Food for Ferrets Chart

By: Mary
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Food for ferrets chart refers to the dry types of foods for kitten cats and ferrets having been mathematically rated. All the food that is available on the chart is the type that can easily be consumed by the ferrets with enough amounts of proteins to keep them healthy and well nourished. However, it is not all the necessary information that is provided on the food labels. Therefore, determining the quality of the food just from the provided information is just not easy. Moreover, its meat content is not easy to come up with.

Since the amount of information provided about the foods is very limited, the best thing that can be done with this information is approximating the foods that provided meat content claim. The food for ferrets chart is an assessment for the amount of proteins contained in the foods as well as the scoring of each one of the sources in terms of their quality. Moreover, the table penalizes the foods with high carbohydrate amounts such as sugary foods as well as vegetables.

Animal Protein

According to the table, an animal protein refers to the proteins obtained from the animal products where animals are seen as the main source. It is part of the food for ferrets chart because it constitutes the main source of proteins for carnivores. Since ferrets are carnivores, animal proteins are highly considered.


Fruits are never considered as part of the natural diet for the ferrets. They are a good source of vitamins but at the same time, they are considered to be sweet with a lot of sugars hence making them a bad diet for the ferrets. On the table, they do not constitute a large part of the best food for ferrets. However, it is very okay to have them on the lower parts of the table as the last ingredients on the list.


Vegetables do not constitute a natural part of the ferret’s diet. Ferrets are known to be carnivores hence their gut is highly specialized to digest proteins. Vegetables are very poorly digested in the animal’s gut hence they do not make a suitable diet for this animal. However, it is very okay to have a small amount of vegetables as part of the diet in order to help the meat to form kibble by helping them bind together. Moreover, providing small amounts of proteins is also okay since they act as the source of vitamins and mineral salts that are needed for the survival of the animal. When you go to buy the food for the animals, you should watch out for the ingredients since many manufacturers tend to add high amounts of vegetables as fillers in order to reduce the cost of the ingredients. Peas have been said to cause bladder stones hence you should be on the lookout for the foods containing peas as an ingredient.

On the table, each kind of food is ranked and given a certain number of points. The point’s domains are then divided into tiers. The types of foods that are seen as excellent and that which it is very easy for the ferrets to survive on are shown in the green tier. The per cent of proteins in these foods is more than 40%. A significant number of them contains no grains and have at least 75% of the ingredients. Foods like Epigen dog/cat is very exceptional in that it has high amounts of proteins but contains very little amounts of fats for the ferrets to survive. This type of food can only be used as a mixer or a treat since it contains roughly 11 to 12% fats. The tier that is labelled in blue contains the foods with a basic amount of proteins that the ferret can survive on. This food is solidly good but does not contains meat as an ingredient. The orange tier, on the other hand, contains the type of foods that the ferret can live on but not thrive on. The foods in this tier should be mixed with the foods that are of high quality. The red and pink tier contains foods that are not recommended for the ferrets


Ferrets are basically carnivores that thrive on foods with high amounts of proteins. They also require considerable amounts of fats in order to thrive. The food for ferrets chart contains the type of foods that the ferret can thrive on ranked from those that are highest in quality to the lowest. The ones towards the end of the table are not very suitable for the ferret.