Best Worms for Bearded Dragons: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Bearded Dragons are one of the most unique reptile pets you can choose to care for. They are just as long-lived as dogs and have very extensive nutrient needs just like any other household pet. They require high-quality nutrients to grow and survive, and one of the most reliable sources of them is mealworms. Mealworms contain minerals, proteins, healthy fats, and even vitamins. They are also delicious and super affordable. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the best worms for bearded dragons and be showing you which features to prioritize when shopping.

Guide to Buying Best Worms for Bearded Dragons

Finding the best worms for your bearded dragon should not be hard if you know what features you’re looking for. Mealworms are as simple and rich a source of nutrients as you can get. Understanding their nutrient content, preservation method, and growth method will help make your choice easier.

Prioritize Nutrients

The richer and more nutrient-packed the worm is the better. Compare the products you’re interested in, and see how much protein, minerals, fats, and vitamins they have. Also, check for nutrient percentage distribution, and aim for higher protein content. You can choose fats as a close second and minerals as a third.

What Are the Worms Fed?

The sources of nutrients from the worms of your choice also matters. You want all the worms you choose to be grown on natural food sources like fruits, grains, and vegetables. You don’t want to raise them on processed waste, or anything else.

Preservation Method

There are three primary ways mealworm manufacturing companies preserve their mealworms. They either dry them, freeze-dry, or preserve them using ozone technology. The best so far is Ozone technology. They prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the worm fresh and ready to eat. They are the favorite method for bearded dragons too, but they spoil quickly and are expensive. Drying is the best. It retains almost no moisture, is easy to store,  long-lasting, and cheap.

Opt for dried mealworms whenever you can, but be open to trying out the two other types to see which one your pet likes the most.

Top 15 Best Worms for Our Bearded Dragons

In this section, we discuss all mealworm products. We cover their strengths and some of their limitations.

Amzey Store Dried Mealworms for birds and Bearded Dragons

Amzey store dried worms are super tasty protein and fatty treats that are great for growing bearded dragons. They are 100% dried, so you don’t have to worry about preserving them or refrigerating them. You can keep them fresh and ready to eat by resealing the zip bag that comes with the Amzey Dried mealworm pack.

Each pack of the Amzey store mealworm for bearded dragons contains about 2lbs of dried worms. They are also great for other animals that feed on worms too and are all-natural.

Sequoia Reptile Worms Food Fresh Mealworms


The Sequoia reptile worm food is a fresh mealworm meal for reptiles and birds like bearded dragons. It’s a rich source of fresh proteins and is excellent for a growing animal. It has a delicious and rich taste and is great for picky eaters who prefer everything fresh. The Sequoia has no additional preservatives, or flavors, and is easy to store.

You can heat it in warm water for your pets, or you can serve them as is after they’ve thawed a bit.

Amzey Fresh Mealworms for Bearded dragons and Birds

The Amzey Fresh Mealworm pack for bearded dragons contains 1600 fresh mealworms for bearded dragons that are picky eaters. Though still fresh, it contains no bacteria and is completely safe for your pet.

The worms are preserved through ozone technology, and each worm is thick, big, juicy, and about 1 inch long. They are rich in proteins, fibers, minerals, and fats. The Amzey Fresh mealworms come in a large generous package that guarantees that you have enough worms to feed your pet for weeks after purchasing the product. The worms are also non-GMO and are grown entirely on nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Zilla Reptile Munchies Meaworm 3.75 Ounces

The Zilla reptile mealworm is a superior meal alternative to organic, live fresh mealworms sourced from local stores. The worms are dehydrated so they can be easily preserved and served to your dragon. They are also rich in essential nutrients like proteins, minerals, and fats.

The Zilla Reptile munchies are suited for bearded dragons in all life stages and can be heated up slightly to suit picky eaters.

The mealworms are all-natural, grown on fruits, vegetables, and grains. They are an excellent choice for eco-conscious pet owners.

Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Mealworms

Fluker’s freeze-dried mealworms are freeze-dried natural worms for bearded dragons and other reptiles. They contain essential nutrients for growing pets like proteins, fats, and minerals.

Each worm is about an inch in length and can be thawed, or warmed for particularly picky eaters. They still maintain their excellent texture, and juiciness even after preservation.

The worms are sourced from farms of mealworms grown off vegetables, fruits, and grains. They are safe for consumption and the environment.

The Fluker’s Freeze-Dried mealworms can be combined with other types of meals to enhance your pet’s diet and health.

Downtown Pet Supply Dried Mealworm

Downtown Pet supply Dried Mealworms are a delicious, and rich source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals for chickens, ducks, reptiles, and even fishes. The worms might no longer be as fresh, but they provide convenient access to snacks and meals for your favorite pet.

Downtown pet supply mealworms need no refrigeration. They have a long shelf life and come in a resealable bag you can use for storage in the future. The worms used in this special meal are non-GMO and are grown on all-natural foods like vegetables, grains, and fruits.

Zoo Med Gourmet Bearded Dragon Food

The Zoo Med Gourmet for Bearded dragons is a unique mix of mealworms, vegetables, and high nutritional ingredients. The gourmet meal comes in floating pellets that are soft and easily digestible. They contain no additional preservatives and are instead loaded with minerals proteins, vitamins, and healthy fats.

It is great for bearded dragons of all ages and requires no special preservation or storage. The pellets are dried and have a longer shelf-life. You need to only lock their jar tight after each use to preserve them well enough. They are an excellent replacement for a mealworms-only diet and constitute a wholesome, healthy diet for your bearded dragon.

Hatortempt 5 lb Non-GMO Dried MealWorm- High-Protein

The Hatortempt 5lb dried mealworms are delicious meals designed for low maintenance pets like birds, and bearded dragons. Like most dried mealworms, it requires no special preservations, and won’t spoil unless they are soaked in water.

Despite being dried, they still contain most of their nutritional value. They are high in proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats, and can be served as snacks, and full meals. The worms are non-GMO, and 100% natural with no artificial preservatives.

Kimoe 5LB Natural Non-GMO dried mealworm- high protein

Kimoe high protein mealworms are made by foreign manufacturers who care deeply about the environment. Their worms are dried with no additional nutrients added. They are also 100% natural, and non-GMO.

They are high in proteins, multi-vitamins, and minerals. They also come in a resealable bag so you won’t have any issue with proper storage. Like most dried mealworms they don’t require refrigeration for preservation. Despite being dried, they retain most of their nutrients and are still delicious.

Although Kimoe’s manufacturers made the products for birds, they are also great for bearded dragons, and other reptiles too.

Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med

Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med is a tasty and well-balanced treat/ meal for bearded dragons. The meal contains all the essential food groups required for bearded dragons to thrive, and they are delicious too.

They come in a small pellet format, and smell of mealworms to entice your pet to eat them. They contain tons of interesting ingredients like dried Lima beans, soybean hulls, Rice Bran, Wheat Middling, etc. Natural bearded dragon food might come in a pellet format, but we assure you it’s completely natural. From its chosen food sources and ingredients to its preservation methods; everything is safe for your pet.

Kaytee Mealworm Food Pouch

The Kaytee Mealworm pouch is an excellent high-protein food for birds, reptiles, and fish. They are safe for consumption for all stages of your pet’s life and contain minerals, and fats, in addition to their high-protein levels.

Kaytee Mealworm pouch provides fresh non-GMO worms, untouched by any artificial preservatives. Though it’s raw and packaged, it contains no bacteria that might harm your pet. It is also an amazing source of instant protein. You can give this to your pet raw, or add some fruits, vegetables, and water for a more balanced meal.

FLYGRUBS Superior Dried worms for Chickens

Flygrubs mealworms for chickens is a dried, all-natural meal choice for growing avians, and reptiles. Bearded dragons, in particular, love this tasty mealworm product. The worms contained in the pack are non-GMO, organically grown and fed, with high moisture, and nutrients even after drying.

The product contains high protein, calcium, vitamins, and other minerals. It is easier to handle than fresh worms, and freeze-dried ones. It is also a more affordable option. It comes in a large pack with a resealable bag.

PICKY NEB 100% Non-GMO Dried Mealworm

The picky NEB non-GMO dried mealworms are great-tasting mealworms for poultry and reptiles. Each pack contains thousands of high protein worms that are also rich in minerals, fats, and other essential nutrients.

They are completely natural and are grown using only the safest high-quality worm meals you’ll find around. They are also preservative and dust-free. The packaging also comes with a resealable bag and handles for easy handling.

 WAMSOFT  Non-GMO Dried Mealworms

The WAMSOF dried mealworms are a great-tasting mealworm product for hungry birds, and bearded dragons. They are preserved with drying technology and are rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It comes in a variety of packs and sizes, and you can opt for as little as 5lb, and as much as 44lbs.

They are one of the better-priced products and require no refrigeration for storage. You can just reseal the bag once you’re done.

The WASOFT tastes remarkable, and it will even be better when you pair it with high-nutritional products.

Zower 5lb Non-GMO Dried Protein Worm

The Zower 5lbs worms are non-GMO, safe, natural, and wholesome worms for hungry bearded dragons, and birds. They are delicious, safe, and easy to store. They contain essential nutrients like proteins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats. Zowers dried protein worms are bred on natural food waste. The dried and preserved worms come in a packaged box and resealable bag. They require no refrigeration, and great for birds, fishes, and other types of reptiles.

Value Grubs 4lbs Better than Dried Mealworms

Value grubs are high-quality dried mealworms with exceptional preservation and nutrient content. They are great for all sorts of animals, and not just bearded dragons. They contain high protein, medium fats, vitamins, and minerals.

The mealworms come pre-packaged in a resealable bag that you can easily store. The mealworms in this package are grown on natural foods and are non-GMO. They also retain most of their nutrients after being processed.


Mealworms are more or less the same with every company. The real difference shows in the nutrient content, nutrient sources, and preservation method. If you refer back to the guide you’ll understand why they are so important, and why we chose the products on this list. Finding the best worms for bearded dragons should be too hard.

Any of the 15 products listed would be excellent choices for your growing pets.