Best Conure Treats: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Conures and every member of the parrot family need treats every once in a while. Treats can be a fantastic way of establishing trust between you and your favorite bird. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they are very delicious. Unfortunately, not all conure treats are created equal. Some are better for your conure than others, and you must find the best conure treats for your favorite pet. In this post, we go over some of the features that make up great conure treats. We also suggest several treats that we think are particularly impressive in order to simplify the entire process.

Guide for Selecting the Best Treats for Your Conure

Conures are small to medium-sized birds that belong to the parrot family. This means that other members of their family will like the kind of foods and treats that they enjoy too. So, you don’t necessarily have to choose conure treats whenever you are shopping; you could just choose for the best treats you can find.

Conures are thrill-seeking creatures. You should keep this in mind while shopping, and try to get interactive treats/toys instead of regular snacks. Interactive snacks tend to last longer than pellet snacks. They are also fun for the conures to play with.

When feeding your conure treats, it’s important to remember not to spoil them. Too much sweets without enough essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins can be bad for your conure’s health. Instead of feeding them treats all the time, we recommend giving them healthy balanced foods as snacks.

Your conure’s treat has to be sweet and healthy. You should ensure that the treats you choose contain lots of grains, fruits, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Ensure that they do not contain any artificial additives that could be harmful to the health of your conure.

If you insist on feeding your conure treats instead of healthy foods for snacks, it should only make up 10% of their diet. Numerous treat manufacturing companies have suggestions that they advise every responsible bird lover to follow. The percent guideline is one of them. This guideline suggests that you limit your birds snacking to about ten percent of their diets. Anymore could prove detrimental to their health.

Top 15 Best Conure Treats on the Market

Kaytee Fiesta Conure Treats

The Kaytee Fiesta Conure Food has everything your bird could ever need. This product contains fruits, nut, veggies, and textures that increase nutritional variety. Kaytee Fiesta Conure Treats allows your conure to have a balanced meal every time she snacks.

The Kaytee Fiesta also contains Omega 3 that boosts brain and heart health, as well as tons of prebiotics and probiotics. It uses natural preservatives, and it is amazing for the digestive health of your pets. In this excellent conure treat, expect to find ingredients like grass seed sunflower, wheat, cracked corn, etc.

Higgins Sunburst True Fruits Gourmet Treats

The Higgins Sunburst True Fruits Gourmet treat is one of the best treats for conures on the market. It is made from a mix of rare and delicious fruits. This product contains no artificial colors or additives that enhance the taste or affect your conure’s health.

It comprises of several exotic fruits the average conure would typically forage in the wild. The Higgins Sunburst True Fruits Gourmet Treats is meant to supplement your pet’s diet and not function as the meals themselves. They should be given to your conure every week or so.

Kaytee Fiesta Conure Food

This amazing conure feed has everything your bird could ever need. It contains fruits, nut, veggies, and textures that increase nutritional variety. It allows your pet to have a balanced meal and let her do a little bit of snacking every time she eats.

The Kaytee Fiesta is also loaded with Omega 3 that boosts brain and heart health, and tons of prebiotics and probiotics. It is naturally preserved and it is amazing for the digestive health of our pet. In this great conure feed, expect to find ingredients like grass seed sunflower, wheat, cracked corn, etc.

Kaytee Spray Millet snack

Kaytee spray millet snack is a millet-based nutritional conure treat. The Kaytee spray millet conure treat is incredibly tasty and can be used to win your conure over. This treat adds a lot of nutritional variety to your conure meals, and it is great for prompting them to eat. It helps speed up the bonding process between pet and owner.

Additionally, the Kaytee Spray Millet is completely natural. It does not use any artificial coloring, flavors, and packaging. This product is completely safe and completely healthy for your bird. It comes in easy-to-eat horizontal forms and can be hung in the bird’s cage.

Lafeber’s Pellet Berries

Labefer’s pellet-heavy conure treat contains an exotic cocktail of fruits, grains, and pellets. Berries are the primary ingredients in this treat. It contains no special additives or artificial coloring. Laberfer’s Pellet Berries Treat is entirely safe for all kinds of birds, so it won’t have any adverse effects on your conure.

The Labefer’s berries conure treats is one of the best treats on the market because it’s great for digestion, and it has lots of antibodies and probiotics. Fortunately, it is great for all sorts of birds, so you can feed it to cockatiels, lovebirds, conjure, cacique, quaker parrots, and other small birds.

Vikakraft cockatiel Treat Sticks

The cockatiel treat sticks are mostly vegetables and fruits triple-baked honey and apple. They are incredibly hard and usually last weeks at a time, so they are worth the extra money. The product has a hardened wooden core that ensures that the birds don’t chew straight through it, and they are very delicious.

Vikakraft also contains lots of minerals, vitamins, and other high-quality ingredients. This conure treat is in sticks are as entertaining as they are delicious.  Although they are for cockatiels, they are great for conures or small birds too. Furthermore, the Vikakraft Cockatiel Treat Sticks can be hung in the cage for better access, and are among one of the most widely-bought conure treats.

Sleek and Sassy nutritional Diet

The Sleek and Sassy nutritional diet is one of the best treats for conures on the market. It caters to the dietary needs of numerous birds, big and small. So, this means that means any large or small bird, be they conures, amazons, African greys, cockatoos, macaws, and Pionus-parrots will enjoy it. It comes with no artificial flavorings or sulfites.

Sleek and Sassy nutritional Diet Conure Treats comprises of a nutritious blend of exotic vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts. This variety ensures that the meals are always healthy and diverse. The Sleek and Sassy nutritional has lots of vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamins A, C and E. It also comes in a small bag, and is typically served in a bowl.

ZuPreem Real Rewards Trail Mix Treats for Medium Birds

The Zupreem mix treats for conures offers the best nuts and fruits in the same small little bag. It contains only the finest and the most wholesome nuts and fruits. In this treat bag, you should expect to find bananas, pistachios, apricots, and cranberries. The manufacturers of this amazing of this conure treat preserve the ingredients by drying them.

They do not use artificial preservatives or colorings while making conure treats, and their products are completely safe for birds of all sizes. The recommended feeding frequency is about ten percent every week or so. This trail mix is high in fiber, loaded with prebiotics and probiotics.

Healthy Select Conure Diet Bird food

This diverse and nutritional conure treat comprises of several high-quality ingredients. In this delicious treat, you should find nuts, vegetables, flowers, herbs, hay, and fibers. This treat is all-natural, and it contains no sulfur dioxide and artificial preservatives.

Furthermore, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. You should find minerals like vitamins B, C, E, and minerals like potassium and calcium. The Healthy Select Conure Diet Bird Food comes in various size options, and it is safe for most conures, large birds, and small birds.

Sleek and Sassy Garden Conure Parrot food

The Sleek and Sassy Garden Conure parrot food is the second conure food from Sleek and Sassy on this guide. Much like the first, it uses all-natural ingredients and is made from blemish-free, high-quality ingredients.  It is rich in minerals, amino acids, and Amino acids.

Sleek and Sassy Garden Conure Parrot Food is coloring and preservatives free and is preserved through drying instead of preservatives. It typically contains Papaya, Pineapple, Green Bell Pepper, and other rare and exciting vegetables. It is full of enzymes that aid digestion, and it comes in numerous bag sizes.

ZupPreem Real Rewards Garden Mix Treats for Large Birds

The ZuPreem garden mix for large birds is a great bird treat that contains mostly nuts and vegetables. You can find all sorts of vegetables, nutrients, nuts, minerals, and vitamins in this amazing conure treat. In the ZupPreem Real Rewards Garden Mix Conure Treat for Large Birds, you should find delicious almonds, carrots, soybeans, peas, and other healthy vegetables. It typically comes in a small 10oz bag, and should only contain about 10 percent of your conure’s diet every week or so.

You should also know that this product contains fibers, is easily digestible, and it also contains vitamins A, B, C, and E. It’s useful for establishing and maintaining trust between you and your bird and it contains no artificial preservatives, coloring, and sulfites.

Gotoco Nutritional bird Parrot Food

This tasty bird treat comprises a unique mix of grains, vegetables, fruits, fiber, and fruits. It contains ingredients like red sorghum, melon seed, oatmeal, millet, kernel, wheat, and vegetables.  Gotoco Nutritional Bird Conure treat is a nutritional treat that comprises of highly-quality ingredients. It is no doubt one of the best treats for conures out on the market.

This great conure food boosts the immune system and looks after your pet’s health. It is perfect for conures and other medium and large birds.

Sleek and Sassy Garden large food

This whole grain-rich garden feed comes in small pellets and contains only the tastiest and the most nutritional grains, and vegetables. This garden treat contains grains, bananas, papayas, pineapple, Red chili pepper, potatoes, and garden peas. Plus, it is very rich in enzymes that speeds up digestion, and contains no additives, preservatives, or any coloring of any kind.

Sleek and Sassy large food treat is perfect for conures, amazons, African greys, cockatoos, Pionus- parrots, and macaws. This product comes in numerous sizes, and like any other Sleek and Sassy Garden food, it comprises of only the best ingredients.

Kaytee Fiesta Yogurt and Almond bird treat stick

Kaytee fiesta bird treats are blocks of fruits, vegetables and nuts baked and hardened. They are fun treats that entertain your pet and feed her at the same time. They mostly come in either individual packs or slightly larger bags. Kaytee Fiesta Yogurt and Almond Conure treats sticks are perfect for Cockatoos, Parrots, African greys Macaws, and Conures. Like most stick treats, you can hang them above the floor of the cage to prevent contamination.

Additionally, this product can last several days and sometimes even weeks. It is rich with fortified mineral ingredients, ands contain no additives, flavorings, or colorings.

Sun Seed Vitakraft Vita Prima Swing Ring for Conures

The Sun Seed swing ring for conures is an example of fun interactive treats that let your bird eat and snack at the same time. It is made from a mix of birdseed and spinach, and is suitable for conures and other large birds. Sun Seed Vikfraft Prima Swing Ring for Conures is rich in minerals and vitamins, easy to digest, and it has a wooden center.

Sleek and Sassy Nutritional Diet Banana Parrot Treat

The Sleek and Sassy Banana Parrot Treat is a delightful snack that is made from bananas. It is made with no additives, sulfites, and or artificial color.  This product is perfect for Conures, Eclectus, Parrots, Cockatoos, and Macaws. It comes in a small 8oz bag.

Additionally, it has tons of healthy minerals, vitamins, and other great nutrients. You should find vitamins B, C, and E in this great treat. It is also high in potassium and calcium.


Picking out the best conure treats can be a lot harder than most pet lovers are willing to admit. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult picking the best treats for your conures. In this article, we went over some of the most popular and delicious treats for conures. We highlighted their strengths and talked about what makes them unique. But, if we had to choose a single product and wholeheartedly recommend it, it would have to be the Healthy Select Conure Diet Bird Food. It is an amazing treat that comes with everything your bird will ever need for sustenance. Healthy Select Conure Diet Bird Food has vegetables, fruits, herbs, and whole grain. It contains numerous essential vitamins and nutrients.