Best Slow Feeders for Horses: Top 16 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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As an equestrian, you want the best possible diet for your horse. But because horses are susceptible to ulcers and other gastric anomalies, finding the right feeding plan can be difficult. Luckily, you can use the best slow feeders for horses. They maintain healthy digestion in your animals while also giving you less work to do. The problem arises when you try to find the right product. Thankfully, this article contains everything you need to know. We’ll show you what to look for when getting a slow feeder, as well as some of the best products available today. Let’s jump into it.

Guide to Choosing the Best Slow Feeders for Your Horse

When shopping for the best slow feeders for horses, you have to consider three factors: durability, hole sizes, and price.

Durability is essential because horses can chew through weak feeders. You need something with a reinforced, strong design. The hole sizes are also important. Large holes overfeed the horses and defeat the purpose of the slow feeder. On the other hand, small holes won’t satisfy your animals. 2” is the optimal size for a slow-feeder-hole.

These products cost anywhere between $10 and $60. Naturally, the higher the price, the better the quality. However, affordable feeders also deliver high value. The best approach is to aim for a blend of the two.

Top 16 Best Slow Feeders for Horses

Now that you know what to look for, here are 16 of the best slow feeders on the market. Any of these would be perfect for your horses or ponies.

Derby Originals Supreme Feeder

The Derby Originals has a unique patented design that puts it ahead of the other feeders on this list. It features a rectangular shape with bite-sized holes for easy feeding. The hay bags are designed to replicate the natural feeding and grazing patterns of horses; they slow down consumption and promote healthy digestion

Derby Originals are made from tough double-layered nylon with premium reinforced straps that can be hung from anywhere. The slow feeder also has a one-year warranty. Even though it’s more expensive than most products on this list, the Derby Originals Slow Feeder is worth it.

Weaver Leather Slow Feed Hay Net

The Weaver Leather Slow Feed has small holes to control your horse’s feeding rate. It also has an aesthetic design that’s perfect for shows and other outdoor events. The slow feeder has a durable rope hay net design that’s resistant to chewing.

One great thing about this product is the affordability. It costs up to half of the other products but delivers exceptional value. The original unit was handcrafted to identify the best design for slow-feeding horses.

ANQIA Full Day Slow Feed Hay Net

The ANQUI Full Day Slow Feed has a unique proprietary. It keeps your horses busy throughout the day as they chew and try to get the hay. It’s large enough to accommodate a full day’s worth of hay, so you only have to worry about filling once in 24 hours.

This slow feeder is also durable enough to withstand horse teeth, being made out of a nylon mesh material. It has high tensile strength, a money-back guarantee, and an affordable price. The ANQUI slow feeder comes in three sizes — Small, Medium, and Large.

Teke Deluxe Slow Hay Feeder

The Teke Deluxe slow feeder gives you lots of options to choose from. There are small and large sizes, and they come in two colors: black-blue and black-red. The feeder features a strong haynet cord for long-lasting durability and small 1-3/4” sized holes for slow feeding.

The small Teke DeluxeSlow Feeder has a capacity of 14 lbs. while the large has a capacity of 21 lbs. You can hang the feeder almost anywhere for convenience. The large size can also keep your horses fed for a full day.

PetierWeit Slow Feed Hay Net Bag

The best thing about the PetierWeit Slow Feed bag is its large size. It can accommodate enough hay for the entire day, keeping your horses happy and occupied. The bag is also easily refilled from above, which saves you loads of time and energy.

This slow feeder has holes that are big enough for horses to chew through but small enough to minimize hay wastage. It’s made from durable nylon mesh with a high tensile strength that prolongs its lifespan. PetierWeit also offers a longtime warranty for this product.

Tough 1 Slow Feed Hay Bag

This slow feeder prioritizes toughness thanks to its Challenger poly hay cord design. The cord has a knotted style for an even longer lifespan. It also has tons of space, being 42” long. It can hold enough hay for a 24-hour period.

The Tough 1 Slow Feed Hay Bag comes in many sizes, including blue, red, purple, green, and black. Unfortunately, it can’t be loaded without first taking down the bag, which could cause the knots to tangle up.

Teke General Slow Hay Feeder

This Teke General Slow Hay Feeder is 40” long with 2” holes. It is made of a strong poly hay cord and features a complicated knot style for longevity. The cord is fantastic because while it’s highly durable, it’s also soft on the horse’s teeth, and it won’t harm your animal while chewing.

The Teke General Slow Hay Feeder can hold 6.5 Kg of hay, enough for extended feeding. It is particularly great for equestrians who are looking for a budget slow feeder. The Teke General Slow Hay Feeder is one of the more affordable products on the market.

Texas Haynet Square Hay Bale Feeder

The Texas Haynet Square eliminates waste by keeping all your horse’s hay in the bag. It also has holes small enough to chew through but not too small that your horses can’t get to it. The slow feeder is great because it’s made of strong nylon with a knotted design.

With the Texas Haynet, your horse can get improved digestion while you enjoy a quick and easy installation process. It can accommodate three string bales easily, making its content last for days before you need to refill.

TuoP Horses Slow Feeder Hay Net

The Tuop Slow Feeder material is so durable that you could feed two horses with the same feeder. It also has a large-capacity 42” storage. The durable PE material is resistant to breaking, wear and tear, and damage from UV rays. It has a soft mesh that protects your horse’s gums and teeth.

The TuoP Horses Slow Feeder can hold five flakes of hay, which feeds your horses all day. The slow feeder also promotes gut health and positive feeding habits in your animal. It’s perfect for hanging on gates, rail fences, or barns.

Derby Originals Super-Tough Patented Slow Feeder

This Derby Originals Slow Feeder comes with a one-year warranty and an exclusive patent design. It also promotes healthy digestion by slow feeding your horses with hay. One great thing about this product is its heavy-duty design.

The slow feeder has tough double-layered 1200D nylon with premium straps and reinforced stitching. It features a square design with 2” square openings that are easily accessible by your horses. The product comes in a variety of colors, including blue, green, and purple.

Hay Chix Slow Feed Hay Net

Hay Chix Slow Feed Net is the perfect blend of value and price. It has the traditional slow feeder structure with a knotted design and 2” feeding holes. But Hay Chix Slow Feeder is made of marine-grade nylon manufactured in the USA.

It is also very easy to use with a pre-installed clip for hanging and an opening at the top for loading hay. The clip makes it easy to use in any environment, including indoors, outdoors, stalls, trees, trailers, and paddocks. It’s not the cheapest slow feeder, but it is one of the best slow feeders for horses.

Missstore Hay Bags for Horses

The Missstore Hay Bags for Horses has a double design for maximum convenience — an outer nylon woven belt and an inner waterproof oxford cloth. It is durable enough to withstand pulls from your horse’ teeth without coming undone. The slow feeder also has an adjustable strap for increasing and lowering the feeder’s height. The adjustable strap makes it easier for you to position the feeder.

The Missstore Hay Bags or Horses is also easy to fill. It has a zipper on top that can be easily opened to load up the day’s supply of hay. It has circular feeding holes about 2” in size.

Derby Originals Easy-Feed Patented Four Sided Slow Feed

Like other Derby Originals slow feeders, this product features the infamous patented design. The design ensures that the feeder minimizes wastage by keeping your horse’s hay intact. It also makes the feeder easy to load since you won’t need to unhook it every time.

The Derby Originals Easy-Feed Patented Four Sided Slow Feed features heavy-duty construction with tough nylon reinforced and a premium strap. The slow feeder also comes with a one-year warranty, as expected from all Derby Originals products.

Easy Loading Wall Mounted Hay Hoops Horse Slow Feeder

This slow feeder is possibly the most convenient to use on this list. Instead of hanging it like the others, you simply mount it on a wall. It’s perfect for barns and stables where your horse will spend most of its time. The slow feeder is also easy to load with an open-top design.

The product packaging comes with a rack and hay net. The hay net is made of durable nylon with a reinforced knot design. Once properly wrapped around the rack, it stays in place, feeding your horses as much hay as they need.

B BLOOMOAK Horse Hay Net

The B BLOOMOAK is perfect for you if you want to feed your horses more hay during the day. The slow feeder has large 4” holes surrounded by a strong but soft nylon material. The B BLOOMOAK is handmade, gentle on muzzles, and prevents choking in horses.

It is also perfect for equestrians who don’t have a lot of time during the day. You can load it up without worrying about feeding your horses. The slow feeder is available in coconut and black colors and can be hung from most platforms.

Artilife Hay Storage Bag Slow Feeder

The Artilife Hay Storage Bag is approximately 23.6” long and can accommodate a large amount of hay. It also has a tough oxford material build that accomplishes two tasks. First, it maintains the feeder’s shape, whether it’s full or half empty. Secondly, it is tough enough to withstand chewing without breaking apart.

The Artlife Hay Storage Bag has covered bars that maintain its shape and rigidity, and enhance the bag’s stability. It also features adjustable nylon straps with clasps to help stabilize the bag and make it easier to hang.

Texas Haynet – Small Hole Slow Feeder Hay Net

Texas Haynet is known for making durable slow feeders, and this one is no different. The product has a waste-free design with holes small enough to hold the hay. The holes are also big enough to encourage feeding in the horses.

The Texas Haynet is perfect for trailers or vans where your horse needs something to keep it engaged. It is made in America from tough and durable nylon material. The slow feeder also has a reinforced knot design that makes it resistant to chewing by horses.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Slow Feeders for Horses

Taking care of your horses becomes much easier once you have the best slow feeders for horses. But how you use the feeders is also important. Firstly, be sure to hang them at a comfortable height. If the feeder is too high, your horses may strain their necks while trying to get to the hay. On the other hand, a low feeder may cause overfeeding, especially if it has an open top. Secondly, remember to always fill the feeder. Most products only hold 24 hours’ worth of hay, and it’s smart to make filling the feeder a regular part of your morning routine.