Best Sugar Glider Cage: Top 18 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Sugar gliders are fascinating pets to have. The nocturnal animals sleep for most of the day but are a delight to watch when awake. While playing, they cover their cage’s distance several times an hour, play with toys, and try to investigate everything around them. Their incredibly dynamic nature means that you can’t just get any cage for these pets. They require the best sugar glider cage, and that’s what this post is about. Besides finding the best choice, we’ll also walk you through some essential tips to keep in mind when shopping. In the end, we share timeless tips for caring for your sugar gliders that will always come in handy. Enjoy!

Guide for Choosing the Best Sugar Glider Cage

Here are three things to look out for when getting a cage for your sugar glider


Some cages are stackable. This means you can buy another of the same kind and stack them to make a second story. Buy stackable cages if you intend to get more sugar gliders in the future.

Material build

Most cages are made of metal wiring. However, some are made of plexiglass, plastic, and even wood. Metal ones are the most sturdy, but wooden cages have an aesthetic appeal.


Since great sugar glider cages are an investment, the initial cost shouldn’t be first on your mind. After all, you’re going to use it for years to come. The cost of the cage depends on the size, number of tiers, and the manufacturer. Check out the prices of several cages before making a purchase.

Top 18 Best Sugar Glider Cage

If you want to buy a cage for your sugar glider, you’re not going to find any product better than the 19 on this list. Check them out.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Here we have a two-story critter cage large enough for your sugar glider. Besides needing tons of space, these little creatures also need platforms to climb and scaffolding to dive off. Luckily, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation has both these features and more.

Its accessories include two pans, adjustable shelves, and plastic ramps. You also have double doors that extend the full length of the cage, giving you full access to your pet. The Midwest deluxe cage is suitable for sugar gliders, rats, and ferrets.

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

One consideration pet owners have when buying cages is the energy level of their animal. You need a cage with enough room for the creature to roam free and play without getting frustrated. If your sugar glider is as energetic as other pets are, the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage is perfect for you.

It has two stories and two additional plastic platforms. Also included are a hammock and grille. The cage’s doors are hinged with an escape-proof mechanism — easy for you to access but impossible for your pet to escape through. Considering how much cages of this size and design typically cost, this one is a bargain.

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

This wrought-iron cage comes in two different sizes, large and extra-large. The great thing about this product is its compatibility with all kinds of pets, from birds to mammals. It comes with wooden and plastic accessories that make it even more homely.

The cage features large front doors that give you easy access to your pet but make escape very difficult. The iron body is also fashioned to conceal all sharp edges so that your pets won’t get hurt.

Super deal 37” Small Animal Cage for Ferret

Looking to give your sugar glider a royal treatment? Then you need to get the Super deal small animal cage. It’s suitable for ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, and squirrels. The cage is solid, reliable, and durable, with a sturdy frame and strong metal wires.

The bar spacing was also reduced to 1.1 inches to prevent small paws from playing tricks. This cage is large enough for your pet, as well as other toys you might want to include.

Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage

The Ferplast Ferret Tower is a premium cage that offers maximum comfort and playroom for pets. It also comes with full accessories, including a large water bottle, litter pan, food dish, ramps, platforms, and a hammock.

You may never need another sugar glider accessory after purchasing this cage. Understandably, it’s more expensive than most of the products on this list. But with all the accessories, it’s worth it.

AVEEN 3-Tier Cage

You can think of the AVEEN 3-Tier Cage as a blend of the Ferplast Ferret Tower and the Prevue Hendrix cage. It’s affordable but spacious. With three tiers, you can keep any animal in here, from cats to rabbits.

Made of heavy duty metal wires, the cage is strong enough to last for years, even if your sugar glider is hyperactive. And with all that space, you can fit all kinds of toys to keep your furry pet busy.

Prevue 490 Pet Products Corner Ferret Cage

With a cage this large, you may want to keep two to three sugar gliders inside. The Prevue 490 Pet Products has four platforms and ramps, with an incredible amount of space between them. The cage is suitable for ferrets, chinchillas, and similar pets.

It has a large front door for easy access and cleaning and an extra storage shelf beneath for storing toys. If you decide to keep the cage on the floor, it also has four locking wheels that double as a stand, keeping the cage in place. We’re not going to lie; it’s not cheap. But if you want a single cage for your multiple sugar gliders, this is it.

Pet Hutch cages for Small Animals

This cage is for pet owners who aren’t sure about their preferences. You may want a small cage for your sugar glider now, with the option to expand in the future. The problem with most cages is that you’d need to buy another cage for future pets.

But with the Pet Hutch Cage, you can simply buy an identical cage and stack it on top. You can even choose to connect the two cages or leave them separated. With this product, you’re in control of your pet’s home decor.

Prevue Frisky Ferret Cage with Stand

The Prevue Frisky Ferret Cage has a classy and straightforward design. It has a single platform with a ramp and ladder for more playroom. The cage also has access doors on the front and the roof for smooth access.

Other features include a shelf beneath the cage for storage and four wheels for easy transportation. Prevue Frisky’s wire spacing is large enough to give you a good view of your pet but small enough to keep them in the cage.

Prevue Hendryx Four Story Cage

Unlike other products on this list, Prevue Hendryx’s four-story cage is made of plastic. But don’t let that fool you because it’s just as durable as the metal wire cages. The cage is a single space, separated into four layers by plastic ladders and platforms. The ladders snap together to prevent shifting as your sugar gliders play around.

It also features two large front doors — one above and one under. Finally, this product features a pull-out bottom shelf to store food, toys, and other accessories.

Aloura Wooden Indoor Chinchilla Ferret Cage

So far, we’ve seen sugar glider cages made out of metal wires and plastic. This product turns all that on its head by being made completely out of wood and plexiglass. The wood is sturdy enough to keep the pets in the cage, and the glass ensures you can see your furry animals.

It has a mesh top opening on the top and side for ventilation and a pull-out tray beneath. You can open the whole front part of the cage for easy access and cleaning.

Prevue Rat and Chinchilla Cage

The Prevue Rat and Chinchilla cage stands at barely 40 inches tall, but it contains tons of features for pet and pet owners to enjoy. It has metal ramps and ladders that convert it into a compact three-tiered sugar glider cage.

It also has a shelf beneath the cage for storage of the pet’s accessories. The front hatch is hinged and opens upwards to give access to the cage. Due to its design, you need to keep it locked at all times, or your pet may escape.

Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage

The previous Pet Deluxe Critter Cage is a sturdy home suitable for various pets, including ferrets, hamsters, and sugar gliders. Its heavy metal construction features wire gaps small enough to keep tiny paws within the cage. It also has five shelves, three ramps, and a cute little hammock for relaxation.

There are two large front doors — above and below for easy access and cleaning. As expected, the cage features a storage shelf underneath. It’s better if you kept a cage of this size on the floor, instead of a shelf or table where it can get knocked down.

Indoor Small Animal Cage Wooden

This list deserves another wooden sugar glider cage because of how incredible they are. Even though they are made of environmentally friendly material, they aren’t as expensive as you might think. Additionally, their ladders and scaffolds have a unique design that’s hard to ignore.

This cage sports all the essentials, like a large front access door, a storage shelf underneath, and several platforms for your pets to enjoy. The Indoor Small Animal Cage Wooden isn’t made entirely of wood, as there are areas of wire mesh and plexiglass.

Prevue Pet Products Adult Ferret Home

Here we have a compact cage. It’s not as roomy as many other products, but it’s not as pricey either. Designed for adult ferrets, it can also accommodate sugar gliders and hamsters. The cage has two small handles on each side at the top for easy carriage and transportation.

Inside, you’ll find three platforms connected by two plastic ladders and a spacious tubby base. Even though it’s compact, the cage is roomy enough to contain any toys you might have purchased for your sugar glider.

AmazonBasics Small Animal Metal Pet Cage

If your pet weighs between 500g and 5kg and loves lots of room, the AmazonBasics Small Cage is for you. The two-story platform has scaffolding and ladders leading up and down, giving your sugar glider extra space to play.

The AmazonBasics cage has a leak-proof pan and removable shelf underneath. You can place the cage on a table or shelf, but with a cage this tall, the floor is probably better. There are four locking wheels to make that easy for you.

AmazonBasics Add-On Animal Cage

This is an add-on cage for the AmazonBasics two-story cage. If you get new sugar gliders or need more room for toys and accessories, this is the cage for you. You can stack it on top of the previous cage and connect them via a ramp, or keep them separate.

You can also use this cage as a stand alone unit since it has all the essentials, including ramps and ladders.

Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof 3 Level Critter Cage

On the one hand, the Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof Cage doesn’t come preassembled. On the other hand, assembling it is a breeze. With three levels, it doesn’t matter what kind of pet you keep in it. They will thrive.

The manufacturers designed the bars to prevent chewing by sugar ferrets. If your pet has tried to chew its cage in the past, consider getting chew toys. Unfortunately, this cage doesn’t include a bottom shelf for storage.

Leeko Pet Hanging Bed Cage Toys

Don’t want a single cage toy? How about five? The Leeko Pet Hanging Bed Cage Toys is suitable for a large cage. The toys are multiple-use and can be used as a swing toy and activities like playing, sleeping, and even chewing. It also comes with other pieces like a pet ladder, swing, hammock, tunnel bed, and dumbbells.

The exciting thing is that you can fit all these pieces together effortlessly. All you need is a large cage to contain them all.


If you’re reading an article about the best sugar glider cage, you probably already know how to care for these small animals. But here’s just a refresher. Firstly, you should provide some nesting materials in the cage because your sugar glider will spend most of the day sleeping. Also, toys are critical for their entertainment. They need something to chew, toss, and move around. When it comes to their diet, they are omnivorous animals, which means they can eat anything. However, they are called sugar gliders because they mostly consume nectar and tree sap in the wild. Therefore, a balanced diet should include some insects, commercially sold food for sugar gliders, and fruits and vegetables.