Best Food for Doves: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Doves belong to the category of small to medium-sized birds. They are mostly seen in the wild and they also make a good avian companion. Doves are generally calm, gentle, and caring for them is not much of a hassle. But it should be your utmost priority to give them a good feeding. It will help them enhance the quality of their life as well as their longevity. Seeds and grains are what make up their main diet. They really love wheat, cracked corn, wheat, sunflower and safflower seeds. So, when you look for the best food for doves, make sure that these ingredients are included.

Essential Things One Must Know about Doves

Whether you simply want to attract doves in your yard or keep them with you as a companion, there are important things that must be born in mind in order to be fruitful in what you do.

Life Span and Health

These calm birds can live up to 15 years provided that they are given proper care and feeding, and are kept healthy to avoid serious illnesses. Generally, these birds are healthy, but they can be prone to bacterial infections, so it is advised that their environment is kept clean all the time.

Food and Diet

Doves belong to the granivorous category of animals. Their main diet consists of seeds and pellets. They also feed on fruits and vegetables especially those that can be found in their natural habitat. For housed doves, it is recommended that they are given a set of meal diet. This is to ensure that are consuming the right nutrition. You can decide its diet based on its overall condition and your vet’s advice.

Housing and Environment

Same as some birds, doves are also sociable and they thrive in pairs. This is the reason they can always be seen with others of their kind. When you attract them in your yards, try to make it pleasing as possible. Fill it with plants and trees, and set places for them to rest and breed if needed. If you are to prepare a cage for them, make sure that it is wide in order for them to flap their wings comfortable and fly around as this is how they move around. They don’t climb and play unlike other birds. Perches are also a must to help in keeping their feet healthy and strong.


If you prefer the cooing sound of a bird, doves are for you. They don’t screech, sing, nor chirp like other birds, but you can constantly hear their cooing.


For housed doves, it is also necessary to keep them entertained. Toys, perches and essential décor can make them engaged and active at all times. Some of the toys they like are hay balls and small wooden toys. If you want an interaction with them, you can train them to sit on your hand or on your lap.

Proper Handling

Doves that are brought home need ample time to adjust. So it is advised that you put them under quarantine the first time you bring them home. As per professional avian advice, the quarantine period must be at least three weeks. This is to give them time to adjust to their new environment. It is also important to make sure that the are stress-free.

Top 16 Best Food for Doves

Giving doves a proper feeding can result to pleasant things that both you and your avian friends can benefit from. But even choosing from the many is options is really worrisome. So, to help out, we have gathered 16 of the best food for doves. Here they are.

Morning Song 11974 Dove and Ground Feeding Bird Food

Doves like feeding in wider areas, ground feeding is somewhat ideal forthem. This bird food from Morning Song is one of the chosen feeds given to ground feeding birds like quail, sparrows, juncos and of course doves. The ingredients mainly contain red milo, white millet and black oil sunflower. Although this food seems simple, it is a good deal in providing birds with calories, iron and fiber for a healthy growth.

This food is kind of affordable, too. With a reasonable price, you can get a 3kg worth of feeds, enough for a few days feeding. Feed it in small amounts and let those wild birds enjoy it.

Hagen Pigeon and Dove Vme Staple Seeds

Hagen gives you this staple Vme seeds especially produced for pigeons and for doves. It is a blend of premium quality seeds that are air-cleaned and polished to give you a free dust, appealing and nutritious food for your birds. Some of the seeds are white millet, red milo, red millet, whole wheat, cracked corn, safflower seeds and more. These seeds were carefully chosen and loaded with minerals and essential vitamins to promote a healthy growth.

As this food blend is complete with various ingredients that doves love, it can be given as their sole diet all year round. Feed it to your doves daily with clean water to help them be at their best every day.

Sunseed Vita Subscription Bird Food for Doves and Pigeons

This bird seed diet that Sunseed made is equally good for doves and pigeons to promote their foraging behavior. It is also fortified with Vitamin A, D, E, Calcium and Probiotic which helps in supporting their daily nutrition, improve their digestive system, and keep their skin and feather glowing. Also, the fatty acids together with other essential nutrients helps them become energized and strong.

Wholesome ingredients were used to complete this delicious blend. It includes white millet, oat groats, milo, split green peas, and more. With this blend, you are not only supplementing them with daily nutrients, you are also helping them enjoy their eating habits.

F. M. Brown’s Birdlover’s Blend for Dove, Pigeon and Quail

The Brown Family’s experience for six generation inspired them to create this premium blend for doves, as well as pigeons and quails. They made sure to use all natural, gourmet ingredients that these birds love. These ingredients include red millet, white millet, milo, wheat, green peas, canary seeds, safflower seeds, oats and popcorn.

The combination of these high quality ingredients is ideal for an all year feeding. The ingredients were chosen meticulously along with their nutrient content so you will not just provide them food that are tasty. Moreover, you are also supporting their healthy growth and overall well-being. Surely, nothing will be wasted with this delicious and nutritious bird food.

Kaytee Supreme Daily Blend Doves Food

Kaytee has always been associated with good quality bird food, making them one of the popular in producing high quality ones.  Kaytee products are proudly produced in the USA and formulated with the help of experts’ experience of more than a decade.They make bird food for various birds like canaries, cockatiels, parrots and more. And this Supreme Daily Blend is made specifically for Doves. Natural seeds and grains that are free of artificial coloring and flavors make up this food blend.

The process used in preserving this food blend is also natural and freshness is guaranteed. Each serving is also packed in a resealable bag for easy storage and prolonged freshness. Most importantly, it is loaded with an equal amount of essential vitamins and minerals that your dove can consume from every piece of the ingredients.

Cole’s Wild Bird Products CC05 Cracked Corn

Corn is one of Dove’s most favorite so they surely would not resist this cracked corn by Cole’s Wild Bird Products. Simple as it may seem, this bird food has been proven to have attracted many kinds of wild birds including doves. Cracked corn is rich in fiber and protein making it a good supplement for the bird’s daily diet.

Already appealing as it is, it can become more appetizing and nutritious when combined with other bird food. Another good thing about it is that it is economical. Simply scatter in on the ground or put it in a feeder and you will see many wild birds enjoying your offer.

Wagner’s 18542 Cracked Corn

If you can’t get enough of cracked corn, you may as well try this bird food by Wagner’s. It is also made to be loved by ground feeding birds and various wild birds. This 10-lb bag can already feed a number of birds for some time. It can be their only diet or mixed with other healthy and attractive wild bird foods. Just make sure to offer it alongside clean water for a complete feeding.

Many experts also trust Wagner’s because of their reputation, and they are dedicated in giving wild birds a close to nature experience. Other than that, they also make sure that birds get the nutrients they need in sustaining their health.

EasyGoProducts Scott Pet Black Oil Sunflower Mix Bird Seed

Without a doubt, sunflower is one of the most attractive seeds for wild birds. Thus, EasyGoProducts offers you this high quality black oil sunflower mix. It targets wild birds like blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, doves and more. To make sure that birds will enjoy it, it was made extra clean. Quality is also guaranteed as the sunflower seeds used are grown in the USA.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are meaty and have a high oil contents, plus essential nutrients like protein, fiber, A & B vitamins, Iron and potassium. They also thin shells so it is easy for the birds to crack open. It can complete wild birds diet, and can also be mixed with other food formulas.

Sleek & Sassy Nutritional Diet for Dove and Quail

Sleek & Sassy is a family owned business that has been operating since 1983 and this experience has equipped them with much knowledge in providing only the best for various birds. This Dove and Quail diet food mix contains good source of enzyme food such as grass seeds, oils seeds as well as whole grains. These ingredients are good for easy digestion and healthy digestive system. It also has ingredients which are rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, and fatty acids.

This food blend alone is already enough to support the birds’ nutritional needs, so it is ideal feed for wild birds in any seasons. Not only that it encourages a healthy body, but also promotes a beautiful skin and shiny feathers.

Volkman Western Dove and Quail Wildbird Mix

The list of the best bird food provider would not be complete without Volkman. They are known for creating the best birds and other pets’ food and supply. If you’ve got dove and quail, this wildbird mix may be the one suitable for them. This is a mixture of red proso millet,  white proso millet, white milo, re-cleaned white and red milo, oat groats,  hard wheat, and safflower seeds.

You can expect this mixture to provide only the needed nutrients to keep the birds active and healthy. Essential vitamins and minerals like protein, fiber, and carbohydrates are present in this mixture which birds can surely consume in every feed.

Natures Nuts Chuckanut Products 00155 Deluxe Dove and Quail Mix

This one is another blend that contains high quality ingredients that wild birds love including doves. It is offered by Nature’s Nuts, a food manufacturer who believes that fresh and natural ingredients are essential in providing first class bird food. This blend is made up of white millet, safflower seed, canola seed, canary seeds, wheat and cracked corn. You can also guarantee that it is natural because it is free of artificial colors.

Other than that, it is free of unwanted oils and fillers, so you’ll surely get what you paid for. It is also packed with the nutrients that birds need in order to grow healthy and to have a longer life and healthy skin and feather. Scattering it in your garden is like preparing a haven for various birds.

Des Moines Pigeon Feed Dove Mix

Des Moines Dove mix is also one of the seed blend you can rely on to attract and tend to wild birds like doves. The quality of the ingredients used were ensure to make sure that they only provide what the birds need to stay healthy and energize every day.  The ingredients include milo, white millet, wheat, yellow popcorn, safflower seeds, oat groats and more. It is also mixed with Porcine meat and bone meal making it more palatable and full of nutrients.

The distribution of nutrients in the ingredients was made equal to make sure that birds can get a balanced nutrition in every feeding. This mix can complete their diet and is ideal to feed throughout the year. Whether you scatter it on the ground or place it in a tray, wild birds will surely devour it.

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse

This food formula is made to support the daily nutrient needs of small to medium-sized birds like doves.  Harrison’s products are certified organic as proven by the organic seal found in every product. The ingredients are non-GMO products, free of any preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors, very ideal for bird lovers who want to make sure that they are feeding their birds with natural products.

Some of its ingredients include yellow corn, hull-less barley, soybeans, shelled peanuts, sunflower seeds, lentils, green peas, oat groats and more. All of these are ground to make it easy for the birds to eat. It also guarantees essential nutrients and is great to feed all year round to non-breeding, non-molting and other kinds of birds.

Lyric 2647439 Fine Tunes No Waste Bird Seed Mix

Lyric is also a family-owned business which bird food products are hand-crafted by an experienced team of bird enthusiasts so you can guarantee of their products quality and health benefits. This bird seed mix that they offer is not only intended for doves but also for other birds of the same size. It is a mixture of different nuts and kernels finely cut to fit small beaks and different kinds of feeders.

The ingredients are a good source of vitamin E and other minerals which help in supporting the birds’ growth, longevity and overall well-being. This mix is also seed hulls, fillers, and shells, so birds can easily devour it without any troubles. It is also packed carefully to keep its freshness.

Kaytee Spray Millet for Birds

To make feeding unique and exciting for your lovely birds, you may also try this spray millet from Kaytee. It is often given to birds as a treat weaning and attracting the birds to eat happily. Ideally, it is used when establishing a bond with birds or simply playing with them. You can simply hang it outside or place it where birds usually perch on.

This spray millet is also high in nutrients, so you are not giving birds a treat but also supporting their overall health. You can also guarantee its safety because it is free of artificial colors and flavors.

Wagner’s 62059 Greatest Variety Blend

As the name suggests, it is one of the greatest blend you can feed to attract various kinds of birds including doves. It contains 11 carefully chosen ingredients including those seeds and grains that are highly palatable for various kinds of birds. Black oil sunflower, white millet, red millet and cracked corn to name some.

The size of each ingredients is ideal to be fed in tubes, hopper or platform feeder. Also, it can simply be scattered on the ground. It promises to give birds all the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and strong. It’s a good diet for wild birds all year round.


Understanding the lifestyle, behavior, preferences and health needs of doves is essential for you to be able to provide them with the things that can help them keep their health and live a long life. Whether you just want to enjoy a view of them in your backyard, or keep them in your home as a company, choosing the right food will help you maintain their overall well-being. Though there are many food formulas available for birds, you still need to consider a few important things so you can get the most suitable for your birds’ needs and you budget.