Best Food for Crows: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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More than their shiny black feathers, crows are known to be highly intelligent animals. Their ability to remember road signs, directions and even people’s faces make them distinct from other species of birds. It is also easy for them to adapt to their environment, let alone work on their own food. Moreover, they are gifted with great problem solving skills. No wonder more and more people become interested in attracting them to their backyard or feeding them when given the opportunity. If you also find pleasure in doing so, take note of the best food for crows and give them a great feeding experience when they come to visit.

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Essential Things to Know About Crows

Although crows are known as “notorious” in the wild, many of their positive traits have caught people’s attention. As a result, their eagerness to have a close-contact experience with crows has increased. There are people who try hard to succeed in doing this, including feeding them. There are also those who aim to bring one home and keep as a pet. But before doing that, it is important that you keep yourself updated and informed about important things that concern crows.

The Nature of Crows

Crows are wild animals and they also belong to the group of migratory birds. Flying and hopping around, foraging food and enjoying their freedom are the usual things for them. They are one of the most intelligent birds and putting their skills into practice means a lot of them. Typically, they can live up to 20 years; although, the oldest American crow recorded was known to have lived for 30 years. Crows are omnivorous, meaning they can eat almost anything. They are highly sociable and interactive birds, but being “wild” at heart makes it impossible to tame them. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Keeping Crow as a Pet is Against the Law

As much as you want to own one, it is important to know that doing so means violating the law. Crows and other wild birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Act, 1918 and going against it is punishable. Crows kept for educational purposes or under the care of rehabilitation centers are allowed but certain permits and licenses must be obtained first.

The Best Way to Attract them is by Giving them Food

Most avian enthusiast and professionals agree that feeding crows and other wild birds will keep them coming back to your yards. And to be successful with it, you must carefully consider what you choose to feed them. Although they eat almost anything, you can still notice and learn their food preferences as you go through. It is also important to establish a regular feeding schedule to maintain their health. Crows love eating, but you still have to be cautious not to overfeed them.

The Best and Worst Food for Crows

As you have decided to feed in your backyard, it is worthy to know that not all foods are acceptable and good for them. Some of the best foods and known to be their favorites are fruits like blueberries, strawberries, apricots and wild fruits, many kind of nuts, especially shelled and unsalted ones, snails, raw seeds and grains, worms, insects, snail and cat or dog food that has a low phosphorus content. You also have to take note that the following food can be a threat to their health: chocolate and other foods with caffeine, salt, onions, apple seeds, tomato leaves, mushrooms and dried beans.

Top 15 Best Food for Crows

It might be difficult for you to find the best food for crows which is why we have gathered 15 food that you may feed crows to keep attracting them in your backyards.

Kaytee In-shell Peanuts

Crows find peanuts to be very appealing. Thus it is considered one of their favorites. So without a doubt, crows will love this in-shell peanuts by Kaytee. As these are still shelled, crows and even other wild birds can put their skills into action while devouring them.

Also, these peanuts contain high level fat and protein. By consuming these, they will be able to replenish the energy they need in their every day life. Plus, the protein will contribute to their healthy growth and overall well-being. It is also guaranteed that crows will love it as these peanuts are rich in texture and also in taste. No wonder it is one of the most recommended food for crows.

Backyard Seeds Raw Peanuts in a Shell

Backyard Seeds also have shelled peanuts to offer. These peanuts are also a good source of protein which contributes a lot to crows’ complete health and overall condition. Other than crows, it can also attract a wide variety of wild birds. Simply scatter these on the ground or place them in a feeder and you’ll see a good result.

This 7-pound bag is a good way to start feeding wild birds with raw peanuts. These peanuts are packed in a resealable bag to make sure that freshness is kept. Most reviews say that it is also a very good treat for squirrels because of its raw taste. Just remember that these are not for human consumption.

Audubon Park Critter Crunch for Wild Bird

Audubon Park has been making the best wild bird food since 1982. They help in attracting a wide variety of wild bird with their bird food products. An example is this critter crunch. It is a blend of black oil, sunflower seeds, corn, peanuts and whole peanuts which are guaranteed to be all natural.

Moreover, this food blend ensures safety. It is also capable of nourishing animals with essential vitamins and minerals for daily health and energy. This critter crunch is also a good deal in attracting deer, rabbits, squirrels, woodpeckers and more. Since this blend contain small pieces, it is recommended that you use a feeder for it.

Wagner’s Eastern Regional Blend Wild Bird Food

Wagner’s Eastern Regional Blend is delicious wild bird food that contains black oil sunflower, safflower seed, striped sunflower and other grains which were carefully selected and considered. This blend has been proven to attract different kinds of eastern ground feeding birds such as blue jays, finches, Chikadees, and will surely attract crows as well.

It is made in the USA, thus the quality is not a question. This blend can be fed inmost kinds of feeders likeplatform feeders, tube or hopper. For effective feeding, make sure that water is also available when you start feeding this to wild birds.

Wild Delight Deck, Porch N Patio Wild Bird Food

If you are looking for the cleanest feeding experience in attracting outdoor animals like crows, try this zero-waste bird food blend by Wild Delight. The selected ingredients guarantee that this blend will be completely consumed by wild birds like crows without any waste.

The ingredients include pistachios, sunflower kernels, hulled pumpkin seeds, peanuts and more which are also rich in protein. In addition, it is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, electrolytes and amino acids. With this food blend,you are not only attracting wild birds to your backyard, you are also supplementing their daily nutritional needs. In short, you are keeping them full, happy and healthy.

Wagner’s Four Season Wild Bird Food

Wagner’s has more to offer for you. This four season wild bird food contains a variety of ingredients that are ideal for wild birds in every season. Because of this, it can guarantee that you can attract many kinds of wild birds like crows including the migratory ones.

This blend is composed of sunflower seeds, millet, cracked corn, milo and other high quality seeds for general purposes. You can feed to wild birds when seeds and grains are scarce in the wild. It also contains ingredients that can give enough energy to migrating birds. Moreover, it is a good aid for hatching birds.

C & S Products Company Blue Bird Nuggets Plus Beef Suet

Since crows find meat highly palatable, they will definitely love this combination of seeds and grains added with delicious suet beef. This food blend is a ready-to-eat suet base diet that will give wild birds much energy. It is combined with corn, oats, roasted peanuts, raisins and soy oil making it attractive to all insects, fruit and seed loving birds.

It can fit into traditional types of feeders and just a little amount is already enough to make birds visit your backyard. You can feed this to wild birds as their daily diet or you can mix it with fruits and other food. It is packed in a resealabe bag making storage and maintenance easy.

Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Mealworms

Mealworms are loved by reptiles and different aquatic animals, and for crows being omnivore animals, mealworms are also one of their favorite. This food is a good source of natural nutrition. It contains vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients for the animals’ daily health. It is also a great source of protein and amino acids.

This mealworms were freeze-dried in order to keep their freshness and nutrition. Feeding it to crows and other wild birds will keep them coming back to your yard. You can mix it with other bird food blend to give them a variety of nutritious and delicious food.

Audubon Park Songbird Selections Multi Wild Bird Food with Fruits and Nuts

Here comes another high quality wild food from Audubon Park. The combination of different kinds of mixed nuts combined with real fruit will definitely satisfy even the most fastidious birds. Crows are not an exemption. Some of its ingredients are flaxseed oil, sunflower, peanuts, raisins, millet, papaya and mixed nuts.

Jays, woodpeckers, and cardinals are some of the birds it can attract alongside crows. Another great thing about it is its nutritional value. It contains added vitamins and minerals to help wild birds improve their immunity, energy and reproductive health. To make sure storing it is hassle-free, Audubon Park packed this food blend in a bag that is easy to reseal.

C & S Peanut Delight No Melt Suet Dough for Wild Birds

Suet cakes are also irresistible for crows especially if they are made with their favourite food. This C & S Suet Dough, for example. It is made from roasted peanuts, corn, oats, soy oil and rendered beef suet mixed into a soft dough texture and pressed to form a cake. The suet used is not melting resulting to a true no melt suet bird food.

This cake can be given as a treat or a part of their daily diet. Feeding it to wild birds all year round is ideal as it contains ingredients that are a good source of vitamins and energy needed to survive in the wild.

C & S Products Berry Flavored Nuggets

Crows and other wild birds will surely find this bird food attractive. This nugget type formulation was especially made to entice fruit, suet and insect eating birds like crows. These nuggets are a mixture of rendered beef suet, corn, roasted peanuts, soy oil, oats, artificial cherry flavouring, blueberries and red 40.

With this food blend, you will get what your money is worth. Being a suet base, it guarantees no waste and no mess. It is also very rich in protein and essential fats which are a good source of energy. To keep its freshness for a period of time, it is packed in an easy to seal bag.

Wagner’s Mealworms Wild Bird Food

More mealworms, you say? Here is another one from Wagner’s. This mealworms are guaranteed to have a premium quality, given that it is one of Wagner’s best wild bird food. Each bag contains 100% protein enriched mealworms which can be fed alone or combined with other wild bird food for a complete nutrition. It is highly recommended to be mixed with sunflower seeds, millet and corn to give wild birds a delicious choice.

This mealworms are packed in a convenient Velcro press lock back to avoid mess and for easy storage. For an effective feeding, use hopper or tube feeders with large holes. It can also be fed on platform feeders.

Lyric Peanut Pieces Wild Bird Food

Peanuts are truly one of the perfect treats for wild birds like crows. These peanut pieces is 100% edible so no mess and waste is guaranteed. Lyric uses and chooses ingredients with high quality and nutritional value to make sure that you are providing only the best to birds of different types. They also guarantee that all their products are kept fresh and clean.

Other birds you can attract with this bird food are jays, titmice, woodpeckers and more. It is recommended that you use tray with cover, hopper feeder or wire mesh feeder for your feeding to be effective. You can also mix it with other seeds and grains.

Pine Tree Farms Log Jammers Insect Suet

Crows and many kinds of wild birds are also fond of eating insects, so you may as well feed them with this insect suet by Pine Tree Farms. This bird food is made from rendered beef suet, ground peanuts, finely cracked corn, dehydrated mealworms, wax worms and crickets and peanut butter. All of which are crows most favourite foods.

You can feed this suet to wild birds all year round. It is rich in energy giving nutrients to make sure that wild birds are energized and healthy no matter what the season is. For effective feeding, these plugs of suet should be put in log jammer bird feeder.

Pennington Pride Waste Free Blend Wild Bird Seed

Pennington Pride Waste Free Blend Wild Bird Seed is used to attract a variety of songbirds, including cardinals, indigo buntings, finches and more. Also it is highly and equally attractive to jays, woodpeckers and crows. The ingredients include cracked corn, canary grass seeds, sunflower chips, millet, mix feed nuts, raisins, dried cranberries and peanuts.

More than the ingredients, it also contains essential nutrients like calcium and vitamins A and D-3 supplements. Everything in each pack is edible so you will surely see no waste after feeding it. As for feeder compatibility, you can put it in hopper, gazebo and tube style feeders.


At this point, I hope everyone already understand that caging a crow and keeping it to yourself is not a good idea. Because instead of helping it, you might be a threat to their well-being. Their wild outlook towards life will keep them going to their own paths. And no matter what your personal reasons are, there is no way you can keep one as a pet.In case you really want to have a close contact with them, it may be a good idea to be volunteer in a rehabilitation center or better yet feed them with the best food and enjoy their company in your backyards.