Best Horse Feed For Weight Gain: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Feeding horses is necessary to sustain their strength in working on the fields, or in racing. The best horse feed for weight gain can meet the pet’s health requirements, especially with senior horses. This diet will boost their immune system and digestion like how natural hay does.

Top 15 Horse Feeds For Weight Gain

Choosing the best horse feed for weight gain can be crucial for some. So, here is a rundown of weight gain supplements for your horse:

Horse Guard Super Weight Gain Horse Supplement

The first item will deliver three supplements in every dose for your horse. It is formulated with protein, fat, and a lot of vitamin E per dose. This is designed for underweight horses with visible results after a few meals.

A 500lb horse must consume one scoop of this supplement each day, and two scoops for heavier ones. It helps to boost the immune system and add weight on horses with all the nutrients added.

Moreover, the horse supplement supports gut health that benefits the pet against any diseases. It also contains selenium to resist stress among horses.

Manna Pro Nutrigood Low-Sugar Snax

Here is a delicious snack for senior horses with low starch formula. Manna Pro made the food a great choice for horses to gain weight. They used all-natural ingredients with less sugar and artificial flavors for safer feeding.

Nutrigood is in two nutritious flavors, such as carrot anise and apple. It perfectly suits most horse’s tastes with its consistent quality. The treat also smells good to easily attract equines to eat some.

The product is made in the USA guaranteeing its best quality for every horse.

Manna Pro Cool Calories 100

This is an equine dry fat supplement with more calories promoting a good body condition on horses. It consists of 99% of fat and a high density of calories to energize your pet. The formula is best for performance horses to gain a few more pounds.

Horse owners often add this supplement with a quality feed that is easy to mix. It then reduces the need for grain for feeding. The mixture is easy to digest containing a bulk amount of nutrients in powder form.

Its high source of fatty acids will result in a healthier coat condition for horses.

Horse Guard FLIX Flax Horse Treats

Horse Guard produces a bite-sized treat as the best horse feed for weight gain rich in Omega-3. It is well with all horse breeds requiring up to eight ounces of feeding per day. Its main ingredient is flaxseed that benefits the overall health of equines, including weight gain.

These treats are edible in-between heavy meals or are mixed with forages for best results. It may enhance your horse’s coat with its added nutrients. FLIX also has anti-inflammatory properties to aid joint illnesses on horses.

At a reasonable price, you will get 9-pounds of horse treats in a convenient bag.

Farnam Weight Builder Equine Supplement

Farnam offers a 30-day supplement for horse weight maintenance and a glossy coat. Larger packs are available for several equines to feed. Weight Builder Supplement contains no sugar and 50% fat to yield an ideal weight on your pet.

The manufacturer added calories and other nutritious ingredients to meet every horse’s needs. It comes across with the diet restriction essential for horses. Per serving contains more calories that won’t upset your pet’s digestion.

It does not only promote healthier skin but has calming energy for performance horses. There is no need to add more grain when using this supplement. The nutrients it can give would be adequate.

Manna Pro Senior Horse Weight Accelerator

Manna Pro is a reputable brand that cares for your equine wellbeing. This is a weight accelerator with high calorie and fat contents to realize weight gain over your pet. It best suits all horse’s life stages in maintaining a good body condition. Each pack contains 8-pounds of horse feed at an affordable cost.

Weight Accelerator also benefits coat condition with the help of flaxseed ingredients. It also includes biotin to support hoof growth and probiotics for proper digestion. The diet is good for the immune system by way of antioxidants and essential vitamins.

Older horses can easily ingest the supplement when mixed with natural hays.

Vita Flex Hard Keeper Solution

Among the best horse feed for weight gain is the Hard Keeper Solution suitable for high-performance breeds. It will take a month of feeding to see results for weight gain and a healthy coat.

Feeding requirements may vary depending on your pet’s specific needs. Two scoops will be adequate for weight and one scoop for skin health. Also, it will depend on the horse’s age and performance.

Hard Keeper Solution contains extra calories and fatty acids to boost the horse’s energy and support digestion. It is less risky compared to regular grain feeding that can make horse warmth.

Purina Equine Senior Active

Equine Senior Active is designed for senior horses lacking energy and weight. It has a blend of ingredients loaded with fat and fiber for a healthier immune system. This feed is also rich in flaxseed and vegetable oil to boost energy levels, with added vitamin E.

Purina made certain to reduce the sugar content to deliver better nutrients for senior horses. It maintains the pet’s blood sugar level while promoting higher energy each day. The prebiotic content enhances the immune function of horses.

It is packed 50-pounds to provide an ample amount of feeds for your equine pet for a longer time.

Manna Pro Senior Snax Horse Treats

Treats can also improve a horse’s weight with proper feeding time. Manna Pro has formulated a healthy and delicious treat for senior horses. It is made with glucosamine for healthier joints. This is apple-flavored liked by most horse breeds.

The 2-pounds horse treats also contain fatty acids and biotin for healthy skin and hooves. It is supplemented with antioxidant properties to maintain proper digestion and realize weight gain shortly.

They are easy to chew. It has an irresistible taste and yet to be stored in a dry and cool place. You can feed horses with up to two treats at a time.

Purina Apple & Oat Flavored Horse Treats

A horse treat is a perfect complement to any equine feed that improves weight. Purina has to offer a flavorful treat, specifically apple and oat flavored. It is something horses cannot resist that can satisfy their taste.

These yummy treats come in different shapes and sizes, and easy to digest. It is used to reward adult horses. The treats are a great source of essential nutrients suitable for equines, like calcium, selenium, phosphorus, protein, fat, and many more.

Prevent spoiling horses with these treats as it can be pricey in the long-run. Only feed treats in-between meals.

Standlee Hay Premium Alfalfa Pellets

Pellets are other forms of horse diets perfect for gaining weight.  They can be a substitute over natural forages able to deliver the same nutrients for horses. Standlee Hay Company sells premium quality alfalfa pellets as a good option.

Keeping horses on the farm makes alfalfa pellets a lot more suitable for feeding. It minimizes the need to harvest farm hays with its natural nutrients to offer. The company guarantees a healthy feed for equines with no fillers added.

It is 100% alfalfa with a nice fragrance and taste. Combining the pellet with other treats is also possible.

Progressive Nutrition Top-Line Advanced Support

This could be an underrated horse supplement in the market, but a good one. It is less expensive than the other options and nicely sealed in a container. For horses needing more weight, Top-Line Advanced Support is the best choice.

It has balanced amino acids, helpful for gaining weight. This is a 30-day supply and suitable for all horses that deliver results quickly. The added ingredients help to improve stamina and the overall performance of horses.

Indeed, you will see progress on your equine pet sooner or later with these supplements.

Purina Enrich Plus Ration Balance Pellet

Growing horses demand nutritious feed to maintain their weight and energy for everyday activities. Enrich Plus is a balanced diet designed for mature horses that live in a pasture. It is a great addition to feeding horses with natural hays.

Provide up to 2-pounds of pellets for your horse to meet its nutrition needs. The overall supplement can last for a month to finally deliver weight gain results. It is a good source of protein together with vitamins and minerals that can fill nutritional gaps. It can be equal to a grain and hay diet.

Phoenix Renew Gold Supplement

This one contains a blend of helpful ingredients for weight gain purposes. Everyone can afford this supplement in feeding horses. It comes in a 30-pound of healthy feed that fits all breeds.

Renew Gold Supplement is an efficient formula with combined healthy elements to benefit horses. It includes a high-fat level, coconut meal, and flaxseeds working to increase the horse’s weight.

It has lower starch content when compared to grain feeds. This promotes a decrease in blood sugar and so a healthier equine pet.

Purina Impact Professional Senior

The final product is made to replace senior horse diets. It is a complete feed that is equal to pasture diets but in a highly palatable form. The feed can also meet aging horse’s needs with the added vitamins and minerals.

Senior horses also need a higher level of calories to live longer. Purina used fat and digestible fiber to increase its calorie content. It benefits horses in gaining weight only after a few meals. Additionally, the sugar content is reduced for safer ingestion.

The enterprise chose not to add corn as it can harm equine pets.

Buyer’s Guide

To make the selection of the best horse feed for weight gain easier, consider the following factors:


Horses may require specific ingredients on their diet to gain weight. It involves protein, fat, selenium, and other vitamins and minerals. A small number of carbohydrates also make the best horse feed for weight gain.

Horse’s Age

In choosing a proper weight gain feed, the age of the horse will matter. Easily soluble feeds are best for older horses as hay consumption becomes harder for them.

Brand and Price

There are great deals of well-known brands selling horse feeds to choose from. Pick a pony feed that suits your pet’s explicit requirements, paying little heed to the cost. Its general wellbeing is to eye for.


Purchasing the best horse feed for weight gain in the market requires looking for the correct fixings. They may come in various structures yet what makes a difference most is how it will help your pet. The superb elements to search for are protein, unsaturated fats, and other nutrients and minerals. Talk to equine specialists prior to choosing horse feeds to forestall conceivable medical problems.