Best Hummingbird Food: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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There are various sources of food and nutrition to a hummingbird. They feed on insects, saps, pollen, ashes, and sand. However, out of all of these sources, pollen is the most abundant and well-known source of food to these little wonders of nature. Sucrose is gotten in large amounts from nectars, and this gives these birds the necessary energy for digestion, flight, and strong living. We shall be exploring this well-known source of food for a hummingbird. Buckle up!

Homemade Nectar Recipe

Interestingly, one of the best ways you can make life easier for your hummingbird is to learn to make simple hummingbird nectar by yourself. In all front, this food is as nutritious and as healthy as buying nectar from a store. Homemade nectar guarantees that your birds don’t go a day without food as you can easily replenish your storehouse when it is out. To make simple nectar for hummingbird, pour warm water and sugar into a bowl, mix with a spoon till the sugar dissolves, and bam, you have your sweet nectar for your bird. From thereon, all you need to do is to fill your feeder and serve your birds. Are you wondering if it is that simple and fast? Yes, it is.

Benefits Of Homemade Nectar

  • It is quick and easy to make
  • It’s cheaper than buying made nectar from the store.
  • It imitates the natural nectar found in flowers
  • You enjoy much satisfaction watching your birds eat from your hand made nectar.

Important Things To Note About Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

  • Always boil the water used in making the food to remove impurities and make the nectar last longer.
  • Although hummingbirds are attracted to red color, do not add dye to your nectar recipe. Adding dye might lead to unfavorable health consequences for your birds.
  • Pre-made nectar from the store does not work better, it only saves you the time of making your own. Buying pre-made nectar from stores is not harmful to the birds. It doesn’t do much good than the homemade ones either.
  • Changing of nectar feeder should be done based on the conditioning of the food. The weather, humidity, and where the feeder is hung can determine how often to change the feeder. However, do not let the nectar stay for more than a week before you change it.

Since we have talked so much about making your nectars, let us consider how to buy it from a store. How can know the best feeder for our little birds?

Buying Guide To Choosing Hummingbird Feeder

  • Size: the number of birds you wish to feed should determine the size of the feeder to buy. Feeder sizes range from 8 to 80 ounce. If you do not want each bird to struggle to eat while feeding, get many smaller size feeders to serve the nectar for each bird.
  • Material: feeders are made from many materials such as UV stable polycarbonate, glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal. You can read about the peculiarity of each material and how it affects the feeder.
  • Easy to clean: ensure to choose a feeder that can be easily cleaned to prevent bacteria from building up in the feeder. Choose a feeder that can be thoroughly cleaned, a bottle-shaped feeder will not be ideal as you can’t reach into it to completely clean it.

More On How To Choose A Feeder

  • Do not buy a feeder that has a yellow food port as yellow attracts bees.
  • Do not use sugar water and commercial nectar that have red coloring.
  • Feeder color is not so important as to serving good and fresh nectar.
  • If you have an old feeder that attracts bees, you can bee-proof the feeder by using clear mineral oil.

The 12 Best Hummingbird Food

If you do not have the luxury of time to prepare homemade nectar, or you do not know the right mixing of its ingredients, consider buying from a store. Nectars are quite available in stores, but here is a list of some of the best food you can give to your little birds:

EZNectar – The Only Ready-to-Use Hummingbird Nectar

You get 6 whole nectar with a package of this product. Produced by EZNectar, the maker gives out its entire profit to pollinator preservation cause and healthy bird, hence you can be sure that this nectar is of high quality. This product is the U.S. patented because it is made with sugar and water only. Like natural flower nectar, it is ready to use, it has no dye, and there is no preservative. The manufacturer only uses filtered water and sugar cane as they provide a good alternative for homemade nectars.


  • An alternative for homemade nectar
  • Can be stored for up to three weeks after opening
  • No mixing- ready to use


  • Quite costly

Best-1 4 Jars Original Hummingbird Instant Nectar

You can easily pick this product and feed it to a large number of hummingbirds. It is a 100% natural energy food with no coloring, and it is canned in a 14-ounce jumbo jar. You can place it container freely on a shelf. It comes with a manual that guides you on how to mix. For proper mixing, use seven cups of water to an entire jar of this nectar.


  • It last long
  • It attracts birds easily
  • 100% natural energy food for hummingbird


  • Birds might not eat if not properly mixed

Audubon Hummingbird Concentrate Food

You do not need to boil water before serving this bird food. It mixes easily, in no time, with water. It possesses all-natural sucrose food- it provides the best nutrient for your birds. The Audubon hummingbird concentrate food is natural- no preservative or artificial color. It has a 3-ounce separate pack, so you have a total of 45 ounces for nutrition. Customers that have used this product testify that birds eat it well. After opening, it is recommended to store in the refrigerator for only a week.


  • Keeps your hummingbirds busy
  • It is easy to make
  • Has no dye


  • You need to mix with water before use

Hummingbird Nectar [Package of 4]

This nectar is made with a natural formula. It has no artificial color and no preservatives for promoting the health of the bird. Your little bird will love this specially formulated nectar as it is delicious and energizing. All you need to serve this nectar is to mix with water; serve in the feeder, and watch your birds come to eat. You can use this nectar for all feeders.


  • Attract hummingbirds
  • It is not harmful to the birds
  • No additives


  • No commonly used by bird keepers.

Sweet-Seed, LLC Nectar Fusions Hummingbird Food

The sweet seed is made from food sources that hummingbird craves for. Prepared with pure sugar cane and fortified with calcium and electrolytes for healthy eggshell development and elimination of dehydration, your birds are sure to get all the necessary nutrients it needs. Besides, there is no need to mix with water as you only need to pour this pre-formulated nectar into a feeder. The package is unique and environmentally responsible.


  • Packaging reduces carbon footprint and it is recyclable
  • The pack keeps the nectar fresh after opening with little need for refrigerating.
  • It is BPA free


  • Little total serving ounce

Sapphire Labs SLHFF Hummingbird Feeder Fresh Nectar

On features, the sapphire labs SLHFF hummingbird feeder fresh nectar is packed in a bottle that helps to prevent the nectar from spoiling easily. Its package dimensions are 5.5 inches high by 1.6 inches wide by 1.6 inches deep. The sapphire fresh nectar protects the birds and lasts up to two weeks, even in warm/hot weather. It is recommended to clean the feeder thoroughly before refilling it to make it safe for birds.


  • Higher price but quality ensured
  • It can keep homemade nectar fresh for two weeks
  • It attracts hummingbirds a lot.


  • Copper material content can cause a reaction

Moore Wild Birds Hummingbird Kit

The Moore Wild Birds Hummingbird Kit features a complete feeder kit, feeder, and nectar. Upgraded and renewed, the kit has five feeding ports and built-in perches that support long feeding time and watching. Its feeder is bee-free, unique, and beautiful. It is also quick to fill and to wash. You also get a handbook that teaches basic information about the needs of hummingbirds, how to identify breeds, and how to makes them feel at home. Its nectar ingredient contains D-fructose, sucrose, and D-glucose. The two bags of its nectar can make up to 128 ounces.


  • You have all you need at your reach
  • A handbook to guide to appropriate usage
  • It is natural


  • The powder dissolves too quickly

Nectar Dots Hummingbird Feeder Kit

This kit is ideal for gardening enthusiasts, bird lovers, and all those who love and interact with the wonder of nature. If you’ve dreamed of having these little birds in your backyard, you can get closer to them with this kit. Its nectar attracts birds; it has two feeders that are bee-proof and are easy to clean. You can easily clean the feeder with the brush (comes with the pack). This hummingbird kit has a gift look- you can present as a gift to friends or family in any season of the year. It has two handheld feeders and comes with a manual guide.


  • Birds can eat from the feeder even when held in the hand
  • It is bright and it attracts birds quickly
  • It is cheap


  • Its feeder is small

Hummingbird Nature Bird-Window Handheld

Much more than being a bird feed, this is an all-encompassing product. It is ideal for outdoor activities and allows you to use it without the need for your nectar need not be fixed in your backyard. If you love to feed birds, you can choose this kit as it is easy to set up outdoor. All you need to do is place the feeder in your hands and watch the birds come around. It comes with a ready to use nectar and everything you need to hand train a hummingbird. Kids can also learn to use this kit once they go through the instructions.


  • Educational for both kids and adults
  • It is flexible and can be carried around
  • Comes with all you need to care for hummingbird


  • It does not come with suction cup

Kaytee Electro Hummingbird Nectar

Kaytee humming nectar is a naturally clear nectar formula with no additive or preservative. This nectar comes ready to use without the need to add sugar or water. Just serve in a feeder and let the birds have a nice feeding time. Ensure to clean your feeder before filling it with this nectar to get the best result. It is recommended you shake before use and refrigerate after opening to preserve it for a while.


  • Ready to use
  • No additive
  • Equip with electrolytes


  • Feeds the birds for just two days

Pennington Ready To Use Electronectar

This feed is designed to attract birds to your feeder. It is as natural as the nectar in a flower and has no red dye or other artificial colors. The nectar requires no mixing since it comes with ready to use features. Pennington electronica is made with electrolytes which keeps hummingbirds healthy and hydrated. This product is safe for your bird and its major ingredients are water, sugar, and electrolytes.


  • Clear-natural as nectar in a flower
  • Stays up to a week after opening
  • No additive


  • You need to mix with sweetener

First Nature Hummingbird Nectar

This bright red color nectar attracts the most inquisitive hummingbird. The design allows you to easily refill the jar for easy cleaning before refill. With the first nature hummingbird nectar concentrate, you can make the right mixture with an appropriate proportion in a feeder jar. You also do not need to store in the refrigerator to keep safe after opening. Ensure to clean the feeder before filling it with this nectar to have the best result.


  • No refrigeration required for preservation
  • Naturally red to attract hummingbird
  • Can attract a continuous parade of a hummingbird at your backyard for years


  • The container has a chemical smell

Homestead 32 oz Hummingbird Clear Nectar

Unlike powder nectar that you have to add water to dissolve powder, this liquid nectar does not require any mixture. To mix, pour into a feeder, however, you can only add water if you want to feed a larger number of birds. Adding water is not to dissolve the nectar but to make it less thick for the birds. It has natural sugars, no additive, or coloring. It stays fresh in its bottle till the birds finish it and you can reseal the bottle if you need to. Its mixing ratio is one nectar to four parts water.


  • Does not need refrigeration
  • Customers pledge for this product to be worth its price
  • Healthy for your birds


  • Might turn bad if not mixed with water


You can choose the best way to provide food for your hummingbird. It could either be to make it yourself or to buy from a store. Choosing nectar from a store saves time and delivers the same nutrient as having homemade nectar. You can be sure your backyard will not be dull of having hummingbirds if you select any of the nectars above.