Best Wild Bird Food Online: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Wild birds are different from pet birds. The prior is pickier on the food they eat. It sometimes results in lots of wasted food because wild birds tend to move on someone else’s feeder. The best remedy would be buying the best wild bird food in the market. We’ll show you options for the rest of this post.

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Key Considerations in Buying Wild Bird Foods

Bird feeding is sometimes overwhelming. We often forget some factors that need to be considered along the process.

First, keep in mind the birds that often visit your area. Bird species have different preferences for food and so be familiar with your bird target. Most wild birds choose to eat the following:


This comes in several varieties that attract sparrows and waterfowl. It is perfect to add on seed mixes. Its hard seed coat can be easily cracked by birds. They are mostly eaten by painted buntings and sparrows.

Nyjer Seeds

This diet is high in calories and perfect for finches. These are tiny seeds that are not appropriate for larger birds. It can be pricey than the other options.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in fat and protein. Blended bird diets add sunflower seeds as their primary ingredients. The pets will not spend more time cracking the seeds out of the shell.


Nuts are naturally nutritious for many birds. These are peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and other nut varieties.They resist squirrels from coming to your yard. This is more expensive than sunflower seeds.


Corns are low in protein but high in carbohydrates and fats. They are cracked into smaller pieces for birds to easily digest. However, this diet is dusty and spoils quickly when wet.


Mealworms can either be fresh or dried. It is high in fat and protein that attracts more flocks of birds to your feeder. Live worms are slimy, so most bird breeders chose dried worms rather. They are more convenient and can last longer.


This seed can keep away pests from your yard. No other animals have the right to steal the food from wild birds. It is comparable to sunflower seeds in many ways.


Suet cakes are available in stores and can be homemade. It requires a suet feeder for the birds to enjoy this type of diet. Suet provides high energy animal fat for wild birds.


Fruits are good for birds during summer to provide them a strong immune system despite the hot weather. Scatter the fruits on an open feeder to easily invite wild birds to eat them. These include oranges, raisins, apples, and many kinds of fruits.

Top 12 Best Wild Bird Foods

Below is a list of diets for wild birds you can buy online. We include the best products for you to choose from. Read on and pick up your best choice!

Wagner’s Nyjer Seed Bird Food

You can get 150,000 seeds per pound with this product. They are high in protein and fat that nurtures finches. It creates no waste on the ground. Locate the feeder close to the bird’s natural shelter. Just keep it away from squirrel prone areas.

This is a nyjer seed. It may cost more expensive than the other options but lasts longer in packs. Growing wild birds will surely love visiting your yard just to eat bird food. Ground-feeding birds can also love this food.

It works well in varieties of best wild bird food products. Look for other Wagner products for the best results.

This food is not for large birds but only for small ones. Indeed, a good way to start nourishing little wild birds.

ZuPreem Natural Bird Food

Most breeders fed their pet bird with natural bird food for reasons. It is better for their health and less costly. It is suitable for small to medium-sized birds flying around your yard.

This diet is mainly made for parrots but wild bird species can also eat it. It contains essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. They are in a pellet form which is easy to digest.

It can be added to the bird’s daily diet as recommended by the veterinarians. They taste delicious with the highest quality of natural ingredients.

Most bird species can receive the highest quality nutrition they need for living upon eating this diet.

Lyric Fruit and Nut Wild Bird Food

It is a blend of nuts and fruits for wild birds to consume. It includes 12 premium ingredients wherein 70% of it is dried fruit and nuts. Seeds are not the major component of a bird’s diet that is why Lyric decided to reduce it.

This product is good in attracting birds as it is field-tested before making it available in the market. Use a feeder not to spoil the diet in a short time. You can purchase up to 20-pounds of this bird combo diet.

It helps to energize wild birds with its instant boost formula. The added sugar helps to boost a bird’s energy. This wild bird diet easily attracts nut-eating birds.

C & S Products Peanut Delight

This one is particularly made for wild birds as written on its packaging. A pack of 12 no-melt suet dough will cost you less than $20 online. It attracts a wider variety of birds, not just wild birds.

Insert the cake into the feeder for better serving. Birds will easily take notice of this delightful diet. It will not easily melt when it gets wet, which is good for all-weather.

It has guaranteed nutritious ingredients that birds like to eat. Peanut Delight is nutritionally balanced with the quality of ingredients. It provides much-needed energy for a variety of birds.

Just buy a suet feeder to start feeding the wild birds visiting in your yard.

C & S Products Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets

Apart from being a wild bird food, Hot Pepper Nuggets have the power to keep squirrels away from your yard. Perhaps because of its hot taste whereas birds can tolerate.

Then again, C & S Products achieve a no-waste feeding among serious birders. It has a high energy suet base designed for insect-eating birds.

The product is packed in a resealable bag and easy to store. Insects won’t have access to the bird food when stored properly. Four new flavors are now available for your wild birds.

It is made in the USA thus proves a quality product. You just need to prepare a suet feeder, and then you can start nourishing wild birds.

Chubby Mealworms Bulk Dried

Some birds just do not like live worms to be added to their diet. Chubby Mealworm is an alternative for a wild bird diet. These can last longer than fresh worms. Countless animals love to eat dried mealworms during feeding.

Most bird lovers use this diet to tame wild birds regularly. It contains extra protein which is good for most birds. It benefits not only the wild birds but also other pet animals like chicken and other pet reptiles.

Dried mealworms are easier to store than live worms. It is filled in a resealable plastic for easy access in times of feeding.

You can order in bulk of dried mealworms depending on the number of wild birds flying in your yard.

White Proso Millet Bird Seed

A white variety of millet is harder to find than the red ones. It attracts ground-feeding birds and other species that are not easily lured by other bird seeds.

This birdseed is usually mixed with other bird diets. They are just small and easy to digest than larger seeds. Beginner keepers can start getting 10 pounds of these bird seeds to test their effectiveness.

It has more carbohydrates than protein compared to other wild bird foods on the list. This ingredient can be also great for most wild birds in your yard.

Birds attracted to white millet are sparrows, blackbirds, juncos, and many more wild birds. It is used as a staple food for small birds as well.

Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings

Birds are not only attracted to worms but they are also into fruits. Kaytee has to offer a treat for wild birds in a form of dried fruits. This is only a treat and not their main diet, but it can be added on their regular diet.

It helps to combat boredom among birds in the backyard. They are used as a training aid and ideal for playtime feeding.

Since it is dried, the treat will be away from rotting, unlike those fresh fruits. It will not also spoil fast on hot summer days.

Whatever fruits are carb-heavy. This time Kaytee used papaya fruit to stimulate the bird’s appetite. They are tasty and very nutritious. The dried papaya is cut in cubes and advisable for hand-feeding.

Kaytee Electro Hummingbird Nectar

Some birds like hummingbirds and orioles have a sweet tooth. They like sweet foods better than anything else. Nectar is a good source of sugar and an effective diet for hummingbirds.

This is a natural clear nectar formula and is ready to be fed on birds. Look for an attractive feeder as birds are less attracted to the color of the food. There is no need to add water and sugar.

It does add electrolytes with no added coloring to still look attractive for birds. Shake well the formula and keep at a cool temperature. Make sure to clean the feeder before filling with the formula for the best results.

This formula also helps to hydrate birds to keep their flying performance at the top. It is used for daily feeding.

Lyric Supreme Wild Bird Mix

This is the second Lyric product on the list. It offers a variety of wild bird diets in one pack. An overall 12 all-natural ingredients are added to complete the nutrition your backyard friends need. It is a food suitable for a variety of birds other than wild birds.

The wild bird mix includes seeds, nuts, sunflower kernels, and corn. Half of the ingredients are sunflower seeds and nuts. These are high-quality ingredients good for the health of most bird species. No fillers added like some other bird food blends.

You can scatter some amount of the formula on the ground for ground feeder birds like dove and juncos. Or, use a feeder for a cleaner backyard while feeding visiting birds. Compatible feeder samples are window feeder, a hopper, and many more.

Audubon Park Songbird Selections Fruits and Nuts Wild Bird Food

It is another blend feed for wild birds on the list, now with fruits and nuts. It promotes no-hassle storage in a resealable bag. The product is American-made sold at a very reasonable price. You can purchase up to 15 pounds of the bird’s diet formula.

The premium blend includes sunflower, mixed nuts, millets, papaya, and other non-filler ingredients. It is also enriched with vitamins and minerals to support the overall health of wild birds.

Picky birds cannot resist its ever delicious taste. It has an advanced nutrition formula that benefits the immune and reproduction system of birds.

This food diet is so appealing to a variety of birds, especially to wild bird species. Most family bird breeders are rooting upon the product’s goodness.

Wagner’s Greatest Variety Blend

Last but not least is a variety of bird food blends. Wagner did a great job of formulating diets for wild birds with a wide variety of ingredients. With that, many bird species will be lured to visit your yard more often.

It is a deluxe diet for wild birds containing 11 different ingredients. Almost half of the blend is made of sunflower ingredients and the other half is millet, corn, and other seeds. A wide range of wild birds can freely enjoy its nutrients in every feeding.

All birds love diet mixes rather than solo diets. They can be fed through high-quality feeders like tube, hopper, or platform feeders.

Among the bird food blends on the list, this one has the greatest variety. Plus, it came from an ultimate food provider of birds.


Overall, some diets could tame wild birds visiting your backyard. They do not differ from the other bird foods in the market. The wild bird foods above come from different forms but offer the same list of nutrients. Choose according to your backyard friends need. Always seek professional advice before feeding wild birds visiting your home.

Share your ideas in the comment section for others to know about wild bird diets. Thanks for your concern!