How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy and Happy

By: Mary
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Part of your responsibility as a pet owner is to keep your guinea pig healthy so you can enjoy having your pet around for a long time. Most guinea pigs fail to stay around for long because they get fat from unhealthy guinea pig food & diet and eventually they die. Keep your pet healthy by doing some of these techniques:

Watch their food Intake

Your guinea pig will munch on whatever you put in his food dish so avoid putting too much food. You can feed your pet twice a day to make sure that he doesn’t stuff himself. Also don’t give him one type of food everyday like pellets because it doesn’t contain all the nutrients your little friend need. Give him greens and pellets alternately and always make sure to have clean water available for him 24/7.


Keep your guinea pig healthy and entertained by discovering fun exercises for them to do. These techniques will ensure that your pet is in ideal weight.

  • Guinea pigs love looking around the window, they are curious creatures that enjoys knowing what is happening in their surroundings. Placing your guinea pig cage in near the window will be helpful to them because they have plenty of visibility. Avoid putting them in dark and closed areas because it will make them sad and depressed.
  • If you have a garden, give your guinea pig some time to wander around. Take them out of their cage once in a while and let them run around while monitoring them. It will give them the exercise they need as well as keep them entertained. Just make sure to watch the temperature to avoid potential hyperthermia issues. The ideal temperature shouldn’t go beyond 80˚F (26˚C).

  • If you don’t have a garden in the house, you can take them to public parks just make sure to keep an eye on them because they might get lost or be attacked by smaller animals. You can also take their cage with you and sit on an area in the park so they can look at the view and be entertained.
  • You can also let your cavy explore in your living room as long as you remove all dangerous items. Alternatively, you can create a small play place for your pet out of small boxes, just cut holes in it and allow him to explore the area.
  • The classical guinea pig toys & wheel is also essential for your pet. They can exercise and play with it as long as they want to keep them in shape and avoid damaging their spines.

Keeping your guinea pig healthy and happy requires few techniques only. You can give them joy by simply creating activities for him. Just nurture them with affection and companionship and you will have a friend to keep you happy. Make sure your cavy stays healthy and happy by doing the techniques above.