Best Treats For Cockatiels: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Cockatiels are great companions, and so we love spending time with them. That refreshing feeling it causes you when you see these super cute, adorable and heart-melting feathered buddies, you want to savor it. Not all of us have bird pets, but I can tell that you feel the same way as I do. They are just simply irresistible. They give us some kind of rewarding feeling and great satisfaction, which are hard to explain. For cockatiel owners, I’m pretty sure they enjoy having a good bonding time with their birds. The experience is just enjoyable, but what makes it even more thrilling is the giving of treats. Cockatiels sometimes look unhappy for some reason, but feeding them with treats can completely change their mood to being hyperactive. In this article, I want to share with you the best treats for cockatiels.

Essential Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Treats

Though I am going to share with you the best treats for cockatiels, it’s still important to consider some factors in choosing suitable treats for your birds.

Vegetables And Fruits

It should always be number one on your list. There is no better way to make your pets healthy than to give them veggies. Sprouts, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin, and dried tomatoes are just some of those vegetables they may like. Try to feed them any of these and see if they want a certain kind of vegetable. When they like it, they will inevitably start craving for it. Make sure to have vegetables on your bird’s daily diet.

Fruits are also essential for the bird’s daily diet; however, limiting the treat to about five percent is already enough. Since fruits contain a high amount of sugar, it’s best not give it daily to avoid an unhealthy bird lifestyle. Once a week of fruit treat is already good enough.

Seeds And Grains

Seeds and grains are rich in proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, lipids, and minerals, which are, of course, essential to the bird’s needs. Allowing them to overeat or more than their bodies’ needs will only result in getting too much fat. Besides, seeds lack calcium and amino acids, so rounding up a balanced diet for your bird is something not to be overlooked. Fortified is a better option to give your bird a healthy diet. Seeds and grains should be given as a treat unless they are fortified.

More Varieties Of Treats

Vegetables, fruits, seeds, and grains are the things birds eat, so basically, I am just summarizing what I have already mentioned. It’s vital that even if you know your bird likes a particular vegetable or fruit. It is still wise to let your pet try other varieties of vegetables and fruits, which it may like as well. In such a case, you will have more diet alternatives for your pet. However, just a cation, you should introduce new foods little by little for the bird not to be overwhelmed.

Unhealthy And Hazardous Treats

There are unhealthy and hazardous foods that you shouldn’t be giving your bird. Some foods and treats may contain chemicals that are bad for them. Knowing these will save you from having a problem with your feathered friend. They shouldn’t be trying avocado, chocolate, spinach, and bok choy and many other human foods not recommended for birds. Feeding the pits of some stone fruits to your bird, such as peaches and plums, is a no-no since they contain some toxic chemicals.

Top 15 Best Treats For Cockatiels

Here are some of the best treats for cockatiels that you can choose from. Check them out.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Honey Treat Stick Value Pack

There is no doubt you love your cockatiel so much that you want to make it happy, and giving a treat is a brilliant idea. ‘Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Cockatiel Honey Treat Stick’ is here to help you get even closer to your tiny dearest cute pet. This treat contains the highest quality grains with other delicious ingredients. It sure does make your pet to crave for this tasty and nutritious offer by Kaytee. It allows your pet to be stimulated, and for that, great active bonding time with your pet is assured. Giving your pet a treat is like giving yourself a treat. That’s a double treat! You both feel happy.

Cockatiel Smakers Treat Sticks By A&E Cage Co LLC

If you aren’t sure what tasty snacks to buy for your pet, Cockatiel Smakers Treat Sticks by A&E Cage Co LLC are popularly suggested. You can’t go wrong with it. These treat sticks are full of nutrients: millet grain, nutritious wheat, a seed mixture containing multiple palatable crops such as nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

One stick can be easily hooked on all kinds of bird cages, which makes it easy for the pet to play with it while having a good tasty meal. You don’t have to worry about your pet, not having a good appetite. The snack does two amazing things. One, it encourages foraging, and two, it stimulates natural eating habits.

Living World Cockatiel Veggie Treat Sticks

‘Veggie Treat Sticks’ are healthy and delicious, that presents an abundance of excellent benefits. Filled with the right nutrients for your bird, this treat helps boost its health. The ingredients are of high-quality grains, seeds, and vegetables that are baked multiple times, which is intended to get the irresistibly perfect crunchy feature perfect for your pet.

The natural wood center in the middle is appetizing enough – chewable and safe. It is so tempting that can make your buddy bird do some good light workout, hence it provides intense and eager enjoyment to the pet. The stick also has a clip holder that makes it flexible enough to put on the cage.

Kaytee Formed Bird Treats and Treated Stick

Kaycee Fiesta treats stick is a fun-to-eat delicious snack that adds a tasty variety and fun to feeding your pet. This treat is packed with nutritious ingredients that help relieve the pet’s boredom and make it playfully active. With this effect, you will surely have a good time together. There is no need for you to compare this with other similar sticks. It is no way a wrong choice for your bird. Try it, and you will not regret it.

Vitakraft Cockatiel Treat Sticks – Apple and Honey

One of those highly rated treats, just like many other treat sticks, Vitakraft Apple and Honey Treat Sticks, also offer various premium advantages.

  • Vitakraft Cockatiel Treat Sticks ticks all the boxes. They feature the following benefits:
  • tasty apple and honey treat great for your bird
  • crunchy and delicious (triple baked)
  • natural wood stick that is chewable and safe
  • good for stimulation

Vitakraft Cockatiel Treat Sticks – Golden Honey

It is very similar to Vitakraft Cockatiel Apple and Honey Treat Sticks except that it’s golden honey. The benefits are no different from the formerly mentioned product. It’s triple-baked, which ensures crunchiness and great taste. It is also made with real apricot, sunflower, and peach. Additionally, it has a natural wood center that can be safely chewed for long hours and a clip holder that can be attached to the cage easily. This treat does stimulate the pet mentally and physically.

With all these wonderful features, you can have a meaningful playtime with your companion pet.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Oat Groats Bird Treat

It’s just simply great to have various great treat choices for your pet. We still have a lot on the list, and Health Oath Groat Treat can’t be left behind. It also has a lot to offer, and this treat isn’t only exclusive to cockatiels but also parrots, parakeets, lovebirds, conures, canaries, and finches.

What great deals can we have with this? Well, it is also tasty and rich protein and essential nutrients that suffice the bird’s deficiency. It’s ideal for having variety and fun to feeding. It increases the stimulation that combats boredom. It’s certainly what you’re looking for: a treat that is packed with almost all essentials.

Kaytee Fiesta Garden Veggie Cockatiels Treats

A naturally preserved treat, this snack has the ideal freshness your bird is be looking for. It’s tasty and nutritious. It’s a snack that can be fed separately or added directly to its daily diet. Also, it gives you a fun and creative way of feeding your bird. Feed your bird with the right snack. Feed it with a veggie treat that has a combination of fortified seeds, fruit, nuts, and a mixture of vegetables.

You can give the treat in a separate bowl or simply add it to its daily diet. It’s certainly the right choice since it also has no preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

The product weighs 10 ounces and comes with special offers and promotions. Please do check the link provided for further details.

Heart Bonanza Flavored Treat Sticks

Bond with your feathered parrot, and add an orange citrus flavored snack to the mix. Surely, the bonding moment will be yummier. This treat is enriched with vitamin A that is good for the eyesight. It also has vitamin D that provides calcium for the bones and E that acts as an antioxidant and omega 6 fatty acids that help maintain shiny glowing feathers.

Either you hang the treat vertically from the side of your pet’s cage or place the hook on cage wires, there is no problem. Have a variety of thrill to your pet’s daily diet, have this orange-flavored treat.

Vitakraft Australian Cockatiel Sticks

Vitakraft Australian Cockatiel snack presents a variety of nutrients essential to the bird’s needs. The ingredients such as seeds, eucalyptus leaves, and a mixture of small seeds and grains are carefully chosen and added to spice up the bird’s diet. This delicious treat does make sure your lovely bird acquires the right amount of nutrition.

Each stick is triple baked to ensure a crunchy and tasty treat. It comes with a natural wood center that is safe for long-lasting chewing. It also comes with a useful clip that can be used when hanged to a cage of almost all sorts.

Large African Parrot Sticks

Vitakraft has a lot, surprisingly, in-store. They offer yet another flavorful treat, Large African Parrot Sticks. This another good source of nutrients and essential substances are perfectly given during the bird’s molting period. It’s high-quality ingredients, such as a selection of great seeds together with vitamins and minerals, boost the bird’s appetite.

Its natural wood center is designed for long-lasting chewing, and birds love this. For convenience, a clip is included so you can easily hang them on the side of the cage or even between the cage wire. An excellent choice, indeed.

Great Companions Dried Papaya Bird Treat

Great Companions Dried Papaya may look more straightforward than the usual treats. Still, on the inside, it’s incredibly filled with vitamin C, dietary fiber, calcium, and iron that are vitally important to sustain your pet’s health needs. Color, flavor, and texture are intentionally added to bring more life and palatable look to its already nutritious features.

Though it’s fed separately, It’s also a perfect mix to other bird or cockatiel food. Most especially if you prefer a more colorful and more flavorful treat for your little winged buddy. You can also store this treat in a cool, dry place or refrigerated to attain its best value. It’s a treat to all birds of all sizes.

Zupreem Real Rewards Orchard Mix Treats For Medium Birds

Are there more treats available? Definitely! Real Rewards Orchard Mix Treats are superb snack companions with your feathered buddy. With its high-quality ingredients, apricots, apples, peanuts, and almonds, you can be sure of your pet’s satisfaction and enjoyment. Either you are playing with, or training your pet, Orchard Mix treats are great rewards. The bonding time is sure, not wasted.

Orchard Mix Treats can also be fed for up to 10 percent of its daily consumption.

Zupreem Real Rewards Trail Mix Treats For Medium Birds

The Zupreem Real Rewards Trail Mix is not only for cockatiels but also for medium birds. It offers a delicious mix of fruits like pistachios, bananas, apricots, and cranberries. The trail mix treats are best given when training or bonding with your bird. Similar to the Orchard Treat, this can also be fed up to 10 percent of the bird’s daily consumption.

ZuPreem Real Rewards Garden Mix Treats for Medium Birds

Another palatable offer from Zupreem Real Rewards, the garden mix treats are easily labeled as healthy and nutritious. It offers a good quality mix of almonds, soybeans, carrots, and peas. The treat is the best feed during bonding and playing time with your bird. Feeding 10 percent of the bird’s daily diet with the mix treats is just the right amount.


In conclusion, giving treats to your cockatiels helps to make your bonding and playing time better. Aside from that, choosing the right treats will allow you to protect your pets from the risk of consuming contaminated foods that may lead to other health detriments. I have provided the above list, including some of the best treats for cockatiels from different trusted brands to help you choose the most appropriate for your pet. These are only our recommended treats for cockatiels but the verdict still relies on your hands. You can take note of these treats to be among your best options.