Best Chinchilla Dust Baths: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Chinchillas are cute and wonderful creatures to look after. And the companionship they provide is often enough to overlook whatever inconvenience or troubles we experience in our bid to care for them. One of such inconveniences is understanding and finding the best Chinchilla dust baths. Most people can’t easily tell that Chinchillas are exotic animals until they have the pleasure of holding and raising one themselves.

They need special care in almost every area of their lives, and their baths are not any different. In this post, we will be looking at the best cleaning dust baths on the market. We will be prioritizing products with a better price and compatibility with our furry friends.

Guide to Finding the best Chinchilla Dust Baths

It might surprise you to know, but chinchillas don’t use water to clean their coats and maintain their hygiene in the wild. Instead of relying on water, they use the volcanic ash of the Andes Mountain or sand from pumice rock to clear out their coats.

Chinchillas are a fair bit hairier than most exotic pets you will readily find on the market. They have about 60 hairs per follicle, which is 59 more than the average human. This means that if they get wet, it will be very difficult to get them dry. Their dense fur tends to trap moisture, making them susceptible to skin infections, colds, molds, and a host of other bothersome diseases. And this is why they take dry, dusty showers instead.

So, any products specifically designed to clean Chinchillas should use pumice sand or volcanic ash as a base. If they don’t, then they should at least satisfy this list of other essential requirements.

  • They must be soft
  • Moisture absorbent so that they can soak up trapped sweat and oils
  • Cheap enough to purchase and use consistently
  • Mild enough for repeated use- 3-5 times a week
  • Bonus if they can be composted

Alternatively, there are also a few things you should watch out for when choosing to clean sand or dust.

  • Shouldn’t be too coarse
  • Should not be too expensive
  • Should not be limited to a single pet or animal
  • Should not produce dust
  • Should not be artificially sourced

How to use Chinchilla Bath Sands

Bath sands or dust are usually very fine, and Chinchilla, hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits tend to be very jumpy when they are being cleaned. We recommend investing in a shallow container large enough to contain your pet while they trash around the dust or sand. A few scoops should do for Chinchillas, and each bath or dust session should last about five minutes. You should bathe them time 3-5 times a week, depending on the weather. Stick to three in colder months and five in warmer months.

Top 15 Best Chinchilla Dust Baths

Below is a brief review of the best sands and baths for Chinchillas and other household pets:

Lixit Chinchilla Dust 3lb

Lixit Chinchilla Dust is a completely natural, mine-sourced powder from the blue beauty mine in California. It is completely safe for Chinchilla, hamsters, and other small critters. The blue powder is technically a fine aluminum silicate powder containing no glass or sand. It shakes completely out of the fur with minimal effort, and it is safe for use multiple times a week.

Although it’s no volcanic ash, it is as close to the real thing as most products get. It is far more affordable and easy enough to purchase and use.

Kaytee Critter Bath for Pets

Kaytee Critter baths for a pet is a top-of-the-line animal cleaning product. The powder is sourced from natural volcanic ash and is completely unprocessed. It is incredibly fine, and it works on furry and cute pets like hamsters, Chinchillas, and Gerbils.

It goes exceptionally well with the Kaytee cleaning container, and it comes out of the fur with a vigorous shake. It is completely healthy for most animals and costs a fraction of what other cleaning dusts sell for.

Hamiledyl Animal Cleaning dust

Hamiledyl animal cleaning dust is all-natural cleaning dust sourced from one of the numerous volcanic mountains that populate our world. They are safe for Gerbils, bunnies, hamsters, and Chinchillas and are easy enough to dust off.

They help pets keep their coats dry, shiny, and healthy, and your pet will thoroughly enjoy themselves using this amazing product. They also help with removing natural body oils, and you can use the bath up to five times every week.

The bag comes with about 2lb of bathing sand, so it should be plentiful for you if you have a single animal to care for.

Hamiledyl Hamster Bathing Sand

Although most scientists don’t recommend using sands to clean your Chinchilla, Hamiledyl goes against the grain and package white cloud snow silica sand. It is one of the few sands recommended for furry pets like hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and chinchillas. It is completely dust-free, moisture absorbent, and comes out easily.

It effectively cleans up oil, helps keep your pet dry, keeps their hair clean, and potty trains them if you’d like.  It is safe for use for all kinds of pets and cheaper than most other cleaning sands and dust.

Cosiki Pet Bathing Sand for Chinchillas and Hamsters

Cosiki Pet bathing sand is a premium pet bathing sand for Chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, and a handful of other pets. The product is made with cinerite, making it easy to penetrate the root of the hair and clean it out thoroughly.

It is also very delicate and promises not to damage the pet’s skin when it is applied. Cosiki brings out the natural gloss of your pet’s coat and helps them keep dry and happy. The cinerite is also perfect for fighting off skin diseases which are fairly common among chinchillas.

Kaytee Chinchilla Sand

Kaytee Chinchilla sand package offers a great alternative to most traditional bath sands. Instead of using fine sands that might or might not be a safety hazard to your pet, Kaytee Chinchilla dust relies solely on volcanic ash. It is the recommended cleaning solution for sensitive pets such as Chinchillas.

It is sweat-absorbent, easy enough to replace and reuse, and it fights off bacteria and disease. In addition, the four packaged boxes offer pet owners a great deal they simply can’t refuse.

Kathson Hamster and Chinchilla Bathing Dust

Kathson Hamster and Chinchilla bathing sand is premium-grade bathing sand for pets like hamsters and Chinchillas. They help keep their bodies dry, clean and help fight off infections that might result from poor hygiene.

The dust used is also completely safe for your pet and natural. To top it all off, this package also ships with a bathing container, a shovel that lets you bath your pet conveniently. The Kathson Hamster and Chinchilla bathing sand are also considerably cheaper than most products available on the market.

Supreme Petfoods Chinchilla Bathing Sand

Supreme Petfood Chinchilla bathing sand uses a cloud of amazing dust that is bacteria-free, dust-free, and completely natural. It is also suitable for degus, hamsters, gerbils, and even rabbits to top things off.

It uses rare sand that absorbs moisture, prevents diseases, and is easily sourced. Thanks to this, it is affordable and versatile enough to use for numerous pets if you have more than one fluffy pet.

 Oxbow Animal Health Poof Chinchilla Dust Baths

Oxbow Animal Health Chinchilla dust bath is one of the better chinchilla dust baths on the market. It is made from 100% blue clouds with no additives that could possibly cause skin infections.

It soaks in sweat, and it can be used to potty train your pet. It can also be great for hamsters, chinchillas, hamsters, and other types of pets.

You and Me Chinchilla Dust

You & Me Chinchilla dust is a high-quality natural dust powder for hamsters, Chinchillas, and other furry pets. It protects your pet’s coats by eliminating extra moisture, dirt, and dust, leaving them healthy and fresh. It is also great because it helps fight off infections and contains absolutely no additives or impurities that might harm your pet.

However, just to be on the safe side, we recommend sieving the sand first so that only the ideal size will make it into your pet’s coat. Like most baths, it is easy enough to reuse, and you can add it to your home garden after a few uses.

 Kaytee Chinchilla Dust

The Kaytee All-Natural Chinchilla dust stands apart from all the other products like this on the market. Not only does it offer more volume for the price, but it also uses all-natural ingredients that are sieved and not processed.

It protects your animal by absorbing the oils, dirt, and moisture from the skin of your animal and leaving it clean. Did we also mention that it is safe for other pets too? You can use it on hamsters, gerbils, etc. You can also help prevent skin infections and use it to potty train your pet.

PIVBY Hamster Bathing Sand

The PIVBY Hamster bathing sand is another great high-value product with an unbeatable price point. It is dust-free and completely natural. Despite technically only being sand, it is incredibly sweat, moisture, and dust absorbent and helps clean your pet’s coat.

Although it is made for hamsters, it is also great for chinchillas too. If you bathe your animal with this amazing product regularly, it will help prevent skin infections and improve the overall quality of their coat. You can also use one sand multiple times before you need to change it.

Lixit Chinchilla Dust 3lb

The Lixit Chinchilla dust is all-natural dust that depends on the sustainable Lixit blue beauty dust mined from a mine. It is completely safe and is unprocessed with no additional additives whatsoever. It is also super fine and is dust and stone-free so that it can clean your animal without irritating it.

It is also incredibly moisture absorbent as far as moisture absorbent dusts go. This particular package of this choice product provides a tremendous value in addition to the dust. It also supplies you with a great container for potentially bathing and storing products in the future.


Chinchillas are cute and rewarding creatures to nurture and care for. With our guide and short review, it should be easy to find the best Chinchilla dust baths for your pet. We focused on many of the clear points most new owners get mixed on and prioritized higher quality products.

The Volcanic ash-based products should be your first choice. However, if you are unable to obtain them, then pick one of the better sand-based products. They will serve you and your pet well for months to come.