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Best Budgie Toy: Top 15 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

Best Budgie Toy

Budgies love colorful things. To keep your feathered friend entertained, better give him something to do. The best budgie toy is a great option to satisfy your pet’s joy. You can find a quite number of toys for budgie in the market. To make it easier to pick the right one, we reviewed products that … Read more

Best Budgie Cages: Top 12 for 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

best budgie cages

As pet-parenting on avian animals like budgies becomes a trend, more and more people are involved in search for their basic necessities. Budgies are especially ideal pets because of their size. Not to mention their lovely characteristics and colors. These birds are meant to be kept in a cage, if not in their natural habitat, … Read more

Best Budgie Food: Top 12 for 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

best budgie food

Being one of the inexpensive pets and easy to take care of, budgerigars, also known as “budgie”, is one of the most popular pet birds. On top of that is its being cute, affectionate and witty. Budgie is one of the smartest of the parrot species. If you want to own a bird pet which … Read more