Best Food for Cockatiels: Top 25 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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As pet lovers, we always want the best for our pets. No matter how big or small they are, we aim to provide them with everything they need, including our love and care. Nowadays, cockatiels are becoming more and more popular as pets. So in this section, we will be listing some of the best food for cockatiels.

Cockatiels are naturally perky birds. It is probably one of the reasons why they are known as weirdo birds. They make a good companion parrot making them awarded as one of the best household pets. With proper care and a balanced diet, they can live up to 20 years. They like an assortment of food varying from commercial birdseed, pelleted food, fruit and vegetables, and occasional treats. But there are more about cockatiels that we have to know, so keep reading.

Things To Consider Before Buying Food for Cockatiels

Having a cockatiel is like having your child. Thus, it is necessary to know some of the essential things about them.

Their Natural Behavior

It is said that cockatiels are talented in whistling. They like to whistle more than to talk, so it is considered as their natural behavior. Other than this, they also like hopping, beak bonking, hanging upside down, and hiss. Each of these behavior means something. Learning what they mean will help you understand what they are trying to communicate.

The Feeding

Like any other pets, birds also need to be adequately fed in order to receive the nutrients that their bodies need. But we have to understand that each species of birds requires different food and feeding. We should not just assume that we are feeding our cockatiels properly because it sometimes leads to serious health problems.

For cockatiels, it is crucial to ensure that you keep their food fresh. Clean water must also be made available anytime. When feeding them with fresh fruits and vegetables, they should be removed if they aren’t still eaten after a few hours. These are some of the things that we should always remember. If you are a first-time pet-parent, you can always seek professional advice to know all the things you need to raise your pet well.

Their Diet

Along with how to feed them properly, it is also crucial that we consider their diet. Generally, their diet should include 60-70% of specialized pellets, together with fresh fruits and vegetables, and fortified seeds. And as much as we want to give them treats, it should only be 10% of their total food. You should also understand that they choose what they like and what they dislike. So we should not force them to eat something that they don’t want.

Their Housing

Housing for your cockatiel is another factor that needs to be considered carefully. They are used to living in an extensive habitat, so if you are to keep them in a cage, make sure that it is wide enough. It must be wide enough to accommodate it, especially when it flaps its wings. Cockatiels are also playful, and a few toys to entertain them will be a great idea.

Maintenance Of The Housing

Cleaning of the cockatiel’s cage must be done daily, and it is recommended that you use warm water in doing so. It should also be cleaned with bleach once a week to remove bacteria from the cage. When you do this, make sure that there is no bleach smell afterward.

In addition to the cage, the food and water bowl must also be cleaned. Torn and damaged toys should also be removed and replaced as much as possible.

Your Cockatiels’ Grooming and Hygiene

It is equally important to clean your cockatiels regularly. But you have to be careful in doing this. You should bathe them with warm water and, as much as possible, use a chlorine-free one. Clipping its wings when you do so is good, but if you are not confident to do it, you’d better not. Their nails should be clipped by a professional and should also be done regularly.

Top 25 Best Food for Cockatiels

Foods that we can offer to our cockatiels vary from pellets, grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Each formulation is also made uniquely to serve the specific nutrients that your cockatiels need. When choosing what to feed them, you should consider not only the nutrition value and ingredients. You must also think about the quality of the products which you can check through the food makers’ reputation. To help you choose the best food for your cockatiels, continue reading for the top choices listed below.

Lafeber’s Premium Daily Diet for Cockatiels

If you are looking for a diet for your cockatiel which is nutritionally complete and is made from the highest quality ingredients, this daily diet from Lafeber’s is also a good product. It is completed and formulated by trusted professionals who know a lot about avian animals. The ingredients used are non-GMO and are free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Some of its ingredients are ground corn, soybean meal, wheat flour, oat groats, cane molasses, dried whole egg and many more. It is also enriched with antioxidants, and balanced Omega 3 and 6 for your birds’ overall health and healthy skin and feather.

Lafeber’s Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries for Cockatiels

This is another great bird food from Lafeber’s. It offers a lot of benefits that your pet birds will surely enjoy. Mainly, it supports the immune system, encourages an active life, and maintain the good condition of their skin and feather.

This food is also a good way to encourage their foraging behavior. Moreover, the round shape of each food is a great way to encourage beak play and exercise and the variation is attractive so it can surely avoid your cockatiels from being bored. The ingredients contain real pieces of apricots, dates and tangy cranberries, together with wholesome seeds and grains. It also contains 30% pellets.

Kaytee Fiesta Bird Food for Cockatiels

It is another fun and great way to make eating a good experience for your cockatiels. Kaytee Fiesta is a gourmet food that consists of fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds and grains that are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals that help promote your birds’ healthy growth. Prebiotics and probiotics are its active nutrients that help improve their digestive system.

Other than these, it also has Omega 3’s which in a great support for their brain and heart’s health. Some nutrients also work in enhancing the health of the feather and skin. To maintain these nutrients as well the freshness, the packaging was considered carefully.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Food with Safflower

Kaytee will never fail to surprise us with quality bird food that are high in nutrition and rich in premium quality ingredients. This blend consists of high quality seeds and grains, plus one of the ultimate favorite of cockatiels – safflower. Also, it is naturally preserved to ensure the freshness of ingredients.

For your birds’ health, it is loaded with antioxidants, omega 3, prebiotics and probiotics. The combination of the ingredients helps in enhancing the skin and feather health, digestive system and overall well-being. If you are using it to replace your birds’ diet, make sure to do the proper transitioning to make them get used to it.

Roudybush Daily Maintenance Crumble

Roudybush is proud that all their products are made with the fines ingredients. This maintenance food is not only for cockatiels but also for canaries and parakeets. It is made with the finest corn, wheat, rosemary, yucca and soy which were steam-pelleted to preserve the essential nutrients that each ingredient contain.

They also made sure to remove the harmful bacteria to make sure that your birds only consume what is helpful for their health. It contains vitamin B12, D3, A, E and K. it is also free from sugar and colors. This maintenance crumble may be given to them as their sole diet.

Ecotrition Essential Blend Food for Cockatiels

This essential blend from Ecotrition is designed and formulated scientifically to support the daily health needs of cockatiels and help them flourish. Cockatiels favorite were combined to ensure that it doesn’t only give nutrition but also enjoyment.

This blend is composed of seeds, nuts, vegetables and grains in a colorful pellet form to stimulate your birds’ appetite and foraging instinct. These ingredients were also added with essential vitamins and minerals that the birds need to stay healthy and active all year round. Moreover, this blend is packed in a resealable bag to keep it freshness and ta make storing hassle-free.

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Blend for Cockatiels

Wholesome seeds, exotic foods, grains, shelled nuts, and fruits and vegetables are what this food blend is made of. It is considered a good choice for your cockatiels daily diet. It’s powered with plant based DHA omega 3 fatty acids for your cockatiels complete protection, plus probiotics for immunity. It is also a good food for setting your pet’s appetite and one of its natural instinct – foraging.

The ingredients are sure to have a premium quality and no artificial flavorings were added. Because of the combination of seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables, it is considered as a treat and food in one.

Higgins Safflower Gold Conure and Cockatiel Bird Food

Do you prefer bird food without sunflower seeds? You may try this cockatiel food from Higgins. Instead of sunflower, it contains natural safflower seeds blend that your cockatiel will surely love. This blend is also enriched with essential nutrients and plant-based DHA Omega-3 fatty acids to provide your cockatiels with the supplements they need to stay healthy and active every day. Plus, probiotics to help their digestive system in good shape.

This appetizing blend is also great in promoting your bird’s foraging behavior. In addition, health and safety is ensured as it is free of artificial colors and preservatives. Feed this to your cockatiels and they will surely enjoy it.

LM Animals Farm Bonanza Gourmet Diet for Cockatiel

Nourish cockatiels with vitamins and minerals and satisfy them with its taste and texture. That is what this gourmet food can do. This is a delicious combination of 6 fruits and nuts, 4 vegetables, and 12 seeds and grains. These ingredients are also fortified with essential nutrients that your cockatiels need in their daily diet. It contains peanuts and almonds rich in antioxidants for their immune system, and pineapple and other fruits and vegetables, a good source of fiber for their overall health and beautiful skin and feathers.

With this healthy and attractive combination of nutritious ingredients, you can ensure your cockatiels overall well-being and great eating habits. Quality is also guaranteed as it is made in the US with much care and expertise.

Scenic Hot and Healthy Cockatiel Food

This Hot and Healthy Cockatiel Food by Scenic is also a good choice to feed your pet bird with. It is a round pellet type of food made from a mixture of healthy food, spiced up by hot chilies and spices to invigorate your pets’ taste. This pellet is often combined with fruits and vegetables and added with a little warm water which increases its palatability. With this food, you are not only giving providing them a healthy diet but also an gratifying one.

In its twenty years, it has prolonged birds’ lives and supplement what these birds needs especially during the mating seasons. It contains Omega-3 antioxidants and needed vitamins and minerals to help the birds keep a healthy body and help them fight against diseases.

Higgins Mayan Yucatan Harvest Food Mix for Cockatiels

Another great deal from Higgins is the Mayan Harvest Yucatan food mix that features whole bee pollen which is a great source of nutrient to help cockatiels have a strong immune system. This natural food mix also contains juniper berries, star anise, and fennel seeds and other natural ingredients that are a good source of balanced nutrition for the birds overall well-being.

You can also ensure that this food blend is of premium quality. It doesn’t contain any artificial colors nor preservatives. Only the needed natural ingredients with great health benefits like DHA Omega-3 for healthy digestion and antioxidants for a perfect health.

3-D Cockatiel Bird Seed

The 3-D Cockatiel Bird Seed is unique with its reusable container which can keep this food mix fresh for a long time. It also makes the storing easy and mess-free. This attractive food blend contains high quality seeds and grains. Millet, sunflower and safflower seeds, oat groats and canary grass seeds are just some of them. It also containsimportant nutrients to keep your pet birds in good health.

This food mix, with all the nutrients it provides as well as the great packaging, has been receiving positive feedback from those who have tried it. Feed it to your cockatiels and you’ll surely end up with bright, healthy and active pet birds.

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Fine

Harrison prides itself on producing high-quality products made of organic ingredients, and it has held its reputation since then. This bird food is one of its excellent products. Adult Lifetime Fine is one of the pellet types, and it is a great maintenance food for small to medium birds like cockatiels.

These pellets are made with organic ingredients and are sure to be free of any chemicals. Each pellet contains all the nutrients your cockatiels need to stay healthy. It especially has a high potency formula and is ideal to be fed to birds after a 6-month dietary program.  It doesn’t contain any seed hulls, so you won’t have to worry about messy cages.

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Blend For Cockatiels

Wholesome seeds, exotic foods, grains, shelled nuts, and fruits and vegetables are what this food blend is made of. It is also the right choice for your cockatiels’ daily diet. It’s powered with plant-based DHA omega 3 fatty acids for your cockatiels complete protection, plus probiotics for immunity. It is also an excellent food for setting your pet’s appetite and one of its natural instinct – foraging.

The ingredients are sure to have premium quality, and no artificial flavorings were added. Because of the combination of seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, it is considered a treat and food in one.

Sleek and Sassy Garden Small Hookbill Bird food for Cockatiels

The live enzyme found in Grass seeds, Oilseeds, and whole grains is what this bird food boasts. An enzyme is a substance that is good for digestion. To maintain a live enzyme and ensure that your pets can take this nutrient, this bird food is packed in oxygen-filled packaging.

Other than the enzyme, it is also made with advanced formula Complete Pellet and Crumble Diet that contains sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids. Your birds will surely love it because it is added with taste-tempting fresh fruits like papaya. It may also taste like sweet potato, sweet garden peas, carrots, and more. Moreover, it is not combined with any preservatives.

Volkman Avian Science Super Cockatiel No Sunflower Bird Food

The formula of this bird food is great if you have an overweight cockatiel. It contains clean, all-natural, human-grade ingredients fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is made with a combination of healthy seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables like diced carrots, shredded coconuts, and canary grass seeds. Other than the overweight cockatiels, this bird food can also be given to those on a special diet.

This bird food was specially made without sunflower because it is known to have high fat. It should be included in your overweight cockatiel’s daily food.

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Bird Greens

Kaytee’s Forti Diet Pro Health is an excellent choice to improve your cockatiels’ appetite and eating behaviors. It is loaded with plenty of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids, which are equally great for their diet and mental stimulation.

This food formula was uniquely made for cockatiels. So its ingredients are made with fruits and vegetables, which are similar to those found in their natural habitat. It was especially considered to help them develop their foraging instinct. Based on experienced pet parents, it is a great meal topper. It is suitable for picky eaters because of the variation and the ingredients. Other than that, it can also be given as a treat or a delicious side dish.

Zupreem Pure Fun Bird Food for Various Sizes

In case you are looking for a fun way to enhance your pet bird’s eating and natural foraging instinct, this bird food is a good deal. The variation of the ingredients makes it appealing to them that it stimulates their excitement to eat.

Pure Fun Bird Food from ZuPreem is a high-quality blend of FruitBlend, Flavor Small Pellets, fruits, and vegetables rich in nutrients that your bird needs. The pieces are made with the right size to minimize wasted food. It is recommended that it only contains 30% of your bird’s weekly diet. Uneaten food must also be discarded before another feeding to ensure freshness.

Lafeber’s Classic Nutri-Berries Bird Food for Cockatiels

Regarded as the best cockatiel food, this bird food offers a premium source of nutrition for your beloved pets. It is formulated with human-grade, non-GMO ingredients without any touch of artificial additives. Some of its nutrients are antioxidants and omega fatty acids. It provides nutrition for your bird’s overall well-being and double nutrition for its foraging instinct.

Besides that, its appearance and taste were made enticing to them. These are uniquely round in shape for its beaks to play with. Eating them can serve as an exercise for your pets. It can also help them avoid boredom and feather picking.  The storing temperature for this must be considered carefully, for it may be spoiled when exposed to moisture.

RoudyBush Daily Maintenance Crumble

If you want a premium daily maintenance food for your cockatiels, consider RoudyBush Daily Maintenance Crumble.  It is formulated to be given as a sole diet for adult birds and those switching their diet. It is made with steam-pelleted food, particularly designed to extract the nutrients for your bird’s consumption.

The ingredients are 100% edible, so none will surely be wasted. It’s an all nutrition food with no artificial colors or flavors and animal by-products. It contains 11% protein and 7% fat. Even without any supplemental vitamins and minerals, your pet will surely have the nutrients they need, thanks to this bird food.

Lafeber’s Classic Avi-Cakes Gourmet Bird Food for Cockatiels

A special blend of mixed seeds with nutritionally balanced pellets made from natural ingredients makes up this great food. The formula is held together with a molasses binder. This cake is square, making it easy for your bird to hold, pull apart, twist, and tear into pieces. It is a great “work – and – chew” food to entice your pet’s appetite and eating behavior.

Because of its texture, better consumption is assured compared to the loose seed mix. It can be given to your bird as its daily food for proper maintenance. Each piece is loaded with omega 3 and 6 balanced for your bird’s healthy immune system. It also improves the quality of its feather and skin.

 Vitakraft Menu Care Complex Cockatiel Food

Vitakraft Menu Care Complex is another excellent choice for the cockatiels staple diet. It is fortified with vitamins for balanced nutrition and loaded with omega 3 fatty acids to promote healthy feathers and skin. The nutrients also include DHA for a healthy heart and brain and probiotics for digestion.

Feeding this to your birds will not be a problem because it is made with seeds, grains, and tropical fruits and vegetables with great tasting flavors. Peas, carrots, and papayas are some of its ingredients. This diverse mix of seeds can be digested easily so you can ensure your bird’s overall health and well-being.

ZuPreem Natural Food for Medium-Sized Birds

If you are looking for a pellet form bird food for your cockatiels daily maintenance, this bird food is also a good option. It can provide the daily nutrition that bird needs to ensure a diet with a healthy foundation. Professionals suggest that it contains 80% of your bird’s regular food to keep it active. Though, it can be adjusted depending on your bird’s preference.

The ingredients include ground vegetables and fruits, and it’s not added with any colorings. Every bite of this food contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and is all-natural. Feed it to your bird regularly for overall health.

Kaytee Supreme Cockatiel Food

This food is a wholesome mix of high-quality ingredients that are enriched with all the natural protein, fiber, oils, and nutrition from whole grains. To make this food, pellets, grains, and natural seeds were utilized to provide cockatiels with a plain but healthy diet. They were equally blended to ensure a balanced diet and healthy growth. It was made natural with no colorings nor artificial food additives.

To guarantee its freshness, it is naturally preserved. It can be fed to your cockatiels daily. When you give this food to your cockatiels, make sure that you adjust the amount to maintain their proper weight.


Indeed, it is rewarding to see our beloved pets grow strong and healthy. It is also everyone’s dream to be with them as long as we can. Although food is only one of the factors for their proper care, it is still something that shouldn’t be neglected. It must be considered carefully, and you have to make sure that it fits your pets’ diet and taste.

Many thanks to our technology, learning the basics about raising pets like cockatiels have become imaginable. So even if you are a beginner, as long as you have passion and love for animals, you can be a great pet parent.