Best Toys for Cockatiels

So you have decided to have cockatiels for a pet? They may not occupy a huge space and may not be as demanding as other animals, but they do have special needs that should be provided for them to make sure that they will remain satisfied and in their best health while under your care. And one of the things that you can offer these fun-loving, energetic, and smart birds are the best toys for cockatiels.

If you are looking for some of the best options, you will find some recommendations below to give you a good start.

Best Toys for Cockatiels

Cockatiels as pets

Great things do not come in huge packages all the time. Just like these lovely creatures.

Just like the interesting colors that they have, these beautiful, little things can be outstanding entertainers. They come with a huge personality with their singing, hopping around, and all the tricks that keep them busy throughout their active hours. These are not things that they do just for fun, however. As their energy is always up most of the time, they need to be entertained to remain happy and healthy.

It does not mean that you will need much to do so, however. There are just about a great number of ways that will do the trick without putting a hole in your pocket. You can keep your feathered friend satisfied even with simple items that you can offer in rotation just to keep the bird busy and contented.

Birds, like cockatiels, in their natural habitat are always hopping around, jumping in bushes, flying off from one branch to the another, and endlessly exploring the things around them.

To ensure that your pet birds will feel the same while in their new environment, you will need to provide them with a replica of their habitat. That only means that you will have to make sure that their living space will allow them to move about without feeling restricted, instead just enjoying the things that they would naturally do as if they are still in their usual habitat.

Best Toys for Cockatiels

Here are some options that you may consider when looking for toys for these birds:

Edible best toys for cockatiels. There are a lot of edible toys that you can offer to your cockatiels. Pinecones filled with fruits, nuts and seeds, organic wheat grass, flaxseed sprigs are just some of the treats that may place inside your birds’ cage and allow them to enjoy. Mineral block toys are also just as nutritious as they could also be enticing for your birds.

Perches. Perches not only serve as resting places for these birds’ tired feet but also a space where they can exercise their feet. Having their feet clasping on these cage accessories for some time can also help trim their nails naturally.

As they love to put their beaks on just about anything, these perches can also help provide them with essential minerals, like those that are made of cuttlebone.

There are many variations with the size and shape when it comes to perches for your birds’ cage. You may also want to add platform perches as they can serve as spaces where your birds may sleep. As always, it’s your birds’ comfort that needs to be considered when looking for an appropriate cage accessory such as perches.

Swings. Swings are known to be one of the favorites amongst accessories for bird cages. You can always opt for one that are made with colorful and chewable materials as they service a purpose other than a place to place their feet on.

Toys that make sounds. Bells and beads are among the top choices when it comes to toys in this category. When looking for one, just make sure that there is not a part of the toy that will be dangerous to your bird pet.

Toys for foraging. Having toys that can also accomplish this purpose will be a great addition to your birds’ cage. Have some treats placed inside these toys and have them placed where your birds can have fun figuring out how to get the food inside these toys.

There are many options when it comes to the best toys for cockatiels. As always your birds’ safety should always be the priority when setting up any of these accessories for their cages. Proper maintenance of these toys should also be considered to ensure that your pet birds will have more fun longer.