Best Parrot Toys: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Pet parrot toys come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are very important to maintaining the mental and physical health of your pet. The importance of pet toys makes it a necessity and not something of a convenience. Unfortunately, many pet owners consider their pet toys to be nothing more than an accessory. Yeah, it would be an interesting catch to have something that can keep your pets entertained, however, the best way to shield your parrot from behavioral issues is to fit their house with parrot toys.

Types of Bird Toys

  • Foot toys: Foot toys are designed to promote dexterity and allow your bird to exercise the feet. It also allows it to hide foraging toys for fun.
  • Foraging toys: Since birds are supposed to work for their foods, foraging toys teach your bird to navigate through problems to obtain a treat.
  • Comfort toys: these types of toys eliminate lonely and destructive behaviors in birds. It also helps to prevent the anxiety that is common when birds are alone and separated from the flocks.
  • Chewing Toys: Chewing is a natural activity that birds do. Chewing toys allow birds to achieve their inner craving to chew.
  • Manipulative and puzzles: Educational toys appeal to the curious and smart side of birds. For example, they can untie knots open food doors, undo bolts, and so much more.
  • Exercise toys: Since the birds are kept in the cage most of the time, they need something that can substitute flying around as a means of exercising their bodies. Swings, ropes, ladders, and bungees help to build chest muscles, balancing skills and also helps to exercise the legs, feet, and back.

How to Choose Bird Toys?

Choosing good toys is a difficulty. That said, a clear understanding of how tricky the choosing process is will help you choose the right type for your pet.

  • The cage size: The size of your cage will inform the size of the toy that you choose. For example, if the cage is small, by implication, it will not have enough room to fit big or large toys. Conversely, if the cage is big, then you can fit in all the toys that you desire. Ensure that the cage is spaced right to accommodate the toys.
  • The toy size: Safety is tied to the size of your parrot toy. In scenarios where the toy is too small, your parrot could potentially bite off a part and swallow that part. This could cause serious injury to the bird and should be avoided at all costs. Also, ensure that the toy parts cannot cause injury to the toes or beak of the bird during its playtime.
  • Quality: Your best bet for finding quality parrot pets is to buy from reputable manufacturers. This is because they make use of non-toxic and safe parts to reduce the risk to birds.
  • Variety and quantity: birds like humans get bored when they are used to a routine. Instead of leaving the same number of pet toys at the same place for a long time, you can introduce new toys at intervals and change their locations every time. You should also observe how your parrot plays so that you can determine how to introduce new toys for maximum playtime.

Top 13 Best Parrot Toys

Here are the best products on the market that we have listed for you. Choose a product that you find most interesting:

BWOGUE 5PCS Bird Parrot Toys

Presented in 5 packs of different chewing toys, the BWOGUE 5PCS bird parrot toy is designed to meet the fun needs of your bird. It features durable material and is made from 100% safe materials. It permits multi-functional use as it can serve as a noise tool and a chewing toy. BWOGUE also provides audio entertainment for your parrot with the noise it makes, giving your birds loads of fun as they play. This toy also fits into most cages, and the steel hook connects easily to cages. Since it is placed in an elevated position, it allows birds to swing, climb, and chew for fun.


  • Multi-function toy
  • Safe
  • Available in 5 packs


  • The interior of the bell corrodes easily

MEWTOGO Wooden Block Bird Parrot Toys

Designed for small, and medium parrots, the MEWTOGO wooden block bird parrot toys can be assembled in different shapes, sizes, and colors of the blocks using the cotton ropes. This can then be transformed into a beautiful shape to hang into the birdcage. The woodblocks are united to form a sturdy chain that allows your bird to chew without damaging its beak or claws. For birds that enjoy a little bit of smart work like undoing knots and dismantling toys, we recommend the MEWTOGO wooden block bird parrot toys.


  • Encourage curiosity in birds
  • Movable and can be made into different shapes
  • Well-made quality and is chew resistant


  • The bird beak can be stuck in the faster/hanger

Super Bird Creations SB736 Wiggles And Wafers Colorful Chewable Wooden Bird Toy

The Super Bird Creations SB736 wiggles and wafers colorful chewable wooden bird toy comes handy for medium birds. It features exciting design and is crafted from quality wooden parts, translucent pacifiers, and brightly colored wiggle beads. The combination of different materials of different textures, shapes, and colors presents the toy as a major interest to the birds. The toy does not just serve an entertainment function, it also serves the chewing function as the wooden slats can be chewed to satisfy your parrot’s chewing behavior. It also comes with safe components and design and is recommended by avian professionals worldwide as safe for parrot use.


  • Safe design
  • Relieves boredom and destructive behaviors
  • Entertainment and chewing function


  • Not suitable for large birds

SHANTU Wood Bird Chewing Toys

Made from natural camphor wood, the SHANTU wood bird chewing toys features 24 string hard woodblock and different wooden beads, connected with meta chain to encourage climbing and exploration. Since wood attracts parrots easily, the toy attracts your bird’s attention in a short time and keeps them busy for a long time. It also comes in a suitable size and can be placed in an elevated place to encourage chewing and climbing. As a plus, it comes with a refund guarantee and 24-hour customer support for any product problem.


  • Suitable size
  • Full refund guarantee
  • Unique design


  • Requires supervision as the rope can easily hook the claw

Sungrow Bird Chewing Toy

Stimulate your bird physically and mentally with the SunGrow bird chewing toy. The bird toy provides the same opportunities to parrots that they would otherwise enjoy in their natural habitats. By making use of different multi-colored blocks that can be arranged in different layers to encourage exploration and climbing, the chewing toy reduces the loneliness and aggression of your parrot. The toy comes in handy at best during the breeding period as it forms a perfect companion and reduces destructive traits in birds. Also, since parrots are visually very responsive and are attracted by bright colors, the vibrant colors attract them and give them something to explore rather than sit in their cage all day.


  • Edible and safe to chew
  • Bright and vibrant colors attract birds
  • Stimulates mental alertness


  • Might be too big for a small bird

Rypet Bird Chewing Toy

Gift your parrot the bright colored RYPET bird chewing toy and watch them bond within the shortest period. Designed with bright colors for easy attraction, the bird toy is designed to keep the bird glued for more hours of fun. It also comes with a chewing function that helps to condition their beak and ensures safe feather preening. The toy comes in various sizes and can suit any medium-sized bird ether to chew on or climb upon. On chewing, the chew toy features cotton rope and natural wood, they are dyed by edible pigments, and are purely handmade for better performance to resist a bite.


  • Aids beak trimming
  • Safe to chew
  • Made of natural wood and food-grade color


  • Not for large birds

Kintor Bird Chewing Toy

The Kintor Bird chewing toy is designed for medium and large parrots and it comes with a chewing toy that measures 22 inches with colorful wood blocks. The toy features 100% pet-safe materials and is made from food-grade color and natural wood for durable use and better performance against rugged use. The toy also comes with different layers that encourage climbing and has different distinctive shapes wooden beads with vibrant colors. A metal chain can be used to connect the toy to the birdcage. The Kintor Bird chewing toy also helps to condition your parrot beak for easy preening.


  • Great grinding beak toy
  • 100% safe materials
  • Large and sturdy


  • Pricey

Bonka Bird Toy

The Bonka bird toy is a classic among bird toys that our parrot is going to fall in love with. Designed for durable performance, the spoon-shaped toy is shiny, bright, and can be attached with strings through a metal loop. All the toys are connected to a small sturdy chain that is strung through the loop. Each loop has more than one item hanging on it and each metal ring features two colorful pacifiers and a stainless steel measuring spoon. You can hang each spoon either vertically or horizontally depending on how you want it. The toy makes fun noise when it is played with and clean up fasts to make it look new after every use.


  • Multiple hanging options
  • Bright color materials
  • Entertaining bird toy


  • The spoons are not too thick for a heavy chewer

Busy Bird Spinner Parrot Toy

The Busy Bird spinner parrot toy like the name indicates is not designed to be chewed upon or anything of the sort. On the contrary, it is designed to keep your bird busy. Designed with stainless, the toy can withstand any condition without damage. Since it features metal construction, it mounts securely to the cage and your bird can never get enough of it. For fun, the toy spins endlessly for hypnotizing fun for your bird.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Mounts securely to the cage
  • Chewing proof


  • Might require zip ties where the hardware is missing

QBLEEV Bird Stainless Steel Parrot Fruit Vegetable Stick Holder Foraging Toy

Like the bird spinner, the QBLEEV bird stainless steel parrot fruit vegetable stick holder foraging toy is made from stainless steel material for sturdy and durable performance. The toy can be used as a foraging toy as you can attach frit vegetables and other treats to it. It is also portable and can be carried about and placed anywhere you want. To provide more activity, you can add a bell block and a shredding paper as accessories.


  • Sturdy build
  • Portable and convenient usage
  • Encourages foraging

PINCHUANG 7 Packs Swing Chewing Toys

Featuring parrot hammock bell toys, the PINCHUANG 7 packs swing chewing toys come with 7 different types of hanging swing toys to meet the different needs of your pet birds. Apart from entertaining function, the pet toy is designed to let your bird’s feet have rest and it offers exercise to keep them fit and healthy. It also allows for muscle strengthening. An active hook can be used to attach the toy to the top of the pet cage for easy installation.


  • Easy to install
  • Multi-function use
  • 7 pieces of different toy types


  • The dye comes off when you clean off the swing

Worbee Bird Parrot Toys

The metal hook among many other features of the Worbee Bird parrot toys permits easy installation as it is very convenient for suspension and can be hanged anywhere in the cage. The ball toy features plastic and metal construction and is non-toxic, wear-resistant, durable, and bite-resistant. It also helps birds exercise their feet and beaks and it helps to improve their coordination and balance. Besides, the toy can simply be used as a decorative tool to add life to the birds living environment.


  • Decorative use
  • Safe and non-toxic material
  • Convenient installation


  • Too small for an African Grey

QUMY Bird Parrot Toys

Safe installation, safe and reliable use is one of the advantages of the QUMY bird parrot toys. It is well made and simple enough to prevent your bird from getting overwhelmed. The colors are vivid and the assortments are assembled in a way that would keep the bird interested for a long time. The toy also permits multiple usages and your bird can chew and play with them without getting hurt.


  • Multiple usages
  • Colorful chain and bell swing
  • Chewing rattan balls


  • No information on the type of paint used on the bells


Parrot toys are essentials to the mental and physical health of your parrots. Apart from keeping them entertained, they help them adapt to a life of seclusion away from their natural habitat and helps in exercise and muscle strengthening. We recommend that you purchase any of the products listed above for the best indoor fun for your parrot.