust-free bird food. Also, it is free from silica, pesticides or other toxins. Packed in a nitrogen-flushed bag, you will surely get the highest quality of canary seed with guaranteed freshness.

KayteeForti Diet Egg-Cite Bird Food for Canaries

Other than seeds, fruits and vegetables, egg is also a great food to give your canaries. Egg is rich in protein, fatty acids and essential nutrients which helps in promoting health and growth among them. So you might as well try this egg-cite bird food for canaries. It is manufactured by Kaytee so you can ensure its quality.

This bird food is seed and grain based added with real egg crumbles and honey making it more enticing for the canaries. It is also very nutritious for the ingredients are loaded with Omega 3’s, prebiotics, probiotics and essential amino acids. These nutrients working together will support canaries’ immune system, overall health and maintain a beautiful skin and feather.

Canary Staple Vme Seed

Hagen’s reputation in making premium quality bird food is not questionable. So if you want to make sure you are giving your canaries the best food, try this Vme staple seed from Hagen. This seed mix contains the ingredients that are mostly loved by canaries. Canary grass seed, rape seed, white millet, and Niger seed are some of them.

Not only these hulled seeds are highly attractive to canaries, they are also full of vitamins and minerals that are required to keep the bird’s health in the best condition. To ensure its freshness and to maintain the power of the vitamins in the seeds, this mix is packed in an air barrier bag.

Higgins 466163 Vita Seed Natural Canary

If you want a naturally preserved bird food that is made from all natural ingredients, try this Vita Seed from Higgins. It is made up with first grade seeds combined with high quality dried fruits and vegetables for a complete nutrition and enhanced palatability.

This natural blend is fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients to supplement the canaries’ daily nutritional needs. It is enriched with DHA and balanced Omega-3 fatty acids, too. This food is good to protect and enhance their digestive tract and support their immune system. Also contains Higgins intone natural extruded morsels that add up to the complete nutrition.

Wild Harvest Canary and Finch Food

An Advanced nutrition diet is what Wild Harvest Canary Food promote. Also, it is made to meet the diet needs of finches. This feed provides daily and fortified nutrition and a great taste. It contains 7 vitamins and 5 minerals, Omega 3-fatty acids and all of these are equally balanced.

Moreover, it is made from premium quality blend of attractive seeds which they can usually see in their natural habitat. If you wonder what it can do to your canaries, its simple. It can enhance their physical and mental simulation, overall well-being and it gives them a healthy skin and shiny feathers.

Roudybush Daily Maintenance Crumble

Roudybush Daily Maintenance Crumble is a complete diet that you can feed to canaries all year round. Developed scientifically to provide them with essential nutrients for their daily diet. It is made of ground corn, ground wheat, soy meal and soy oil which were all-natural and of the highest quality.

Everything you can see in this pack is edible so you can surely get what its price is worth. In addition, you will see no waste and you can make sure that everything will be consumed. Most importantly, this feed is free from any artificial colors, flavors or any animal by-products.

ZuPreem Bird Food

ZuPreem is a seasoned manufacturer of several kinds of bird food. And, they are all loaded with nutrients and come in many fruity flavors. This bird food is pellet sized, which makes it suitable for many birds, not just canaries. Other birds that can eat this feed include parrots, parakeets and all similar sized birds.

The product contains 21 different vitamins and minerals, and they are delivered in every bite. The blend was created from a variety of fruits with no artificial additives or preservatives. Birds love the taste so much, and so, the only problem you might have is trying to keep your canary from finishing the whole bag too quickly!

Higgins Bird Food Formula

This bird food comes in a single size, 6Oz bag. It is suitable for many kinds of birds, including canaries and parrots. It is manufactured by Higgins Premium Pet Foods, who have produced high-quality feed for birds and small animals for more than four decades. Their recipe consists of important nutrients like DHA Omega-3, as well as probiotics.

Higgins Bird Food Formula is loaded with essential minerals, anise oil and other nutrients like calcium. It is quite affordable, considering that it can be used to feed different kinds of birds. Pet owners particularly love this product because of its rich calcium deposit. If your bird lacks calcium in its diet, this is a spectacular feed to give.

Vitakraft Quiko Special Red Egg Food Supplement

Manufactured by Vitakraft, this product was put together using the Red Factor Formula. The Red Factor Formula is a unique composition used by Vitakraft, and it includes a unique blend of ingredients like Canthaxanthin and Ascorbic Acid.

Some of the other ingredients used in manufacturing this product include Honey, Sugar, Vitamin Supplements, Thiamine, Biotin, and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride. The product comes in a 1.1-pound pouch, and it was made with real whole eggs. It is ideal for canaries, although you can feed it to other similar-sized birds as well.

Higgins Mineral Grit

This is the second product by Higgins on this list. Like the previous, it is also loaded with DHA Omega- 3 and probiotics. It also rich in calcium, because it is made with crushed oyster shells. It has a unique gravel-like color, and this is due to its unique mineral blend.

Higgins Mineral grit is a great source of minerals for all small birds, and it is perfect for your canary. It is slightly more expensive than the Higgins bird Food Formula because it is full of minerals. Even if you’re a bird lover and you’re nursing many different kinds of birds, this feed is perfect for you. You’ll just have to buy in bulk because your birds won’t be able to get enough of it!

Vitakraft Menu Canary/Finch Food

Here’s another canary feed from Vitakraft. Like the other, this is suitable for finches. It contains all the essential minerals and vitamins that the birds need for healthy growth and development. It consists of a healthy blend of seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, and specially fortified pellets. As always, you can expect an irresistible flavor from the product.

The product is available at a bargain, and considering the fact that it comes in a 25pound package, it’s more than worth its weight in birdseed! Its special formula ensures that you can feed your birds the same product for years without them ever getting tired of it.

Sleek and Sassy Nutritional Diet Bird Food

Sleek and Sassy is a bird feed manufacturer that has been owned and run by a family since 1983. All their products, including this one, is made of 100% natural ingredients, and they don’t contain any artificial additives or preservatives. The product is available in a small size of 4 pounds and a large size of 20 pounds.

Sleek and Sassy Nutritional feed is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Other beneficial ingredients include Vitamins, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and essential amino acids. The feed was specifically made for doves and quail, but it is also suitable for canaries as well.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Canary and Finch Food

Kaytee is a seasoned manufacturer of bird food, and they make food for all kinds of domestic birds, including parrots, parakeets and finches. This specific food is designed with the dietary requirements of canary and finches in mind. It is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids for their brain and health support.

The unique ingredient blend also enhances skin and feather health, giving your birds a very shiny and healthy coat. Being made up of all-natural ingredients, it is preserved for freshness with nothing but organic ingredients. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro is great tasting, and the birds can’t get enough of it.

Healthy Select Canary & Finch Diet Bird Food

Healthy select manufactures many different kinds of bird feed and supplement. Their wealth of experience in creating food for birds can be seen in this product. One look at the product’s package and you can just tell that it’s premium quality. And, the feed within the package is just as great.

This product offers a dietary diversity that encourages natural feeding behavior in the birds. One of the reasons it can achieve this is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients. Some of them include herbs, flowers and even hay. The product is also fortified with vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Canary Staple VME Seed

Canary Staple VME seed is loaded with all kinds of vitamins and minerals necessary for small birds to thrive and grow. It is particularly favored by canaries. The product comes in 25-pound packages, which makes a single purchase enough to feed your bird for several weeks, depending on how many birds you have.

The product bag is vacuum-sealed to preserve the freshness and keep insects out. The vacuum seal also helps to maintain the potency of the food. While ordering this product, you have to be careful because some customers have complained that the product doesn’t come as advertised. You may have to return it.

Harrisons High Potency Superfine

Harrisons High Potency Superfine Bird Food is a great choice for bird lovers. It may not be as fancy or as great tasting as the other products on this list. But, it contains all the ingredients your birds will need for great health.

It is good for canaries, parakeets, finches, and other small birds. It is made from whole, intact ingredients with a premium certified organic formula. The food is even recommended for birds with special needs like weaning, molting and for overweight birds as well. Harrisons High potency superfine bird food is certified organic by the international certification services, INC.

Healthy Select Conure Diet Bird Food

This is another bird feed by healthy select. You can expect the same all-natural blend of ingredients and spectacular taste from this product as well. It is suitable for many kinds of bird pets, not just canaries and finches. This particular product contains sulfur dioxide-free fruit, which is a very healthy option.

Healthy Select Conure Diet Bird Food contains a blend of natural flowers, herbs, grains, fruits and vegetables. It basically provides a nutritionally rich diet, very similar to what your birds might encounter in the wild. Additionally, it is very affordable, and that makes it suitable for bird lovers.

Rex Products, INC Canary Song Seed

This product was specifically manufactured for two kinds of birds – canaries and finches. The manufacturers, Rex Products, INC, even claim that it can improve the singing of canaries and finches. It is a great source of nutrition for the birds, and it’s available at a great price.

Canary song seed is made from canary seed, niger seed, canola seed, and steel cut oat. It also contains flax, hemp, and white millet. It comes in a prepackaged 5-pound vacuum-sealed plastic bag, and it can be used to feed the birds all year round.

Birds LOVE Manitoba Alpiste 100% Natural and Cleaned Canary Seeds

This product is actually manufactured by a brand called “Birds LOVE”, which tells you everything you need to know about it. As its name suggests, birds actually love the feed, and they can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s not so difficult to see why. The feed is great-tasting and loaded with so many important ingredients, including amino acids, and minerals like calcium.

The product is 100% natural, which means it doesn’t contain any fillers or artificial ingredients. It is one of the best canary seeds available. It is triple cleaned, nitrogen fused, and the packaging is factory sealed for maximum quality and preservation.

Eight in One Products Canary Song Food

There are so many ingredients and benefits packed into this single product. It can address the specific health needs of birds while providing special nutritional advantages for them. Additionally, the feed is suitable for many different kinds of pets, including small birds and other animals. It also encourages melodious singing from canaries, finches and other birds.

This product is one of the averagely priced feed on this list. It’s not too expensive that you might call it unaffordable. But, it’s not so cheap that you doubt its quality either. This makes it a great choice for bird lovers everywhere.

Dr. Harvey’s Fabulous Blend

This feed was put together for finches, but it is equally suitable for canaries as well. It was designed to contain nutrients from the range of foods that the birds would get in nature. It contains 11 types of seed and millet, 9 types of nuts, and 12 different types of fruits and vegetables.

Its unique ingredient blend doesn’t just provide nutrition. It also promotes optimal health, longevity and vibrant plumage in the birds. Dr. Harvey’s Fabulous Blend was manufactured using no chemicals, dyes or preservatives. It is 100% natural.

Our Final Thoughts on Feeding Canaries

Owning a pet canary is a lot of responsibility when you don’t know what to do. But, luckily, that’s not you. You already know what kind of diet your bird needs. You also know that any one of the fifteen foods in this article will be great for your pet canary. If your bird is picky about its food, you should consider ZuPreem bird food. It contains a fruity flavor that many birds find difficult to resist. Your picky canary is sure to love it. If on the other hand, you’re out for something low-budget and effective, Higgins Bird Food or Healthy Select Bird Food is a great choice. As long as you realize that the best canary food is one that is rich in vitamins and minerals, you’ll always make the right choice. And if you stick to the products in this guide, even better!