Best Food for Pigeons: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Many people only know pigeons for being “dirty birds” because they scavenge food wherever they are available. Little do they know that beyond that, pigeons have a lot amazing characteristics. Pigeons actually have a remarkable intelligence and they excel most because of their navigation skills which is why they were used as messengers in the past. It is also possible for them to learn number and even the alphabets. Moreover, their power in flying is remarkable that they are sometimes used in racing which can earn their pet owners a lot money. No wonder there are many who want to attract and keep them, so the search for best food for pigeons start.

Interesting Things about Pigeons

From what you have learned, your curiosity and interest about pigeons must have gone deep. That is not a surprise. Pigeons have a lot to offer that are not known to everyone. In this article, we will reveal some of the amazing facts and information about doves.

Baby Pigeons Survival Rate

Do you ever wonder why you don’t usually see baby pigeons? Unless you are breeding pigeons, you will realize that sighting of baby pigeons, known as “squabs” is very rare. This is because squabs are kept in the nest for up to 2 months before fledging.  As they have grown up before leaving the nest, predation from other birds is avoided giving them a higher survival rate than other birds.

Pigeons Are Able to Produce “pigeon Milk”

There are 3 species of birds that are able to produce milk and one of them is the pigeon. Crop milk, also known as “pigeon milk” for pigeons is used to feed the squabs. This milk is produced in the pigeon’s crop a few days before the eggs are hatched. So by the time the squabs come out, their milk is ready to be fed. The milk is fed to the baby pigeons on their first 10 days.

They Can Categorize Things Based on Colors, Texture and General Appearance

Other than the letters, numbers and direction, pigeons also have good eyes for arts and color. Their brain can classify the things around them through their colors, texture and their overall appearance. They are also good at color and line association. In the past, a Japanese researcher proved this through a study. The pigeon he housed was shown different paintings and it was able to categorize good and bad paintings.

They Were Considered Heroes in the Past

Pigeons had a great contribution in the past especially during the wartime. As all communication network was cut, it was impossible to send warnings and important information among people. Fortunately, pigeons have excellent navigational skills so they were used to send messages back and forth.

They Can Fly Back Home from Miles Away

Are you scared that you would lose your pigeons when they go away? Worry not because pigeons can easily find their way home. They can navigate using road and motorways. Studies also show that they can remember landmarks and signs making it easy for them to go back to places they have been to.

They Can Make Good Money

Because of their superior navigational skill and great power and speed in flying, pigeons are used in racing. And so there are breeders who raise and train pigeons to join races and make money. Racing pigeons are also sold at a huge amount. The most expensive racing pigeon recorded in history was sold for $1.4 million.

Top 15 Best Food for Pigeons

It is easy to attract pigeons using a variety of seeds and grains because they are opportunistic eaters. They enjoy whatever is fed to them and they are willing to try any kinds of foods including fruits and vegetables. Also, many bird food manufacturers offer different mixes that you can choose from. Here are some of them.

Hagen Pigeon and Dove Vme Seeds

Pigeons mostly feed on different kinds of seeds so it is no doubt that this food blend will meet their liking. Hagen Vme seeds is a blend of seeds that are both appealing and full of nutrition. To ensure its quality and cleanliness, the seeds were air-cleaned and polished leaving only a perfect blend of seed without a waste. This blend consists of white and red millet, red milo, wheat, cracked corn and more.

Hagen also made sure that it supports the quality of pigeons’ life and so they filled this blend with nutrients to support their daily nutritional needs. With this feed, pigeons can avoid nutrition deficiencies. It can be fed to caged pigeons as well as those in the wild.

Wagner’s Classic Wild Bird’s Food

Using Wagner’s bird food will give you the result of their 100 years of experience. Their utmost goal is to create high quality bird food made from only natural ingredients. One of their best creation is this classic bird food intended for wild birds including pigeons. Sunflower seed, cracked corn, milo and white proso millet complete this blend.

This is a complete diet and is ideal for all year feeding especially on days when seeds and grains are difficult to find. With this value bird seed blend, you don’t only attract pigeons and enjoy their food, you also supplement them with the needed nutrients for them to stay healthy and strong. The size of each ingredient can fit hopper, tray feeders and tubulars.

Morning Bird Pigeon Feed #5

Morning Bird leads in making first class products for our avian companions. Their products have gained their reputation in providing safe and quality products that support the avian needs. They offer various bird food blend for different types of birds and each blend has specific features. An example is this pigeon feed #5.

It consists of re-cleaned milo, wheat, popcorn, century peas and maple peas. The nutrient contents include protein, fat and fiber. This blend is ideal to use if your desire to supplement your pigeons with a moderate amount of protein. It can be their main diet or you can mix it with fruits and vegetables to become more appetizing.

F. M. Browns Dove, Pigeon and Quail Bird Food Blend

For experienced breeders, hobbyist or even the novice, this bird food blend is a great deal to feed the pigeons. It also made to meet the nutrient needs of doves and quails. This maker has an experience of six generations and they only use natural ingredients in making their products.

This seed gourmet, for example, is created to give pigeons, doves and quail premium quality seeds and grains that contain essential vitamins and minerals. Made to meet their daily nutrient needs, this blend is suitable for all season feeding. Its ingredients include most of pigeons’ favorites – red and white millet, milo, wheat, safflower seeds, green peas, canary seeds and popcorn.

Meadow Ridge Farms No Grow/No Shell Mix

Meadow Ridge Farms is also one of those that provide high quality bird food and they have many varieties to choose from based on what kind of birds you tend to. This No Grow/No Shell Mix is made to attract finches, woodpeckers, mourning doves and pigeons. This mix is locally blended in Minnesota and is made from the freshest and the highest quality ingredients.

Peanut hearts, sunflower hearts and cracked corn are used for this mix. No mess is guaranteed with this mix. All contents are eatable. You also don’t have to worry about scattered seeds as they don’t grow on the ground. It is perfect to use in either feeders or in the garden.

Audubon Park 12225 Premium Blend Bird Food

When it comes to reputation on making high quality bird food, Audubon’s is not questionable. A selection of bird food mixes is also available to meet the avian communities’ demand. Their premium blend of bird food can be used to attract different kinds of small to medium sized birds with pigeons included.

Grosbeaks, towhees, cardinals mourning doves including pigeons are what this mix target. The main reason why the ingredients are those that these birds love – white proso millet, cracked corn, safflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds and black oil sunflower seeds. These seeds are rich in energy giving nutrients and so it is great for an all year feeding.

Sunseed Vita Sunscript Dove and Pigeon Diet

A great blend that provide equal nutrition to both doves and pigeons. This Vita Sunscription diet is a delicious and healthy way to promote the foraging instinct of pigeons in the wild. It also provides that daily nutrients that housed pigeons need in order to stay healthy.

This blend contains the best seeds, grains and vegetables that are highly attractive. Plus, they are enriched with vitamins, chelated minerals, probiotics and omega fatty acids to support the nutrition of these birds. The said nutrients help in supporting their digestive system and maintain the health and glow of their skin and feather. Truly, it is a great way to consume these nutrients in a happy way.

Morning Bird Pigeon Grit

Morning Bird Pigeon Grit is also an excellent choice in attracting and caring for many kinds of wild birds. And it is one of the most chosen bird food by avian hobbyists who fancy attracting pigeons the most. It is made up of limestone, oyster shell and salt and is fortified with essential nutrients to support the birds’ health and overall well-being.

Safety is guaranteed among all Morning Bird products and all of them are free of any pesticides. This bird food is flexible and can simply be fed as a free choice for different species of birds. You just have to make sure to include enough fresh water along with it in every feeding.

Morning Song 11974 Dove and Ground Feeding Wild Bird Food

Ground feeding birds such as pigeons will surely find joy in every piece of this bird food mix from Morning Song. The combination of these high quality seeds and grains make it possible for avian animal lovers to fill their yard with colorful and attractive variety of wild birds.

The ingredients consist of the best selection of fine seeds such as red milo, white millet and black oil sunflower. Each of the ingredients are added with nutrients to help the birds keep their bodies healthy, especially their immune system. The ingredients also help them keep their skin and feather healthy. It can be used in table feeders or can simply be scattered on the ground.

Purgrain Sparkling Clean Pigeon Feed European Supreme SYC

Purgrain supplies many kinds of bird feed for pigeons. They promote an assortment of seed mix with different nutritional value. An example is this Sparking Clean Pigeon Feed which is amongst their best seller. It ensures a hundred percent of pure grain making sure that you only get the value of what you paid for.

High quality seeds and grains were used for this. They are Canada peas, small yellow corn, red milo, safflower, maple peas, whole meat, white milo and millet, Austrian peas, oat groats, buckwheat, hemp seed and mineral oil. This mix is enriched with 16% protein, 8% fiber, and 5% fat to give pigeons enough energy and good health for their daily living.

Des Moines Pigeon Feed Premium 22 Seed Mix

Des Moines also offer a variety of bird food for pigeons. They make a good combination of seeds to make sure that pigeons and birds of the same type enjoy them. This Premium 22 blend is specially made for birds that are kind of picky when it comes to commercial food. It is an all-purpose blend that contains 22 kinds of high quality seeds and peas comprise the 25% of it.

Some of the ingredients include small graded nutra corn, Canadian field peas, maple peas, lentils, white proso millet, brown rice, barley, vetch, flax, hemp seed and rape seed. Its nutritional value is also great, making it an ideal part of their daily diet.

Des Moines Pigeon Feed No Corn Regular Mix

This no corn pigeon mix is another great offer from Des Moines. Corn is a great source of fat and can be stored in pigeons’ body for a period of time, so it is an ideal feed in cold seasons. But summertime is a different story, thus the creation of this no corn bird seed mix for pigeons.

Even without corn, it still guaranteed that pigeons can enjoy as the ingredients used are their favorites. It is a combination of milo, hard red winter wheat, Canadian field peas, white proso millet, and buckwheat. It is also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to support their health needs in the summer.

Sleek and Sassy Nutritional Diet Bird Food

This seed blend is intended for dove and quail, but it is also equally good to offer to pigeons. It was made to support the digestive system of the said birds in order to absorb the nutrients of each of the ingredients. All the ingredients are rich in enzyme and various nutrients and do individual works to maintain the overall being of the birds including the health of their skin and feathers.

It contains golden German millet, grass seeds, oil seeds, whole grains and more. Sleek and Sassy also makes sure to use only natural ingredients and their seed mixes don’t contain any artificial colors or sulfites.

Kaytee Supreme Daily Blend Dove Food

You maythink that this daily food blend by Kaytee is only made for Dove but actually, even pigeons will definitely gorge themselves on this delicious bird food. All natural seeds and grains were carefully picked and preserved naturally to maintain its freshness until it is fed. Also, no artificial colors and flavors were added to guarantee its safety and its nutrients’ efficiency.

This bird food is made from white and red millet, milo, wheat, canary grass seed, safflower, oats groats, corn and other grains that are both palatable and healthy. All ingredients are fortified with a balanced blend of nutrition including protein, fiber oils and nutrients from whole grains. It is a good food for every day feeding.

Volkman Western Dove and Quail Wildbird Mix

Though it was made specifically for dove and quail, this wildbird food mix will surely fit the pigeons’ likings and diet needs as well. It has also been proven to have attracted pigeons and supported the daily nutritional needs of those which are caged. Originally, it is formulated for Western wild bird, thus the ingredients where chosen based on what they normally eat in their natural habitat and considered their favorites.

That includes white proso and red proso millet, re-cleaned red and white milo, small cracked corn, oat groats, re-cleaned wheat and safflower seeds. The ingredients also have an attractive nutritional value. They contain protein, fiber and essential fats.


Looking for a good bird food for pigeons can be a lot of work. You can see various offers, brands, types, ingredients and nutritional value. If you are not with what to buy, you can for your vet’s help or other avian hobbyists’ recommendation. Remember, there is nothing wrong in trying different kinds of bird food for your pigeons, but it is still best to settle in something safe and healthy. Though pigeons just eat whatever you give them, it is still better to give them a great feeding experience.  And if you want to encourage a healthy living, feed them with something nutritious, too.