Best Chinchilla Toys: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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A huge number of toys can make chinchillas happier. The best chinchilla toys should address the pet’s issue for a physical and mental turn of events. Thusly, the pet can engage individuals considerably more. That is the means by which we will show you different toy alternatives for chinchillas below.

Top 15 Best Chinchilla Toys You Can Buy

In case you are one of the chinchilla attendants, you will need to realize our top most loved toys for a chinchilla. They are accessible on the web and in pet stores, all at reasonable costs. How about we continue to the primary toy result of the rundown!

Kaytee Perfect Chews

The first best chinchilla toys are made by Kaytee. They advance decent oral hygiene for chinchillas with these chewable woods. It varies in form and size to satisfy the pet. You can get four-packs at an affordable rate.

It comprises wood balls and logs, mini wood pears, and squares with different tones that draw in the pets. They are easy to chew on which chinchillas may bite the toy rapidly. Buying a new one won’t break the bank.

It is held by a metal kabob as chinchillas appreciate biting them. You may drape the toy in any pet’s living space through its snares. It gives simple access for your pet to play and to bite the toy.

ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys

ZALALOVA has to bring to the table ten distinctive bite toys that help mental stimulus for chinchillas. They won’t ever get exhausted inside the cage. You are additionally in an ideal situation as there is no compelling reason to buy toys independently.

This toy assortment incorporates different wooden bite toys. All are made of non-poisonous material for the pet’s safety.  They can hold their wonderful shape after a few biting occasions. These bite toys are MSDS endorsed, in addition.

But, don’t wash the toys with water or liquor not to misshape the wooden squares. Its top-notch wood requires severe control against dehydration.

Alfie Pet Percy Wood Platform and Chewing Toys

Alfie Pet gives a blend of a bite toy and a platform for chinchillas. It is an incredible expansion to your pet’s little home that conveys a natural habitat. It keeps away your pet from tumbling off the surface. Connect the wooden platform on any metal pen for chinchillas to rest on.

A resting surface is essential for nighttime pets like a chinchilla. It makes them feel good and relaxed.

There are hanging bite toys added on the stage. Be that as it may, the position of toys is hard for the pet to access. Yet, by and large, this toy alternative natural assortment inside the cage.

Sharllen Natural Apple Tree Branches

The fourth best chinchilla toy can benefit the pet’s oral cleanliness. These are apple tree sticks around 6-inch long each. It guarantees healthier chinchilla teeth and furthermore fun to chew on.

It is 100% natural and plentiful in vitamin C and different supplements useful for chinchillas. It has a sweet taste and safe for other little pets. No pesticides are added to the bite sticks. This bite toy is to some degree expensive to some buyers. Each bundle holds an uncertain number of newly picked apple branches.

It tends to be put away for quite a while because of its less moisture content. A few pets dislike eating apple branches, anyways.

Ruff N’ Ruffus Foldable Pet Playpen

Now and then a pen is not sufficient for pets to explore new things. A playpen is another approach to leave chinchillas alone busy over the long run. It gives room for the pet to play safely.

It comes in two unique sizes that suit the number of chinchillas you are keeping. It is ideal for little creatures as larger pets may easily escape.

The playpen is water-resistant with an 8-board plan suitable for indoor and outside use. With its removable zippered top, you may close the top to secure the pets for outdoor use.

A carrying case and a folding travel bowl are included for easy storage.

Kaytee Large Carousel Carrot Chew Toy

To give an hour of satisfaction toward the chinchilla, a bite play with a fun shape is strongly suggested. This one is unique compared to the past bite toys on the rundown. It has internal parts which are liable to bite. They are called loofah pieces that keep chinchillas’ teeth cleaner.

It is in a carrot shape bite toy and is hued with vegetable-based paint fit for pets. A few chinchillas may bite the material rapidly as said by the keepers. Accordingly, requires often replacement and set of costs.

It upholds both physical and mental stimuli for the pet. The loofah materials act like floss for a chinchilla. One issue would be the wooden external edge that may destroy your pet’s teeth.

Ware Assorted Colors Manufacturing Hay Ball

Ware Manufacturing is just giving a feeder in a type of feed ball. Ensure your chinchilla likes roughage as an eating routine for this feeder toy to work. Through a metal connection, the hay ball will keep in balance. You may pick from an assortment of tones that will suit the pen’s plan.

It is a round wire toy. You can blend pellets in for feeding purposes. To prevent microorganism development, add some wet hay to the feeder.

The pet’s security is enhanced with powder-coated and chew-proof wires. It assists with keeping the pen clean. A little chime is added underneath the feeder toy to convey an animating sound for the pets.

Kaytee Oversized Crackling Tube

Little pets, for example, chinchilla love to investigate in burrows. This passage can be extended up to 23″ long. You may join it to other tunnels via E-pipes for added amusement among the pets. It could be excessively short for bigger chinchilla breeds.

The passage initially accompanies 6″ measurement long which will extend at last. There is a look opening that urges pets to have some good times while they investigate the passage. It is designed with polyester and solid cotton material that gives a decent space to the pet.

The inside of the passage offers a comfortable place for the pet to lie on. It can withstand different washings for better use.

GNB Bridge Playing Habitat

Swinging and climbing are different pastimes of chinchilla pets. The wooden material permits biting to develop your pet’s teeth. It has a bendable design for a better cage connection.

GNB utilized natural pine wood which has a good smell and non-harmful component to guard little creatures. It supports a natural habitat-looking environment for chinchillas.

The wood extension can be connected to a cage with the help of a latch and excellent washers. It is not difficult to mount in various locations. The steps are little feet friendly and won’t let your pet tumble off accidentally. It promotes chinchilla’s balancing skills while walking on the bridge toy.

This one offers an unending diversion for chinchillas that can be purchased in a bright set.

Kaytee Sleeper Play Tunnel

This play burrow is ideal for naptime for little pets like chinchillas. It varies from the main passage on the rundown as this one is made for hanging purposes. It has four tough ties use for hanging the play passage to any wire pet home. The material provides a safe resting spot for chinchillas.

It is sold in different colors to meet any pen plan. They are machine launderable and extremely sterile for little pets.

The polyester texture material gives an agreeable spot for chinchillas to rest on. It is profoundly ventilated in this manner brings incredible comfort for the pets. It won’t break into pieces despite the fact that the pets run inside the passage.

Kaytee Lava Ledge

Here are other Kaytee’s best chinchilla toys that promote dental health. This won’t take a lot of room inside the cage. Lava Ledge adds fun to chinchillas’ playtime hours that develop their jumping skills.

The toy can be detached from any wire home. It is worked with pumice rock in various tones to make corners livelier. They are concealed with pet-safe food tones to permit biting for pets. It accordingly assists with keeping up perfect and sound teeth toward the chinchilla.

They arrive in a smaller size. Thus, numerous pieces must be added to accomplish a zone that permits consistent bouncing activity. It makes chinchilla’s home almost like its normal natural surroundings.

The top chewers can wear out the edges rapidly. It is cheap consequently purchasing another set doesn’t request using up every last cent.

WINOMO Pet Hammock Hanging Toy

Your chinchilla pet likewise loves to bounce with its available energy. A pet hammock is a safe area inside wherein the pet can have a period of rest. They can play in the lounger considering more security.

You can pick between many shades of pet hammock. Four hanging chains and snares are included to connect the toy to the cage immovably. They are also rust-proof and sturdy.

The hammock is made of cotton material to give comfort to the pet. It has refined sewing to make the material last more. It may not be that simple to clean due to the cotton material, yet it is machine launderable.

It isn’t just a decent spot for rest, as it additionally fits in a lounger toy suitable for small pets.

JanYoo Pack of 7 Chinchilla Wooden Toys

It is another normal bite toy for chinchillas that develops sound teeth. Each buy includes seven bite toys, for example, apple bite sticks, timothy roughage balls, and Micky magma block. This is a great molar toy for little creatures other than chinchillas.

These bite toys help to ease intestinal irritation and gentle stomach torment. It has no harsh content that may hurt the pet. Additionally, they are 100% natural-made.

They come with a hanging stepping stool structure that is not difficult to introduce on confines. The additional Micky magma block is made of mineral salt stone that benefits chinchilla teeth. It additionally hones the nails of the pet easily.

Rieibi Small Animal Tooth Cleaning Toys

A solitary toy won’t ever be enough for chinchillas. Rieibi so offers to bite toys made of loofah materials. It helps with keeping chinchillas from biting their pen or other furniture in the house.

They have a nice taste on which little creatures love the most. It adds up loofah rings, loofah cuts, and loofah French fries. A green common plant is used to create such bite toys. They are solid and non-harmful for little pets.

The toys don’t just bring satisfaction toward chinchillas yet additionally keep their teeth better. They come in various tones to pull in the pets by and large.

Store them away from kids on account of their tempting appearance.

Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way

The final option for the best chinchilla toys is none other than Kaytee’s Woodland Get-A-Way. It serves as a hideout for chinchillas who love to play outside now and then. It will be shipped fully assembled made of durable materials.

The wood material permits chewing for the pet. It is safe and free of chemicals. Kaytee also utilizes solid plastic making the den more durable.

A hideout is significant for chinchillas to home and rest. It is also ideal for little home pets like hamsters, sugar lightweight flyers, and some more.

You may get any of the three den sizes from little to huge size. Thus, better check your pet’s size before choosing which model to purchase.

Things to Consider in Buying Chinchilla Toys

Toys are not easy to discover on the lookout. Here are a few interesting points in purchasing toys for chinchillas:


Chinchillas become effortlessly exhausted with the same toys in their enclosure. Allow the pet to appreciate various toys consistently then. Grouping of toys upholds the pet’s dynamic spirit in a day. Take care not to overload the cage with toys.


Considering toys made with common materials ought to be your need in searching for the best chinchilla toys on the lookout. As chinchillas have a biting tendency, non-harmful toys could work.

Additionally, check whether little parts exist. Those can be hazardous to your pet’s general wellbeing as they might prompt gagging risk.

Easy to Install and Clean

See whether the snares are adequately strong to keep the toy set up while the pet is playing. The majority of chinchilla toys are should have been hung and some simply place toward the edge of the cage.

Further, better search for chinchilla toys that are launderable or if not, simple to wipe.


Generally, chinchillas are fun-loving pets. It is important to bring them different toys to appreciate, however, remember their safety. Consider the best chinchilla toys above in finishing your pet’s home fundamentals.