Best Heater for Hermit Crabs: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Besides walking sideways, finding a place to hide, and socializing with others, hermit crabs don’t do much. But maybe that’s why their owners love them. And part of that love is getting the best heater for hermit crabs. As an owner, a heater isn’t the only thing you need. But it’s a great start, especially if you’re looking to make the crustaceans comfortable. Add a terrarium, some crab company, and substrate, and you’ll have a  happy pet. In this article, we’ll show you how to pick the best heaters for your crab. We’ll also share some helpful tips in the conclusion section. Let’s get to it.

Guide on How to Select Heater for Hermit Crabs Habitat

If you’ve never bought a heater for hermit crabs, here are four factors to consider before making your first purchase.

Power Rating

Like any electrical appliance, heaters have power ratings. Some go as high as 20W and others as low as 2W. Energy consumption is important because some heaters need to stay on for 24 hours, and you don’t want your electric bill to double.


These days, it’s standard buying procedure to look up the reviews of whatever product you’re planning to buy. Sometimes, the reviews are all you need to make a decision. But if there are negative reviews, try to understand them before removing the product from your list.


Unfortunately, all heaters don’t conduct heat with the same efficiency. For example, some heating mats distribute warmth unevenly, with some areas being much hotter than others. If you don’t take care, your pet crabs will be forced to favor an area of their habitat, instead of roaming free.

In-built Thermostat

Some heaters also have in-built regulators that keep their temperatures at a specific range. They don’t get hotter or colder. However, others require you to check-in and turn them off every few hours.

Top 15 Best Heater for Hermit Crabs

If you’re still confused about selecting a heater, it will help you know that we only chose the best products on amazon for this list. Let’s see what these babies can do!

Forliver reptile Pet Heating Pad Mat Bed

The Forliver reptile heating pad distributes much-needed heat around your crab’s habitat, including the substrate and other decorations you may have in there. The device comes as a complete package, including a plug and voltage. You can control how much heat your crab gets using the in-built temperature controller.

Besides hermit crabs, the Forliver reptile heating pad is also suitable for spiders, lizards, frogs, and even snakes. The pad is waterproof, so there’s no risk of damage.

20W Reptile Heating Pad Tank Warmer

This pad is made of rare and super-conductive nichrome heating wire and rare PVC material. It can reach your crab’s perfect temperatures in a very short time. The device also comes with a temperature regulator, and it distributes heat equally throughout the habitat.

Here you have a heating pad that’s not only great for your pet but you as well. It’s remarkably easy to use, consumes minimal energy, and suitable for tanks and vivariums. The manufacturer warns that this heater should NOT be used inside aquariums.

Fluker’s Heat Mat Hermit Crabs

The heat mat has all the standard features, including an easy-to-control temperature system, high-quality material make-up, and low power consumption. If you want to keep your crab enclosure warm during the cold periods, this is the heat mat for you. It distributes the heat evenly.

Fluker’s are known for manufacturing great pet-friendly products. This one has glowing reviews for being just the right temperature for the crabs. It heats up without being too hot or uncomfortable. It also preserves the bottom of the crab enclosure, whether it’s made of high-grade plastic or glass.

Tikaton Reptile Heat Pad

The Tikaton Reptile Pad one-ups the other products on this list by making it even easier to regulate the temperature. All you need to do is slide the dial and feel to confirm your desired temperature. Takiton claims that this product also improves hermit crabs’ overall health, like their metabolism, appetite, and activity. We don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly keeps their habitat warm and makes their life better.

Takiton made this one out of durable PVC material and conductive heating coils. It is highly efficient, distributing heat evenly without wasting any energy. And because it needs only 8 watts of power to function, you don’t have to worry about your electric bill!

Zacro Reptile Heat Pad

Many people wonder how to tell legitimate products from look-alikes and inferior ones. A simple trick is to look at the product description. Good manufacturers take special care to tell you what a product can do and what it can’t. Here we have a product that tells you the exact limits of its ability, and that’s why it’s worth your money.

The Zacro reptile Heat pad is only built for habitats of about 6 * 8 in, and tanks of up to 20 gallons. It is made of durable and highly conductive materials, and it doesn’t emit any harmful sounds or lights. This product is ideal for hermit crabs and related reptiles.

Zoo Med Hermit Crab Heater

The Zoo hermit crab heater is only designed to handle small-sized habitats, like those for hermit crabs. The recommended size is 7.3*4.2*1.8. To install, place the mat’s adhesive side to the plastic heater’s underside and simply raise the temperature to the desired range.

However, you should know that some users have complained about the Zoo med crab heater. The mat is highly specific, and so, if your habitat is larger than the recommended size, it won’t get enough heat. Likewise, if it’s smaller, your crabs may get too hot.

Zoo Med ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater

Zoo MEd ReptiTherm is a beautiful product because it can double as a heating source and a thermostat. You can use it in conjunction with a larger source in a larger habitat or a primary heating source in a cozy and small enclosure. The mat has an adhesive side that makes application a breeze.

One problem you may experience with the product is that it’s not self-regulatory. This means you can’t just set it and forget about it. To give your reptile the best care, you’ll need to regularly check-in to make sure the temperature stays at an acceptable range.

REPTI ZOO Reptile Heater

If you get a REPTI ZOO Reptile Heater, you’ll get something other products on this list have been unable to deliver — temperature regulation. Once the mat surface exceeds 50 degrees, the heating automatically turns off. This protects your hermit crabs with or without your supervision. Another helpful innovation is that the mat surface gradually turns red as the temperature rises — you can see the device work.

You can also expect an even distribution of heat across the substrate and enclosure. There’s no need for your pet to hideaway on one side of the habitat because the other side is too hot. The REPTI Zoo Reptile heater is excellent for both reptile habitats and aquariums.

iPower Reptile Heat Mat

From the name of this hater for hermit crabs, you can tell that it packs a punch. And in a good way! This product is an improved design, and it’s made of better materials compared to its previous designs. And because it’s just as affordable, that makes it one of the best options for your pets.

The heating mechanism transfers heat evenly across the mat and the substrate. Secondly, the adhesive layer only serves to further conduct heat instead of insulating it. iPower Reptile Heat Mat is suitable for habitats of reptiles, lizards, and even plant terrariums.

ATian Reptile Heating Pad

The ATian Reptile heating pad is suitable for small animals, including hermit crabs, turtles, and spiders. It comes with a standard US plug and voltage. If you’re using the product in other countries, you can buy a connection adapter and be good to go.

The ATian Reptile Heating Pad also has an automatic thermostat, low energy, and waterproof coating. It is easy to use and works just as well on the inside as it does outside the tank.

SunGrow Reptile Tank Heater

Imagine the perfect solar temperature. Not the barely noticeable one, and not the scorching hot one either. SunGrow designed their reptile heater to provide the best temperatures for your hermit crabs and other reptilian pets. The heat mat can work for 24 hours straight, and it keeps your pets healthy and warm.

The SunGrow Reptile tank Heater also has a long-lasting adhesive coating that keeps the mat on the enclosure for a long time. With many products, once the adhesive fails, the mat is all but useless. This product will stay on the enclosure for as long as you need it to.

iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad

Here we have another heating pad by iPower. And true to form, the product is excellent, effective, and very durable. This iteration comes in varieties, depending on the size of your reptile enclosure. The 6 * 8 in variety is the most popular because it matches the size of most habitats.

The mat is highly efficient, and it provides even heating to the whole habitat. Because it’s made of a super-conductive material, it’s entire surface reaches temperatures of up to 42 degrees celsius. And the adhesive layer won’t reduce the heat transfer either.

Fluker’s 29050 Heat Mat

The Fluker’s Heat Mat also has many varieties and sizes. Like many hermit crab owners, your pet’s enclosure is probably close to 6″ * 11″. In that case, this would be the best product for you. Besides the perfect fit, it also has multiple features that make it a great purchase. These include 7 watts power consumption and durable make.

The mat is safe for use for all amphibian and reptile pets. You can either stick it under your pet’s enclosure or on the side; it works well either way. This mat works best with direct contact. If your crab’s tank has a substrate, you should look for another heat mat.

PeSandy Reptile Heating Pad

Some pet owners prefer to have some control over the temperature of their crab’s enclosure. Most mats don’t get hot enough to harm the pets, but some do. If you have a mat that powerful, it helps to get a thermometer to match.

This product has enough power to heat the enclosure to your desired temperature, and a regulator to keep things within a normal range. The mat takes about thirty minutes to heat up, but you can maintain that temperature for as long as you want. Pe Dandy Reptile Heating Pad is best mounted on the bottom of the vivarium.

Fluker’s Domed Lamp for Hermit Crabs

So far, we’ve reviewed heat maps that are suitable for various kinds of habitats. But if you know anything about pet care, it’s that there are many ways to approach any problem. Heat lamps are another creative solution to crab enclosures. And unlike mats, you can get higher temperatures quicker with lamps.

The device has an on/off switch for easy control and a rating of up to 75 Watts. The only problem with this product is that the bulb is not included. You’ll have to purchase that separately. But if you need a heat lamp for your crab habitat, get Fluker’s Domed Lamp.


If you’re looking for the best heater for hermit crabs, you probably already know how to care for pets. You know to ensure their habitat can hold humidity, but also allow airflow. YOu also know that crabs are social creatures, and you’ll need at least three to keep them healthy. But here are two tips that can help. First, you should only use sugar-sized sand because larger grains could hurt the crabs. If you can’t get sugar-sized sand, try compressed coconut fiber. Second, give your crabs a hiding place. Even though they aren’t in danger of predators, having a hiding place can help crabs feel safe and comfortable. You can get half coconut shells, large shells, or even broken pots for these.