Best Conure Food: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide – Healthy Food)

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Every conscious bird owner is aware that you cannot simply feed your birds just anything. There is a need to carefully and meticulously search for the right food for your beloved pet. Conures have a varied diet and will eat a wide range of food. Yet, it is best to only purchase top quality bird food formulated specifically to meet their nutritional needs. To make it easier for you to find the best conure food, we have reviewed some of the top-quality options you can consider. Go through our buyer’s guide below for simple guidelines that will help you make a good choice from the list.

Factors to Consider for Buying Best Conure Food

Birds Love Variety

birds, (including conures) feed on a variety-filled diet in the wild. Generally, the diet of conure birds consists only of about 25% seeds. The rest includes fruits vegetables and nuts. Thus, instead of feeding your bird on seeds alone you should go for food that offers more in terms of variety of ingredients. Mix things up a lot. Conures will get bored if you feed them with the same type of food too often.

Read the Product Label

the label of any product can tell you a lot about it. Even when you are purchasing your conure food online, there are basic pieces of information that you must not miss. Your search for the best conure food begins with a detailed look at the ingredients list. The goal is to ensure that your bird is getting a pick of some of the healthiest ingredients. You also want to ensure that your pet is getting none of the unwanted or unhealthy stuff. Note that quality goes beyond the promises of the manufacturer. Only when you know the things to look out for will you be able to find the best food for your bird. Also, you should watch out for potentially harmful ingredients like sweeteners, chemical preservatives, and artificial colors.

Supplements Are Great

in addition to having an excellent ingredients list, you should also check the nutritional composition of any bird food you are purchasing. Nutrients like protein, minerals, and vitamins are essential to growth and health. Additional supplements such as probiotics, prebiotics, and Omega-3 fatty acids are important as well.

Known Brands May Be Safer

while this isn’t always a rule, it is most times best to stick to known brands for top quality best foods. Not only are they likely to deliver on quality (since there is a name to protect) but they are also less likely to change their ingredients list overnight (which may affect your conure). Thus, while unpopular brands can be great too, known brands are more recommended.

Top 15 Best Conure Food

Have you considered the above factors? And here are the products we have synthesized to help you, choose a product that you like:

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse 5lb

The Harrison’s Adult Lifetime bird food for conures and other parrots is the ideal food for non-breeding and non-molting birds. It is a maintenance formula suitable for both medium and large birds. Like every other product from Harrison, this adult lifetime diet is made with the best whole ingredients formulated especially for pets. There are no flavors or colors used in this bird food.


  • Ideal maintenance formula
  • Organic certified
  • No chemicals of any kind


  • Some buyers might find this product pricey

ZuPreem Medium-Large Fruit Blend Diet

This Fruit Blend Diet from Zupreem is the perfect alternative to consider especially when you have birds that are picky eaters. It contains a blend of freshly ground fruits that gives the bird food a unique taste. This food is also formulated to be as nutritionally balances as possible with every ingredient a conure needs for daily health. This includes up to 21 minerals and vitamins with no artificial supplement added. This is why this food comes highly recommended by vets and top breeders.


  • Nutritionally balanced formula
  • Natural fruity taste
  • Pellets come in different colors
  • Made with fresh fruits


  • This bird food contains artificial coloring

TOP’s Parrot Food Bird Pellets for Small Hookbills

TOP’s Parrot Food Bird Pellets is a USDA certified non-corn based bird food. It provides an excellent, safe and completely natural source of essential nutrients for conures and other smaller parrots. One of the best things about this bird food is the use of non-genetically modified corn. It also does not contain fillers or sugars. It is chemical-free as well. The pellets are cold-pressed to keep it fresh so no preservatives are used.


  • All-natural bird food
  • Contains no filler ingredients
  • Naturally preserved


  • There are reports by some users that the small pellets crumble too easily

LAFEBER’S Pellet-Berries

Typically, conures will eat anything but in most cases would reject traditional pellets. Since you can feed them on a diet of grains alone, a perfect alternative to consider is this Lafeber pellet berries. These pellet berries are designed to pass a conure’s taste test thanks to its unique feel, taste and look. It comes in round berry shapes and is enriched with all the nutrients that birds need.


  • Perfectly shaped for birds to hold and break
  • Made from whole pieces of berries and grains
  • No artificial chemicals
  • Great taste with a promise of good nutrition


  • More suitable as a treat than a daily meal.

Sweet Harvest Kaylor of Colorado Conure Lovebird Food

If you are looking for healthy bird food that promises to keep your bird’s feather and skin healthy, then this is an ideal product to consider. This premium seed mix is made from top-quality ingredients and further enriched with minerals and vitamins. This product is dust-free as it has been triple cleaned. It also contains no filler ingredients which means it is generally healthier and less food is wasted. Instead of using dangerous chemical preservatives, this product has been nitrogen flushed to preserve its freshness.


  • A blend of premium seeds
  • Dust-free food
  • No filler ingredients
  • Nitrogen flushed to preserve freshness


  • It contains sun-flower seeds as one of the main ingredients

Lafeber Company Nutri-Berries Conure Pet Food

This classic Nutri-berries by Lafebear is a colorful and flavorful food specially designed to keep your birds engaged during meals. This product contains savory peanuts, cracked corn and hulled canary seeds among other flavorful ingredients that your bird will find irresistible. This food is also colorful and richly flavored with molasses and come in unique shapes as a special treat for your birds. It is also nutritionally balanced as well


  • Naturally preserved
  • Convenient to feed and store
  • Flavorful and colorful food


  • This food contains artificial coloring

ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Premium Bird Diet

When feeding conures, keeping them engaged and interested is the key to getting them to eat even the healthiest food. ZuPreem’s maintenance fruit blend is designed to do this quite efficiently. It has a naturally fruity flavor to deliver delicious nutrition to birds. The pellets also come in the shape of fruits and are colored to entice conures to eat. This premium quality food offers balanced nutrition and is suitable for everyday feeding of non-molting and non-breeding birds


  • Natural fruity flavor
  • Unique shapes
  • Perfectly sized for conures


  • May contain artificial coloring

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health

Asides containing the best choice of ingredients and highest quality grains for conures, this bird food is also reinforced with some essential nutrients. It contains omega 3 which is great for your bird’s brain and heart. This food also promises to give your bird a vibrant and healthy plumage. You can serve this food at any time of the year and you can be sure it is the perfect meal for your bird’s health at all times.


  • Fortified with extra nutrients
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • Supports healthy skin and vibrant plumage


  • Contains sunflower seeds and peanuts

ZuPreem Pure Fun Bird Food for Parrots and Conures

As the name implies, ZuPreem Pure Fun is formulated with purity and fun in mind. As for being pure, rather than containing a long list of possibly non-beneficial ingredients, Zupreem focused on fewer, simpler but healthier ingredients with this formula. There are also perfectly sized for conures to reduce wastage. The food is also designed to make mealtime fun for your birds. It contains pellets that your bird can play with and enjoy eating. While this is not designed to be a full staple food but more of a treat, it is still quite enriching.


  • Simpler but healthier ingredients
  • Keeps birds engaged
  • Minimal fines to reduce wastage


  • Not designed to be fed to birds exclusively

Higgins Sunburst Conure Food

Higgins Sunburst is a premium blend of vegetables, grains, wholesome seeds, nuts and legumes formulated especially for conures. This bird food variety of natural goodies is one of the reasons why it comes highly recommended for mid-sized to small parrots. The formula is also enriched with extra nutrients including Omega 3, digestive probiotics and DHA.


  • Variety of natural goodies
  • No artificial components
  • Fortified with nutrients


  • Too many small seeds that birds may not eat

Oven Fresh Bites Natural Baked Avian Diet

Oven Fresh Bites Natural Baked Avian Diet is a mixture of veggies, fruits, and nuts. It was developed by experts to meet the nutritional needs of pet birds. This product is prepared by a slow baking process. This process ensures that all the nutrients in the ingredients stay locked in so that your bird exactly what it needs. The natural flavor is preserved and the mix is tasty enough to keep your conure coming back for more.


  • Tasty and nutritious
  • Nutrients are preserved intact
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives
  • It has an inviting smell


  • You may find this product pricey

Sleek & Sassy Garden Large Hookbill No Sunflower Parrot Food

If you own a large conure then this is an ideal food for you to consider as it is formulated for feeding large birds. This parrot food is made from all-natural human-grade ingredients. It is also enriched with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. It comes in an oxygen-filled package. This helps to extend the shelf-life of this product without posing any harm whatsoever to your pet.


  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • An all-natural diet
  • Contains enzyme-rich ingredients


  • This product is not suitable for small conures

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Parrot 8 Pound Bag

One of the major promises of this product is that your bird’s plumage and skin health will be greatly improved. It is formulated with a variety of ingredients that birds will love with all the nutrients they need. Wild Harvest is designed to replicate a bird’s natural diet in its natural habitat. This is, in fact, the healthiest way to feed your conure. The bag is freshness sealed for safe and convenient storage.


  • Formulated to replicate a wild diet
  • Contains a balanced variety of nutrients


  • It may contain filler ingredients

Kaytee Fiesta Conure Food

Kaytee fiesta is a premium blend of fruits, vegetables, and nuts that adds variety to your bird’s diet. But more importantly, this bird food has been fortified with additional nutrients specifically for conures. This includes probiotics and prebiotics for nutritional health, antioxidants, omega 3 among others. Many of those who reviewed this product claimed that their birds developed a shinier plumage.


  • Nutritionally fortified
  • Preserved naturally
  • Contains a variety of ingredients


  • There are some big chunks that conures may not be able to eat

Higgins Safflower Gold Natural Food Mix for Conures & Cockatiels

Higgins Safflower gold food mix is a blend of premium seeds, grains, veggies, and fruit to give your bird all the nutrition it needs. This product is flavorful and colorful which means birds are more likely to find it attractive. This product does not contain unwanted ingredients like peanuts and seeds. Instead, Higgins made use of healthier and tastier alternatives. It is also enriched with nutritional components such as Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and probiotics.


  • No artificial coloring and preservatives
  • Flavorful food
  • Does not contain sunflower seeds and peanuts


  • Picky birds may leave some of the seeds and grains


Conures are very easy to maintain. They don’t require much and once you take care of them and feed them with top-quality nutritious food they’ll stay healthy and active. You can check our list of best food for conures above as a guide to help you find the right food and pellet for your beloved bird.