Best Parrot Cages: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Complete Guide)

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Parrots can hilariously add color to our lives whenever they speak out. This kind of bird is so smart to communicate with, and they can randomly talk to anyone around them. Parrot birds can copy the sounds they hear, which includes the sound of a word, phrases, and an actual conversation. To protect them from predators, and prevent them to flee, you need to find the best parrot cages for them.

Important Factors to Consider in Buying Parrot Cages

Speaking of cages, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all birdcages. It comes in different sizes and even styles to shelter parrots. Its prime goal is to render comfort and safety for the mimic birds.

However, finding the right parrot cages is so crucial nowadays. Does it seem like there are unlimited choices regarding parrot cages in the market? To lessen the burden in choosing the best parrot cage, here are the things you need to consider before buying one:

Ensure a Placement Area

It is the area where you are going to place the parrot cages. This factor is essential to know what kind of cage should you buy. It can be a corner parrot cage or a hanging cage. Make sure to place the cage away from windows with an oath of pet’s social improvement. Choose a cage that can fit on the prepared spot.

Cage’s Size

Having the right size of the cage for parrots is essential. The bird’s comfort highly depends on its living place. Small cages are not acclaimed to be the best cage for parrots. Due to the limited space it provides, there will be a higher chance of undesirable bird practices. Go for roomier parrot cages for your pet to move freely. Moreover, large cages allow you to add some bird toys without affecting the bird’s space for living.

Cage’s Shape

A rectangular and square-shaped bird cage is suitable for parrots. It provides more security upon the pets. It is spotless than the other bird cage shapes. There are no hurting edges for the sake of the winged creature.

Bar spacing

A well-built bar spacing is a solution to prevent the birds from escaping. Feathered pets are so good at fleeing away if not well-guarded. There must be a few inches of space between the bars. It avoids the birds from getting stuck in the bars.

Materials Used

The toughness of a birdcage will depend on the materials used during the production. Most cage makers are considering metal materials as the best ones that result in sturdier cages. However, metal cages are hard to clean because it is prone to rust. Some are out of stainless steel, which is easier to clean than metal cages.

Cage’s Entryway

The cage’s door must have a design that prioritizes easy access. The cleaning process will depend on how accessible the cage’s gate is. Additionally, feeding the birds will pass through the entryway. A latch or any locking feature is necessary to secure the parrots inside the cage fully. Some cages have multiple doorways, especially larger enclosures.

Cage’s Bottom

The bottom of the pen is usually composed of a slide-out tray to catch the bird’s waste. A removable bottom is better for easy cleaning and for at ease reassembly.

Other Accessories

There are lots of accessories available to complete the parrot cage. One is a perch or a kind of wood where birds rest at some point in time. Three types of perch are to look out, including mineral perches, branch perches, and artificial ones.

 Top 12 Best Parrot Cages Reviews

From these factors, we have selected the 12 most suitable products for you. Please choose a product you like:

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Parrot Cage

Let’s startup with a large cage that can contain multiple birds. It is a flight cage with casters to move around the cage effortlessly. The cage requires a larger space, as well. It has two large doors with hinges to easily have contact with the pet. Plus, there are six small side doors for feeding the birds efficiently. Food and water cups are included. You do not have to prepare those stuff personally. Prevue Hendryx got your back!

The parrots can play with the included three wood perches. Its bar spacing has proper distances not to allow birds to escape. Underneath the cage is a pull-out grille and debris tray to assess easy cleaning. There is also a bottom shelf as a place for other materials.


  • A quality craftsmanship
  • Transportable
  • Easy to access
  • Extra-large birdcage


  • Sharp edges
  • Demands larger room space

Homey Pet House-Shaped Bird Cockatoo Macaw Cage

It is an excellent looking birdcage with a house roof design to protect the birds from direct sunlight. The cage has upper and lower doors for easier access. The birds can actively fly inside the cage without the worry of bumping into the cage’s corners. Feeding the pets is more convenient through the doors. It has four lockable casters to move the cage around the designated area quickly.

It has an excellent quality hammer spray finish and anti-rust feature. Below is a metallic tray to catch the bird’s waste for easy cleaning up. The floor is out of the grid with handles all for cleaning purposes. It has smaller bar-spacing to prevent small bird species from escaping. There are plastic feeding bowls to complete the package.


  • Well-designed parrot cage
  • Fairly priced
  • Heavy-duty construction



  • Unclear installation tutorial

Nova Microdermabrasion Large Bird Cage With Play Top

It is a simple yet stylish cage for parrots and other bird species. There is a play area on top of it to fill the pets with enjoyment. They go through a ladder to experience the cage’s exterior. Up there are two feeding bowls and a wooden perch. The materials used are iron and stainless steel for the feeding bowls. You can move around the cage without producing any noise through its detachable rolling casters.

Inside the cage are another set of feeding bowls and a wooden perch. Three feeding doors are built with locks for more secure feeding. Its main entrance has a push-button lock, which is new to the world of cages. The mesh panels help to ensure a clean cage for the birds. It can be washed easily from time to time together with the removable tray.


  • Numerous feeding bowls
  • Easy to clean
  • Has play top area


  • Untrained parrot may escape when it goes on play top area

Hagen Vision Bird Cage

It is a portable bird cage suitable for canaries and parrots. It delivers a pleasant environment for the pets. The design dramatically varies to the previous cages due to the creativity of the manufacturers. It promises a lesser mess as it goes through the base directly. There will be no flying debris inside your house.

It is a neatly white finish cage with a single height. You can detach the pen on its base for cleaning purposes. It has a small-wired design that can keep even smaller birds. The debris guard is liable for keeping the waste away from the floor. Its wide double doors work independently as a landing pad for birds.


  • Includes stylish perches
  • Inexpensive
  • Has a unique design
  • Gains a high customer satisfaction


  • No side doors
  • Uneasy to remove the base

VECELA Wrought Iron Flight Parrot Cage

Let us go back with a large parrot cage that can accommodate several birds. It had better play top area than the pen a while ago. The circular staircase is used to reach the play top area without stumbling. Thanks to its lockable stand. It has ball-shaped casters to roll around smoothly. It accommodates several bird species, including parrots and birds with similar sizes. The grill is a durable and powder-coated metal wire, and it is rust-resistant.

The cage provides more allotted space for the parrots to fly freely. In times of cleaning, you can remove the grate underneath the pen and the sliding metal tray. It is easy to clean because of the materials used during production.


  • Well-built play top area
  • Rust-resistant feature
  • Provides capacious space


  • Poor quality latch
  • No feeding doors

SUNCOO Wrought Iron Heavy-Duty Flight Cage

Your loving parrots can spread their wings freely with this large birdcage from SUNCOO. It shelters not only parrots but other birds species too, like a lark, canary, and many more. Three wooden perches serve as resting spots for your pet. You can position the cage anywhere by its rolling casters with the braking system to not bump into the corners.

Feed the pets through its two feeding doors. It includes four feeding bowls that can bear all the needed nutrients of your pets. It has a different secure lock design that is too tricky for the parrots not to open. The cage is easy to clean due to the pull-out bottom tray that catches debris.


  • Offered at a fair price
  • Quality-made feeding cups
  • Durable construction


  • Needs extra coating

Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage

If you want to travel with a parrot, Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage is right for you. It can go to short-time travel with your bird. The structure is enough to contain two birds at once. It has a top handle for easy transport in every takeoff. You can fold the cage for storage to occupy even the smaller spot.

The side door is very convenient for the bird to go through it. The cage offers two stainless steel dishes and a perch to complete the deal. Its base catches all the debris produced by the bird. Thus, cleaning the pen is more than stress-free. Its wire spacing is wider than the prior cages of about ¾”.


  • Very portable at a fair price
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to carry


  • For travel purposes only

Mcage Wrought Iron Parrot Cage With Play Top

It seems like a parrot cage with play top is on-trend. Here is another large cage with an exterior playground for the birds. It has double ladders with two perches and stainless steel bowls. The top area provides enough space for the birds, as well as its interior. The pet can go inside the cage through its swing-out door with safety lock. Feeder doors are available to avoid spillage of food supplies.

The cage is movable through its rolling casters, and its bottom has a metallic tray for easy cleaning. Also, the slide-out grate prevents the birds from walking on their wastes. There are surrounding seed guards for added waste management. The bar spacing does not allow the escaping behavior of birds.


  • Has a wider doorway
  • Excellent play area
  • Enhanced waste management


  • Unclear instruction manual

ZENY Bird Cage

This birdcage can last for years because of its sturdy metal frame and welded construction. Though the cage is huge, it is still portable with the help of its rolling casters. Small to medium-sized birds can dwell in this cage. The storage shelf below gives extra space to hold other bird stuff.

Food and water for the birds are available in four plastic feeding cups. These are transparent containers to see whether you need to add more foods or not yet. The birds can rest through the included two perches. Maintaining a clean home for the birds is held by the removable sliding grate.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to move around


  • Issue of lead contamination
  • Flexible bars

Yaheetech Standing Medium Flight Bird Cage

If there is no particular space provided for the cage, perhaps a portable birdcage is what you need. Its handle design makes it appropriate to move around wherever you want. It comes with a swing for added amusement. In addition to that, a natural wood perch serves as a comfy place to rest on. Both can be enjoyed inside this large cage.

Its durable frame is painted with non-toxic material and so safe for the pets. Small pets cannot escape from the cage due to its fine bar spacing and locking feature. Its door has arc-designed wires to add beauty to it, and the enclosure includes eco-friendly feeders. It has a red clip design for a steadier cage. Slide-out trays and mesh panel keeps the pen hygienic and more pet-friendly.


  • Has underneath storage shelf
  • Two wide door opening
  • Easy to assemble


  • Shallow debris tray

Prevue Pet Products Empire Extra-Large Bird Cage

Prevue Pet Products never stop to produce the best bird cages for parrots. They come up with this Empire Extra-Large Birdcage. The price might be beyond your budget and yet offers a quality cage for your pets. It is a giant cage made by Prevue Pet Products you can avail of. It’s so-called the Black Hammertone birdcage.

It is a complete package, including non-tip bowls and a hardwood perch. Securing the birds is an easy task for the cage with its flathead hex bolts. The pets can not easily undo it. The bottom part, including a pull-out grille and a tray, makes the cage more comfortable to clean. It has small casters to move around the cage effortlessly.


  • Offers plenty of room for the birds
  • Easy to put up
  • Moveable cage


  • Highly-priced

Prevue Pet Products Square Roof Parrot Cage

Ending up the post with Prevue Pet Products Parrot Cage is a great deal. It must be smaller than the previous Prevue Pet Products Bird Cages but offers plenty of space. It has a square roof designed to protect pets during the day. Its black-colored theme makes the cage look classic.

The front door is styled to support the birds’ landing. Wire spacing is about ¾” that highly prevents escaping. The added three plastic cups that hold food and water makes the purchase cost-effective. The two perches add fun for the birds inside the cage. During the cleaning process, remove the grille and bottom tray and then wash thoroughly.


  • Classic design
  • Can contain mid-sized bird species
  • Well-made birdcage


  • Requires overall disassembly to wash up the cage


Providing parrots with a suitable cage is essential for them to live well. We are aware of how fast the production of different birdcages in the market is. Hence, choosing the right cage for parrots is somewhat crucial. You can pick from the above-list of parrot cages. Go through the buying guide earlier to be able to end up with the right cage.

I hope this post widened your idea about the best parrot cages. Leave your remarks on the comment section below and wait for a quick response.