Horse Grooming Tips

By: Mary
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Horses, like dogs, have always been a good companion to humans. Many have opted to keep these animals for entertainment and sports. But whatever the kind of horse or for whatever activity they are intended to engage in, providing adequate and proper care is of utmost importance to make sure that the foal will remain at its best while under the care of its owner. And part of the care that should be provided to a horse requires that the responsible owner knows some of the best horse grooming kit as these can greatly help you with the task of keeping your horse happy and healthy.

Horse Grooming Is Essential

Keeping a horse clean regularly is necessary for some obvious health reasons. Horses, unlike other animals, cannot groom themselves. They will need your assistance to have them tidy and smelling great. It is not enough that you provide the best stable and bedding for them. Daily grooming is as important as regular cleaning up of the horse’s stable as this will help ensure that your horse is in tip top shape all the time.

You can not just let your horse do its daily routine and wait for a couple of days before grooming the animal. Especially those horse that are regularly let out for riding activities as foreign matters and injuries can easily affect their overall health if taken for granted. No matter how long it takes to groom your horse, it still is an important aspect of providing adequate care for the foal and should always be a priority.

It is also during the process of grooming, the owner deepens the bond with the foal, so if you are still yet to tame a horse or would like to ensure that your horse is well kept, make it a priority to ensure that your horse is properly groomed. Even you have assigned someone to provide professional grooming services for your horse, it is just as important that you spend time to check on your horse to see if the horse was bathe and groomed properly.

Find the Appropriate Site

It is inevitable that you locate the best spot where the horse should be groomed. There should be enough space and where the animal will not be able to create a huge mess while being cleaned. Have the foal tied securely as this will help limit its movement within the area. It would also be helpful to have all the necessary tools and supplies within reach while grooming as this will not only save time but will make the process a lot easier to accomplish since everything that are needed for the purpose are already there.

Use the Most Suitable Horse Shampoo

A well-groomed horse will have a shiny coat, as well as healthy looking mane and tail. Using cleansing agents and conditioner will only lead to other mane, tail, and coat issues, even skin problems. So, it is best that you find the most suitable horse shampoo and have the horse shampooed just as frequent as necessary. Note that shampooing your horse daily until it is squeaky clean can only wash away the essential oils that its body requires. Soon enough you will only see dry, flaky skin, which can later lead to other skin problems.

Bathing Your Horse

Bathing is usually done after a thorough grooming of the horse. Doing so will help remove dirt and foreign matter that can easily be removed with a horse brush. Make sure to use an appropriate brush for each body part and purpose.

Once done, you can start hosing the horse from its feet and work your way up until the entire back of the horse is totally wet. Use a sponge to apply the shampoo to wash off grime and dead skin cells off the horse’s body. Take note that shampooing a horse is only needed once every couple of weeks or only when necessary. Over doing this will cause skin dryness and other skin issues, so if you have to use shampoo, use only a small amount and only when needed. Rinse thoroughly.

Apply some conditioner and hose the horse for the second time, this time from the top part of the horse going down. Once the horse is thoroughly cleaned, you may use a sweat brush to remove any excess water off the horse’s body. Use a dry, clean rug to smoothen the coat, mane and tail of the horse.

Regular grooming is necessary and the time you spent either doing the grooming yourself or watching someone do it for you will create a wonderful bond between you and the horse. If you opt to do it yourself, make sure you consider these horse grooming tips, as well as other recommendations from your local horse vet.