Things to Consider When Getting a New Guinea Pig Cage

By: Mary
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Guinea pigs are small domestic animals that make lively and fun pets. They spend most of their times inside their cage so it is very important that you have the right size of cage for your new pet and also you need to make sure that everything is outfitted with everything needed to make your cute furry guinea pig healthy and happy. Their basic needs include food, water, bedding and entertainment. Here are some guides that you can follow to make sure that your guinea pig has the right and comfortable cage:

Consider the Size of the Guinea Pig Cage

Most of the guinea pig cages available in the market are too small. In fact, most of them can only house smaller pets like gerbils and hamsters. But what a lot of people don’t know is that compared to other animals, guinea pigs need floor space more than vertical space. Exercise is very important for guinea pigs hence they need ample room to move to stay healthy.

Therefore, if a cage is too small for them, your pet will become bored and depressed. Imagine placing yourself in their situation where you live in a very tiny room your entire life and you have to all your activity and stimulation in that tiny closet.

Small guinea pig cages are also linked to be the cause why guinea pigs develop certain medical conditions like pododermatitis (the equivalent of bed sores, but on their hocks), this medical condition is a result of too much sitting on soiled bedding.

If you have more than one guinea pig, it would be best if you get a larger cage so that each pet can have its own personal space and they don’t have to suffer from one tiny space. It is important that they can move freely in a big space to avoid being bored.

Larger cages also makes cleaning a lot easier because guinea pigs can separate their bathroom from their living area, unlike if it is too small, your pet has the tendency to mix his waste in his entire cage.

Follow Appropriate Guidelines

When getting a new cage for your pet, you have to consider some factors like number of pets that is going to live in the cage as well as the accessories you intend to put inside.

The recommended size for a standard guinea pig cage is about 2 square feet per guinea pig but if you are going to include food dish, guinea pig water bottle, nest and bathroom area, that size is insufficient.

Guinea pigs need more room than other animals because they cannot use their running wheels to exercise. Consider these guidelines to provide more space for your pets.

1 Guinea pig- Aim for a cage that is 30″ x 36″ (75cm x 100cm)

2 Guinea pigs- Aim for a cage that is 30″ x 60” (75cm x 150cm).

3 Guinea pigs- Look for a cage that is 30″ x 76” (75cm x 190cm).

4 Guinea pigs- Look for a cage about 30″ x 90” (75cm x 225cm).