Ferret Food

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The company we get from our pets is exceptionally satisfying. However, we should not get too comfy and forget that the health and comfort of our animal acquaintances matter too. Do you have a ferret in your home or are you thinking to get one? These amazing animals are fun to have around the house. When it comes to feeding them, you need to provide them with the most essential diet to keep them strong and healthy. Do not worry about ferret food anymore because, in this article, we have shed enough light on what you need to know.

Research conducted on the eating habits of ferrets indicates that they are very aggressive eaters. Their metabolic process is very active which means that they spend a large part of the day eating. When you have one of them caged in your house, you should provide it with 8 to 10 small meals every day to cover up for the high metabolism. Just like cats, ferrets are carnivorous hence you will require a good source of proteins for their food. When you visit the pet store near you, you can always find food pellets that are highly rich in proteins for your pet. However, before you purchase the package, going through the written information on the package to ensure that the ingredients making up this food are high in proteins is essential. You do not need to spend a lot on foods that do not meet your pet’s food requirements. Moreover, the best among such foods are the ones that have the list of ingredients beginning with the ones that have the largest amount of proteins down to the lowest. For good ferret’s food, lamb and chicken should always be on top of the list. Moreover, you should always avoid foods that are made from corn or grains.

At times, however, finding ferret’s food in the pet store near you might not be easy which calls for an alternative. Cats food especially the one that is made for the kittens has been discovered to be a good alternative for the ferret’s foods. However, make sure that you provide your pet with fatty acids supplements alongside the kitten food. This ensures that the animal gets enough proteins for its survival and good health. The supplements will always be available in the pets store near you hence you have no reason to worry. You must always check the ingredients list before purchasing any meal. Foods that are specifically made for the kittens are said to contain a high amount of proteins than those made for mature cats. Therefore, kitten food will be the best when it comes to an alternative source of proteins for your ferret.

If by any chance you are unable to get hold of best ferret food or even kitten food, you can still make the food in your home and keep your pet healthy and well nourished. Additionally, feeding your ferret with the pellets alongside raw or cooked chicken is also advisable. To supplements the ferret’s diet, you can provide them with chicken baby food. As you feed your pet, ensure that it mostly consumes dry food because it helps keep their teeth clean. Note that you should always avoid the type of foods that are highly rich in complex carbohydrates. Simply, sugary meals, dairy products, vegetables and fruits should always be avoided. This is because digestion of such kind of foods cannot take place in ferret’s digestive system since they are purely carnivorous

Ferrets are said to be choosy when it comes to meals. Therefore, you need to provide them with a variety of meals for the best results. If your ferret is used to one type of meal and does not consume any other food that you introduce, do not worry. Mix the old meal with the new one in small amounts until it completely gets used to the new type of food. Also, make sure that you avoid the pellets with sharp corners that might injure the pet. Note that you can use lamb, turkey, chicken, cat treats or even cooked eggs as treats for ferrets. You can also get some chunks of meat from the butcher that are good for the ferret.

Keeping your ferret happy can take a lot. Do not deny the animal what it wants in order to survive. Make sure that you go for the best types of foods that are highly rich in proteins. If such food is not available, you can consider kitten food or even homemade food like raw or cooked chicken. Always avoid vegetables and fruits and the kind of foods that are rich in carbohydrates. with this information, you can manage your ferret’s diet perfectly.