Best Feeder for Cardinals: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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The key to attracting colorful wild birds to your yard is not only the bird food but also the bird feeder. For ground feeding birds, scattering seeds to the ground is an option, but if you choose to attract more cardinals, that may not be a good idea. Although cardinals feed on the ground in their natural habitat, they still prefer to eat on feeders at a certain height. They also like to feed on steady feeders where they can perch and eat with comfort. With these being said, it is critical that you take considerations in choosing the best feeder for cardinals.

Things to Consider in Choosing Feeder for Cardinals

To be able to get the best feeder for cardinals, it is important that you have an idea of the feeder types and their features and which ones are preferred by cardinals or which ones are the most effective in attracting them.

Generally, there are 6 main types of feeders: tray/platform feeder, hopper feeder, tube feeder, window feeder, Nyjer feeder, and suet feeder. Each of these feeders works effectively on certain species of birds and the kinds of bird food. For cardinals, the tube type can be a bad choice for they find it complicated to use. Though, it still depends on the overall design. Naturally, they prefer the hopper or platform types of feeders. And if you choose to buy one, take note of the following features:


Your choice for the size of feeder mainly depends on the number of cardinals that you would like to keep visiting your backyard. Whether you opt to attract just a few or a number of them, your feeder must have ample space for their number. Cardinals like feeders where they can eat, perch, and sit to rest comfortably. It is also important that you give them enough space while they are eating because they like moving around and picking their food while they feed. Give them this experience for them to keep coming back.


The feeders stay outdoors in all seasons which means it will have to withstand the damaging sunlight and extreme weather conditions. When you buy a feeder, it is important to guarantee that it can hold out against the winter season and the hottest days. You also have to make sure that it can keep the seeds dry even on the rainy days.

Comfortable Eating

It is not only the space that can give cardinals a comfortable eating experience, the design of the feeding ports and trays also matter. Cardinals may be small, but their beaks are strong enough to crush shells and husks. They enjoy feeding when they are able to crack their food with their beaks and ports should have enough opening for them to do this. Needless to say, screen and mesh feeders don’t work effectively for them.

Resistance to Squirrel and Other Unwanted Animals

This might benefit you the most as you can guarantee that the seed mix you provide only benefits the types of birds that you want to attract. On the cardinals’ side, being disturbed by squirrels and other animals might result to their moving away from yard. You can avoid it by choosing squirrel-resistant feeders or placing your feeders in the right spot.

Top 15 Best Feeder for Cardinals

Always choose the best feeders to make your feeding a great experience for cardinals.And to help you look for the feeders with good features, we gathered 15 of the best cardinals feeder which you can choose from.

Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder

Take bird-watching to the next level with the Panorama Bird Feeder by Perky Pet. Surprisingly, it is one of the most recommended feeder for cardinals. These are the reasons why. First, it has an innovative and elegant design. It has a powder coated finish in brown color that is rust resistant. Below, there is a circular perch where birds can rest while feeding. This perch also allows them to feed from all angles.

It is big enough to contain 2 lb. seeds. The seeds are dispensed evenly and the dispensing stops when the tray is already full. This feeder is also secured with a sure-lock cap to prevent squirrels from taking the food. There are also built-in drain holes to avoid water formation for the seed to stay fresh for a longer time.Hang it in your yard and enjoy the view.

Perky-Pet 338 Squirrel-Be-Gone Country House Bird Feeder with Weathervane

Here’s another great feeder offered by Perky-Pet. It’s a country style feeder with two-tone color accents in red. It has a galvanized roof which can be easily removed for easy filling of seeds, and a weathervane in the middle. This feeder can either be hung or mounted on a pole.

This feeder highlights its weight-activated perch that automatically closes when an unwanted visitor tries to steal the food in it. This helps keep away other animals that cause nuisance like squirrels. It has an adjustable spring you can customize to make sure that it only accommodates what birds you are expecting.It can hold up to 8 pounds of bird food.

Perky-Pet C00322 Red Cardinal Bird Feeder

Surely, Perky-Pet has various feeders that are equally unique and attractive. This feeder has a diamond-shaped mesh surface and a circular perch that gives cardinals a spacious feeding area. The top part has a large overhang that serves as a shade for the birds while they are feeding and a protection against wet weather. On its floor, there are built-in holes that serves as drainage so water won’t gather and ruin the seeds’ freshness.

All construction is made of metal so its durability is guaranteed. You can also make sure that squirrels and other animals can’t easily break it. The mesh is also zinc-plated finish making it rust proof. It can hold up to 2.5 lbs. of sunflower or safflower seeds and mixed peauts.

Brome’s Squirrel Buster Plus

Brome aims to provide you with a squirrel-free bird feeding experience to make sure that you get to enjoy the view of wild birds in your yards such as cardinals. Each of their products ensures to avoid squirrels from getting access to the bird food. Squirrel Buster Plus is a tube type of feeder that works by hanging. It is made of chew-proof material called RoxResin and it can easily be dismantled and assembled without using any tools.

At the bottom part of it, you can see the openings which are aligned with the ports. These gives the birds an easy access to the seeds. It also comes with a cardinal ring to help you attract cardinals.

Brome’s Squirrel Buster Standard

If you want a smaller feeder squirrel-buster feeder, Brome has another offer. It holds 1.3 pound of seeds and serves equally well like other feeders for cardinals. More than the chew-proof materials, squirrel-proof and easy to assemble design, it comes with a lifetime insurance same as with other Brome feeders. The squirrel proof design can be activated by adjusting the spring mechanism. So other birds and animals can’t have access to the seeds.

Also, the parts of this feeder is resistant to UV to keep it looking new for a long time. It is also powered with seed ventilation system which avoidshot air and humidity from being trapped inside resulting to fresher and attractive seeds.

Nature’s Envoy Window Bird Feeder

Dreaming of a closer look to those colorful wild birds? Make that dream come true with this Window Bird Feeder. This transparent, see-through acrylic made feeder can easily be mounted on the windows to give you a clear view of the birds feeding. The suctions cups are durable to make sure it stays in place. It also has 4 anchors that help keep it in place. You also don’t have to worry about your window being damaged as it has silicone bumpers at the bottom.

The opening of the feeder is 3.5” to make it comfortable for the birds to feed. The feeder has a divider so you can offer a variety of seeds at the same time. It is also made easy to refill and clean. It comes with a textured round perch to encourage birds to stay longer.

Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder

Another great window feeder as per reviews.It has a domed roof design and is made with high quality polycarbonate that is 4mm thick. It is very durable that it won’t easily break nor discolor. This feeder can be mounted and secured easily using the suction cups that come with it. A circular opening in front of it allows cardinals and other small sized birds get access to the food.

The sliding feeding tray can be dispensed easily when it is time for food refiling. It also has two compartments which you can fill different bird food for more variety of birds to attract. The whole feeder can hold up to 2 cups of bird food.  And great news, this feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Absolute II Woodlink Squirrel Resistant Bird

If you aim to attract more birds in your backyard, upgrade your feeding with this spacious and sturdy feeder by Woodlink. It can hold up to 12 pounds of various seed mix and the feeder is double sided to give space to more birds. This feeder’s body is made of durable steel coated with baked-on powder making it resistant to animal chewing. The design is also squirrel resistant.

In addition, it very easy to fill. It has a latch that holds the lid which you can easily squeeze to open. You can also close and lock it easily by swinging it back closed. This feeder comes with a steel hanger, zinc-plated and a 5 ft. black coated pole powder, so you can either hang it or mount it.

Woodlink Going Green Large Premier Bird Feeder with Suet Cages

One of the professional series feeders od Woodlink, this bird feeder is designed to offer wild birds various seed mix and suet at the same time. Suet plus seed mix will surely attract wild birds like cardinals more than you can imagine. It has two-sided seed trays to let more birds perch and the remaining two sides have suet cages. The hinge roof can be open for easy seed filling.

This feeder’s body is made of 90% recycled plastic with a powder-coated metal screen bottom that also serves as drainage. You can fill it with 5 and a half pounds of seed mix and 2 suet cakes. Its windows are transparent so you can easily see the amount of seed it contains. A cable is included when this is bought. You can also mount it but the pole is sold separately.

North States Bird 9075 Black/White States Village Collection White House

North States Bird brings you a part of their nautical series of birdfeeder from their Village Collection Brand. This feeder promotes style and effective bird feeding in one. It’s a miniature light house with clear windows and classic black siding. More than its design, it is a great way to give songbirds like cardinals a good feeding experience.

The seed tray below it is spacious enough to accommodate multiple birds. This tray is also removable to make cleaning it easy. The clear windows allow you to monitor how much seed is left in the feeder. To fill it with seed mix, simply lift the roof up.  You can use the North States Birdfeeder Filler Scoop with funnel to make filling easy but you will have to buy it separately.

Droll Yankees Platform Cardinal Bird feeder with Roof

Among the platform cardinal feeders, this is one of the best choices. It was produced by Droll Yankee, one of the manufacturers that’s been producing high quality bird feeders for more than 40 years. This simple platform feeder has a 7” in diameter tray that can hold up to a pound of bird seed and a dome cover that is 10” in diameter. This cover can be moved up and down so only certain size of birds can have access to it.

Its materials are UV-stabilized to make sure it won’t yellow due to sunlight exposure. Also, the tray has drainage holes to avoid water from pooling. You can choose to hang it in somewhere in your yard or mount it to a pole.

More Birds X-1 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Attract more cardinals and not the pesky squirrels with this innovative feeder by More Birds. It has a 4.2 pounds of bird seed capacity, 4 feeding ports and 4 durable perches. You can fill it with seed mix through the wide opening at the top. It has a clear body design so you can easily monitor the bird food it contains. Moreover, the satin nickel finish makes it attractive.

This feeder’s feeding ports are made squirrel proof. There is a metal sliding sleeves that ca be triggered by the squirrel’s weight and it closes all the ports at the same time in case a squirrel tries to access it.

Homestead Triple Bin Party Bird Feeder

Whether you want to attract more than one species of wild birds, or you want to provide cardinals more bird food to choose from, this feeder is good for you. it has a spacious bin that can hold up to 11.5 pounds of seeds. This bin is divided into 3 to allow you to fill it with different kinds of seeds. The roof can be removed easily for bird seed filling.

This US made feeder is made durable and sturdy and it has 6 perches to allow multiple bird feeding at the same time. Hang or mount it at the right place to be able to attract cardinals and other wild birds instantly.

HHXRISE Strong Large Size Bird Feeder

HHXRISE Strong Large Size Bird Feeder is not only a bird feeder; it can also serve as a bird house for wild birds including cardinals. It is made weatherproof with its shield roof, a drain hole and 4 pillars support that are made of wood. The seed tray has a divided to allow you to put more than 1 type of bird seed. Other than, it has a separate sink for drinking water. This sink has a water exit to keep the water out of the feeding tray.

This feeder is made of acrylic with high transparency for you to enjoy the view without any obstruction. It comes with suction caps and is designed with a hanging hole, so you can either mount it on your windows or hang it with a rope.

Audubon Going Green Platform Feeder Model NAGGPLAT

If you into the traditional type of platform feeder, this one from Audubon is a great deal for you. it is made of up to 90% post-consumer recycled plastic with a powder-coated metal screen at the bottom for easy drainage. The recycled plastic used in this feeder keeps it from absorbing water and it is proven to weather elements without chipping nor fading.

You can fill this feeder with different types of seeds and its capacity depends on the type of seeds.  It has coated steel cables for sturdy hanging. To make it squirrel-resistant, make sure to hang it in the right angle.

Final Say

More than your preference, you should care about the birds’ preference more. You cannot just choose the feeder which you think looks good or would look great in your yard, you must choose depending on its features, overall design and comfort. Remember, the feeder is your key to attracting wild birds in your backyard effectively, so you must be wiser in choosing one. Make sure it is stationary, spacious enough, easy to clean and maintain, and durable. You can also choose style along with these. Most importantly, make sure that it is not accessible by troublesome squirrels and other unwanted animals.