Best Toys for Cockatiels: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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As any bird lover will tell you, pet birds can be a handful. If you own a bird like a parrot, cockatiel or conure, you’ll have to get a toy. These birds are used to being very active in the wild, and they chew on everything from fruits to palm leaves. In a cage, the lack of something to play with can push them to aggression and excessive preening of their feathers. Thus, you need the best toys for cockatiels if you want to keep your bird happy and safe. In this guide, we’ll be reviewing 15 products that will be just right for your bird. We’ll also briefly go over somethings you need to look out for when shopping for toys for your pet cockatiels.

Guide to Choosing the Best Toy for Cockatiels

Here are three things you need to look out for when buying toys for your cockatiel.

Toughness & Durability

One of the major complaints that bird owners have is that their birds go through their toys in short periods. As a bird lover, you need a very sturdy and tough toy if you want to get any value out of it. If the doesn’t present a challenge, your bird may dismantle the whole thing overnight!


You want to buy a toy that has softwood and other harmless parts. Wooden chips can harm your bird and even puncture vital parts. You want to avoid products like these because they may be more trouble than they are worth.

The Design

The design of the toy also matters because it determines how enjoyable it will be for your bird. On this list, some toys hang freely from the top, and there are those shaped like balls. Each kind presents a different kind of challenge for your bird. It helps to review the kinds of toys your cockatiels have had in the past and see how well your bird enjoyed them.

Top 15 of the Best Toys for Cockatiels

Now that you know what to look out for in the guide, let’s jump right into 15 of the bet toys out there for cockatiels. You’re bound to find the right product on this list.

Paradise Featherland Knots ‘N Blocks Multicolored Bird Toy

Three things are common among the best cockatiel toys. They are colorful and beautiful enough to appeal to the bird, they are complicated enough to challenge the bird, and they are good for chewing. This bird toy delivers on all three fronts with spectacular results. Paradise Featherland Knots ‘N Blocks are great for cockatiels, parrots, and many other caged birds.

It has sisal rope knots made from 100% cotton ropes. These knots will provide a wonderful challenge for your bird. It is also very suitable as a chew toy. However, before purchasing this toy, you should know that some users have complained that their birds were able to destroy the whole thing within a very short time. If you want a toy that’ll last long, you should consider buying a different product.

Planet Pleasures Spiked Pinata Natural Bird Toy

Human beings love pinatas because of the surprise gifts that wait inside. Even though cockatiels don’t know what a pinata is, that doesn’t stop them from trying to get to the inside of this toy! The toy is colorful and made of many parts woven together, which gives it a very unique appeal.

Planet Pleasures Spiked Pinata Natural Bird Toy is made of natural palm leaves surrounding a stuffed, shreddable interior. It is only made of recycled materials, which means that you and your bird are indirectly contributing to the environment. Your bird will love tearing his particular toy up.

Planet Pleasures Octopus Pinata Bird Toy

Here is another toy by Planet Pleasures. Like the first, this too is designed like a pinata, and it’s made for chewing, gnawing, and shredding. If your bird makes it past the woven palm leaf exterior, it gets a pinata surprise – more stuff to chew and attack! Planet Pleasures Octopus Pinata is particularly great for birds who love to chew and over-preen their feathers.

The feeling of ripping this toy apart is very similar to that of preening. An additional feature of this toy is that it has dangling appendages that make it look like an octopus. These just give your bird more stuff to chew and play with. The toy is great for cockatiels and other small birds.

SunGrow Bird Chewing Toy

SunGrow has the right idea with this multicolored cockatiel toy. Everything about it is designed to challenge your bird. It has a central horizontal bar where small blocks of wood hang from. The central bar also has many ropes tied up in unique knots. The whole thing is then capped off with two bells on each side.

The bells provide audio stimulation while your bird is playing with the toy. As a bird lover, one of your major concerns when buying a bird toy is always safety. You don’t want a toy with parts that can harm your bird. Fortunately, SunGrow Bird Chewing Toy is made of softwood and is 100% safe to chew.

Bvanki Parrot Toy

The mere sight of this bird toy can give you a headache because you can’t even begin to figure out how it’s all held together. There are colorful ropes, square and even round wooden blocks hanging all over. It’s almost impossible to de-tangle by gaze alone. But that’s what makes it such a great toy.

If your cockatiel has gone through many other toys with ease, it’s going to have a good challenge with this. It’s also one of the most quality toys on this list. And understandably, it’s more expensive. It is suitable for small birds, including parrots, cockatiels, and others.

KinTor Bird Chewing Toy

This chew toy by KinTor is very different from the previous toy. While the Bvanki Parrot toy has a very complicated sight, this is very simple and direct. But, that doesn’t mean it’ll pose less of a challenge. It has many complex pieces, including rectangular and circular shaped objects.

Also, unlike many of the other toys on this list, its parts are mostly apple colored, instead of the traditional rainbow. But, the birds love it all the same.

SHANTU Parrot Chewing Toy

This bird toy is more focused on the mental stimulation that it gives your birds than the visual appeal. It is made of very bland colors, predominantly cream. Other colors include yellow, purple, pink, and blue. But, what this toy lacks in rainbow colors, it makes up for in durability.

The knots on this chewing toy are very complicated, and they will keep your bird engaged for hours. The blocks are also hard enough to be challenging, but not too hard that they will harm your bird. SHANTU Parrot Chewing Toy is perfect for parrots, cockatiels, and other small birds.

SHANTU Wood Bird Chewing Toys

This toy has a wide range of usefulness, and it’s great for parrots, finches, budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, and conures. Basically, any bird that loves to tear things up will love this toy. It has all the features of the best toy for cockatiels, plus much more.

One of the unique things about this toy is that it is shaped like a kabob. You can think of it as a tough and challenging meat snack for your favorite pet. It has wooden beads, wooden blocks, and complicated knots, all resting on a chain spine.

Tumenque Bird Chewing Toy

This is one of the best toys you can get for your cockatiels, and it’s all because of its sturdy composition. Lean and slender toys may be more visually appealing, but they also don’t last very long. If your bird is half as active as most other birds, it can shred the toys in no time at all.

Enter the large and thick Tumenque Bird Chewing Toy. Its wooden blocks are made from natural wood, and they are combined with a thick stainless chain to form a very resistant plaything. It also has knotted ropes, wooden balls, and a very colorful appearance.

AK KYC Parrot Chewing Toys

This toy is very similar to the Bvanki Parrot Toy. It also has a very complicated appearance, and it would take a normal human being some time to undo the whole mess. Not only that, but it is also very large, ensuring that it’ll be a challenge for your bird, no matter how aggressive it is.

If you find that your bird is constantly chewing at its feathers or acting aggressively, this is precisely what you need. It will reduce aggression, dispel loneliness, and make your bird more mild-mannered. The AK KYC Parrot Chewing Toy will also stimulate your bird mentally, which is always a good thing.

Natural Wood Bird Chew Toy

Made almost entirely of wood, this toy focuses less on stimulating your bird, and more on letting it vent and blow off steam. It is perfect for parrots, cockatiels, conures, and macaws that often exhibit aggressive behavior.

It has bright colors, mostly pink, purple, yellow, and blue. You won’t have any problems getting your pet bird to play with it; it’ll attack the toy the moment you place it in the cage. It’s better to, first of all, let your bird out, install the toy, and then let it back into the cage.

Keersi Large Parrot Chew Toy

Keersi Large Parrot Chew Toy is suitable for medium to large birds. It has a very bulky build, and has lots of complicated, and even challenging parts. Parts like the wooden blocks and marbles will definitely keep your bird busy for a while.

The toy is easy to install in the bird’s cage. If you’re going to buy this product, it’s recommended that you only buy from Amazon because the manufacturer, Keer123, only fulfills orders from Amazon.

Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball

Instead of several small wooden marbles, how about one big one? This guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t feature one of the ball-shaped best toys for your cockatiels. The ball is made up of several knotted ropes, streamers, and hidden blocks of wood. It poses a different kind of challenge for your bird because it’ll have to peel off the layers of the ball one after the other.

The ball is perfectly safe for your birds, and you don’t have to worry about any injury. Its complicated design will keep your bird busy and happy for long hours. The toy is easy to install in the cage, and all you have to do is hang it by the stainless-steel chain.

PETUOL Birds Swing Toys

The PETUOL Birds Swing Toys comes with six different best toys for your cockatiels. There are two types of bird squid toys, two chew toys, and two hanging toys. It gives your bird different kinds of challenges, and your bird is going to be busy for a very long time.

This product is also very affordable; it costs relatively the same as the other products on the list. You basically get more value from buying it. The downside is that none of these toys are very sturdy. If your bird goes through toys very easily, this may not be the best one to buy.

Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy

Here is another uniquely shaped cockatiels toys. This one, true to its name, is shaped like a pineapple. Its appearance alone is enough to get your cockatiel interested. The product comes in many colors, including yellow, blue, and green.

Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging toy is made of perfectly safe palm leaves that have been woven into the shape of a pineapple. It is great for medium-sized birds but it will be great for any avian pet.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Toy for Cockatiels

Choosing the best toys for cockatiels can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. There are different kinds of toys, and they are suited for different kinds of birds. For example, if your bird loves a challenge, you may want to get it the Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball. It is going to pose a significant challenge for your bird. On the other hand, if you’re a new bird owner and you need to get a lot of accessories for your bird, the PETUOL Birds Swing Toys is just what you need. It is a 6 piece set and has everything, swinging and hanging toys. You can also go for straightforward, but colorful toys like SHANTU Wood Bird Chewing Toy and SunGrow Bird Chewing Toy.