Best Filter for Betta in the Market: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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While bettas can thrive in a bowl, it is still more reasonable and more humane to have them put in a tank with a filter. Still, if you truly want your bettas to live longer then you shouldn’t be asking yourself whether or not you put them in a less spacious bowl or a more suitable environment tank. With that said, you need to start with the betta filter. If you insist on using a bowl, and just add a filter, it wouldn’t make sense at all. A strong water current all over the place means a disaster for your betta. Put in mind that a filter works best for a betta in tank. Since a strong current is less desirable, you need to look for the best filter for betta.

Things to Know About Betta

Yes, they are quite resilient, and can even survive for long time in a habitat with little oxygen. And adding to that, they seem to prefer and live comfortably in a stagnant water. That’s why, for some for betta keepers, they are satisfied keeping them in a bowl. The downside, since it has no filter, the water becomes cloudy and dirty in no time. Also, in a bowl, the water temperature is not regulated. A colder water than usual is bad for betta. The thing about a bowl setup is that it needs a lot of monitoring.


One big reason why betta owners end up using a bowl is the fact that bettas are highly territorial specially the male ones. In fact, they are also called Siamese fighting fish, which gives you a clue what they are. That is not to say they can’t live peacefully with other fish. They do, however, with a select few. It is also quite intriguing to know that male bettas can’t live together. Unfortunately, they have to be fenced from one another with zero visibility. They aren’t only aggressive against other fish but also their own kind. For them, it’s more on survival and are likely less inclined to pack with other bettas, both male and female.

A thing to remember, one male betta is to a minimum 2.5-gallon tank with no filter, (unless you find a mini one) or one male betta to a 5-gallon tank or more with a filter. The latter is your better option.


Bettas have learned to survive with limited oxygen. They don’t solely rely on their gills. Interestingly, they are capable of storing oxygen in their mouth by going to the surface of the water and gulping some air. But a filtered habitat helps them live healthier. The main purpose of a filter is to reduce waste and limit bad bacteria growth. While bettas have exceptional abilities, they also require a healthy habitat to thrive. A strong water current is not ideal though for bettas, since they are not strong swimmers. If your filtrated tank is not betta designed, the filter power may be too strong for them to handle. In such case you need to replace your filter with a weaker output.

Tank size

This is one long heated debate. Some claim a betta is okay in a vase, others say a bowl is no issue, and of course, the more health conscious pet owners say a spacious tank is the right size. Everyone is right. We get it. Bettas are no ordinary fish in terms of survivability and adaptability. They are your ideal starter fish but don’t get the wrong conclusion. Put yourself in their shoes and you would realize how horrible you are. My point is, treat them as if they are a part of your family. Provide them with a good habitat.

A thing to remember, one male betta is to a minimum 2.5-gallon tank with no filter, or one male betta to a 5-gallon tank or more with a filter. The latter is more acceptable.

Tank mates

You don’t want to just put one betta in a 10-gallon tank or bigger. As aggressive as they are, adding some peaceful tank mates is not out of the equation. They aren’t so barbaric at all. They can live with other fish as long as they don’t feel threatened. Typically, small fish don’t pose threat them. Most of these are bottom feeders. Some of these fish you can add to the community are Cory catfish, feeder guppies, and ghost shrimp. One or two species should be fine. You still have to caution though. With their wild nature, they can be unpredictable. Adding tank mates is actually one of the reasons you need a filter.

Top 15 Best Filter for Betta

Remember all the things you need to consider, and put them in mind while looking at this list of best filter for betta.

SunGrow Sponge Betta Filter (10-gallon tank)

Filters are designed for various kinds of species, and sizes of tanks. You don’t want to buy something too big, too small, too powerful, or too weak for your tank. For SunGrow, they offer this Sponge Betta Filter good for a 10-gallon tank. It is made of transparent plastic with three distinct layers. The top layer is filled a white cotton filter pad. The mid layer is with green sponge. And the bottom layer is stuffed with gravel. With its square shape, the filter can be easily set up in the corner. Before placing the square sponge filter, make sure to seed the sponge first by moving around the substrate on the bottom.

The filter does produce slow current which is beneficial for your betta. When feeding, it is advisable to give food on the other corner of the tank, far from the filter.

AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter

AQUANEAT Aquarium Sponge filter both function as mechanical and biological filtration. It is a simple filter that is easy to set up and clean, safe for fish. The filter is powered a soft sponge material that confines floating debris but won’t trap your fish inside. For installation, just attach the airline into the unit and turn on the air pump.

And for maintenance, all you need is to rinse and squeeze the sponge in the tank water. The filter can be used for up to 10-gallon tank and is suitable for fish like betta, guppy, and dwarf cichlid.

AQUANEAT Double Bio Sponge Filter

The Double Bio Sponge Filter by AQUANEAT functions the same as the Aquarium Bio. It also features a mechanical and biological filtration, along with air infusion chamber that creates little bubbles. This helps better solubility. It is very simple to set up. Put the airline into the unit and turn the air pump. For cleaning and maintenance, don’t use tap water for the sponge, instead use the tank water for rinsing.

The filter matches up to 10-gallon tank. Aside from betta, other fish like guppy killifish, dwarf cichlid and other small aquatic fish can be also housed. It is also safe for hatcheries like maternity tanks and fry tanks.

SunGrow Underwater Aquarium Sponge Filter

The SunGrow Underwater Aquarium Tank is unique from the traditional canister filters. It is very simple to install, and does its purpose efficiently. The sponge filter is designed for Neon, Tetra, Fry, Betta and other bottom feeders. It produces steady but slow current which actually doesn’t bother the likes of betta. Other small fish can swim near the sponge filter without being sucked.

This sponge filter works best with air pump and an airline tubing. They are however sold separately. A 10-galoon tank is perfect for the sponge filter. Regrading the cleaning process, it can be simply done by rinsing it using the tank water. The sponge can be used multiple times.

SunGrow Betta Corner Sponge Filter

This is yet another product filter manufactured by SunGrow. The color is pretty much the same with the other SunGrow betta filter. They all come in black. The difference for this one is that it comes in 6 layers with a long tube on top. It is triangular in shape which makes it a perfect fit in the corner of your tank.

Unlike other regular filters, this doesn’t produce much water current, thus makes it a good for betta. Other small fish can swim freely nearby the filter. With the little current underneath, it is also suitable for hatcheries and small tanks like small tropical tanks and fry stock tanks.

Aquapapa Bio Sponge Filter

Aquapapa’s Bio Sponge Filter is both mechanical and biological. It does clean large particles floating without trapping small fish. The sponge filter also serves as home for nitrifying bacteria which helps better biological filtration. With minimal current it produces; your betta can swim peacefully.  You can also house other small aquatic pets.

The installation is quick and easy. You only need to install an airline into the unit. This will help provide both aeration and filtration for the fish pets. This is also good as breeding filter or secondary filter. You can use it with up to 15-gallon tank.

Aquapapa Aquarium Corner Filter

Another filter that you may want to try with your betta, the Aquapapa Aquarium Corner Filter works quietly. It produces minimal current which is safe enough for a betta. For a tank from 5-10-gallon size, you are assured of needed oxygen from the filter.

This three-layered filter is easy to setup and maintain. The top layer is filled white a white filter pad. This acts as mechanical filtration. The mid layer is filled with a black bio-sponge and ceramic wings, and the bottom layer with gravel. Both these provide biological filtration.

You can clean the sponge once every two to four weeks.

Pokwoo Betta Sponge Filter

There isn’t a lot of betta filter available that works great for your betta. I guess you are tired looking for one. Don’t be. The Pokwoo betta Sponge Filter is here to save the day. This amazing filter functions as mechanical and biological. Floating wastes or debris are all trapped while securing your fish pets. This can be installed in freshwater or saltwater.

The filter comes in 7-layer ribbing shape sponges. The sponges can be easily home to good bacteria which in return help a more efficient cycling, as well as maintain clean tank. Additional accessories are added such as air pump, airline tubing and check valve.

Mini Sponge WEAVERBIRD Fish Filter

We can’t all afford to get a big tank. Or perhaps our house doesn’t have much space for a big one. We can only set up a small family fish tank, or a spherical fish tank. Is it possible to have a filter for these? Fortunately, we have some mini filter sponge sold in the marker.  WEAVERBIRD has their Mini Sponge Fish Filter that is the right partner for your small fish tank.

Its layer system filtration comes with gas stone filtration, funnel air outlet and mini bio-chemical filter sponge. To work smoothly, it needs to be connected to it’s oxygen pump of its own size. The suction cup attached to the sponge provides strong force suction enough to provide oxygen.

Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter

This Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter is perfect for freshwater and saltwater. It can be installed in a tank of up to 7-gallon. This works with a disposable, double-sided cartridges that carry activated carbon and poly fiber floss. It comes with an adjustable knob for desired water flow.

Also, its hang-on design is made safe and easy mounting.

The cartridge main function is to trap all unwanted floating materials, clears discolorations and eliminates harmful elements. This item ensures mechanical and biological filtration. Overall, its performance is excellent. This one is good not only for your betta but other small fish.

Whisper In-Tank Filter With Bio Scrubber

Tetra isn’t only known to producing quality fish pet food. They are also into manufacturing fish essential items like tanks and tank accessories like filters and more. Their Whispers In-Tank Filter a popular choice among fish keepers. This filter is available for different gallon sizes: up to 3 gallons, up to 4 gallons, 10 gallons,  20 gallons and up to 40 gallons. The filter is powered by cartridges, which acts as cleaner. It does trap debris, and removes discoloration and odor.

Aside from the filter and filter cartridges, the product also comes with other tank accessories like hinged lid, and tank clip.

Penn Plax Cascade Submersible Filter

The Cascade Submersible Filter is a solid support to your betta. It’s a filter that works quietly but does its purpose. For those who have small aquariums or terrariums of up to 5 gallons in size, this one perfectly matches yours. It is also useful in both freshwater and saltwater.

The filter is equipped with cartridges that cleans the water. Elements like harmful chemicals, odors, discoloration and debris are removed. Inside the filter is a sponge that promotes aerobic bacteria growth, which helps provide better oxygenation. Other items included in the pack are cascade filter, suction cups, flow nozzle, bio-sponge, air tube and air muffler. This product is a complete package for you.


Setting up a healthy aquarium for your betta isn’t really that complicated. There are a lot of ways to know how to keep a betta the right way. With regards the buying of right filter, it’s just one of the many things you need to be sure of. One big mistake and your betta is going to be in deep trouble. This list of betta filters presented in this article is simply your guide. Of course, we believe these products are helpful to your fish pets but we still encourage you to review them carefully. We hope you get a good filter for your pet.