Best Finch Food: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Finches are among the types of birds that are generally adored for their multi-colored wings and charming personality. Although you can have many choices of their type, finches are the best choice for pet parents who are not into cuddling or touching that much. Also, they don’t require much of your attention and don’t have a lot of demands like parrots do. As they are hands-off birds, they are already contented with their lives in a cage or in an open area provided that they have everything they need. All you have to do is take good care of them and keep them healthy and happy. And to help with their nourishment, it is ideal that you give them the best finch food.

Factors to Consider in Pet Parenting Finches

Keeping finches as pets is not a problem at all. But when you decide to do so, you have to be ready with all the responsibility that it entails. Some things must be done and prepared ahead of time while some things must be taken into considerations. Read on and be ready to be a pet parent.

Plan for Their Life Span

Pet parenting is not something that you can quit from whenever you want to. Before bringing finches to your home, prepare yourself for a long term responsibility. Finches live 5 to 10 years, which means you should support them with all they need the entire time. That includes food cost, shelter, vet and others. And one thing that you must never do is to abandon them.

Get Them in Pairs or in Groups

Finches are highly sociable animals but only to their kind, not humans. Plus, they develop well in pairs or in groups. This is why it is greatly recommended to home them in pairs or in groups. But remember, housing same sex finches depends on the species as well as the time of the year. Some finches might not be compatible and end up hurting each other. You can always for professional’s help with it.

Learn about Their Diet

One way to ensure your finches health is through their daily diet. In feeding them, it is equally important to consider the food’s palatability and nutritional value. In the wild, their diet consists mostly of seeds, and they are also attracted to pellet-based diet. Luckily, many commercialized pellet bird foods already consist of various seeds that finches love, so all you have to do is choose the one suits your pet. Also, supplement their diet with fruits and vegetables. Their overall diet must consist of 75-80% pellet/seed diet, plus 20-25% fruits and vegetables. It is also recommended to modify their diet depending on the time of the year. Your vet can advise you on this.

Understand Their Overall Behavior

The popularity of fiches as pets has risen due to their pleasant behavior. They are very sociable to other birds and they enjoy producing pleasant sounds with them. They are also very active, so giving them something that entertains while keeping them physically engaged is a great idea. But same as other birds, they can also be aggressive, dominant and territorial. Their aggression sometimes depends on the season and the type of birds they are with.

Top 15 Best Finch Food in the Market

KayteeForti Diet Pro Health Bird Food (25 lb)

KayteeForti Diet Pro has become one of the mostly chosen bird food for finches because of its overall advantage. This seed mix contains the ingredients that are palatable to most types of finches. White millet, canary grass seed, Niger seed, and ground corn are some of them. For prolonged freshness, the mix is packed in a special bag.

Other than the attractive ingredients, it gets positive reviews because of the nutrients it provides your finches with. It contains Omega 3’s which contributes to your bird’s brain and heart health. Plus, it is rich in antioxidants that support the general health of your pet birds while enhancing their skin and feather health. As this seed mix is naturally preserved, it is recommended to be consumed 30-45 days after opening.

Kaytee Supreme Finch Food (25 lb)

With over 150 years of knowledge, Kaytee can surely provide what your finches need in their daily diet. No wonder they are recommended by most veterinarians. This food blend contains the ingredients that finches love. That includes natural seeds, grains and pellets fortified to ensure that your pet birds can consume the nutrients they need. No artificial colors or flavorings were used in this blend, and is packed considerably to ensure freshness.

This food is packed with essential nutrients. It contains a balanced blend of natural protein, fiber, oils and essential nutrients from whole grains. These help your finches improve and maintain their general health all year round. This blend has also been proven to fit most finches’ taste

LAFEBER’s Premium Daily Diet Pellets

Another mostly recommended by avian nutritionists and veterinarians are LAFEBER’s bird foods. And for your finches, they have this pellet food type that can provide them with a premium quality for their daily diet. The healthy ingredients are mixed with naturally flavored molasses to ensure a healthy consumption. Also it surely doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, and flavorings.

It provides your finches healthy and complete nutrition as it contains a balanced combination of Omega 3 and 6. It has a perfect mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, too. These nutrients will give your finches an optimum health condition, enhanced immune system and more attractive skin and feather. LAFEBER’s also ensured that this pellet mix is suitable even for finches with sensitive stomach.

Volkman Avian Science Super Finch Food

One way to upgrade your finches’ daily diet is to supply them with this food blend from Avian Science. It’s a premium blend of seeds that contain supplemental nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals, and amino acids that was bounded to the grains and nutmeats. This ensures complete health benefits is every feeding.

The ingredients include various millets, canary grass seed, flax seed, canola rape seed and others which are loved by finches. These attractive combination guarantees that no food is wasted. To keep this blend’s freshness, it must always be kept in a cool and dry place and it must be refrigerated after opening to continue providing your finches with fresh seed mix.

Wagner’s 62068 Finches Supreme

Wagner’s is also one of those dedicated to bring your finches nothing but the best. They offer food to various bird species including finches. This Supreme Blend promises to satisfy your pets craving while helping them keep their overall health. It is a generous blend of white and red millet, canary seed, and finch millet, made more attractive by Nyjer seed and sunflower chips. Seed sizes were considered carefully to suit small birds like finches.

Wagner’s Finches Supreme doesn’t only satisfy the cravings of your lovely finches, it also enhances their health to keep them active, increase their foraging instinct and enhance the beauty of their skin and feathers. Whether you are homing finches or attracting them in your backyard, this is recommended.

Hagen Finch Staple Vme Seed

Hagen seed mix is a blend of first class seeds blended in the right amount to provide finches a balanced nutrition. The seeds are carefully chosen to stimulate the birds’ appetite and meticulously prepared to keep their nutritional value. All the seeds were air-cleaned and polished, giving you that dust-free mixture for your finches to devour.

Feeding your finches with a balanced-blended food helps in preventing nutrition deficiencies. The blend is also sure to be your pets favorite as it contains seeds that they can usually eat in their habitat. Giving these seed mix to your finches as part of their daily diet for a period of time will them consume essential vitamins and minerals that can help in enhancing and maintaining their overall health and wellness.

Wild Harvest Canary and Finch Food Blend

If you are thinking about your finches’ diet yet anxious about whether they will accept the food or not, try this food blend from Wild Harvest. A wide variety of tasty seeds make up the mix. The seeds replicate those found in their natural habitat making them irresistible for your little finches.

This natural and delicious mix of seeds was uniquely prepared to provide the highest quality of nutrition without compromising its palatability. It contains fats, protein, vitamins and minerals for a strong body and vitamin A to keep their shiny feathers and healthy skin. It is also known to improve their foraging behavior. Without a question, it will definitely help in developing your pets’ health.

Harvey’s Fabulous Finch Blend

This is another seed mix that contains fabulous ingredients and.It is packed with 11 types of delicious seeds and millet, 9 types of nuts, and 12 types of ground fruits and vegetables. All ingredients are all-natural, and free of any chemicals, dyes or preservatives. It also has the smell of fresh grains and delicious nuts. With this attractive combination and delicious smell, your finches will surely never get tired of eating it.

These high-grade ingredients are fortified with a balanced amount of protein, vitamins and minerals to ensure your finches best condition and enhance the appearance of their skin and feathers. Just keep on feeding it to your colorful finches with the right amount and you will see a desirable result.

Hartz Bird Food for Canary, Finch and Parakeet

Hartz bird food formula is a result of scientific research to provide small birds with the nutrients they need. It is a combination of seed, grain and vitamin rich pellets in a balanced amount to make sure that finches get the necessary nutrients from them. The ingredients contain white and red millet, canary seeds, red milo, ground corn, deshelled soybean meal and more. These ingredients were prepared to suit small birds’ beak size so food waste can be avoided.

This seed mix is packed in a resealable for to keep its freshness and for easy storage. It also keeps the nutrients until it is consumed. The mix is complete with protein, fats and carbohydrates for a complete nutrition. Plus, it contains vitamins, antioxidants, and Omega 6 Fatty acids for healthy eyes, skin, immune system and sparkly feathers.

QuickoEggfoods Finch Food

A great way to improve your birds’ appetite without compromising their well-being is to supplement their daily diet with equally healthy food with a twist. You may try this exotic food blendfrom Quicko. It contains dehulled soybean meal, white millet and Niger seed combined with real eggs and honey making it highly appetizing for your finches.

Other than the exotic flavors, it comes in 3 other flavors that birds will surely love. One thing it does is improve your finches’ appetite. It also helps in reducing boredom and enriching their healthy lifestyle. It can be added in your pets’ diet in different ways. You can add water or juice to moisten it or you can simply mix it with their daily seed food.

Vitakraft Peak Health Formula Egg Food Daily Supplement

Another great choice to supplement your finches ‘daily food is the Peak Health Formula by Vitakraft. Egg is a great source of protein, one of the nutrients your pets’ need in their daily diet. This egg food supplement will not fail to give that to your finches. Other than that, it contains necessary vitamins, amino acids and micro-nutrients that promotes their overall health.

In case your finches are breeding, nesting, or are experiencing molting or environmental changes, this food helps them reduce stress. It is also a recommended supplement to aid in medication of illnesses among them. As its name suggest, it helps your finches to be in their peak health in any time of the year.

Songbird Selections Wild Finch Bird Food

Either wild or domesticated finches will definitely love this seed mix. It’s a blend of nyjer, sunflower hearts, millet and flaxseed oi, some of the favorite foods of finches, making it one the best choices for attracting and feeding small birds like finches. Packed in an easy to seal bag, you can simply store it ad keep its freshness.

It’s a good choice for your birds’ daily supplement because of the essential nutrients it contains. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals which help them improve their immune system, keep their energy, and maintain a healthy reproductive system.  Giving this food to wild finches will keep them coming back to your yards while finches at home will have an improved appetite and overall well-being.

Morning Bird German Millet Seed

As finches love millet, they will surely enjoy this pack of German millet seeds. It is packed in transparent plastic resealable bags for easy storage. This bird food is specially formulated not only for finches but also other small birds like parakeets. It is great to be offered in any time of the year because it contains all the necessary nutrients they need to have a healthy lifestyle.

Morning Bird German Millet Seed is rich in fiber, and easily digestible carbohydrates, protein, and some B-complex vitamins and minerals. And also fortified with phosphorus, calcium, iron, niacin and riboflavin. With all of its nutrients, this German seed millet can be their independent diet or part of their daily food.

Penn Seed Foreign Deluxe Finch Food

If you are looking for a bird food especially made for all various kinds of finches, this might be good choice for you. it is a beautiful mixture of large variety of premium seeds with extra grasses like chia, anise, perilla, clover. Finches love eating different kinds of plants in their natural habitat so they will surely love it, too. It can also guarantee 100% consumption because all the ingredients are what finches love to eat.

Another great thing about it is that it is hand mixed in small batches and packaged in pour spout bags with resealable caps to keep moist out of it. Moreover, it contains essential vitamins and minerals that help in keeping your finches healthy and full of energy every day.

Sleek & Sassy Nutritional Diet Garden Finch Food

Sleek & Sassy is a family owned business that has been operating since 1983. Their experience has helped them come up with nutritional food for your birds. They promote bird foods with all natural ingredients and this finch food is one of them. This bird food is free of artificial colors and oils, sulfites and made with human grade fruits and vegetables. It is composed of enzyme rich seeds like various kinds of millets, Niger seed, flax seed and more plus equally nutritious vegetables likes spinach. Enzymes improved the finches’ digestion and consumption of essential nutrients.

In addition to this, it is enriched in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. As most of the ingredients are rich in enzyme, the packaging was filled with oxygen to optimize their nutritional value.


Everyone wants to keep their avian companion for the longest time possible and making sure that they get and enjoy the things intended for them. This is highly possible. By just providing them the right food with the right nutrients and amount, your finches can certainly live healthy and happy. As there are various choices in the market, this task might be a little hard for you. But we do hope that this article gave you an idea on how to care for your finches properly as well as how to choose the right food for them. Love your finches, give them the best finch food and enjoy each day looking at their gorgeous feathers.