Best Suet Cakes for Birds: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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To have a beautiful backyard around your cozy homes is wonderful and filling that backyard with colorful birds is rewarding. Breeders or not, people are becoming passionate about attracting birds in their backyard. The reason for this is not only the picturesque view, but also the joy they bring. They fill our beings with emotional peace and satisfaction. As people become fascinated in attracting wild birds, the demand in spotting the best suet cakes for birds rises.

It is indeed great to start doing the same thing because other than happiness, attracting birds in your backyard offers many benefits. They promote flower pollination, environmental and wildlife conservation, increased property values and more. They also help in pest and rodent control.

Things to Consider in Attracting Birds in your Backyards

Due to the aforementioned reasons, it is not impossible that more and more people will attempt attracting birds to their homes. There are also those who put extra effort in this with the objective of helping the birds breed. But before doing so, it is important that we think about the following factors.

Natural Shelter Make Birds Feel Safe

To attract birds, it is important that you make your backyard look natural. As much as possible, it should be a place that offers most of their needs. Birds feel safe to be in a place which is almost similar to their natural habitat. Adding more trees, flowers, and shrubs can help in this part. You may also add logs and rocks to compliment them. It will help not only in drawing birds to your backyard but also makes it look appealing.

It Is Essential to Make Clean Water Available at All Times

Birds use water in bathing and drinking. Thus, it is important that they are changed and maintained regularly. You should keep their drinking water fresh and clean at all times as contaminated water can be the cause of disease spreading among birds. It ideal that you provide a separate source of water for their bathing and drinking. It is also known that wild birds are attracted to running water so you might as well provide it for them.

Choose the Right Food for the Kind of Bird You Want to Attract

Different birds have different preferences. If you plan to attract many of their kinds, you should adopt multiple styles and offer them various foods to choose from. You can try offering mealworms, sunflower, peanuts, fruit and jelly, suet cake and others. You may also use birdseed blends to make your backyard more attractive to various birds. If you plan to attract a specific kind of bird, offer food that this particular species like.

Use Multiple Feeders

Feeders of different types accommodate specific kinds of birds. This is something that you should consider along with the food that you are going to offer. As feeders come in various styles and sizes, there are only certain foods that fit in them. This is to make the food easily accessible by the birds’ beaks and to keep the food until all of it is eaten.

Put Your Feeders in the Right Places

Naturally, birds look around first before approaching food and they usually do it while hiding in a bushy area. This is to ensure safety and to stay away from predators. With this being said, it is suggested that you place your feeders near shrubbery or trees to provide them with a safety cover. You should also consider the height and distance of the feeders that you place in your backyards.

Make Nesting Sites Available

It would really be a nice treat for the birds if you could provide them nesting sites as they can be of great use. These nesting sites will serve as their shelter in any kind of situations. Make sure to provide them with something that can keep them warm in the cold season. It is also important that you make nesting materials available around your backyard. These could be dead flowers, dried leaves or small pieces of strings.

Keep Away Cats or Other Animals That May Be a Threat to Them

Cats or other animals can push the birds away. They may also be a threat in their existence. As their natural instinct, they will initially avoid things that can harm them. Ensuring the safety of the habitat that you make is crucial in attracting more birds. If you want to make it possible, provide a place where they won’t worry about danger and threats.

Top 12 Best Suet Cakes for Birds

Suet cakes are a great choice for attracting birds. Suet contains nutritional supplements that benefit various kinds of wild birds. This bird food contains fats in a solid form combined with various ingredients for additional supplements. The fat helps in keeping the birds’ body warm making it an ideal food for birds in the cold season. Below is a list of the best suet cakes that you can choose from.

C & S Peanut Delight No Melt Suet Dough

This suet cake is claimed as one of the authentic non-melting suet cakes for birds in the market. It is a sunflower-based meal that is high in fat content. The ingredients include beef kidney fat combined with base of corn meal, oats, soy oil and roasted peanuts which are one of wild birds’ favorites.

These ingredients were made into a soft dough mixture and pressed into a cake. As it is a no melt type of cake, it can be offered all year round, even in the summer. It is less greasy and oily than other cakes and is proven to withstand the heat without melting. The cake is fortified with balanced nutrients and fat that provides much energy.

Birds Choice Insect Suet Cake

After a thorough research in backyard of bird experts, Birds Choice was able to create great products for attracting wild birds. This insect suet cake is one of the amazing result of their effort. It is believed that peanuts and insects are a good combination to attract birds and that is what you can get from this formula.This product is made up fromcorn, roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet, oats, soy oil and its most important ingredient – insects.

As with other suet cakes, this one is also resistant to melting and it can be offered to various wild birds all year round. Above all, it can be opened with ease.

C & S Orange Treat Suet Cake for Birds

Blue jay, orioles and other fruit-eating birds are what this suet cake usually attracts. This is mainly because of its fruit flavor. The cake is made from high-quality rendered beef suet, white millet, oats, and corn combined with orange flavor pellet. It can be fed to birds in all seasons as it is melt-resistant.

Each cake is 11.75 ounces in size. This size can fit almost any feeder especially those from the same maker. The formula contains essential fats, calories and nutrients. It can give the energy the birds need for mating, nesting, migrating and keeping their bodies warm in the winter season.

Health outdoor Products DD-21 Multi-Grain Suet Cake

Health outdoor products consistently promote a healthy and enjoyable backyard habitat. And one way is through this multi-grain suet cake. This cake is proven to have attracted many colorful songbirds such as chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, gold finches and more. It is a mixture of corn, milo, wheat, millet, rendered beef suet, sunflower seed, and peanut flavoring.

This high energy treat contains a minimum of 30% crude fat, 4% protein and crude fiber maximum of 12%. Each pack is sealed neatly to keep it freshness. As the pack is sealed, expect that when you open it barehanded, it is a bit messy.

Wildlife Sciences High Energy Suet

One of the best rated suet cakes for birds is this High Energy Suet Cake by Wildlife Sciences. Especially made without millet, the main ingredients include rendered beef suet, cracked corn, black oil sunflower and processed by-grain products. Another thing that it boasts is its eco-friendly and 100% recyclable packaging. This packaging is also easy to open and will leave no mess.

Tree clinging birds land perching birds like cardinals, sparrows, and chickadees are often attracted by this suet cake. They can provide these birds with much energy and supplemental nutrients. Though its melt-resistant, it is still advisable that you keep it refrigerated when the weather is too hot.

Pine Tree Farms Peanut Butter Suet Cake

Pine Tree Farms Peanut Butter Suet Cake is known to be a great source of much energy and one of wild birds’ great choices. Other than that, it contains protein and nutrients for wild birds’ well-being. This is a solid non-greasy type of cake so it ensures less mess and food waste.

Along with rendered beef, it is made with high quality chopped peanuts and peanut butter. The mixture has no filler for a full and smooth food consumption and is guaranteed to be smelling fresh. This premium product provides full meal for birds of almost all kinds throughout the year.

Albans Bay Mealworm and Nut Suet

St. Albans Bay passion in developing their products has led them to innovating the use of environmental friendly packaging. They use 100% recyclable materials in all their packaging and they ensure that it wouldn’t cause you any trouble. One of the products that they take pride in is their mealworm and nut suet. It contains a special ingredient that no birds can ignore – mealworms.

To open it, no scissors nor knives is needed as it is packed in an easy-to-open cellophane. In addition, it was made without an internal tray. After opening, you can just put it directly in the feeder and let the birds enjoy. Its excellent melt-resistant formula enables it to last even on summer days.

Audubon Park 13065 High Energy Suet Cake

If you want to guarantee high energy among wild birds all year round, this high energy suet from Audubon Park is recommended. It is one of the best-selling products made by Global Harvest Foods which is a family-owned company.  A blend of rendered beef suet, wheat, milo, cracked corn and sunflower seed is what makes this formula. It contains a minimum of 4% crude protein, 30% crude fat and a maximum of 12% crude fiber.

This suet cake may contain allergens from peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish and soy, so you might want to consider it before making a purchase. It is suggested to be kept in a cool place to maintain freshness and ease of use.

Suet Plus Nuts and Berry Blend

Surely, wild birds like sparrows, woodpeckers and cardinals cannot resist this suet cake because of its strong fruit smell and flavor. This suet cake is a perfect blend of rendered beef suet, millet, cracked corn, processed by-grain products, peanut pieces and berries. It is made with great formula to avoid melting when exposed to hot weather. Moreover, the flavors are a great aid to keep the birds’ bodies warm in the winter season.

Every piece of this suet cake is placed in a recyclable environmental friendly packaging which is easy to open to limit mess and waste. The size of each cake can a fit a standard size feeder.

C & S Hot Pepper Delight Suet Cake

Another great flavor among C & S products is this Hot Pepper Delight Suet Cake. It can attract almost all kinds of wild birds. It features a special ingredient which is hot pepper along with roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet, corn, oats and soy oil. The hot pepper makes it uninviting for squirrels so birds can totally consume them without any waste. It also helps them in feeling warm during the cold winter days.

The soft texture of this suet cake is ideal for all types of birds, and it no melt formula can endure even the hottest summer days.  Furthermore, this suet cake can be easily removed from the packaging without any mess.

Albans Bay Suet Plus High Energy Suet Cake

Also considered as one of the best suet cakes for birds, this high energy suet cake can fill any kinds of wild birds with a lot of energy in all seasons.  Each piece is a special mixture of rendered beef suet, black oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn, millet and processed grain by-products. The mixture can surely resist any weather conditions, including the unbearable heat of the summer, because of its high-resistant melting point formula.

If not in use, this suet cake may be placed in the refrigerator to maintain its good condition. It will also help in maintaining its shape to make it easy to remove from the packaging.

C & S Berry Treat Suet Cakes for Wild Birds

A berry filled suet cake that will surely bring lots of birds to your backyard is this treat made by C & S. It is made with rendered beef suet, corn, millet and blueberry flavorings. Storing this mixture will never be a problem as it can adapt to temperature changes easily. Though it is suggested that you keep them in a cool place if you want to keep its freshness and to remove it from its pack easily.

The quality of this suet cake is ensured as it is made in the USA, where most products are proven to have a premium quality. It may contain some allergens from peanuts, fish and shellfish so you may want to take these into considerations.

Health Outdoor Products DD-11 Hearty Suet Mix Cake

This suet cake is a delightful mixture of rendered beef suet, corn, wheat and peanut butter and grains. It is guaranteed fresh and directly aims to attract cardinals and song birds like goldfinches, juncos, kinglets, nuthatches, siskins and more. With its melt-resistant formula, you can easily put in in your feeders to attract birds throughout the year.

Thanks to this suet cakes for birds, the wild birds can surely enjoy wandering in your backyard while consuming this food that is rich in energy. Also, you wouldn’t need to worry about keeping them warm as this food can help warm their bodies and equally relish their days in the winter season.

Final Say

There are many proven ways to attract birds and keep them coming back to your backyards all year round. It is not only with the foods that you give them but also other things like shelter, water and care. If you want to keep sheltering them, make sure to provide their necessities for them to be able to survive.

Attracting birds and taking care of them is a big responsibility. When you decide to do it, make sure that you are equipped with the necessary information and materials that you need in order to be successful. Think of it as a calling, rather than a hobby or a pastime and you will surely be rewarded with precious things that even money can’t buy – happiness and satisfaction.