Cat Food for Hedgehog

For the last few years, people have been using hedgehogs in their homes as pets. They attractive and fun to have around. However, they are a mess when it comes to diet. However, in the wild, they feed on a variety of products. Breeders and owners of hedgehogs have been on the run to find the best diet for these animals. However, agreeing on the best meal for hedgehogs has spooked a very heated debate. Nonetheless, it has been discovered that hedgehogs can feed on cat foods.

Most experts say that cat food is the best for hedgehogs. Before hedgehog food arrived in the market, these animals have always been feeding on cat food for the hedgehog. However, the arrival of hedgehog food was rather devastating than expected since they were never up to the expected standards.

Cat Food for Hedgehog

Some of the best cat food for hedgehogs are easy to find. Some of them like chicken soup for soul kitten can be used as supplements or as stand-alone meals. This food has vegetables incorporated into it which makes it very effective for hedgehogs since they like vegetables. Hedgehogs require a lot of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. They are also always in need of vitamin E as well as zinc ions all which are present in the chicken soup for kittens. This form of meal is said to be good for the hedgehogs since it contains pearled berries which are cracked, chicken fats, chicken liver, and chicken meals.

Other forms of cat meals that hedgehogs can consume are the Blue meal for cats adult dry cat food. This sort of cat meal is good for the hedgehogs since the mineral proportions are in the most perfect ration. There are the right amounts of fats and proteins which are the most ideal for the growth of the animal and for its good health. With 18% fats and 34% proteins, the animal can survive in the best way since is assured of a good health. There are brown chucks found in this food that are very attractive to the hedgehog. The pack contain whole ground barley, whole ground brown rice, oatmeal, chicken meal, as well as deboned chicken.

Another cat food essential for the hedgehogs is the Fromm family foods adult gold for cats. This cat food is considered for hedgehogs since it also has a balanced ration of proteins to fats. The ration of fats in this food is 18% while that of proteins is 32%. Moreover, since the hedgehogs require a good amount of fibre in their meals, this is also another good form of food since it contains 3.5% fibre content. With the ingredients like rice, pearled berry, salmon meal, chicken meal and duck, it can provide all the required minerals to the hedgehog.

If these foods are not available, you can always go for halo spot’s stew natural cat food. This is for the hedgehogs that do not like chicken meals a lot. At times, your animal may be very selective and if you realize that it does not have a taste for chicken, you can obtain this kind of food for it. It is an out of ordinary meal that will serve your animal well. With an elevated fibre content of up to 6.5%. Moreover, the meal is also full of proteins that are essential for the growth and the survival of the hedgehog. With the ingredients like pearled barley, oat, pea proteins, eggs, trout, salmon and all the required ingredients, these products are able to provide the required minerals to the concerned animals.  For the hedgehogs that have a taste for fish, you do not have to worry as long as you are providing a balanced diet of proteins and fats to the animal.

From the observation, hedgehogs will always be in need of proteins, fats and fibre. These nutrients are readily available in cats foods and that is why this kind of food is recommended. If you do not have access to other forms of hedgehog foods in the market, you can always make use of the cat food for hedgehogs the best results. You should also note that hedgehogs are mostly omnivores while others say that they are insectivorous. It is, therefore, necessary to provide them with a diet that has insect proteins (chitin), cooked meat, fruits and veggies. This will keep them going in order to keep them comfortable and with a good health.