Toys for Ferrets

By: Mary
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The intelligence of the ferrets makes them highly sensitive and playful. There is an essence of providing them with ferret toys in order to keep them active and intellectually engage. Toys help these creatures to be able to develop capabilities to solve various problems and make decisions. Ferrets with no toys to play with are always depressed and bored which makes them become more destructive. They end up digging in the litter box and chewing litter and fabrics. Their health can also be compromised by the lack of toys to play with

Which Are The Best Toys For Your Ferret?

Toys are a type of therapy that keeps the ferrets fit physically, mentally and health wise. When you provide the animal with interesting toys, it becomes very easy to keep it away from the things you don’t want the ferret to play with while in the house. Have you been wondering the kind of toys that you should provide to your ferret? You should find the toys that act as a stimulant for their instinctual behaviours like tunnelling, digging and hunting. Such toys may include wind up and battery powered toys. Other toys like cat teasers, as well as those on elastic strings,  are also good for the ferret. Such toys such as toys help stimulate their hunting drive.

Due to the interactive behaviour of the ferrets, they are always attracted by noise producing toys.  When the toys respond to the reaction of the toys, they create some sort of attraction. The toys will act on your behalf to provide the ferret with the attention that it demands from you. Other attractive toys in this category include the toys that tend to vibrate, those that rustle or crick, and those that rustle, crick, rattle or even jingle. Such toys will always catch the attention of your ferret and keep it attracted, happy and healthy.

Having a squeaky toy is also very relevant. However, such a toy can be put into better use by saving it for emergency times or in times when you are trying to locate your toy. They are so essential since the squeaky sound attracts them a lot hence they come running towards the source of such a sound. There is a popular speculation that the squeaky sound makes the ferret feel like there is a kit that they need to protect or another ferret is under attack by a predator. If you would train the ferret to run after the squeaking sound of a toy, it would help save them in the future.

Provision of a dig box is very essential since ferrets like digging a lot. To prevent them from digging on the litter box or even on the carpet or the furniture, you should provide them with a big box. This way, the urge to dig is satisfied with a more efficient, less destructive and safe way. Some of the dig boxes are made up of pebbles, dry beans, paper shreds, and ping pong balls, sand, potting soil and grains of rice. Tunnels are also another good toys for the ferrets. They have also led to the use of ferrets in various occasions such as running sound and tv cables through tunnels in the wedding of Prince Charles. Their bodies are long with a flexible spine that helps them find their way through tunnels. Teach and treat toys should also be used as problem-solving toys for the ferrets.

Which Toys Are Not Safe For Your Ferret?

Moreover, ensuring that the toys provided are chewed safe is very relevant. Those that do not have toys that they can chew will always get something to chew in the house that may cause serious health risks. Therefore, you should avoid the kind of besst ferret toys that are not made from latex or rubber that when chewed ay block the animal’s digestive system. It is also necessary to avoid giving your ferret toys with tiny parts that they can easily ingest. Therefore, it becomes very critical to supervise its play and observe its behaviour and interaction with the toys. Regular maintenance of the toys should also be done to the toys to ensure that you assess the safety of the toys.


Ferrets are very intelligent creatures that can easily get bored if you do not understand their behaviours. They like engaging themselves in problem-solving and in various games. This creates the essence of providing them with toys. However, the types of toys that you provide should be safe to chew and ingest to avoid causing serious health problems to your pet. Digging tunnels is also part of the best toys for the ferret. Make sure that you do not keep your toy bored by getting it something that it can play with.