Best Tarantula Enclosures: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Tarantulas make fantastic pets. They can go for hours and even days without food. They are a great conversation topic for when you run out of things to say. And, they are fascinating to watch. For all these reasons, many people have adopted these lovely spiders as pets. But getting the pet is only part of the journey. Taking proper care of it is the other part. Thankfully, tarantulas eat sparingly, so you don’t have to worry about that. Giving them a great habitat is another thing you need to consider. To do this, you need the best tarantula enclosures. In this guide, we’ll show you what to look out for when getting enclosures for your spider. We’ll also share some other care tips you should know.

Guide to Choosing the Best Enclosures for Tarantula

What do you consider when getting an enclosures for your tarantula? Here are three of them.


You need a transparent enclosure for many reasons. One of the most significant is that watching a tarantula go about its day is incredibly satisfying. Another thing is that you want to make sure it’s doing great – feeding and otherwise. Lastly, opening the enclosure every other minute to check on your pet is a great way to let it escape.

Size & Substrate

You need an enclosure that’s big enough for your spider to roam in. The enclosure also needs enough room to accommodate substrate. Substrate includes soil, plastic leaves, branches and other things you might find in the arachnid’s natural habitat. Putting these in its vivarium can make the spider more comfortable.


Even though tarantulas are relatively harmless to humans, they can sting and cause some pain. Also, some individuals are allergic to their venom, and that can lead to irritation or an allergic reaction. Finally, getting a secure enclosure will keep your spider from wandering off or getting stepped on. Various enclosure designs can keep your tarantula safe. You just have to pick one.

Top 15 Best Tarantula Enclosures in the Market

All the enclosures on this list meet the criteria we highlighted in the previous section. However, some of them have extra perks – size, design and additional features – that may sway you in their direction. Here are 15 of the best enclosures for tarantula.

Herpcult Magnetic Acrylic Enclosure

With this product, you have all your basic enclosure needs in one place. It is made of strong and resistant acrylic, which gives two benefits. First, it can’t be damaged or broken easily. Secondly, it is see-through, which is an important element in any tarantula enclosures. This way, you can monitor your spider’s activity.

The cage is also useful for other small to medium-sized pets, including snakes, insects, and wall geckos. It has a 1.25 Gallon capacity with a magnetic sealing lid to keep the pet within the cage. The cage is also perforated on each side and on the lid to ensure proper airflow within.

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium

The design of this cage is unique as it features a wider horizontal size. It’s more suited for reptiles and amphibians but will work just as well for tarantulas. The cage has a front window featuring a patented design for optimal airflow.

Exo Terra Terrarium also has a raised bottom frame that allows you to install a substrate heater fairly easily. Another unique feature is its escape-proof door. The mechanism of the door locks automatically when not in use, and it’s impossible to open from the outside. Finally, the cage has enough room to fit in plastic leaves, branches, and other vegetation you might add to your tarantula’s habitat.

Crapelles Reptile Terrarium Kit

The Crapelles Reptile enclosure features a highly effective but simple design. Like many of the cages you might be familiar with, it’s lid is at the top and it swings open exposing the whole cage. The lid’s locking mechanism, however, is secure enough to keep all pets in, whether they are arachnid or reptile.

The cage also has a small hatch that serves as a feeding hole, which also has a stellar locking mechanism. With a 1.4-gallon volume, it is small enough to fit on your desk or in another small space, but large enough to hold many household pets.

BioactiveFX 1.25 Gallon Magnetic Acrylic Enclosure

The BioactiveFX enclosure features a very minimal design. It has a clear acrylic body with a magnetically sealing lid. That’s about all you get from this enclosure. In addition to the lid, it also has multiple perforations on the front, back and top windows that ensure the adequate circulation of air.

The cage can hold many types of pets, including insects, snakes, frogs, and of course, tarantulas. You can monitor your pet without lifting the lid and risking an escape. You simply slide the lid to feed or hold your pet, and you slide it back when you’re done.

Herpcult Magnetic Acrylic 6 X 3 X 3 Terrarium Cage

Here’s another product by Herpcult, and like the first, it meets all the requirements of a pet enclosure. This product is particularly recommended because it has stellar reviews on Amazon. Many of these reviews praise its unique design and effectiveness.

The Herpcult Magnetic cage has a 0.23-gallon capacity, which is smaller than many of the other cages on this list. But the small space makes it suitable for holding small pets like tarantulas, cockroaches, and other insects. The cage has multiple perforations and a magnetic lid.

Zoo Med Creatures Den Low Profile Starter Kit

This product is so much more than just a pet enclosure. Because why have only an enclosure when you can have other pet-related tools as well? The Zoo Med Starter Kit includes a thermometer, natural cork, soil substrate, rock dish, and a low-profile glass terrarium. The terrarium can hold tarantulas, insects and other invertebrates.

The rock dish holds the pet’s food or water, and it glows in the dark. The soil substrate and thermometer will help you achieve a healthy natural environment for your pet. This Zoo Med Starter kit enclosure isn’t fit for snakes and other reptiles. But considering everything it comes with, we’d say it’s more than worth it.

Exo Terra Faunarium

The Exo Terra Faunarium comes in four sizes, and they are suitable for different pet sizes. The small size is particularly recommended for tarantulas and insects. This vivarium features an all-plastic enclosure for keeping and transporting pets.

The lid has a simple and transparent plastic door that provides easy access. Exo Terra Faunarium is more suited to transporting pets than it is for permanently housing them. Some users have complained about their enclosures arriving cracked or damaged.

Herpcult Magnetic Acrylic Large-Flat Enclosure

Herpcult’s Magnetic Acrylic Enclosure may appear small, but it has an amazing five-gallon capacity. The product is great for housing all kinds of pets, including tarantulas, snakes, and geckos. Like other Herpcult enclosures, it features the classic acrylic cage design with the magnetic lid.

It has a lot of holes for ventilation, and that ensures the safety of your pet. The product’s cube design also makes it very easy to stack. Another great thing about the product is that you can use it for multiple pets without worry.

Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

The Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium has an amazing 20-gallon volume. This expands the kinds of pets you can house in it, as it now includes pythons. It has a classic see-through design with a magnetic lid for security. The enclosure also has front doors that can open independently of each other.

The 20-gallon capacity is the same as two 10 gallon tanks, stacked on top of each other. That’s more than enough space for your pets to explore and roam freely. One of the problems you might have with this enclosure is its large size. It won’t fit on most desks or shelves.

BioactiveFX 1.4 Gallon Magnetic Acrylic Enclosure

A modest cage for a modest pet. Almost all enclosures by BioactiveFX feature a minimal but effective design. This one follows suit with a see-through 1.4-gallon enclosure and a magnetic sliding lid. The transparent nature makes it very easy to monitor your pets, and the sliding lid makes it easy to reach inside and pick them up.

BioactiveFX’s enclosure has plenty of ventilation for the pet within. It holds different kinds of pets, including tarantulas, geckos, and scorpions. You just need to ensure that the size is suitable for the pet.

ReptiZoo Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium Tank

Here we have an enclosure that’s suitable for all kinds of pets. The product is water-tight, meaning that it can hold water for your reptilian pets. It is also suitable for desert pets who only need a tropical environment. Speaking of heat, the lid is made of a transparent metal material that is safe for any overhead heating sources.

The product itself is made of resilient glass with reinforcements along the edges. The metal lid has a lift and pull mechanism that keeps the cage secure while also making it easy to reach inside. Purchasing the product gives you a discount for a plastic plant that would look great in the enclosure.

Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

Exo Terra, like Herpcult, has a knack for building sophisticated enclosures and terrariums. This one has multiple features that easily set it apart from the remaining products on this list. For example, it has front window ventilation that’s as efficient as possible. The front window also features the opening hatch that locks in place with magnetic precision.

The bottom frame is raised in order to allow a substrate heater to be featured. The enclosure is also waterproof, making it suitable for reptilian and amphibian pets. Finally, the enclosure features closable inlets for wires and tubing.

Exo Terra Faunarium Flat Home

In case you need to transport your pet while moving or visiting the vet, this is the enclosure for you. It is affordable enough to qualify as temporary housing. It is light, uncomplicated and well ventilated. The product features a transparent plastic body with a black lid with lots of ventilation spaces.

This Exo Terra Faunarium is easy to clean and carry, and it has a large enough capacity. It is suitable for snakes, tarantulas and other pets.

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit

If you’re getting your first pet, this may be the product for you. It’s also perfect if you’re gifting someone a pet because it has everything they’ll ever need. The product includes substrate, water dish, jungle ropes and vines, and a care guide.

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit is mostly suitable for small pets like tarantulas, snakes, frogs, and lizards. It has a dual front door window that simultaneously provides easy access and escape-free enclosure. There are two sizes – medium and small, and they both have their uses.

Repitat Reptile Carrier with Cover and Handle

This is arguably the most convenient pet carrier we have on this list. Its features are both unique and efficient. The product features a handle for carrying the cage, and it’s held firmly in place by a lock and key mechanism. The enclosure’s lid doubles as a ventilation system, providing enough airflow for your reptile.

Repitat Reptile Carrier is made of impact-resistant plastic, and it is suitable for many pets besides reptiles. It is also great for transporting your pets to the vet. Unfortunately, the product isn’t waterproof, so using it for your water-loving pets may be a problem.


You’re almost ready to go shopping for your spider’s enclosure. But while getting the best tarantula enclosures, here are some last tips to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to clean the enclosure frequently. Once a month is a great frequency, and keeping the terrarium clean can help your pet maintain great health. To clean, remove the tarantula and scrub the enclosure with 3% bleach cleaner. Then fill it with new substrate. You also need to pay a great deal of attention to your pet during the molting period. At this time, do not handle or feed your spider after it’s shed its skin; wait until the new skin hardens. Doing this may cause the spider to die.