Tips and Strategies: Anti-Mosquitoes for Horses

Anti-Mosquitoes for HorsesMosquitoes are not just a threat to humans but also animals. Their bites are annoying, uncomfortable, and a vector for diseases. It results in poor feeding and health and in severe conditions; it can lead to death of the horse.

Mosquitos cause diseases such as the Western, Eastern, Venezuelan encephalomyelitis, and the West Nile virus, causing hundreds of horse deaths every year. These diseases cause symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Central nervous system disorders such as chewing movements, convulsions, or the movement of the limbs.
  • Depression
  • Blindness
  • Irritability
  • Abnormal reaction to sound and light

There are both natural and chemical measures to fight mosquito bites in horses.

Chemical Anti-Mosquito Strategies

It is recommended to rotate different chemicals to avoid drug resistance by the mosquitos. The following are the chemical treatment for mosquitoes:

  • Repellants is the most common method of protecting the horses from mosquito bites. Ensure you are using a non-allergic and high-quality repellant or oil for horses. Repellants are available in sprays or ointments. Before applying on the horse, apply a small amount of the repellant on small area of the skin to check if it might have any effect on the horse’s skin.
  • Organophosphates and Pyrethroids- These chemicals effectively keep the mosquitos away from your animal. These chemicals temporarily disable the mosquito’s nerve cells which prevents them from operating well.

The chemicals are applied where there is a high concentration of adult mosquitos to prevent virus transmission. However, caution should be observed as these chemicals are harmful to human and animal health.

  • Oil control is a biological control method that is applied by the mosquito breeding sites to suffocate mosquito larvae and pupae. When using best oil for horse to control mosquitoes, ensure it is lightweight, safe for water bodies, and recommended for this use.

The wrong oil will suffocate and drown other water insects and clog bird’s feathers, causing death. In the USA, the recommended oil is Golden Bear Oil.

  • Vaccinations keep the horses protected from the mosquito-borne diseases. Ensure the horses are vaccinated according to the requirements, especially every spring. For good health of the horse, use wormer for horses and other measures to keep disease-causing parasites away.


Setup a Ferret Cage

A ferret is one of the most entertaining pets that you can have around your home. The number of the ferrets might not matter so much like the set-up of its new home. It is basic to prepare a ferret’s cage but following the guidelines is very essential. The design of the cage that you put the ferret depends on the time that you will have to interact with your ferret. If the time you have to play with the ferret is plenty then setup a ferret cage using the most basic design.

The first thing that you have to consider is the health of your ferret. Maintaining your ferret’s health will need you to equip the cage in such a way that the ferret will be having a variety of its requirements every day. These animals are known to be very social hence they will require plenty of time to interact with the other ferrets. therefore, the longer the ferret stays in the cage, the more accessories have to be in the cage so that it can be having a lot of activities to engage in. allowing the ferret to have at least 4 hours to play around freely in the home when supervised or in a ferret proof playpen is very essential.

Ferret Cage

Essentials for the Cage

Lining the ferret cage bottom is the first thing that you should do. There are numerous materials that you can use but make sure that you use soft and smooth material that has an even texture to line up the bottom of the cage. However, the material that you use should be easy to remove and wash. You can use materials like fleece blanket, sweatshirt, sweatpants old clothes or even towels. You can also use a carpet to keep your ferret comfy but make sure that the carpet is easy to put in the washing machine and also easy to remove. If you decide to use anything else, make sure that it is fragrance-free. To facilitate the mobility of your ferret, make sure to go for a good ferret lining. Moreover, you need to have blankets, proper beddings and water and food bowls for your ferret. All these should be easy to use and should not contain chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions. You also need ramps and shelves as well as covers that will keep your ferret secure. You also need toys that will keep the ferret busy and entertained. (more…)

Cat Food for Hedgehog

For the last few years, people have been using hedgehogs in their homes as pets. They attractive and fun to have around. However, they are a mess when it comes to diet. However, in the wild, they feed on a variety of products. Breeders and owners of hedgehogs have been on the run to find the best diet for these animals. However, agreeing on the best meal for hedgehogs has spooked a very heated debate. Nonetheless, it has been discovered that hedgehogs can feed on cat foods.

Most experts say that cat food is the best for hedgehogs. Before hedgehog food arrived in the market, these animals have always been feeding on cat food for the hedgehog. However, the arrival of hedgehog food was rather devastating than expected since they were never up to the expected standards.

Cat Food for Hedgehog

Some of the best cat food for hedgehogs are easy to find. Some of them like chicken soup for soul kitten can be used as supplements or as stand-alone meals. This food has vegetables incorporated into it which makes it very effective for hedgehogs since they like vegetables. Hedgehogs require a lot of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. They are also always in need of vitamin E as well as zinc ions all which are present in the chicken soup for kittens. This form of meal is said to be good for the hedgehogs since it contains pearled berries which are cracked, chicken fats, chicken liver, and chicken meals. (more…)

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Doggie Bag Pet of the Month

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Measuring Your Pet


It is important to measure your dog as accurately as possible to determine a proper fit.  With a measuring tape and your dog in a standing position, use the chart to to fit your dog for collars, harnesses and apparel. 

A dog’s garment size is determined by
measuring from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

A  Measure your dog’s LENGTH from the base of its neck to the base of its tail.
B  Measure around the NECK, close to the shoulders.
Lastly, measure around the CHEST just behind the front legs.