Best Hermit Crab Habitat: Top 20 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Hermit crabs make fantastic pets. As such, they deserve the best terrarium that you can find. But more than that, they deserve the best substrate and decorations and the right amount of heat. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to cover all these topics in this guide. Instead, we’ll focus on how to get the best hermit crab habitat. As you’ll see, it’s an undertaking that you need to get right from the start because your crab will live there for a long time. In addition to showing you how to pick the best habitats, we’ll also share helpful tips on taking care of your pet. Let’s get to it.

Guide to Selecting the Best Hermit Crab Habitat

Let’s quickly look at the three most important factors you need to consider when shopping for hermit crab habitat.

Heating Needs

Hermit crabs require a specific temperature range to stay healthy — usually 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll need a heating lamp or mat to keep the terrarium within this temperature. Therefore, the habits either need a hatch for the heat rays or a conductive base for the mat.

Material Build

Hermit crab habitats are made of glass, plastic, and combinations of both materials. Do you want to see into the habitat? Does it need to be sturdy in case of a fall? Your answers to these questions determine what kind of terrarium you should get.


When it comes to choosing a habitat for hermit crabs, size does matter. The terrarium needs to be big enough for at least three crabs because these crustaceans are social creatures that need company. It also needs to accommodate whatever decorations you’ll add.

Top 20 Best Hermit Crab Habitat

We’ve curated 20 of the best habitats for you to consider. Of all the products on the market, these offer the most value for money.

Zoo Med Laboratories SZMSCK1 Hermit Crab Kit

Manufactured in China, the Zoo Med Laboratories Hermit Crab Kit has everything a first-time owner needs. The product pack comes with a 10-gallon tank, a hermit crab care book, a thermometer, some food, a saltwater conditioner, and even a shell.

Instead of buying all these items separately, you can get the starter kit and have all you need to begin caring for your pet. Unfortunately, the product doesn’t come with substrate, so you’ll have to do some shopping after all.

Exo Terra Faunarium Flat Home

The Exo Terra Faunarium is a see-through plastic home designed especially for hermit crabs. It has meticulously cut slits at the top of the tank for breathability and a plastic trap door for easy access. The flat home is more suitable as a temporary habitat, but it will work just as well as permanent housing.

You’ll need to clean, disinfect and fill it with substrate before it’s ready for use. Luckily, all these tasks and more can be performed easily thanks to the product’s design. The Exo Terra Faunarium is available in two sizes — Medium and Large.

Penn-Plax New World Habitat

One of the great things about this habitat is that it can be repurposed. If you find yourself suddenly in a position to care for snakes, hamsters, or even fishes, you can convert this hermit crab habitat into a lovely home for the pets.

It’s a large plastic container with very few visual distinctions. But what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in function. The medium size is 2.1 gallons large, and the glass body makes it easy to monitor the crabs inside.

Black Brass Copper House Shape Close Glass Terrarium

The Black Brass Copper House is the exact opposite of the Penn-Plax Habitat. This crustacean home is beautiful on the inside and outside. With a glass body and brass support beams, it’s shaped like a home fit for loved pets.

The spacious interior gives you lots of room for decoration, with items like substrate, logs, and even plastic flowers. Additionally, because it’s transparent, you can admire the beauty of your crab’s home from the outside.

Zoo Med Labs Nano Breeze Aluminium Cage

The Nano Breeze Aluminium Cage doesn’t come assembled. But it’s incredibly easy to put together. It’s suitable for crabs as well as geckos and insects. Its robust build and aesthetic design make it slightly more expensive than other products on this list.

But if you’re looking to give your hermit crabs the best habitat, this is one of the best options. Not only is it easy to customize, but it’s also different from other habitats, giving your pet a unique place to live.

Penn Plax HC25 Hermit Crab Starter Kit

The Penn Plax HC25 Starter Kit is best for kids and first-time crab owners. It basically holds your hand as you set up the habitat for your crustacean pet while ensuring you can’t go wrong. You have everything you need in a single purchase, from the included substrate to the climbing grid and shovel.

It has a one-gallon capacity and includes a small ventilated cover, access door, and a handle. If you want the real worth of this product, you should buy some additional substrate.

Black Glass Geometric Terrarium Container

With a design that would impress many architects, this is the best hermit crab terrarium for you if you love delicate designs. It has a design similar to a flower pot, but with geometric angles. The main body is made of glass, with black beams separating the segments.

Besides a habitat, this product can also be used as a display case for flowers and other home decors. The good news is that, even as a habitat, it has remarkable visual appeal.

REPTI ZOO 20 Inch Terrarium Hood Tropical Desert

If see-through habitats are not what you’re looking for, how about a perfectly illuminated rectangular tropical habitat? That’s exactly what the REPTI ZOO Terrarium Hood aims to accomplish. The product is meant to be used as an add-on to another hermit crab habitat.

You can get UVB bulbs that suit the image you have of your crab’s terrarium. There are tropical lights, desert lights, and even rainforest lights. Each has its unique properties.

Aqueon 10 Gal Black Aquarium

The Aqueon 10 Gal Black Aquarium is the perfect companion for the REPTI ZOO Terrarium Hood. It is large, made of glass, and sturdy. With its clean silicone edges and watertight interior, this habitat is also suitable for fishes and reptiles.

The large interior gives you lots of customization options. You can fill it with substrate, attach a heat mat to the bottom, or get a fluorescent hood; the choice is yours.

Transparent Reptile Box Animal Habitat

If there was ever a simple habitat with remarkable potential, this is it. The Transparent Reptile Box isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. The edges are razor-thin, so thin that they are almost invisible. The upper compartment is hinged and can be opened for easy access.

The Transparent Reptile Box can also be used for transporting hermit crabs and other pets. Even more, it’s completely compatible with the Terrarium Hood we talked about earlier.

Alfie Pet – Niall Acrylic Habitat

The Alfie Pet Habitat has a unique appeal for crab owners looking for something different. It comes in three different sizes, and each is heavy enough to remain unmoved when shelved. The habitat is made using safe materials that can be cleaned and decorated easily.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to assemble it after purchase. But it’s minimal frame and design are simple enough that you’ll figure it out without any help. You can decorate the habitat however you like, depending on what you want for your crab.

REPTIZOO Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium

The best crab habitats are made of glass, metallic mesh, or a combination of both. We already saw the glass design with the Transparent Reptile Box, but here we have a product that combines both designs.

The REPTIZOO Mini terrarium sports a glass body with a mess top that doubles as an access door. The access door only opens from the outside, making it escape-proof for all kinds of pets. The mesh design also allows for the penetration of heat from lamps to keep your hermit crabs warm.

OMEM Portable Reptile House Terrarium Habitat

We already discussed terrariums suited for children, and here’s another. Instead of containing a starter pack, this product has a beautiful serrated lid and plastic body. Shaped like a pear, it’s visually appealing enough to draw in visitors to admire your crab.

The OMEM reptile House is easy to carry around, and the serrated lit provides ventilation for the pets within. It also has an access door that you can use to feed your pet or place decorations in the habitat.

Lee’s Reptile Ranch

Lee’s Reptile Ranch is a brightly colored hermit crab habitat with a simple design. It’s made of plastic with the bottom housing the pet and the top doubling as a ventilation system and access hatch. The habitat also has a divider for separating the pets, as well as an electrical inlet for accessories.

The habitat is available in different colors from red to blue, and it weighs just 2.35 pounds. Lee’s Reptile Ranch is easy to clean, and your pet crab will love it.

Lee’s Aquarium Herphaven Reptile Carrier

Being from the same manufacturer, this product is very similar to the Reptile Ranch. The only difference is that it’s available in black, and it weighs much less. It can double as an aquarium for fishes. There’s a self-locking lid on the top, surrounded by ventilation slits.

Lee’s Aquarium Herphaven also has a convenient handle for easy transportation. This habitat is perfect for a few small hermit crabs.

HYLUN 3 Pack Reptile Plants

Of all the products on this list, the HYLUN 3 Pack Reptile Plants probably has the most potential for decorations. If you know what you want, you can transform this boring rectangular glass box into a tropical haven for your hermit crab.

It has enough room for foliage, substrate, logs, and even shells for the little guys to hide in. It is recommended that you soak and rinse the plastic plants for up to 30 minutes before first use. This will give them a more realistic look.

Large Reptile Tank

As the name suggests, this hermit crab habitat is large and very spacious. But that’s not all it’s good for. It features opaque walls with a glass window on the front that lets you observe your pet and admire the decorations.

The top also has a hatch that can be opened to let in a heat lamp’s warm rays. If you’d instead use a heat mat, the plastic at the bottom is heat-conductive.

Reptile Small Feeding Box

The reptile feeding box looks more like temporary housing than a permanent terrarium. But looks can be deceiving. Its practical design makes it suitable for caring for hermit crabs with few worries.

The terrarium comes with air holes all around the side for ventilation, as well as access shafts. Being made of transparent plastic, it also offers you a 360-degree view of your pet. Finally, the terrarium holds heat remarkably well, ensuring that your crab stays warm.

Lee’s Kritter Keeper

The only problem with the Kritter keeper is its opaque nature. You have to peep through the access hatch at the top to view your pet. Other than that, it’s an excellent habitat for hermit crabs. The lid is serrated for easy ventilation, and it comes with a handle for transportation.

The habitat comes in mini and small sizes, making it unsuitable for large pets. However, it’s’ spacious enough to contain substrate and other habitat decorations for your pet.


The OTSUMAMU Critter Keeper is very similar to Lee’s Kritter Keeper. Like it, the OTSUMAMU has a colorful lid with a handle. It also has slits on the roof for ventilation and an access hatch for interacting with the pets.

Manufactured in Japan, it has a durable build and a sturdy frame. Although, you should protect it from severe shocks for the sake of your pet.


At this point, you know enough to make a savvy purchase of the best hermit crab habitat. But before you take off, we’d love to give you some final tips. The first has to do with terrariums that come with their own plant decorations. You need to soak these plants in water for up to 30 minutes. The water makes them more life-like, which is something you want. Secondly, ensure your hermit crab’s habitat has a shell or something the crustacean can hide in. Even though there are no predators, hermit crabs, as their name suggests, love to hideaway. Giving them somewhere to hide is excellent for their health and wellbeing.