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Buying the right toys for your pet can be crucial, as to its overall safety. They differ in size and purpose that will suit chinchillas’ needs. For instance, the best chinchilla wheel can make this small pet happier and healthy at the same time. It promotes physical and mental wellbeing and is very suitable for your pet’s daily exercise.

We provide a breakdown of chinchilla wheel purchases, together with the factors you must consider while buying. Adding this toy to the pet’s cage can make a huge difference, and you will see.

Top 15 Best Chinchilla Wheel You Should Buy

Below is the rundown of the best chinchilla wheel in the market today. Each option can offer a fun and amazing experience for your pet. Let’s get it started!

Felix & Fido Spin Safe Chinchilla Wheel

The first product is a heavy-duty chinchilla wheel made of metal and wood. It comes with all the mounting materials to easily attach to the cage securely. The toy is durable with no exposed edges to cause injuries.

Felix & Fido made a large exercise wheel to accompany all chinchilla sizes safely. This chinchilla wheel is also a great option for other small pets like a ferret, hamster, and guinea pig. It is 15” in diameter to ensure it suits your pet’s cage.

It will spin safely to guarantee your pet’s happiness. And, it has a super quiet ball-bearing system not to distract the pet from running. Plus, this option is sold at a reasonable price.

Kaytee 12” Comfort Wheel

Kaytee is a popular brand selling toys for small pets, including chinchillas. This Comfort Wheel is designed free-standing or wired on the cage. It varies in a color that best fits your pet’s enclosure.

The 12” exercise wheel has a compact running surface to protect small feet. It has a removable stand, in case needed. The material used is plastic to deliver comfortable running. Moreover, the toy has a direct-connect wheel hub for easy installation.

Its noise level is moderate. When the wheel becomes loud, simply apply vegetable oil to its hub. The structure also allows easy entrance and exit for the chinchilla, regardless of the size.

Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

Another affordable option for buying the best chinchilla wheel is the Flying Saucer by Ware Manufacturing. It has a sturdy construction safe for small feet and tails. Fun colors are available to choose from at 12” in diameter.

It is a silent spinning saucer with a solid running surface. Ware Manufacturing used plastic to ensure durability and safety for your pet. The flying saucer is large enough for small pets. Its color may vary in every purchase.

Further, it is easy to set up to any cage size.

Quality Cage Crafters 15” Chinchilla Wheel

This item is USA-made that is built to last for years to come. It is a metal and wood construction and suitable for wired cages. Quality Cage Crafters guarantee a refund for failed purchases, and will even replace defective items.

The cost of the item is not the cheapest, but worthwhile. It provides long-lasting performance for chinchillas to have fun. It is safe with the help of a dual ball bearing system to keep your pet comfortable.

It is built with a wide running surface compared to other chinchilla wheels. Besides, you can choose a variety of colors that will match your pet’s cage.

OMEM Handmade Exercise Wheel

OMEM’s exercise wheel is a bit unique from the other options. It is made of pinewood and best for chewing small pets. The material has a pure wooden fragrance and very elegant with zero formaldehyde.

This handmade exercise wheel includes wooden bearings for easy placement inside the cage. It best fits a variety of small animals, such as squirrels, hamsters, mice, and chinchillas. The wheel toy can boost your pet’s sports activities every day.

Two sizes of exercise wheel are available, small and large. Both can create a comfortable place for chinchillas. Additionally, the wooden chinchilla wheel looks aesthetic however requires frequent cleaning.

JEMPET Wooden Exercise Wheel

The sixth best chinchilla wheels boast fine workmanship to reduce the risk of injuries. JEMPET uses quality wood to produce a sturdy exercising place for chinchillas. It is highly versatile for the exercise wheel can also be a chew toy.

The manufacturer aims to promote dental health and balance ability, all at once. With the toy’s sturdy structure, both become possible. It is also noiseless not to trigger the fragile hearing of chinchillas.

Its oak bark surface adds comfort for chinchillas to run. It is easy to set up in or out of the cage. The size varies between small and medium, so choose which suits your pet best.

Heavenly Chinchillas Angel Exercise Wheel

A chew-proof exercise wheel could be the best option for most chinchillas. Thus, this brand creates an all-metal chinchilla wheel at 16” in diameter. It is a lot safer and durable compared to wooden wheel toys. The product also includes a snack pack for small pets.

Angel Exercise Wheel has sealed bearings for longer use. It spins quietly as the chinchilla pet runs through its surface. It is textured to promote a good grip for the pet.

The metal material is also easier to clean than plastic and wooden exercise wheels. It also features a sloped running surface for wastes to roll off during use. It won’t hold mess any longer.

Kaytee 12” Silent Spinner

Kaytee’s Silent Spinner is best for chinchillas and other small pets. Like the Comfort Wheel, it is free-standing and easy to attached to any wired cages. Anyone can afford this exercise wheel for their furry pets.

The Silent Spinner has an enclosed hub to better secure chinchillas. It is sold in three options from mini to giant sizes. Kaytee made use of quality plastic to offer a safe and comfortable playing spot for chinchillas.

Its noise level is very low to keep the pets happy and calm. Thanks to ball bearing technology for delivering a quiet spinning. And last, it is easy to clean for everyday uses.

Exotic Nutrition 9” Silent Runner

The Silent Runner is ideal for a variety of small pets, including chinchillas. It is axle-free designed to reduce any kind of injuries. The added safety feature makes this option a lot better, with the package set inclusions.

It boasts a whisper-silent spin to prevent annoying the chinchillas. The dual ball bearing helps to block frictions that create sounds. Overall, the wheel will rotate smoothly and in silence as the chinchilla runs.

Cage attachments are included to minimize cost and speed up the installation. It enhances safety with its metal stand ensuring the wheel’s firmness. Simply disassemble the wheel toy for deep cleaning.

Suncoast Wodent Wheel Senior

Wodent Wheel Senior is ASPCA approved for safety. It makes a comfortable and secure room for chinchillas to play. Suncoast is offering oversized wheels to fit the chinchilla’s running style. Moreover, it is cost-efficient and guarantees protection for your furry pet.

It is also quieter than other exercise wheels. The inner plastic track allows wall-to-wall setup to better protect chinchillas from injuries. A sturdy stand is added for surface mounting. It is not an open-style exercise wheel that most keepers prefer.

The item can only accommodate small chinchillas and other similar-sized pets. Its diameter is 11”, a bit slimmer than the previous options. However, Suncoast’s exercise wheel is still a good buy.

Ware Manufacturing All-Metal Exercise Wheel

Exercise wheels for chinchilla are mostly affordable and easy to buy. This all-metal chinchilla wheel of Ware Manufacturing could be the cheapest on the list. Nonetheless, it provides a large space for your pet.

This great toy supports exercise and plays toward chinchillas. It has a chew-proof metal wire for added safety. The metal wire also protects small pet’s feet and tails during use. Your pet will surely have an active life playing with the toy.

Its running surface is small feet friendly and easy to clean. The metal exercise wheel also operates quietly to give comfort to chinchillas. Buyers can pick between four sizes, from mini to large wheel toys.

Zacro 8.7” Silent Exercise Wheel

Among the best chinchilla wheels, Zacro’s item could be the smallest at 8.7” in diameter. This is designed for small pets who love running. Zacro produces a safer design for your pet with the use of acrylic material. It is protected from possible scratches and defects.

A stainless steel ball-bearing technology is used to eliminate noise and for smoother wheels to slide. It is additionally no sharp edges designed not to hurt small pets. It is fully opened and highly transparent for easy cleaning.

The product must be wall-mounted and is perfect for wired cages. It appears simple and yet super elegant.

Kaytee Run-About Mega Ball

Kaytee has made another exercise wheel that perfectly fits chinchillas. It is more transparent and modern-looking compared to their previous items. This is a 13” exercise ball that encourages small pets to play in a safer environment.

It gives the best spot for a chinchilla to rest on while you clean its cage. The exercise ball delivers freedom for small pets to spin, roll, and run. Keep in mind that the Mega Ball is not fitted for some small animals like rabbits and ferrets.

There are optional colors and sizes available, all at an affordable price.

Niteangel Acrylic Silent Exercise Wheel

Most keepers do not have time to clean exercise wheels frequently. Therefore, acrylic chinchilla wheels are a good option. Niteangel has to offer a wide exercise wheel with a standing base to support a running chinchilla. The pet can run endlessly, with proper monitoring.

This silent exercise wheel features a dual-bearing mechanism to promote noiseless activity at night. You may adjust its height to suit your pet’s needs and wishes. It will bring the best comfort for chinchillas to walk and run on the wheel.

The maker also considers easy access to the exercise wheel. Feeding and cleaning will be a lot easier without a tripping problem.

Galapara Comfort Exercise Wheel

The final product for the best chinchilla wheel reviews is from Galapara. This is not ideal for chewers due to the material used. But, your chinchilla can play here and won’t get hurt. It is non-slipping and has a wider diameter to support your pet’s exercise.

Galapara also provides steps to follow in installing the exercise wheel. It will take a few minutes to finally hang it onto the wire cage. It is inclusive of a screw to make setting up quicker. Besides, the toy can be mounted on various pet cages.

It has a silent structure that is ideal for chinchillas who like to run any time of the day.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide

So, here is what you need to know before purchasing one of the best chinchilla wheels above.

Types of Chinchilla Wheels

Choose between plastic, metal, and wooden exercise wheels, which one is ideal for your pet. Each type offers a unique level of durability and usefulness. Most buyers prefer plastic wheels for easy cleaning and chewer-friendly.


The wheel’s size will determine the level of comfort it can give to your pet. Bigger exercise wheels can provide more room for a chinchilla to roll around. The average range is at least 12” to 16” for best comfort.

Easy Installation

Chinchilla wheels can be freestanding or mount on, depending on which works for you best. Just make sure the structure is sturdy and wired cage compatible not to ruin your purchase.


Some exercise wheels can produce loud noises due to vibrations as chinchilla runs. We include silent wheel options to solve the problem. They are made with dual-bearing technology to reduce noise.

Easy to Clean

Chinchillas won’t play on the exercise wheel all day. Select materials that are easy to deep clean because wastes can be toxic and dangerous to the pet.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best chinchilla wheel is a simple task. Look for brands that sell durable options, for example, Kaytee, Ware Manufacturing, Suncoast, and many more. Aim to provide quality exercise tools for your furry pet to benefit its overall wellbeing. Pick which type of chinchilla wheels suits your pet’s needs, and check on the other features.

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