Best Macaw Cage: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Macaws vary in sizes depending on their species. From the smallest type of macaw which can grow up to 12 inches to the biggest one which can grow up to 3 and a half feet, caging them will need a lot of considerations. In order to get the best macaw cage for your pet birds, it is necessary that you are familiar with your bird’s species, need, and personality. Most avian professionals recommend a cage that has enough interior space. As macaws’ wings would require a spacious area in order for them to be spread with ease. Moreover, it is also essential that you choose a cage that is safe and durable.

Choosing the Best Cage for your Macaw

More than the space that your cage must possess in order to give your macaws a comfortable living space, there are other things that you must know in choosing the best cage for your macaw as well as how to maintain them. Keep reading and let’s learn together.


Your macaw cage must be made from materials that have a high-quality and are durable. Macaws size gives them power to bend some materials easily. In some instances, their wings can damage the cage unintentionally. If this happens, they might be able to escape or they might hurt themselves from protruding wires. So make sure that the wires in the cage are tough enough not to be damaged by your macaw. This will also save you money.

Wire Spacing

The spaces between the cage depend on what species of macaw you are caging. For small types of macaws, a bar spacing of at least .5” is enough and for bigger types, 1” bar spacing would be good. From time to time, your macaws might attempt to escape and try to stick their heads between the wires and get stuck. To avoid it from happening, choose a cage which bar spacing is small enough so as not to stick their head between them.

Locking System

Macaws are smart and it is not impossible for them to figure out how to open the cage door and get out. To make sure it doesn’t happen, choose a cage with a lock that is not easy for macaws to open and safe at the same time.

Toys and Accessories

Like other birds, macaws also love to be entertained. Equip their cages with toys that would keep them from being bored and at the same time encourage them to engage in physical activities. It is also possible for them to get bored with their toys so make sure rotate their toys or change them from time to time.

Play Top Area

It is also a great idea to choose a cage with a play top area. Macaws love to have a close social interaction with their flock and since you become their family, it would also give them much pleasure to socialize with you. The play top area will give them this chance. In addition, it will give them more space to hang-out and enjoy themselves.

Mess Catcher

It will be normal for your bird to leave droppings and litters while in the cage and you wouldn’t want these to reach your floor. Choose a cage that is equipped with a tray or a pan that gathers these mess. It is also necessary that you put a newspaper or paper that will serve to catch your bird’s poop.

Top 15 Best Macaw Cage

Considering all of these things when looking for the best macaw cage for your pets is a must. Give them the best of what they need and live a pleasant life together. Here’s our choice for the best macaw cage.

Nova Microdermabrasion Large Bird Play Top Cage

This cage mostly receives positive feedback from pet owners. This is available in 61 and 68 inches and the latter one is ideal for small types of macaw. The cage itself measures 23.81” x 22.04” x 31.88” and it comes with a stand for easy transport. It is made from high quality metal built in durable structure to make sure that birds don’t easily bend or destroy it.

On top of this cage, there is a play area where the bird can entertain itself and can have a close contact with you. Both bottom and top also have slide trays which works to gather mess and dirt. These trays can be remove by sliding whenever you need to clean it. It also a durable push bottom door lock so birds are secured.

Heliconia Hideaway Stainless Steel Large Bird Cage

Investing your money on something that you and your macaw can benefit is truly worth it with high class stainless steel cage by BirdCage4Less. This cage is constructed using 304 medical grade stainless so its quality is out of the question. It has an overall measure off 36” x 24” x 65” with a spacious dome rooftop to give extra space for your macaws. Assembling it is also made easy as it doesn’t require any tools to do so.

This cage has a bird proof locking system and it is spring loaded and there are 4 swing out doors for easy feeding. When bought, it comes with 3 water and food feeders and 2 perches. It also has 2 slide-out trays and grates that you can easily clean. Moreover, it has a built-in rolling stand with extra storage you can use for your birds’ personal stuff.

Prevue Hendryx Series Wrought Silverado

Prevue Hendryx also holds a good reputation when it comes to high grade cages and this Silverado cage is the largest among cages that they have. It 36” wide, 46” long and 78” high. It is assembled using hex bolts Flathead – a perfect way for birds not to unscrew them. 3 stainless steel, 1 hardwood perch and non-tip bowls are included with this cage.

It also has slip in mesh section that work in guarding your floors from seed mess and the slide-out bottom grill allows you to clean the mess with ease. Below the cage, it has a stand base that has easy-rolling caster.

Super Deal Pro 68” 2in1 Large Bird Cage with Rolling Stand

This cage is durable enough to handle not only bird’s bite and scratches but also terrible weather conditions. The wrought iron which it is made of make it sturdy and durable. It is powder coated with non-toxic and lead-free paint to make sure it is safe for any types of birds. It also has lockable doors to safely keep your macaws inside.

Another thing you’ll love about it is the top playing area that was made for your bird’s entertainment and outside activity. It is also bought with 5 stainless steel bowls, and 2 perches (one on the play top area and another one inside the cage). Both the play top and the cage have removable trays for easy cleaning. The swivel casters along with it will also help you move the cage around easily.

Yaheetech 69-inch Playtop Bird Cage

Yaheetech Large Playtop Bird Cage also offers a play top bird cage for your macaws.

It is 69” tall and is whole with all things you need for your birds. It has 2 wooden perches, 5 stainless steel feeders and a bungee rope. The play top area also has 1 perch and 2 feeders to make sure your bird is comfortable anywhere it stays.

At the bottom part of the cage,you can see a safe metal grill so birds won’t directly walk on the droppings. The slide-out trays ate the top and bottom also allows you to clean the mess easily.It also has a seed guard to avoid litter. Thanks to the step-by-step procedures included, you can easily assemble this cage.

A&E Cage Co. Large Corner Bird Cage

If you are not into the usual cage types, you might as well this corner cage from A&E Cage Company. This pentagon-shaped cage can save you a lot of space in your home as it can easily fit corners because of its design. The exterior measures 33” x 33” x 72” with a 45” interior height. The cage is made of durable materials with safe powder coat finish.

It also features a large bird proof front door and separate doors for easy feeding. The playpen found on top has 3 ladders, 2 perches and 2 lock-in cups. Inside the cage, there are also 2 perches and 2 feeding cups. Underneath, it has a slide-out grill and tray for easy cleaning.

A&E Cage Co. Giant Corner Bird Cage

In case you are in need of a larger cage, A&E Cage Co. also has this Giant Corner Cage. It measures 61” x 48” x 73” and can be a home to your medium to large-sized parrots. It is made with a sturdy wrought iron with a powder-coating finish so it is not only durable, but also safe.

You can choose from 2 available colors – black and platinum, and it includes 4 feeding bowls, 2 perches, and detachable seedguards to keep droppings off the floor.  The trays and grates are also removable so you can easily clean them. For easy moving, this cage is installed with 5 heavy-duty screw-in casters.

King’s Cages 8004030 Play Pen Bird Cage

King’s Cage also has a nice play pen bird cage to offer to your macaws. It total, it is 40” wide, 30” deep and 72” high and it has an engaging play pen on top. The front door is very large so your macaw can easily get in and out without troubles. It also has a bird resistant lock.

This cage comes with 5 feeding cups and 2 perches. 2 cups are situated in the play pen area, and 3 slide-out cups are inside. Along with these, there are 2 ladders which can be interchangeable from top to bottom in the play pen area. Below, it has a large seed skirt to gather mess, and slide-out trays to easily clean them.

Mcage Extra Large Wrought Iron Bird Cage

Another choice you have for your macaws is the Extra Large Bird Cage by Mcage. It is available in 4 attractive colors – egg shell white, black vein, green vein and silver vein and measures 36” x 26” x 65” including the stand. The bar spacing is 1” and the large door in front is secured with a safety lock. It is painted with non-toxic powder coat finish to avoid harming your bird with toxins.

Three heavy duty stainless steel cups come with it along with natural wood perches. On the sides, there are seed catchers to keep seed drops in place. The grate and metal tray at the bottom can be removed by sliding.

Mcage Extra Large Castle Play Top Parrot Cage

Do you want a play top bird cage from the same maker Mcage? They have it for you. This extra-large castle play top elegant cage is made of wrought iron with a powder coated finish. Its overall dimension is 39” x 31” x 66” including the pay top area and the seed skirt with swivels which act as the stand. It has a large front swing door that is secured is metal spring lock.

The play top area has a toy hook, wooden perch, two dome ladders and 2 feeding cups. Inside, there is a wooden perch and 4 stainless steel cups. Both the play top and the cage have slide-out grate and metal trays that you can easily detach for cleaning.

Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Bird

This cage from Prevue Hendryx is also among the mostly chosen cages for medium-sized parrots including small species of macaws. Not only it is ideal for its size, but also for its price. It’s one of the economical cages with a great quality. It has an overall measurement of 37” x 23” x 60” and the wire spacing is half an inch.

Prevue Hendryx features two large hinged front doors and 6 small separate doors for easy feeding. It contains 4 plastic feeders and 3 wooden perches. There is also a pull-out grille and debris tray that catch all their mess and seed droppings. These can be removed easily for cleaning. It also comes with a built-in stand.

Yaheetech Wrought Iron Open Play Top Bird Cage

Are you tending to mini macaws? Then you might as well look at this open play top cage from Yaheetech. It is crafted out of high quality metal and covered with non-poisonous hammertone paint. The material is rust and water resistant so it will surely stand the test of time. It measures 24” x 22” x 44.5” with 1” bar spacing.

The wires are made sturdy to make sure your macaws don’t damage it. The front door is secured with button lock and the feeder doors are secured with hooks. The roof can be open and closed firmly to make sure birds don’t escape. Inside, there are 2 wooden perches and 3 stainless steelfeeders. It also has a stand with swivel casters.

Best Choice Products Durable Bird Cage with Long Wooden Perch

This cage from Best Choice Products is considered a great deal because of its quality at a convenient price. It is constructed from premium quality metal covered with a safe finish. The interior is designed with 3 stainless steel bowls, and a long wooden perch. It also features a roof top play top which can surely be entertaining for your macaws. This play top has 2 feeding bowls and a ladder.

The large front door is constructed with a snapping door lock. There are sliding trays on top and at the bottom that make cleaning hassle-free. Plus, the stand has swivel casters for mobility and stability.

Lani Kai Lodge Playtop Bird Cage with Stand

You have got another choice from BirdCage4Less. This cage is also spacious enough for small types of macaws. It measures 32” wide, 22” deep and 64” high. To prevent spillage and mess, it has a flared steel seed skirt. Pans and grate are also available both on top and at the bottom. The pan and grate at the top can be removed so your macaw can easily access the play area.

It has a large front doors and 3 swing out doors for feeding. It also comes with 5 feeding cups, 2 natural wood perches and rolling casters to make moving easy. This cage can be bought in white, black, silver, or green color.

ZENY 61” Pet Bird Cage Large Play Top

Zeny also has a cage to offer for your macaws. This 61” play top cage is often used for cockatiels and cockatoos and can also be used for small species of macaws. It is made of long and sturdy metal frame and a long lasting metal wires which are not easy to bend so even big birds can be secured in it.  The indoor room is spacious enough for your macaws and the play top area is entertaining for birds.

Together in this package, you will get 1 interior perch and 2 interior feeding cups. There is also 1 perch on the play top area, 2 stainless steel bowls, and a ladder. The bottom part of the play area and the cage have sliding pans which gather all the mess. There is also a grate to keep the birds from walking on them.


Macaws enjoy their freedom in the wild. At the same time, they also love keeping you a company provided that they can enjoy the same privilege they get in the wild. Before taking them home, make sure that they can live harmoniously along with humans. Some species of macaws are not the pet-type so bringing them home might give them a lot of stress and may cause for their health to deteriorate. With this being said, make sure you are familiar with what you intend to do so will not only help preserve and nourish these colorful and intelligent species, but also you can give them a lot of opportunities to enjoy life and live peacefully with you.