Best Foods for Cockatiels

Just like any other pet, cockatiels are at their healthiest and safest when they are provided with a diet that their system requires. Offering the best food for cockatiels is essential to keep your pet bird sickness-free and be looking at its best. While in their natural habitat, these birds thrive in the wild with their kind and consume a wide variety of plants and seeds. They exist mainly with the seeds available in their surrounding. However, they also consume greens and grit. To ensure that your cockatiel is provided with a proper diet, consider this guide.

General Information About Cockatiels

Foods for Cockatiels

A well-balanced diet is not all that these birds need to remain well and healthy. Things like an appropriate cage, accessories, as well proper handling is necessary for your bird to stay satisfied and to be at its best health while under your care.

These birds are native to Australia. They are quite social and prefers daily interaction with their owners. And even though they are the smallest among the cockatoo family, they can grow to as long as 12 inches.

As they get along quite well with birds of their kind, it is best to keep more than one of these birds in a right-sized cage, which should be kept close to a family gathering space or a bedroom, especially if you decide to keep a single cockatiel.

These birds has a lifespan of about 15 years, so if you will be able to train them well, you will find having kept one or more of these birds a real joy. Just make sure that they are well-provided and are managed well to ensure that they would be free from any disease and live healthy for the duration of time that they spend under your care.

Best Foods for Cockatiels

You can always find best food for cockatiels to offer to your bird in your kitchen. There are also a wide variety of seed mixes and feeds available in the market today that you can offer to your bird. Remember, however, that not every seed mixture is created equal.

Specially made cockatiel pellets are considered to be the healthiest feed for these birds, which are readily available in local pet stores. Whenever you decide to buy from any store, just make sure that you are getting a package that has not been kept on the shelf for a very long time. Remember that your bird can easily distinguish between fresh products from otherwise. If your cockatiel notices that they have but old seeds, they will just take them out from their tray.

Offer seeds and pellets as main diets for your birds. Keep its feed tray a quarter full every day and have the feed refreshed daily. Remove any empty seed husk from the tray as well.

Feed your bird greens every other day. They will also benefit from fruits like apples, pomegranates, mango, cantaloupes, and bananas that you may serve once every week. You can actually offer just about any fruit that your bird may desire.

Your bird will also be delighted to be provided with all other sorts of foods, such as boiled pasta with greens, nuts, sprouts, even popcorn and crackers.

You can always experiment with the foods that you offer your bird. Just remember that as the variety of foods that you can offer your bird, so are there a number of them that you should not provide for your pet bird. Avocados, dairy products (excluding eggs),greasy foods, shellfish, canned veggies, chocolate, sugar, salt, coffee, tea, alcohol, fruit seeds and pits, should not be provided for these birds.

If you are not sure, you can always consult an expert, however. Any left over should be removed from your bird’s feed tray and have a bowl of water readily available at all times. Just make sure that its feed tray and water bowl are kept well-maintained at all times. As a general rule, If you are not sure, don’t give it to your bird until you ask an expert.

If you decide to offer a different food, take note that it will take some time before your bird will actually enjoy it. Be patient and soon you will be delighted just as your bird will be when the time comes that it finally took noticed of the new feed that they had been ignoring for some time.

Again, it is not just about offering the best foods for cockatiels that matter when it comes to providing proper care for these birds. It will also help if you would find time to check with other bird owners on how they manage their birds. And, as always, a trusty bird vet is always your best option.