Best Sugar for Hummingbirds: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Hummingbirds are very active birds. Hence they require a daily dose of high energy food. In the wild, they depend on nectar for this. However, if you are involved in hummingbird feeding or you have them as pets, then you need to make your own feeding solution. For this, you can purchase sugar powder, concentrate, or liquid to feed your birds. Since several manufacturers are offering similar products with closely similar promises, we have reviewed some top-quality products to consider. But first, here are some factors to keep in mind that can help you choose the best sugar for hummingbirds.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Sugar for Hummingbirds

Check the Ingredients

Experts say that hummingbirds should be fed with nothing but sugar and water. Keeping with this, most manufacturers use only sucrose and water as the basic ingredients for their products. However, you may also find hummingbird sugar with additional nutritional constituents such as vitamins, calcium, and electrolytes. The verdict is still out on whether adding these nutrients to a bird’s diet is healthy.

Similarly, most experts agree on the fact that artificial additives may be harmful to birds. While most manufacturers keep preservatives out, a lot of them still add artificial coloring. This is said to help attract birds to the nectar. Generally, we recommend clear sugar solutions instead of colored ones. But that’s not to say you cannot buy colored products, especially if the birds around you do not seem to be attracted to the clear liquid.


The packaging of any edible product determines how easy storing it will be. Since it is unlikely that you finish your hummingbird sugar all at once, then you should consider its packaging. Products in cans, bottles, or resealable bags are the easiest to store. They can be placed in the refrigerator or on the shelf, and you don’t have to bother about spilling the content or contamination.

What Form Is the Product?

Hummingbird sugar comes in either powder, concentrate, or liquid form. Which one you go for depends primarily on your preference. Liquid sugar is the obvious choice if you have limited time to spare on preparing the solution. However, it is typically more expensive compared to powder or concentrates. If you are not bothered about time, then you can get liquid or powder sugar. They are quite easy to prepare and are cheaper.

Reviews of the Best Sugar for Hummingbirds

From the above issues, we have reivews you Sugar for Hummingbirds in 3 different forms. Choose the product that you like best, all of which are great

Best Liquid Sugar for Hummingbirds

Pennington 100510152 ElectroNectar Hummingbird Nectar

The Pennington ElectroNectar sugar for hummingbirds is formulated to look like and taste like natural flower nectar. It comes in clear liquid form and contains no artificial coloring agents. This is the best form of sugar for hummers as the only ingredients are sugar, water. This liquid also contains an electrolyte which has been added to ensure that the birds stay hydrated and active. This is a ready-to-use sugar mixture, which means there is no boiling or mixing required. This makes it a lot more convenient compared to homemade recipes or even powder nectar.


  • It attracts hummer effectively
  • Ready to use liquid is convenient to serve birds
  • It contains no artificial coloring agents.


  • Contains electrolytes which some users might not like in the bird’s nectar.

Natural Springs 100080659 Hummingbird Nectar 64oz

Natural springs hummingbird nectar contains top-quality fluorine-free water, natural sugar, vitamins, and mineral. With home-made sugar mixtures, you can be sure of the quality of water you use, which is one of the advantages. However, despite being a pre-mixed sugar solution, this product is one of the few you can trust in terms of the quality of water used.


  • Prepared with fluorine-free water
  • Fortified with mineral and vitamins
  • Ready-to-use sugar solution


  • May contain artificial coloring

Kaytee 100506148 Electro Hummingbird Nectar, 64 oz

Kaytee 100506148 Electro Hummingbird Nectar is popular with buyers of hummingbird sugar. It is a clear sugar solution that contains no additives or coloring at all. This is a ready-to-use mixture that birds love. The natural blend contains sucrose, water, and electrolytes, which is quite beneficial to birds.


  • Natural formula
  • Birds find this mixture quite irresistible
  • Ready-to-use for convenience
  • Includes electrolytes


  • Some buyers find it a bit pricey

EZNectar – The Only Ready-to-Use Hummingbird Nectar

The EZNectar Hummingbird is a healthy alternative to home-made sugar solution as it is quite easy to prepare. It is free from artificial coloring and contains no electrolytes. This product is Patented by EZNectar, one of the leading manufacturers of hummingbird feeding products. You can trust the quality of this sugar solution for hummers, and users say it is an economical option as well.


  • Easy to prepare
  • Coloring and electrolyte free.
  • Pure and clear mixture


  • It is pricey

Homestead 64 oz Ready To Use Oriole Orange Nectar

The Homestead Ready To Use Oriole Orange Nectar is an ideal alternative to concentrate and powder nectar. This all-natural fluid comes in a resealable bottle so you can store easily after each use. Birds will most likely flock to your feeder after you serve this mixture as its deep orange color is guaranteed to attract hummers to come and feed on the fluid.


  • No additives added
  • Comes in a resealable bottle


  • contains artificial colors

Best Concentrate Sugar Solution for Hummers

Perky-Pet 16 fl oz Clear Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate.

This sugar syrup from Perky-pet is a super-sweet formula for hummingbirds and Oriels. The concentrate is made with 100% natural sucrose with no coloring or additives. Hence, the syrup is pure and clear. You only need to add the right quality of water, and your sugar nectar is ready to serve.


  • Clear, additive-free concentrate
  • Attracts hummingbirds effectively
  • Does not leave a mess


  • It may contain some preservatives

Sweet-Seed, LLC Nectar Fusions Hummingbird Food

The Sweet-Seed, LLC Nectar Fusions is a blend of sugars from sources that are as close to a natural hummingbird diet as possible. To make them further beneficial to your bird’s health, additional nutrients such as calcium and electrolytes have been added to the blend. This is a clear concentrate mixture, as it contains no coloring. It is also free from preservatives and additives. The sugar concentrate comes in a hot-packed package. Its unique preservation process ensures optimum shelf-life, and it stays fresh for quite a long time after it is opened.


  • Pre-mixed concentrate
  • Made from ingredients birds love
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Naturally preserved for optimum shelf-life


  • Pricey products

Homestead 32 oz Oriole Grape Nectar Concentrate (Liquid)

This bottle of grape nectar concentrate by Homestead contains a blend of sugars from different flowers that hummingbirds love to visit. Homestead also included additional nutrients such as calcium in the concentrate. Storing this product in your store or on the shelf is quite easy since it comes in a resealable plastic bottle. It comes in liquid concentrate form, which means all you need to do is add water, and you are good to go.


  • Liquid concentrate is easy to prepare
  • All natural sugar
  • Contains calcium for healthy egg hatching


  • It is pricey

First Nature 6-Pack 3050 Red Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate 16 oz.

The bright red color of this natural nectar concentrate helps to attract birds to the feeder. The product includes six-packs of entirely naturally hummingbird sugar prepared from food-grade sucrose. This high energy concentrate can be made for serving quickly by adding the right amount of water. It mixes easily with cold water and leaves no mess during preparation.


  • The bright red color attracts birds to the feeder
  • Mixes quite easily


This product contains artificial coloring

The Best Powder Sugar for Hummingbird

Hummingbird Market 5 lbs Hummingbird Nectar

This Hummingbird Nectar is a product by Hummingbird Market. This natural sugar powder was formulated by scientists who meticulously prepared the most potent formula that hummingbirds will love. It contains natural sugar like sucrose, fructose, and glucose. This high energy mixture is guaranteed to energize hummers and help them stay hydrated.


  • Meticulously prepared by the scientist
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Mixes easily with cold water


  • Contrary to the manufacturer’s claim this product may contain some contaminants

Audubon Hummingbird Concentrate Food 3 3Oz

Each packet of this product includes a 3-ounce bag of powdered sugar. Each pack contains powder made entirely from natural ingredients. There are no coloring or preservatives added. You can prepare 15 ounces of liquid sugar syrup with one bag of sugar with cold water. It is simple to prepare and leaves no mess in the process. The product is neatly boxed, which makes storage quite simple.


  • Powder dissolves quite easily
  • Contain only natural ingredients
  • Easy to store when not in use


  • This product comes in powdered form and not concentrate

Best-1 4 Jars Original Hummingbird Instant Nectar

Best-1 Original Hummingbird Instant Nectar is one of the best instant sugar powders you can consider buying for hummers. It is formulated from natural and safe ingredients. There are no additives added to this powder. It is easy to prepare. Follow the instruction on the pack for the correct measure of dust to be mixed with water. This product comes in a free-standing lidded jar, and this makes secure storage easy and the powder if freshly preserved as well.


  • Comes in a free-standing jar for secure storage
  • Clear instructions for preparation on the jar
  • 100% natural sugar


  • The price on Amazon fluctuates

Birds Choice 24oz. Oriole/Hummingbird Nectar

Birds Choice Oriole/Hummingbird Nectar is a blend of natural sugar suitable for feeding hummingbirds or orioles. The jar contains powder in its most natural state. No artificial ingredients, including coloring and preservatives, were used in this product. You can prepare 3.75 quarts of sugar for hummingbirds with a jar of the powder. A fresh batch can be prepared in no time as the powder dissolves in cold water, instantly leaving no mess at all.


  • No coloring or preservatives used
  • Clear, fresh mixture
  • Powder dissolves instantly in cold water


  • Some users claim this product is not cost-effective since a lot of it is required to fill a feeder.

Perky-Pet 234 Original Instant 2-Pound Hummingbird Nectar

Perky-Pet 234 Original Instant 2-Pound Hummingbird Nectar is made entirely from sucrose with no additives added. This instant powder mixes with regular cold water for an easy, mess-free sugar solution-no hot water or boiling required. Six-packs of this product with an accurate measure of water give you a quart of hummingbird syrup. The instructions for mixing the powder is printed on the package.


  • 100% natural sugar
  • The powder dissolves instantly in cold water
  • This product comes at an excellent price


  • May contain artificial coloring
  • Does not come in a resealable pack

Songbird Essentials SE645 24 oz Oriole Nectar

The Songbird Essentials SE645 comes in a 24 oz. Can instead of a packet. This makes it storing this product a lot easier. This all-natural hummingbird nectar is ideal for orioles and hummingbirds. It is powdered and has been formulated to stay fresh. It has a natural orange color, which helps to attract birds to the feeder. The pack includes a free cup that can be used for scooping the powder.


  • 100% natural sugar
  • Canned for secure storage
  • Natural orange color attracts birds


Giving your hummingbirds good quality food will keep them active and healthy. Hence, it is essential that you know the factors to look out for that will make your search for the best hummingbird food easier. You can check out any of the products we have reviewed here. Also, follow our guide to choosing the perfect sugar for hummingbirds that will keep them coming for more.