Choosing the Best Parakeet Toys

By: Mary
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It is quite easy to get lost in the moment when watching birds do their tricks. Even if these fascinating creatures have so much to offer, they also get bored, especially when there is nothing or no one for them to interact with. Many birds may be observed to be active at one point and become quite unhappy soon enough. Birds, like parakeets need to have something to keep them busy while inside their cage. And choosing the best parakeet toys is one of the things that you will need think through to make sure that your birds remain occupied and happy. If not, they may just turn to their own feathers and pluck them instead.

Parakeet Toys

Caring for Parakeets

Parakeets are one of the many small wonders in all of creation. Small as these birds may be, they bring in so much fun and comfort to those who have decided to keep them as pets. They are so adorable and are greatly admired by many bird lovers because of their interesting colors. And if you are interested in keeping these adorable birds, you may find this post helpful.

It is a comfort to note that having pets like these parakeets is not much of a challenge like having other pets. Once you understand the basic requirements in caring for these birds, it won’t be that of a challenge to take care of your own.

Below are some of the tips that you may want to consider when handing parakeets:

  1. These birds are very sociable. Parakeets need a constant companion to remain happy and comfortable. It is best to keep several of these fascinating birds inside a the same cage. Just make sure that the space is just enough to allow each of the bird to move freely while inside the cage.
  2. They require a variety of foods. Variety in this bird’s diet is necessary to keep them healthy and well. Seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables, and other treats make up a parakeet’s diet. There are a huge variety of sellers and mixes online even at local pet stores, so there really won’t be a problem if you still need to find the best foods to offer to your pet parakeet.

If you are unsure, you can always ask a trusted vet for his or her recommendations.

  1. Parakeets are quite active. To keep them busy and happy, you will need to place some best parakeet toys inside the birds’ cage. There is a great selection online as well as at local stores. You will also find some recommendations in this post later on.
  2. Parakeets can be trained. Before you do that, you need to establish rapport with your pet bird. It will take some time, but it will be worth it, so just be patient. Once your parakeet has acknowledged your trustworthiness, it will be easier to tame and train this bird. They can even learn to speak.
  3. These birds can be panicky at times. Parakeets can easily get startled, which means you have to be gentle with it at all times. If ever you will need to hold the bird in your hand, make sure that you do it gently. Sudden movements can easily terrify these small birds. Do not grab them forcefully, or you will end up with a rattled parakeet.
  4. Like many other pet birds, parakeets like it clean. Who does not want to stay in a clean space? Even though these little birds are a lot tougher than other birds, and won’t fall ill easily, it still is best to keep their cage clean whenever possible. Keep anything that can put your feathered friends life at stake away from its new home. Any leftover foods should also, and droppings should be removed from their cage. Doing so will not only help ensure that your pet parakeet is kept safe, but yours and your family as well. Note that even infected birds can transmit diseases like Psittacosis.
  5. Parakeets are special birds. Always remember that these small birds are special, and they need special places to be with. You need to keep them in a place of good ventilation, and the temperature will not choke them.

Choosing the Best Parakeet Toys

When looking for the right toys for your parakeets, your birds’ safety should always be a major concern. Opt only for those that will provide the best value for your birds. Consider the size, material, as well as the features and benefits that every option may provide. Your choices for the best parakeet toys may include swings, olympic rings, forage and play ladders, double sided mirrors, bells, climbing ropes, chewing toys, hammock swing, and more.